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I'm HANGRY[Tarot]

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I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Sun 8 Mar 2020 - 1:17

It had been a few days since Caius had taken control of the mine. It had been business as usual so far. Whipping the miners if they were slacking off and throwing the ones that keeled over from too much work in the trash. Typical overlord job requirements. Sentinal Syndicate was on a conquest right now to take over most of the Sieghart Mountains so they could create a foothold. Caius liked his job right now. IT was like paradise for a demon like him and not a daemon because that is a dumb way to spell it. Damn Europeans.

As Caius walked out of the mine, he would feel heavy breeze gust past him. It was strange because the weather had been calm all day and did not call for wind at all. Suddenly, Caius felt a rumbling in his stomach. It was pain but more like a weakness where he couldn't stand. He fell to his knees and could here the witch's voice Echo in his head. "You gonna get the munchies real bad amigo" It was when he went in Halloween to get a tarot card from her. He sensed some magic power but he thought she was old and crazy . Why was it hitting 6 months later. Either way he knew one thing. He had to get some food.

Caius kicked the door down to the miners kitchen and looked in the fridge to see what was there. IT wasn't much but it would do for now. It was just packed lunches of the miners food with basic sandwichs with lunch meats and cheese and some Yogurts and shit like that that kids eat in school lunch. Caius pulled the bags out of the fridge and starting ripping into them. The hunger must be sated .


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The first thing he pulled out of a lunch box was a pretty baller chicken sandwich that was on a pretzel bun. It had some american cheese on it with some tomato and some lettuce along with ranch and some spicy looking ass turkey. Caius stomach growled again so he obeyed it's wish. LIke some wild beast he just crammed that thing in his face and started to chew. Now was no time for manners son. Toppings flew everywhere as he smashed into the sandwich bite after bite after bite . Within a few seconds the whole sandwich was gone. The toppings were still scattered all over the floor so he got on his knees and started to pick them up off the ground. A tomato was covered with ranch and cheese and it looked muy deliciouso. Caius paused for a minute to realized what he was doing. "Wait why am I eating food off the ground like a dog? " he though. Then he remembered as his stomach would growl again and have him keel over from being hungry so he had no choice but to keep eating. He took the food off the ground and quickly shoved it in his mouth. There was still some food juice on the hardwood so he stuck out his tongue and licked it like a girl on prom night. The sandwich was toast so he decided to get something to wash it down with. IN the fridge the first thing he found was a bottle of milk. He hated normal milk but luckily there was a bottle of choco syrup in the side of the fridge. With a bottle in each hand he drank the milk and chugged the syrup like the mad man that he was right now. The food kept coming but he was still hungry.


I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Tue 10 Mar 2020 - 17:22

He was covered in milk, chocolate syrup, and sandwich toppings. If someone walked in and saw him right now he would have to shoot them in the face because he looked like the grossest slob ever. However, his stomach didn't care. He needed to keep eating and fast. IT seems like no amount of food would keep him satisfied. This damn gypsy woman's curse was messing with his tummy. The fridge was almost empty after he gorged himself on anything he could put his hands on. In the very back it looked like there was some left over pizza so he grabbed the bag. He tore open the bag to reveal what toppings where on it. Mother fucking pepperoni and pineapple. He didn't know what was worse the hunger or the sick son a bitch that had added this topping combination. He actually fought for a bit against the hunger just because it was so inhumane and disgusting. Eventually tho the hunger would win and Caius started to fold the pizza like a little taco. He shoved the pieces in his mouth and barely chewed. He took maybe like 2 to 3 bites before swallowing and shoving the next one down his throat. In a few minute sit was all gone. If he had to give it a review it was a solid 2 out of 10. Would not eat pineapple on pizza again. He finally finished off everything in the fridge but his tummy would not falter. It demanded more. Luckily there was a diner out here that was close buy the miners went so Caius rushed over there. On his way he saw the miners working . "Who ordered the pineapple pizza" He asked. A miner rose his hand and right when he did Caius shot him in the face.


I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Sat 14 Mar 2020 - 4:08

His stomach was rumbling but he was almost there. There was a dirt path that went from the mines to the diner. It was specifically built to give the miners an option to go out to eat rather than get their own food and bring it work. It had some pretty good reviews and he had never been there so it would be a fun little visit. With this hunger he was about to try everything on the mother fucking menu . He was about to fairy tail yelp the shit out of this place. Caius would drag his hungry little body through the doors and then fall over from his stomach tearing apart his insides with the hunger that he was feeling.

The waitress would come over and ask if he was already. Caius bit his lip and managed to stand up after falling down. "FOOD GIMMIE FOOD" he yelled. He slumped his way to the nearest booth and leaned against the wall. The waitress handed him a menu and he just chucked it across the restaurant. " I want everything cook it fast you dumb ho" Caius slammed his fist on the table and then waitress agreed and ran away in fear to the back. Caius laid his head on the table and then he would just wait for food to arrive. He would smell it from the kitchen and he became more and more impatient. He saw some other people get food before him a few tables away and he thought of just taking it from them. But for now he still wanted to taste it cooked normally so he could get it some type of review but they would have to be fast or he was going to bust out the bullet magic and start shooting nerds in here


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Caius was leaning on the table trying to hold himself together. His stomach was growling so he tried to distract himself by thinking of something else like his slaves or what type of drugs he should sell in this town. It worked for a bit but his stomach didn't like that shit and twisted and growled harder causing him hunger pains. It was like there was a snake being an asshole in his stomach biting his insides like a jerk mang.

The waitress returned with a giant plate of appitizers and different types of drinks for him. She said this was the first round of the food he ordered and there was still multiple rounds of food that were coming for him to eat. It seemed to be mostly standard appetizers stuff. There was mozeralla sticks, buffalo wings, potato skins, salads, tacos bel grande, quesidillas, jalapeno poppers, and more. Caius saw the wings closesed to him and slammed his hand on them and would clam them in like some claw game bringing a toy in but this was wings and he was gonna smash them. The waitress had the nerve of giving him blue cheese and ranch. He might have been hungry but he was sane enough to not eat blue cheese on wings. It was fobidden. He chucked the blue cheese across the restaurant and it hit some kid in the face. Caius smothered the wings in ranch and started to pour them down his mouth. Bone and all. He chewed those puppies like it was nothing. Demons had those strong teeth it didn't give a shit about no bones. THe spicy sauce and ranch cancelled out the shitty bone flavor so it was all good. In seconds all the wings were gone and now it was on the rest of it.


I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Sun 15 Mar 2020 - 20:26

Caius needed something to wash all that down so he would reach out to and dual fist two drinks at once. One was an iced coffee and the other was some orange juice. It wasn't the best combination but the hunger just made him want to eat and drink non stop so he said fuck it and picked them both up. He lifted them high above his head and poured them in his mouth like a stone cold beer bash but this was with orange juice and coffee. It tasted horrible but the tummy didn't lie and it was pleased at the food. The other guests just stared in awe and some of them even left at the disgusting display.

After he was done with that he moved over to the rest of the apps. He would take the potato skins and then get some mozeralla sticks and would stack them on top of each other kind of making a little sandwich. He then would get some lettuce from the salad and would then put that at the combination . It was some crazy advance appitiazer food tech and he completed it by dunking his little made up sandwich in the big vat of marinara sauce. He even dipped his hand it because fuck it more food closer to his mouth. He munched down his little creation and it actually was pretty lit so he would continue eating those until their was nothing left of the appiatzers. His hands were red like he just murdered someone but it was just marinara sauce so he licked those puppies clean till they were spotless. He would have to save some space for dinner and the desert after he was done. He grabbed some colas and chugged them while the dinner was being brought out.


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The entire appetizer platter of food and drinks was all gone now. His mouth was like a black hole right now and he would eat anything in front of him with out abandon. THe waitress was hesitant but pushed the cart out that had a bunch of the food on it. Caius was at least patient enough for them to set it on the table before he would have at it. He watched as they would set the tables and put the plates and then glasses down. The drinks varied from fruity sugary bullshit juice to cola and alcohol. The dinner foods were plenty. There was food like steak, burgers, chicken tendies, some pizza, some tacos, some nachos bel grande extra jalapano. This restaurant was pretty big so if you could think of a type of food they had it. They had to bring an extra table just to accommodate for all the food that they had brought. Once all the food was set up then he was good to go. The waitress hurried away while Caius rubbed his hands for round 2.

Of course the first food he was gonna start with was those wonderful chicken tendies. HE grabbed a hand full of them in each hand like they were fries and slam dunk them in some of that sweet honey mustard sauce. Not only that but he pulled a wild card move and would dump them in the buffalo sauce as well. Dual fisting tendies like a champ. He then would open wide and just smash them in his face with no regard for human life. Or in this case chicken life. He munched those puppies down and the taste was incredible. Nothing quite beat the taste of some freshly cooked chicken tendies. It was the best but there was still more food.


I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Tue 17 Mar 2020 - 7:25

Now that he was done with those tendies that were straight up a ten out of ten there was the rest of the food that he had to eat. He was looking at the steak and the burgers right now. BUt he wasn't just going to eat it normal he was going to mix it up a little bit. He was going to eat the steaks on the burgers like a madman food critic. He would then rip the patties out of the burgers and then he would take the ketchup and then he would put the ketchup on the burger and then he would eat the patty slathered in ketchup by themselves. There were juciy and they were decliouse cause they were medium rare so they were so god damn good. If they were well done he was going to shoot some mother fuckers in the face with out abandon. He gulped the paddies down and would now focus on the burgers.

He would then take the two steaks that were also medium rare. THen he would take the brioche bun and then he would open it up. He slapped those big bad boy steaks on there and would put the bun on top of the steak so it was now the new meat in the burger. Only top quality steak burgers for Caius baby. He then would get the AI sauce bottle and would then spin the cap off. He threw the cap over his shoulder and then would pour the AI sauce all over the burgers so they would soak in the AI goodness. Caius dual fisted those burgers and then he would smash those puppies in two quick bites. There was only a little bit more food left and then he had desert. His stomach was still hurting but it calmed down a bit.


I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Wed 18 Mar 2020 - 4:00

After a few minutes he would finish up the rest of the dinner. There was some hot dogs and pizza and some bonless wings and some risotto and fish and he smashed that shit like it was nothing. He almost felt he should use this gift to find a food eating competition and just wipe the floor with any competition. That's how his mind worked he always had money on the mind. HE was a hustler baby . a hungry hustler. and now he wanted some dessert now. Caius pounded the table to signal the waitress that he was done so she and a bunch of other little harlots would go and they would clean his table. After a while they would bring out a bunch of carts and that would have all the desserts on them. Caius would stoke his beard as he debated which one to eat first.

There was a shit ton of options it had cheesecake and it had normal cake and it had ice cream and it had flan and it had some cookies and some chocolate covered fruits and pretzels. ALl to top it off with a chocolate fondue fountain spraying all cool and shit so he could dip anything in it. Cauis went with the classic and he would pick up the vanilla ice cream and then use his hand to scoop up a glop of chocolate syrup from that fondue fountain and then he would slap it on the ice cream and then he would take 2 donuts and then slap it all in the middle going freestyle to make a donuts and ice cream and chocolate sauce sandwich. Diabetes here he came but yolo he was hungry. He opened his mouth and in a few bites obliterated that sweet mess. His stomach seemed like it was calming a bit now.


I'm HANGRY[Tarot] Empty on Wed 18 Mar 2020 - 7:23

The last part of the dessert spread was the cake. It was giant strawberry cake that was decorated with 7 layers and towered above the table. Caius' tummy rumbled just looking at the masterpiece and he couldn't hold himself back anymore. Rather than getting any type of silverware he would just go ahead and lean his head back. He opened his mouth and just face planted into the cake and would go ahead and start working his way down bite after bite after bite. He was like an animal digging a tunnel but in this case it was his face digging through layers of that sweet strawberry cake goodness. It was only a few minutes it took before the cake was fully deleted from existance and in Caius's stomach. The spread was finally over and the people in the restaurant and the waiters couldn't belive it.

Finally the waitreess would walk over and then she would get the cart and then she would take that cart over and then she would move the plates back to the kitchen. Caius actually felt pretty satisfied after that last meal. He still had a bit of craving for food but at least he wasn't in big pain anymore like he was before. The waitress would come over with the check and place it on the table. Caius looked at it and he didn't like what he saw. IT was in the thousands for all that food. Screw it though it was good. He reached in his pocket but he didn't find his wallet. He must have left it at the mine. He then decided fuck it. Nobody will tell the store of how he was fat and ate a ton of food looking like a gross pig. He lit up his bullet magic and shoot up the diner. 5/5 restaurant.

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