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Mine is Mine[Conquest]

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Mine is Mine[Conquest] Empty Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:03 pm

It was hard to believe all that had happened over an entire year. After being in Red Hades for a while, the guild finally was taken down and dissolved. Although he was only using them for personal gain, he still needed them for their vast connections throughout the land. His empire was still small . After doing some business by himself he was reached out to a new guild by the name of Sentinel Syndicate. Their pitch was good. Freedom to do what you want and whatever you want. Caius was quick to accept and now here he was.

The guild's foothold was in Sieghart Mountains. They had slowly been expanding after forming and now was the time to take over. A conquest if you will. Caius was ordered to take over the Dawncliff Mine. The mine was full of vast minerals and raw materials that could either be used to make weapons and armor or just sell for money. Both were crucial to increasing the guild's power. The locals had used it for years so he was sure they weren't going to go down without a fight.

Caius navigating down the cliff and into the mine entrance dragging a giant bag behind him. Workers had trucks outside of the mine loading them up with material . Inside the miners were hard at work with their picks striking to break the ore loose from the walls. All the machinery and mining was too loud so he decided to get their attention. He lifted up his fingers and fired off a bullet in the air . The loud pop of magic energy echoed through the mine causing everyone to stop working and stare his way.

"Attention everyone! My name is Caius. I'm a mage from your friendly neighborhood guild. I got good news and bad news for the company. " Caius clapped his hands together. "The good news is we are officially buying you guys out and taking over. But don't worry we are hiring more people to take the workload off and offering long hours for anyone who wants overtime." The miners were a bit shocked at his claim but they started to cheer at all the benefits.

"Now the bad news. I'm gonna need you all to put these on because you are going to be working for free from now on." Caius reached in the bag and pulled out magical chained collars. Once wrapped around their necks it they would bind them to the guilds will. "So you can either cooperate with a smile or I'm going to have to shoot you. The choice is yours" The miners excitement quickly turned to fear as he stood frozen at the claim. One brave miner told Caius to go F himself and charged him with a pickaxe. Caius pointed at the man and blasted him straight through the face with his bullet magic. It was a nice gesture on his part. His stupidity on trying to opposed him served for an example for the other miners on what NOT to do. After his death, they all lined up and awaited their collars.

Hi I'm Caius

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