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Disenchanted Potion I - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Disenchanted Potion I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:43 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo waked up early that morning. For the last couple of weeks, he had been completing some reconnaissance missions around Oak town. Advent World had established in the western city a couple of weeks ago. They had started their plans of taking control over the place, stablish their power and change the system that had ruled Fiore for the last centuries. To be honest, it all sounded too grand for Kenzo. He was a person with ideals, but he’d define himself as more a pragmatic person. For that reason, he decided to act. Today he was going to try to get a better idea about the general state of the underground scene at Oak. For the last year he’d been in Fiore, Kenzo had heard lots of rumors of the city at the west. Once the home city to a notorious dark guild, Phantom Lord, the evil organization had disappeared without a trace. There were many conspiracy theories floating around, each trying to explain why such a prominent place was suddenly wiped out, but most people agreed on the understanding that they had involved themselves with powers darker and stronger than themselves. Either way, this hadn’t rooted the evil out of its hometown. On the contrary, the people of Oak soon learned that Phantom Lord’s presence in the city served as a safety net. Being the biggest fish in the pond, the dark mages acted as a counterweight to organized and unorganized crime in the streets. Now, with years after they were no longer around, many different groups struggled to obtain power. Rising mafias, gangster groups and other evil associations vied for control of the city. Soon, Advent World would crush them all.

For that reason, Kenzo was sent to complete an evil quest. It was a weird notion, good and bad quests.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
The magic council in Era was the one in charge of deciding what was good and bad. In Kenzo’s opinion, it was just a matter of perspective. Either way, the person that requested someone for the job was a man known through the city by the name of Dr. Stephan Mabuz. He ran a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. Though it didn’t normally receive much traffic, Stephan isn't worried; his real business comes from his underground dealings of illicit magical items. Poisons, hexes, and whatever else a dark mage might need, the good doctor has it - for a price. Everyone in the magic scene knew that the Dr. dealt with the local gangsters. He was a supplier for all of them, so if someone had ties to the general underground scene of Oak, was Dr. Stephan.

Kenzo met with the man at his small store. It was definitely a shady place, lots of vials and flasks filled with dubious liquids littered the shelves. ”He he he.. You’re here for my request, aren’t you?” Kenzo nodded at the man without a word. ”Very well… Let me tell you about it. Recently I’ve thought of a genius formula to revolutionize the way mana potions work. However… he he, the problem is that the potion has been outlawed by the magic council. The reason is quite simple and stupid, actually… One of its main ingredients is a teeny tiny piece of tail of a small lizard. I don’t know what the fuzz is all about honestly, but the council has branded the hunt of the lizard illegal in the country. Supposedly, the lizard was hunted in the past almost to the brink of extinction, so they were marked as an endangered species and illegal to kill. That’s were you come in.”

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#3Kenzo Valens 

Disenchanted Potion I - Solo [Quest] Empty on Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:44 pm

Kenzo Valens
The doctor handed Kenzo a paper with a drawing of a lizard on it. ”This is a green spined lizard. It’s usually as large as the average newborn baby you find. I need you to find one and bring it to me.” The mercenary listened attentively to the Dr’s whole explanation. Kenzo smiled back at him as he put the lizard’s drawing inside his pocket. ”I’ll come by later with one”

The reality was, easier said than done. Kenzo has left the city a couple of hours ago. He had walked along the riverbank of the city. Oak’s geography was quite interesting. In a sense, it was a perfect location. The mercenary spent his whole afternoon looking for a lizard. Even if it was not a small reptile, it was quite a sneaky one. He didn’t expect to take so long before finding one. Guess that was the reason why their hunt was now prohibited. They were really rare to spot.

Just before he was about to give up, Kenzo suddenly saw it. Motionless in a big rock, the green spined lizard looked just like the drawing he was given. It was taking a sun bath, making the most out of the last rays of the day. Without wasting a second, the mercenary lunged at the giant lizard. Taking out his sword, he slashed the lizard without thinking about it twice. He finally got what he needed. After taking a moment to observe the sunset, the warrior returned to Stephan’s shop and collected his reward.

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