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Shura Ranzu S3

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#1Shura Ranzu 

Shura Ranzu S3 Empty Thu Mar 05, 2020 8:19 pm

Shura Ranzu


Name: Shura Ranzu

Age: 28 Nov 18th, X761

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan
Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: The Spell Sword

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Under left nipple, blue color

Face: Aomine Daiki - kuroko no basket


Height: 6'3
Weight: 250

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Shura adopts the looks of the rugged look of the Ranzu lineage. Standing at six foot, three he is a bit shorter than the Ranzu’s that came before him. He still has some room to grow but that is left to be determined by the hands of time. He sports a muscular frame but not to bulky. However he is big enough to inflict some serious damage on someone if he got his hands on them. He has taken his hair color from his hair but he was never a fan of the dreadlocks. So instead he uses a short style that is parted off to the side. His eye color matches his eye color which is a bit abnormal for his skin tone. His skin tone is that of a darker descent. A skin tone that is not normal for this land. A sort of branding for the Ranzu name. That is all thanks to his mother’s genetics that were given to him upon conception.

His usual reflects that of a nameless man. For he wears a mask to complete his deeds throughout this world. A attire that makes him stand out in a crowd. The most noticeable thing is the white mask he wears that black lines that circle it. It has with black markings on it. Two of the holes act as eyes for him too see through.  The attire is purple and comes with long sleeves for the top half that extends downward just above the knee. It acts as a cloak for hiding purposes. He wears black leather gloves to keep any fingerprints from being left behind.  It covers the lower half He wears black boots to cover his feet however. No need for those open toed shoes.
Extra: N/a


Personality: The persona Shura wears is that not of his own. One that invites people to follow his beliefs. This shows him to be a charismatic individual. He stands by his beliefs and ideals. To despite his serious looking attire he has a comedic factor about him. He tries to keep the mood light regardless of the situation. Even if he is murdering someone in cold blood. By being inviting he is easy to get along with and this is what makes him extremely dangerous. He is what you consider a wolf in sheep's clothing. His true intentions remain hidden behind this veil of charisma. In reality he can be a very destructive individual.

Confident in nature but not arrogant at all. He is not so foolish that he thinks his power is absolute. Well, not yet of course. He understands that there are those who would stand in his way of conquest. He is not above erasing any obstacles that come into contact with him. He shows no mercy in the face of an opponent and he is extremely calculated in what he does. He tends to be a entertainer. Meaning his attacks are big in flashy. He is not above fighting dirty if it means a win. The code of honor is foreign to him. He thinks it’s foolish to not use everything around you to fight.

He sees those who come into his life as things too be used. People are only there to meet his needs and when he is done with them they are dealt away with. When looking at him he is a mad man under that mask. One that sees himself as the light of this dark reality. And only he can fix it with his own power. The ability to reset everything and begin a new with himself sitting at the middle of it all. He will do anything it takes too do what needs to be done. He understands he must first climb into a seat of power and gaining true power before his dream comes to life.


  • Destruction: There is something peaceful about watching something get destroyed by raw power. Especially when Shura is the one causing such a thing. “In carnage I bloom like a flower in the dawn.”
  • Sweet Pastries: Shura has never been a fan of the candy. He finds other means of pleasing his sweet tooth. His favorite kind of sweet pastry, is the diabetes ridden, jelly filled doughnut


  • Those who stand in his way:It is one of the things he hates more than anything. If someone is not there to help him, they are in the way. And if someone is in the way they are to be dealt with quickly and no hesitation.
  • Sorrow: It was something he dealt with a long time ago after ‘that’ day. He hates the idea of being sad or depressed. It is why he has tried to keep a upbeat nature to despite his end game.


  • The Reset Button: Kept within the confines of his mind. Shura’s motiviation is a reset for the world. A reformation of the system through usage of force. For those who may not understand what this means. His motivation is to erase the world and create a brand new one without despair.


  • Death: Like any reasonable human being he fears death. It is not the idea of death, it’s the failure of his plan. As long as he breathes he will be able to complete his master plan. Should he die before then, it would have all been for nothing. And that is what scares him.
  • Weakness: Being weak has been something he has feared since his parents died. He has been weak since that day and never wants to revisit that feeling again. The feeling of being able to do nothing when something terrible happens.


Magic Name: Heatnix Magica

Magic Element: Fire
Magic Description: Heatnix Magica is a magic that utilitzes fire based element. A very volatile and destructive magic that is meant for widespread destruction. It can be used for a multitude of things however and is only restricted by the user;s imagination. It can be used by any part of the body. minor motions and actions are needed to activate each spell depending on the spell.


History: There was a time Shura did not harbor the feelings he does now. It was a time of peace and stability for his world. He had loving parents that raised him from a small nugget into a fine lad. One that practiced magic and wanted to be just like his ancestors of the stories his father told him about. Everything was fine and dandy till that one day. At the old Ranzu estate a tragedy occurred. One that would set the lad on a dark path that he could not turn from.

His family was attacked by a unknown force. One that saw fit to try and erase the Ranzu lineage here. This was due to the family's history of being conquerors of nations. For those who knew of the Ranzu clan, they were aware that they were a warring company. One that saw fit to take over lands as a means of proving their strength. A proud family from a long line of warriors and kings. One that created a large amount of enemies through the time. Finally fraction of the world had enough of it to band together and erase the family for good.

This unknown force was composed of remnants of conquered lands to make up one giant force. Large enough to overwhelm the family with sheer power. Of course the Ranzu family boasted powers that were long forgotten too the world. Where they lacked in numbers, they made up for in power. They sent Shura away to a long time family friend. So that way he would not be caught up in the fight. The battle lasted for one week before the giant army overwhelmed the two with their numbers. They placed their heads on pikes as they razed the Ranzu Estate. This is the catalyst that created the hateful individual. The following years came quick as he trained to be a mage that would enact revenge on the world.

This is the reasoning he wears a mask and only uses his first name. He has to keep his identity hidden until the right time comes. He knows he would become a target should he roam around freely with his face and body uncovered. Sure it makes him stand out but people do not question it. It was better this way in the grand scheme of things. He could grow under the radar and eventually uncover his face to invite challenge.

After sometime Shura lost himself and became a drifter. During the five year span time weighed down on him heavily causing him to fall into a hole mentally. He had not achieved his goal all he did was lose an arm to a monster in the forest. Not even his companion Chi could comfort him. They soon fell apart and Shura found his happiness at the bottom of a bottle for the next five years. He became a bum drifting from city to city until his time finally came for him.

Reference: N/A

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#2Shura Ranzu 

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Shura Ranzu
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund
  • Weapon: Refund
  • Off-Hand:  NA
  • Head: Refund
  • Body: Refund
  • Relic:  NA
  • Race: Refund (Bought for 1500 points at the time)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 107

  • Strength: 22
  • Speed: 21
  • Endurance: 21
  • Constitution: 21
  • Intelligence: 22

Other Changes

I would say my phantomlord title but phatomlord doesn't exist anymore

#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Hello, I'll be grading your application.

  • Could you please state the colour of your guild tattoo and mention which anime/series/etc. your faceclaim is from?

Bump when done.

#4Shura Ranzu 

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Shura Ranzu
Bump pls

#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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