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Mugen Heikou - Done

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#1Mugen Heikou 

Mugen Heikou - Done Empty Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:24 pm

Mugen Heikou


Name: Mugen Heikou Atreides Bo

Age: 04/20/x777

Gender: Male, sexually identifies as a female.

Sexuality: I'm Twelve I don't have a sexuality yet.

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Daeva Eye

Tattoo: Left Pectoral, Pink

Face: Tet - No Game, No Life


Height: 4ft 9in

Weight: 90lbs

Hair: Light Pink

Eyes: Hetero-chromatic

Overall: Tet is a very smol little boi who sexually identifies as a wittle girl. She's pretty kawaii in her appearance and tends to wear baggier and larger clothing than what would be recommended for a boy of his size. Tet is completely average in her physical height and weight for her birth sex, She is incredibly light skinned and rather scrawny and isn't necessarily large. She has a pure-red heart tattooed under her right eye. Her eyes are hetero-chromatic and as such her right eye is colored red with hints of green and some other small shades of colors and her pupil is the shape of a diamond. Her left eye is lighter with shades of blue and purple with her left pupil being in the shape of a spade.


- Red-Heart Tattoo under right eye
-Hetero-chromatic eyes with inordinately shaped pupils


Personality: Mugen is super duper kawaii n' stuff, I guess, I dunno. She holds high value to those within her social circle and by extension anybody that is a part of her guild. She's generally a very happy and cheerful individual and is known for her absolute playful nature. She does, however, love playing in the form of fighting and as a result a lot of her magic reflects that. She is by birth a male, but due to her adolescent motherly brainwashing has chosen to address herself as a female, probably to ensure entrance into her mothers guild as a result, and finally acquire her motherly love because she's been nothing, but a total bitch growing up.

Mugen is a loyal little girl who loves to play, that has been addressed, but all people regardless of their age hold onto themselves a dark side. A shadow that they do not allow others to see or witness in fear of reprimand or outcast. Mugen by heart is an incredibly sadomasochistic individual that takes pleasure in not only her own pain and misfortune, but in the pain and misfortune of others, and utilizes her magic to bring forth innocent forms of misfortune onto others and even herself for her own personal enjoyment. Most of the pain relished, however, is strictly emotional, and in the form of minor inconveniences. She is only twelve years old. Of course it's funny when someone stubs a toe and has to walk on one leg and she very much enjoys getting her back deeply scratched before bed.


  • My Mommies: Mugen loves her two mommies. Even though they both have clashing and variable personalities and probably don't even really know of each other because Mugen just decided to call them her mommies she loves them.

  • Stalking: Mugen has an intense fascination with stalking others, especially in the context of wanting them to play with her. She enjoys it and it brings her a lot of satisfaction, especially when people notice or find her because she's deprived of attention because Kaiser is a horrible mother.


  • Groundings: Mugen has an intense disliking for being grounded. When she's grounded that means that she can't play and when she can't play she'll feel very lonely and get very depressed as a result. She'll always try to be on her best behavior to ensure that she doesn't get grounded by one of her two mommies when she's misbehaving and doing dumb dumb things.

  • Exceedingly Tall People: Mugen holds a rather intense disliking for people who was exceedingly tall for their average species height. She just dislikes it because she's still developing and is rather tall herself and tall figures appear to be authoritarian to her and as a result less likely to play. She holds this disliking now, but is open to change as she develops as a girl into a woman if she can find tall people to play with. She will make exceptions once she gets to know people, like one of her mothers who is over 6'ft despite being a woman. Freaking giant woman ...


  • TO BE THE VERY BEST: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To train myself is my real test and to be a nuisance is my cause! I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each loser to understand the power that's inside! Every challenge along the way, with courage I will face. I will play every day, to claim my rightful place! Come with me, the time is right, and there's no better team. Arm in arm, we'll win the fight, and it's always been our dream!


  • Being Alone: Due to Mugen's excessive playful nature she does not like being alone. This falls back to her disliking of being grounded. When she's alone she'll suffer from intense loneliness and simply wants to be with people and interact with others. An intense fear of hers is, as a result, dying alone.

  • Losing her mommies: Mugen has an intense fear of losing her mommies. Due to her being so young and being so dependent on the care and nurturing of others she will be very sad and distraught of something happened to her family, mothers, and by extension others in her guild, granted, if she actually likes them.


Magic Name: Game Room
Magic Element: Non-Elemental Arcane

Magic Description: Mugen carries a simple albeit powerful form of magic. Due to her general playful nature she is able to cast upon herself within her immediate vicinity based on the range of the spell and rank of the User a magical area, but can thoroughly be felt upon entrance. The user is thereby able to create a "room" that covers the area with its maximum rank-based vicinity. Within this vicinity the spells utilized are that that carry special regulations and "rules" upon entrance that get more powerful and absurd based on the rank and strength of the spell utilized. These rules and regulations all carry within themselves separate and varying pros and cons. Rules are made with the intentions to be followed and breaking them can lead to adverse effects. Generally, the user must also abide by the rules or also face the repercussions of breaking them in the form of a penalty.

The area around the user then becomes a game room by definition where varying games must be played in the form of rules based on the circumstances that can either aid or hinder the user and all those who are playing.



Mugen was initially born into unknown origins and at a very young age was purposefully left out before the door steps of unknown individuals. Due to her androgynous origins and the poor mental health of the pair who she was left with they dressed her in womans clothing. Mugen would then grow up believing he was actually a she for a long period of time, but struggled with his/her identity for much of her adolescent years.

She was always one who wanted to play, but would be reprimanded and sent into groundings as a result of her playful nature. At around eight she left her home after being left home alone, due to her dislike for loneliness, and set out to find someone to play with. She found a companion in a very tall and built woman who was generally playful for quite the time, her name was Jolyne, and she was mostly rather nice to her. Mugen was inevitably stay with her for quite some time and left her home at a young age, exploring her magic potential, and training with the magic-bearing individual.

Some years later Jolyne had to detach from Mugen due to personal reasons, but insisted that they would meet again at a later time. Mugen, fearing loneliness, but now bearing magical abilities that could help her in her distress, went off to find her own adventure, and as a result found some short bitch named Kaiser in some random town. Mugen would take to stalking her for quite some time until presenting herself, and due to his adopted nature, commanding herself as her new daughter, as by now she was very comfortable in her female identity.

This back and forth went on for weeks at a time where Mugen would stalk Kaiser and insist on calling her Mommy. Who knows what the fuck went through her head, probably pity or something, as she finally went along with it, inducted her into her guild, and was forced to take Mugen in as a bastard daughter. As a result though, Kaiser is a total bitch to Mugen, but she wouldn't want it any other way.

She awaits Jolyne's arrival back into her life and possibly the guild as well because WOMAN POWER.

Reference: Zane

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This character application has been approved.

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