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Rise of the Phoenix (open)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:56 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz walked up the steps to the great guild hall. A rush of triumph came over him and a new sense of familiarity. He couldn’t truly believe it himself. That he had gone from the rune knights to the master of a guild. From working tirelessly in headquarters scattered around fiore...to building a place that could be a home to people. To work and live from with a unified goal.

He ran his hand across the stone wall in the entryway. His feet pressed against the stone walkway emblazoned with the red symbol of the guild. He took in a deep breath and continued all the way into the grounds. It was an open area and a walkway lined with trees and benches. The wind gently rustled the few leaves on the trees. Astera was a far cry from all his time spent in Era but he grew attached to it. A fine place to begin and a big enough city to make a difference in it.

The guild was quiet today in the early hours of the morning. The hall was before him. His office window was on the second floor looking back down at him. On the ground level was the door to the meeting and dining hall. Placed there to feel immediately welcoming to people. Behind it was The Academy. A place for study and training. One section devoted to academics and the other larger section for training in all manner of tactics.

The wind mage stepped up to the heavy wooden doors. His hands pressed against the brass handles and with a tug the doors slid open. They only moved a few inches when, out of the corner of his eye he caught the glimpse of something. With a smile he opened the door wide, letting in fresh air and set down his bag. Old habits die hard. He opened his bag and set it leaned against the doorway. Within it he pulled out his thermos filled with tea and one of his tea cups. He poured himself a small drink and took a few sips and set it back down.

He then moved to the object that caught his eye. A broom that sat against the wall. If there was one thing that he was urged to do. It was to clean up a mess. He began sweeping up the polished wooden floors of the guildhall while whistling a soft tune. He started off waiting for others to arrive but began to get lost in his thoughts, blissfully unaware.

#2Sage Meilyr 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Sun Mar 15, 2020 4:49 am

Sage Meilyr
It was the dawn of a new day. Throughout the year Sage had been training with his new found magic. There were a lot of fun things he could do with it. Teleportation was the magic's core strength but at the same time hard to master. He has been using his magic for good cause, he defended the weak and helped fight off evil and he contributed a lot when there was an avalanche about to destroy a village. With his magic he simply teleport-ed the whole trouble away. He also had this amazing sensation whenever he fought using his magic, it gave his a satisfaction that he never had.

With all that taken into count, he had decided to join one of the guilds in Fiore, to fight along others and restore balance to the world and fight for the ones who weren't able to protect themselves from evil. After reviewing each of the good guilds, he finally decided to go with the Pheonix Feather. Something about them made him more intrigued then the rest of the guilds.

So there he was standing in front of the main gates of the building of Pheonix Feather at the heart of Astera. It was situated pretty high up from sea level, so you could see the docks and the beautiful azure sea from up there. He passed the gates pretty easily, he felt welcomed, the place wasn't as strict as he expected it to be. He was impressed as he stepped in, there were many buildings, each seem to serve different purposes, it felt like there were a good sense of community. He then could see a man with long blue hair, sweeping the floor peacefully,

With his staff in his right hand, his wonderful long white hair, and his white robes he approached the man. "Good morning sir, excuse me for interrupting but I'm here to sign up for this wonderful guild." he said with that calming smile of his.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:29 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had been lost in thought, simply sweeping the floors of the guild. Sunlight shined in from the large window at the top of the hall. It wasn't until the man spoke that Kaz became aware. "Oh," he said as he stopped sweeping and slowly stood up straighter before turning around.

Standing before him was a man he had never met before. Long white hair and a staff gave away the fact that he was a mage and not someone from Astera. Before Kaz could say anything the man had made his intentions clear. His words put a smile on Kaz's face with another, "Oh," but it was said softer this time and he clasped both his hands on top of the broom. One over the other.

"You've come a long way. The steps up here are not the shortest of distances," he said with one hand going to the back of his head and a smile. "I thank you for coming all this way. Tea?" he asked as he gestured for the man to come with him to a table at the other end that had a large glass floor-length window so the sea could be seen. If Sage followed, he would take out a teacup and pour the man a glass. Then he set the broom to rest against the side of the table. "I'm Kazimir Seiryu. Guildmaster here. And who are you?"

Pouring himself a glass he would sit across from the man and take a sip, "So..." he began and then let out a small laugh. "You're actually the first person to come all this way and join. I didn't know whether to ask a bunch of questions or tell you a bunch of stuff. But I suppose if you've come here then you know what the guild stands for. Guess I'll start with...as long as you're doing what's good for people and have a good heart. You'll have a home here. People to fight alongside you, and help you reach greater heights. A place to find purpose and hope for the future," Kaz looked the man in the eye the whole time until he paused and looked out at the Azure sea with a smile on his face. The sun was still shining in on them as they sat by the large window. The sea was almost reflected in the glass of the window. Steam from the tea plummed upward from their cups.

"If that sounds good to you. Then we'd love to have you. The only real question is," Kaz began to ask as he pulled out the Phoenix Feather guild stamp as if to ask where the man wanted the insignia.

Once the man answered Kaz would give him the stamp and he'd be an official member of the guild.
"So tell me. What's your story?"

As the two conversed it wasn't long before a man rushed into the guildhall.

"Kazimir. Something came up. Worth Woodsea."
A distraught look came across the wind mage's face.

"Unfortunately I'll have to cut our talk short. I need to take this trip. I will return soon though. Be safe and explore the guild until then. The place is yours."

Kaz rushed out and whistled for his griffon.

#4Noyiah Dashi 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:05 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Moved across the office as she placed away assorted paperwork and lesson plans, she had been working on.  She positioned the last binder on the shelf and started her way down the hallway to the main stairs leading down into the lobby, she moved with grace and with purpose stopping when she heard Kazimir’s Voice and people talking.  She stopped for a second and listened in on their conversation, standing on the landing before the stairs just out of sight.  After a moment of listening she gathered that it might have been a new recruit, but curious she started down the stairs to the main lobby her eyes stopping on the young man in white robes, who seemed to be by himself.   Her Brow furrowed slightly as she looked across just in time to see the door shut.

“ how odd” she would say softly looking from the door back to the young man in white robes. “ im guessing it was urgent, I don’t think he would just run off.” She would reaffirm before approaching the man with the staff. “ I’m Lieutenant Dashi, but Noyiah is preferable,  can I interest you in a tour about the facility?” she asked  pressing her palm against her collarbone and  twisting slightly to apply pressure and relieve the tension in her shoulder with a soft Popping sound.

Noyiah’s eyes would wander from the young man to the hallway and back towards him, as she determined which route she would show him, after all this one the first or at least on of the first people she had the honor of showing around if he accepted.  

Noyiah wore a purple sleeveless dress with white knee-high stockings, small shoes that seemed hand picked to match her dress for today. She is well kept with a light amount of makeup around her eyes and lips, her hair tied back with a black silk ribbon that contrasted to her pale white skin.  Noyiah would shift her weight from one foot back to the other as if to gather her traction and moved to the side table to put the broom back into the closet.  Grasping the broom she would head towards the hallway and pull open the cupboard putting the broom in its assigned place her Collection of Braclets on her left wrist jingled accordingly “shall we?” she would ask if he hadn’t made his way to her yet.


#5Iris DuPage 

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Iris DuPage
She didn't like that she was roped in to this, but, she was a bit honor bound. She was duty bound to aide her mother and father, adopted as they may be. It had been a year since the debacle with the rune knights, since her incarceration, since everything that had happened in her life to try and keep her down. Instead of that holding her back, she continued to move forward. And by doing that, she had no path set before her!

Iris Daishi-Seiryu DuPage. She had matured, at least a little. She was more nourished, her body having grown somewhat thanks to all of the pancake breakfasts with her family, and the subsequent butter knife fights with her father over the last stack. The score was still even, Noyiah usually taking the last pancake to settle the fight between Iris and Kazimir. Thankfully no one was physically hurt during those humorous times, but that's a story for another day.

Her skin was much cleaner, her hair having been grown out, pulled in to two short pig tails at her shoulders, tucked away back in to themselves to have little round buns rather than loose ends. She wore more appropriate clothing befitting her station, begrudging as she was to take a position like this.

Form fitting under clothes, her personal attire, hidden under the standard fatigues of the Phoenix Feather guild. It was like she went from one military organization to another, but, at least she could make more money with this new station, and it was only temporary, she kept telling herself, the longer she did this, the harder it was to tell herself that. She wanted to just get some sort of an idea of what she wanted to do with her life, beyond paying off a debt she still kept secret.

Oh well, for now, she was looking to go over some things with her father, namely an upcoming tournament, one where she could finally show her power. It took an entire year of training, but,s he had synchronized with her Encyclopedia Elementica, and she was able to wield her natural magic much better. All that time in magic inhibition clothing and bindings with the rune knights wasn't good, but,s he had become much more physical because of it, and her magic showed.

She wanted to show it off in a tournament.

iris, seeking out her father, would be calling out for Kazimir as she came to the same location. It would be just after he left, "Dad? Daaaaaad? Daaaaa-I mean, guild master! Ugh where did he go?" She said, scratching the back of her head.

When she turned to see Noyiah speaking with someone new, she quickly jumped and saluted, "Ah sorry Mother! I mean mom! I mean Lieutenant! I'm out of line!"

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#6Sage Meilyr 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:40 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage would let out a bit of a laughter as the other man said how the stairs up to the guild were very long. He agreed to that statement but didn't mind having a bit of exercise at the start of the day. "Oh yes please, I would love some tea right now." he'd answered with a bit of an amused tone, he really did like tea after all, its delicate taste is just captivating. Sage walked with the man towards a table, where he sat and was served tea, "Thank you," he'd say and took a sip of the tea. "Mmm, this is really nice." he'd compliment the tea.

Sage did not expect to meet with the guildmaster right away, "Oh! So you're that Kazimir," he'd say, having heard of his name being said in public before. "I am Sage Meilyr, a pleasure to meet you." He'd let out a little laugh as well as Kazimir explained how this was his first time recruiting a new person and he had little clue as to what he should do first, but Sage thought that he did fine. As he explained Sage could feel a little bit of warmth inside, he was starting to like this place.

Kazimir then asked the important question, "Oh, here would be nice," he said as he pull out his right hand. Kazimir stamped the guild insignia on Sage's right hand. A violet pheonix could be seen on Sage's right hand, and it was beautiful of a sight. "Wow...".

He was then hit by the question. "Oh I don't think there's much to know about me, I'm just an ordinary mage in Fiore," he said letting a slight laugh. It was the truth tho, there was nothing to tell others about him yet. But he was sure that one day with the adventures he would get through with his new guild he would have something to tell. Suddenly someone else came into the room and talked to Kazimir, it seemed like something important, and then out he went leaving Sage alone in the room. But so did he thought.

A lady walked down the stairs. Sage guessed that she must have heard a little bit of their conversation. "Oh well, I'm Sage. Pheonix Feather's new recruit," he'd say proudly with a beaming smile. "Oh yes I would love that! This place is pretty big so I think I might get lost without any guide." he'd say while letting out a soft laugh. "Oh yes," he'd reply while standing up from the chair, making his way towards her. Suddenly, out of nowhere a red-haired child sprung out. She seemed odd, but interesting at the same time.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Wed Mar 18, 2020 5:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"It's a pleasure to meet you as well," he said. Sage's answer to his question was a quick and easy one. He supposed after coming this far, the man had certainly already made up his mind about joining. Kaz smiled back and happily stamped the man's hand. "Welcome,"He said warmly to the man. He seemed like the upstanding sort. Kind and caring would be how Kazimir would describe sage.

"I'm sure you are more than just ordinary sage. Together we will soar to even greater heights,"
He spoke the mage and then had to make his hasty exit.

Sometime Later:
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Kaz rushed back o the guild hall as quickly as he could. The griffon and himself had a long journey, but he didn't want the new recruit to feel that he had left him to fend for himself. Kaz's trip was less eventful than he had hoped but he was alright with the peace of mind he obtained from it.

The flight back was non-stop, as soon as they got there, the two took off again. Kaz arrived in the early morning hours. The sun was still rising over the top of the guildhall. The griffon landed in the courtyard and rushed off to bed and to take care of its young.

Kaz yawned and made his way to the main entrance. Swinging the doors open slowly he tip-toed in and made his way towards the kitchen. Despite being on a trip the whole time, he did get some sleep on the griffon. He reached into a secret chamber under the kitchen cabinet. A place where he hid some items for when they had a new member join them.

He rolled up his sleeves and began to prepare breakfast. Sage seemed to be the fun-loving type, the wind mage thought with a hand on his chin. He snapped his fingers, and pulled out a welcome banner and flew up to hang it from the banister. "That'll do," he said with a nod and then whipped up some breakfast pancakes for when everyone woke up. With the relative free time of not doing endless paperwork for the knights anymore, Kaz took up cooking a bit more. Even with Iris always trying to steal his pancakes.

The flapjacks flipped in the air revealing their golden brown edges before he scooped them onto plates and set them out on the tables. He always assumed everyone like pancakes but then again it was still one of the only things he knew how to cook. In his chest pocket was a key to the guildhall that he had forgotten to give Sage..and a room to sleep. The other members would have been there so he assumed that Sage would have been well taken care of. He smiled thinking about his family here. Noyiah and Iris may have been concerned as he suddenly rushed out. A bad habit he chalked up to the air-headed tendencies of a wind mage.

He had finished the meal prep and laid across the counter with his back against a column. Thinking about the event and his family he drifted away in his own thoughts as the sun began to shine in through the window and warm his face. One leg was bent and his left arm draped over it.

The tea was boiling on the stove and Kaz intended to wait for its whistle until it moved. One of the only things that'd break him out of his blissful trance unless someone arrived.

With the ever-pressing matters of time, Kaz was called away yet again. He left the food and decorations for the members and went out to a meeting with the community.


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#8Noyiah Dashi 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Thu Mar 19, 2020 12:15 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah glanced from Sage to iris as she exploded down the stairs yelling.  a smirk slowly pulling her lips thinner as she shook her head slightly “Kazimir seems to have had to go, likely something that couldn’t wait.   And you’re a little out of line, but I like that your trying” she said her smirk shifting to a more pleasant smile. “This is   Lieutenant Iris, Iris   New Trainee Sage” she would motion her hand to Iris and then back to Sage as she spoke.  “ and its wonderful to meet you Sage, I hope you find things here  to your liking,  there’s a few things that are still being hashed out but for the most part we are ready to start classes and opening the doors to the public. “

With introductions out of the way Noyiah shifted her weight onto her  left leg as if slide back and she started in stride, moving with purpose down the hallways “  we are heading on a quick tour  your free to join us iris” Noyiah called back to her as she proceeded down the hallway that mirrored the front door.   As she came to a junction in the hallway there was a door on the left and on the right.  Starting on the Right she opened the door wide and stepped back to allow Sage a look around “  this is one of the class rooms that is ready to start up,  personally I’m a little excited to teach citizens self-defense and  beginner mages the roots of their magics,  it’s something I think a lot of people go throughout life without properly knowing.  You should have access to most of the building,  but if a door is locked you can open it with your Guild mark,  if it doesn’t open  it is likely restricted, at the moment nothing is restricted aside from personal Quarters and offices” she would say stepping back.

The Room itself was quite polished, a lot of work had gone into stocking the shelves with magic tomes and other magic channeling devices.  A starter package rested on the top right-hand corner of each desk in the room aside from the podium that stood facing the desks with a chalkboard behind it.  “ First class is next Monday I’d be happy if you attended,  though if you sought us out on your own you likely wont need it, but it never hurts to attend “ she gave a short but pleasant and warm smile before  closing the door when he was done looking around.  Then placing her right wrist to doorknob, her guild mark seems to surge with energy and the door would lock.  “you can unlock it if you’d like to test it” she would say before moving across the hallway to the door that remained closed initially on the left side of the hallway.

She would put her hand to door knob and the door would unlock and open up “  in here is supplies, and a few odds and ends we haven’t found a place for them yet, it’s also accessible from the Training yard, so of the combat dummies are stored in there until we have a more filled out registry, for the time being we will pull them out as needed,  you should have access to this as well unless it gets revoked for some unforeseen reason” she would  lean in to flick the light on,  it seemed to be a few rows of stacked desks,  some  papers,  chemicals for cleaning and in the far back a larger double door that led out to where the dummies were.

Once he was satisfied with the room Noyiah would close and lock it with a twist of her wrist, her guild mark touching the handle as she did so, the lock would click.  She would then motion down the hall “ down there is a way to the training yard,  and the kitchen which you have full access to around the clock,  try to be considerate,  if you make a mess clean it up, the kitchen is to be cleaned before we go to bed each night,  I don’t like disorganization, though I know its not always possible to be orderly.” She would continue down towards the kitchen,  at the end of the hall was a double door that led to the fields,  but to the right was an open archway that lead to the mess hall,  though it was much larger than likely needed it seemed appropriately placed near the kitchen, which was viable from the doorway.  “ we don’t have a huge abundancy of food at the moment, but we will get more as needed and eventually would be looking for a full time live in cook to make meals for the guild, but at this stage its just not needed.  But ill be making dinner tonight if your interested it will be ready at no later then seven” she said  shifting out of the door way to let Sage look about the Mess hall and the kitchen,  though she didn’t go in unless he would call her in. until he was sated with the inspection she would wait at the doorway and get ready to head into the fields.

#9Shimura Shigaraki † 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:11 am

Shimura Shigaraki †

A new day and Shimura were still filling out the paperwork that he had been neglecting for the last couple of weeks, okay, maybe for the last couple of months. Recently, Shimura had grown in strength and power, and managed to become a part of a new guild. He had even managed to attain the status of lieutenant. Though with a new status and a new title, came more responsibilities, and for some reason, that involved a lot of paperwork and crap. Needless to say, Shimura was not for this paperwork, and he had a bad habit of neglecting the paperwork aspect of his job. No doubt this pissed Noyiah and the others off a lot, but oh well, they would have to get over it. In fact, the reason why Shimura had stayed up all night doing this darn paperwork was to hopefully make up for the fact that he had been neglecting his paperwork so much- better late than never.

Shimura signed the form or whatever it was, and then tucked it into a folder. Completed he sighed in relief, and pushed the chair back and stood up. Yawning he gently patted his lips and removed the white trench coat from the back of his chair, and swung it over his shoulders. The coat was a little big on him and on Shimura it was more like a cloak, or a robe of sorts, making him look a little bigger than he actual was. The robe had gold trimming on the cuffs and gold pauldrons, on the back written in bold and in black runes was the word ‘justice’. Within the past couple of months, Shimura had physically matured. For one, he slicked his hair back into a man bun, so that he wouldn’t look so emo all the time. He also adopted an crimson red Eisenhower jacket with his rank and whatnot marked on his right chest’s breast pocket, and matching crimson red slacks with black rider boots.

He no longer casual wore the traditional attire of a nobleman, that was no longer who he was, not anymore. Tucking the folder filled with paper work under his arm, Shimura pushed open the door to his office, walked out into the hallway, and kicked the door shut as he left. He figured that he should hand this folder into Noyiah so that he could prove that he was somewhat of an responsible adult, or that he could do paper work within a night. As he made his way down the hallway, he could hear Iris’s loud voice calling for Kazimir. Not wanting to be around her or well anyone loud at this moment in time, Shimura would make a b-line for a different way, and then deciding to stop by the kitchen to satifiy his hangry stomach.

Though by the time that he got to the kitchen, it seems that there was a whole group of people there. He cursed silently under his breath, and groaned. It was too early in the morning for social interaction. Plus, he was hoping that he could steal a bit to eat before being yelled at for turning in the paper work so late. "Good morning everyone......." he grumbled under his breath, "It seems we have the whole group here, any reason why? Did I miss a memo or something?"


#10Iris DuPage 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:11 am

Iris DuPage
Iris would be heading off on the tour with Sage and her mother. "And if the door is locked and you really want in, you can do what I normally do. And just, you know, bash it down with one swift punch." SHe said, boasting of her physical prowess, and the one time she did do that, to a steel door. She certainly didn't look it, but, her mother would of course know. iris had a strong magic, and from all the time she spent without access to it, her body was basically honed as a weapon.

"Also because my guild mark is on the back of my neck, I can't normally unlock doors like everyone else without people looking at me funny." She stated while turning around, lifting up her hair to show the emblazoned gold phoenix symbol on the back of her neck. Something only her adoptive parents would know was the bar code tattoo stamped on underneath it, something she still refused to tell them about the purpose of, suffice to say it dealt with her past in Enca.

When Shimura showed up on the scene, Iris offered him a single nod, "We have a new recruit already, and becuase of that, I have found my replacement. Clearly." She was always in such a rush to try and convince someone to take her rank, and her position within the order so she could do something else, and not have as much responsibility. Something that likely annoyed her adoptive father to no end, but, given how she was less than calm when it came to military set ups, or, at least public defenders, it just stood to reason a girl in her position would be a little unnerved, all things considered with her past and the magic police she served with not even a year ago!

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#11Sage Meilyr 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:37 am

Sage Meilyr
Noyiah introduced the red haired girl as Lieutenant Iris, being a polite man he was he gave a warm smile at her. Earlier he heard Iris looking for her Dad and she called Noyiah her mom. Having this information he then knew that they were a family, but looking at it again it was quite odd for a dark haired man and a blonde woman having a red haired child.There must be something more to the story but it was of no priority for Sage to ask them about it, plus it would make the situation pretty awkward and he did not want that to happen.

He followed the blonde lady as she moved to the hallway, following right behind her turning his head to look around the place and get familiar with it. The first stop was a classroom, he peeked a little inside to see what it looked like and it seemed pretty nice. He had never attended school before so he wondered how it was like to sit around and learning together. When Noyiah invited him to the next class session his face brighten up a little, "I'd be happy to!" he'd say with an excited smile.

Iris told him that he could instead use physical force on the door which he gave a worrying smile to. But when she told him how her guildmark is on her neck he quickly understood why she sometimes prefer to use physical force because using her guildmark would be such a hassle. Which made Sage wonder why she chose to have it at the back of her neck, but it didn't bother him that much it was just his first day.

As they moved away across the hallway Sage briefly placed the guild mark on his hand on the doorknob and it unlocked! A slight smile appeared on his face to see that it actually works. He then quickly walked across the hallway to join her again. The next room was the supply room. Sage peeked in a little to see all the stuff they'd use for learning and whatnot. He drew his head back out, already satisfied by what he saw.

He heard the word kitchen. access. and around the clock. Something in his heart jumped, he love foods and he love to experiment with his cooking so those three words really made him happy. "Don't worry, I'll make sure it is always cleaned." he'd say with a big smile. Sage noticed that Noyiah really pressed on cleanliness and order. He took a note to himself to never make a mess because he didn't want to end on her bad side. Though. he look forward for his first dinner with his new family. He took a quick look at the mess hall and the kitchen, he was sure he could figure everything out later on. He then went back to her to continue the tour.

But before they could continue, another member of the guild appeared. Sage looked at him as he heard him talking and Sage instantly scanned the man. The first thing that attracted him was the scar, he wondered what was the story behind it. His appearance was quite eye-catching especially the coat. The bright red color of the rest of his cloth also made him stood out. Sage then noticed that the man was holding some paper and files he was probably busy. He also noticed the tiredness in his voice he wondered if the man slept well last night.

Sage had no idea what Iris meant by replacement but he was a little bit worried. He looked at the man and gave him a warm smile, "Sage Meilyr," he'd say briefly, introducing his name while taking a little bow. He didn't know what he was doing but it's too late now. For some unknown reason he'd always nervous around guys his age, although the man before him looked a bit older.

#12Noyiah Dashi 

Rise of the Phoenix (open) Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:20 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would smirk as iris attempted to pass her duty off again to the next person who walked through the door, it was something that she tried to do, but knowing Kazimir would have to approve the position transfer, she didn’t bother to fight her on it nor did she want to cause a scene in front of their newest member. “ its preferable if you don’t blow the doors down, but a little good has come out of it, mostly what we reinforce with and if it would hold against a siege, but i don’t think anything will come to that. "
After going into the kitchen and showing the place to sage, she would spot Shimura as he tried to sneak into the kitchen. “ This is Deathless Knight and Lieutenant Shigaraki , who is swamped with papers that i’m sure will be on my desk by the days end” she eyed him and let out a long exhale “ unlike yesterday” she said under her breath, but loud enough for most of the people in the room to hear, her tone suggested that this was a trying process for her, a hint of irritation present in her voice.

“ I guess we should continue the tour into the yard though” she said holding open the door back to the hallway and letting them through, if Shimura stayed in the kitchen she would raise an eye brow at him before closing the door keeping eye contact until the last of the door closed. She would then proceed towards the training grounds as she mentioned before, opening the doors up with her guild mark she let the double doors open wide into the inner area of the sanctuary, it was an enclosed yard in the center of the building with a few trees off to one side, from here they could see the sides of the cliffs that backed onto the back of the guild house. “ we promote peace and order here, but we have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best” she explained as most people would see this as a very military like building, it held an advantage on the top of cliffs, a sheer drop off on side and only one way up to the entrance was known of, but despite all of this Noyiah wanted to explain that they weren’t just some cookie cutter rune knights, as it was likely no secret that majority of their founding members were former rune knights. “ we want to inspire people to do the right thing, and train the people of Astera to be able to defend themselves in case of emergencies, for the most part things run themselves, but you will be tasked with weekly reports, or incident reports as they happen. These can all be brought to my office at on the second floor, but we can hash these things out later” she said as she started into the yard.

Noyiah would stop in the middle of the yard, pointing back she motions towards the door they went through “ you know the kitchen, classes and main entrance is there” she would then rotate to the right as she pointed to another set of double doors “ that is where the utility closet comes out to” she would mention and then continuing to be opposite the kitchen doors she would point to a two story area “ in the back here we have six office spaces, the archives, two meeting rooms and then Guild Master Seiryu’s office. “ she said, though the name rung odd in her mouth, as she was far more casual with him, but she wanted to make a good impression and didn’t want anyone to be thought less of because of her tour or how she explained each thing.

Lastly she would turn to the last set of doors that exited the field. “ in there is the living quarters, for now its more of a bunk house, but as you move up the ranks you’ll be given a room on the second floor for your privacy, we also don’t discourage you from living in the town, but if you need some time to find a place the bunk house has warm rooms, somewhat soft beds and a free shower, and well the access to the rest of the utilities” she said starting to move towards the last spot she had mentioned, figuring she would loop them back towards the offices later.

#13Shimura Shigaraki † 

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Shimura Shigaraki †
“Iris, don’t you think that you could use your inside voice? Eh?” Shimura would spat out irritatingly and tried to massage out the headache that was created from a lack of sleep. Honestly, he needed to hire some sort of sectary or something, so that he would not have to do this bland paperwork. Indeed, that was something that he needed to follow up on. Hm, perhaps he could trick a newbie into being his sectary! That way he would not have to pay them! Though he had a feeling that Noyiah would protest to him manipulating a ‘innocent’ recruit into doing his paper and busy work. Eh, then again she did not have to know. In the case that she did find out, well, Shimura would simply lie or make up an excuse of some sorts. Or he could say that that person was an apprentice of sorts, or something like that. He'd figure it out later.

Cursed! Shimura thought bitterly to himself as it would seem that Noyiah was a bit more perceptive than he expected, he had hoped that she would be too preoccupied with the new recruit. Unfortunately, Shimura was wrong, and it would seem that Noyiah was still annoyed at his lack of enthusiasm for doing paperwork. But then again he wasn't entirely trying to be sneaky, simply he tried to ignore Noyiah's harsh gaze. A thin smile was placed on Shimura as he turned to face Noyiah and the new recruit. He took a moment or two to considered the new recruit, a slender male with silver hair, attractive yes, but Shimura was more interested in his abilities and overall usefulness to the guild. No doubt Noyiah would speak to him about peace and whatnot, which was good and all, but Shimura knew the truth about the world and he’d impart that wisdom to the new kid later. "Noyiah-chan, are you still mad that I did not turn in those papers on time? Eh? I must confess I've been really busy with some affairs, and I simply had no time, I hope that you could understand! BUT!." he would retrieve the paperwork tucked between his arm, "Better late than never wouldn't you say?" he offered it to her, but she had shut the door on him and said something about her desk.

Ugh, he didn't want to go to her office. Shimura slammed the door open after her, and waved the file around in the air. "NOYIAH TAKE THE PAPER I DON'T WANT TO GO TO YOUR STUPID OFFICE!!!" he shouted from the doorway, but unfortunately, they were already gone to some other part of the guild halls. Seriously, Shimura was tempted to burn the papers and never turn them in, just to tick Noyiah off, gods he needed a sectary or something.

Shimura was not going to track Noyiah all about the guild hall trying to find her and this new recruit. Instead, he was going to play it smart and wait for Noyiah at the last part of her tour, knowing her, Noyiah would take the recruit to where he would be sleeping as her final stop.Making his way down the many hallways and doorways, Shimura found himself at the entrance to the living quarters, where he would learn against the doorway waiting for Noyiah and the new recruit. “Ah, I knew that you would be here and that you’d end your tour at the living quarters, ever so predictable Noyiah-chan, tsk tsk.” He would tease his comrade, and then outstretch the papers for her to take. He turned his gaze onto the new recruit and smirked. “Tell me, did she bore you with talks of peace and order? Your name was…” he would pause for a moment, collecting his memories of their introduction, “Sage? Correct?”

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Sage Meilyr
By the looks of it, the person who was introduced by Noyiah as Deathless Knight and Lieutenant Shigaraki, did not have that good of a relationship with her. But Sage could only watch from the side and not get in between the two. Afterwards they head on to the yard. When Sage looked around, it did felt like the guild building is similar to a military base, one that looks upon it without context will easily miss interpret the goals and visions of the guild. Which would be something to worry about. On the other hand the guild needs to be careful to not let the guild be too fragile and be taken down easily by invaders. Noyiah continued to show Sage around, every single place of the guild, which was very nice of her. Usually, he had to figure things out on his own when arriving at new places.

When they arrive at the living area, Lieutenant Shimura was there, and by judging the way he speaks and talks, Sage knew he could be very troubesome. But he had learned to deal with many types of people, and he will get through this one's very peculiar personality. "Yes, It's Sage, and no, Noyiah had been really nice." he replied calmly to the man. Time passes as they talked and Sage learning about the man's weird personality and having to deal with him. He now knew why Noyiah sounded like she had it rough with him. Shimura also sounded like he didn't like new recruits that much so he better watch out.

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Noyiah Dashi
Getting into the Bunkhouse, Noyiah would find Shimura already beat them there,  a smirk rose to her lips as she imagined him running through the series of hallways and corridors to make his way there in a quick enough time to beat them.  It was honestly a little impressive, not that she would ever tell him that, it just wants how their relationship was. “ Predictable, perhaps” she would admit taking the Verbal Jousting hit this time. Her focused a little more on other things as she was trying to figure out the best way to leave sage to return to her own duties.

Noyiah would hold out her hand to take the paperwork now,  as she decided that her last stop would be the Database and Archives, as well as the Guild masters room and her office.   After she had the papers she would motion around “  Small and cozy,  the beds are over here, “ she would motion towards the  small stone brick walls that dived the bed spaces into their own rooms,  a small wall that stood about chest height  between them all  in sets of 6 to provide some sort of Privacy for their members.

“the showers are over there” she would point to a doorway, “they are divided by Gender, but there is a Coed one if that is more comfortable”  she would explain before tuning lastly to a hallways that Shimura would have had to travel to get there”  that way is through the building to the kitchen and main lobby,  and  if we go this way” she would say tucking the folder under her arm and motioning to  a hallway on the opposite side. “ Just pick a free bed and it’s yours,  we ask that you be respectful to your allies, and if any issues arise feel free to drop by my office to tell me and we will figure it out”  she would move towards the far hallway she motioned to before” this way leads to the office and Archives” she would mention as she started to walk that way.

Once in the hallway she would show  Sage the passage to the office,  as it took them up a flight of stairs and to the office spaces above, she would open a door and show off the room “ this is a open office space,  its available for anyone to use,   there is a sign up sheet if you want to lock out a time slot,  and then over here we have” she would say closing the door and  pointing to a rather reinforced door. “ that is our Archives,  all information put in through reports and other papers are stored here to allow all of our members to look into any past event.  Of course, you’ll have access to it, but it requires permission for some things in there.” She would mention but not open it up or show it off.   Lastly she would walk towards the end of the hall stopping in front of a Closed door “  this is our Guild masters room, if he’s taking people the door will be open, if not he’s either busy or out. “  
She would smile as she  turns to the door the sites opposite of Kazimir’s “  this is my office” she said moving into the doorway and unlocking the door and stepping in.  she would circle her desk  that sits in front of a large glass window that overlooked the entire port section of town “ This is where I can be found most of the time, if its closed  im likely not there and I can be found either else were in the compound or out on a mission.  This is where your paper work and incident reports go. “ she ould say taping  a small plastic tray that had a few papers.  She would take the folder and place it into the tray and then turn to Sage”  ill let you  walk around on your own from here,  I have some missions to rank and some reports to file,  it was lovely meeting you and I look forwards to seeing you around” she would say taking her seat in her chair behind her desk and picking up a pen. And waiting for Sage to say his goodbyes and take his leave


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Sage Meilyr
Sage would follow Noyiah along the living area, first the beds, which looked comfy of course, then the shower rooms. Sage had never been in a locker room or anything so it was a weird concept to him to reveal parts of his naked body to others. Then she showed him the beds, which he could pick out, which was very nice. What interested him most was the archives, he wondered what kind of information he would find in there, but unfortunately he could not go through it without a permission. Which was quite needed, if not anybody could infiltrate and dig in valuable and sensitive information. Then there's the guild master's room. Sage took note about the opened door meaning. Then right opposite of it was Noyiah's office, he also took note that there is where he will have to hand it his paper works and reports go to, he took note to not hand them late, he did not want to end up like Shimura. Afterwards Noyiah told him that she had something to do. She seemed like a pretty busy woman after all. "Oh well, It is really nice of you to show me around Lieutenant Noyiah, I hope we can see each other often too, you're a really nice person." he said with a sweet smile of his, then he would leave, "I'll see you later," he said leaving the room, not wanting to take any more time away from her.


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Shimura Shigaraki †
It honestly did not take Shimura long to reach the barracks, where all the new recruits would stay, he actually spent a lot of time here, inspecting and training the soldiers. Likewise, as commander of military affairs, Shimura made sure that he knew every crevice and secret pathways that the guild hall contained, and while he did not know every secret, he did know how to get to the barracks without being seen and with minimum effort. Though, for some reason he felt like he gave Noyiah-chan something that he should probably not have given her, amusement or something of that nature? Whatever it was Shimura would make sure that she would never have something like that again. Though, at least he did not have to go to her office, that he refused to do. Though, he would encourage that Noyiah would be a little less predictable, life was much safer that way. After Noyiah took the paper, Shimura would take a moment to examine the new recruit, the magma mage would smirk and then turn on his heels to leave. “I look forward to getting to know you pretty boy, hopefully you won’t be a disappointment.” The magma would say before leaving the room.


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