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Old Cries [Mission/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Old Cries [Mission/Solo] Empty Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:31 pm

Lee Nakamura
He held the request in his hands during the walk there. It was not that much of a walk, but it took him a while to find it. The Nakamura family may have been rooted in Hargeon, but that doesn't mean Lee knew his way about the port city. An abandon mansion was said to be haunted. Now that he thought about it, it was a common source of conversation between his family during dinner. His cousin, Astrid, was too excited about stuff that was unknown to common knowledge. The kitsune had his normal tails in the wraps in a nice and tidy fashion to keep them out of the way. His ears twitched as he kept rereading the quest over and over. Salem perched on his shoulder once again.

"Ah, that old mansion. It's said to be haunted. Something that really freaks people out" spoke Salem out loud. Lee was not really afraid of such things with facing Wendigos and death multiple times, it really didn't affect him too much. "Well, we'll figure it out. I'm not too worried about this, its just probably some unsettled spirit" he replied, scratching his friend under the chin. Salem purred a little. He continued his march to the old, abandon mansion on the top of the hill. Once he arrived, he took a good look at the mansion. It was large and very much abandon with ivory and plants overtaking some of the stone structure. It looked to be already starting to crumble. He had to be careful when entering in the unstable structure. Stepping on the stone steps and jiggling on the locks a little, the doors were locked. He sighed a little. "Locked! Give me a second, I can maybe pick the lock with claws" he spoke. Salem climbed down Lee's arm and rested his body firmly. His claws unsheathed and started to pick the lock. It took a while, but Salem managed to unlock the door. It swung open very slowly, and creaked with age. "There you go, prince charming" he retorted. Lee was actually a bit amazed that the cat could do that. He let out a small laugh. "Wow, you seem to always amaze me, Salem. Alright, let's go" he replied. Quietly, he lead himself in with Salem still perched on his shoulder. It was dark for it being broad daylight out still. He lit a flame on his finger to light the place up. His mixed-matched eyes wander to old paintings and artifacts hung along walls. They had to find something that the spirit was tied to. Somethings spirits lingered to a certain object or place till the spirit either finds peace or the object is destroyed. Salem knew this, but not Lee. The cat was looking somewhere else when he felt a hard tug on his tail causing him to screech.

"Lee, what was that for?!" he screamed at his companion. Lee gave him a weird look of confusion. "What did I do" he asked.

"Pulling on my tail! That's what" he hissed. Lee was even more confused cause he didn't even touch Salem. "Salem that wasn't me, I think your just spooked is all" he said. Salem even looked more confused as he could feel his fur standing on the back of his neck.


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