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Harper Vivica

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Name: Harper Vivica

Age: 19 :butterfly: September 17th, X770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Violet, and on her right side of her hip

Face: Kochou Shinobu from Demon Slayer


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair: Black into purple

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Harper is a very pretty girl. She is what most people want for themselves. They look at her, and wish that they were her. Her silk black hair blends into a violet purple, making people open their moths in awe. Even without a stylized look, it would look amazing just completely down. Though, she likes to keep it the way she does. It was the way her mother had taught her to keep it, and its the way it will stay. With a butterfly ribbon in her hair, and curls laying at the front of her head. Aside from this, her eyes and nails also hold a purplish color to them as well. It seems a bit over board, but Harper makes it work.

Now then, onto her attire. Harper tries her best to take in both the cultures of her mother and father into account when dressing for the public. Most of the time, she usually wears flowers to represent her father's culture. These flowers are very warm colors, such as oranges and reds, which contrast nicely with the spring colors of her pink and purple kimonos. She places these flowers above her left ear, and as a bracelet on her right. Sometimes she changes things up, but that's basically all. All in all, her outfit is usually very pretty with the different hues of color.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Harper is a girl who doesn't understand her own worth. Though, she isn't self deprecating. Instead, it's more of her being oblivious to her own beauty. Instead, Harper puts more notice on the beauty of nature and the things around her. Every moment is something that can become beautiful, just like how every flower bud can bloom into something that's gorgeous. With every quest she takes, or errand she runs, she tries to look on the bright side of it. Even though it may be tedious or downright boring, there's still the satisfaction of her being able to help someone in need. This forms an optimistic nature around her. When fused with her own beauty, it creates an aura around her that draws people into her.

However, Harper isn't just rainbow's and sunshine. She has as much determination as anyone. She has fought through a lot to get to where she was, and if anyone were to challenge her worth, she would prove them wrong. Every insult she received, and every trial that was given to her had never stopped her from moving forward. This determination shows very clearly in times of struggle, whether it be in a fight, or just regular life. Those who know her will realize that whenever this determination arises, it won't be stopped.

Now then, onto Harper's flaws. While she seems to be the perfect girl, that doesn't mean she necessarily is. Her demeanor is what makes people doubt her almost instantly. They doubt her strength, and her ability to do tasks. This can cause Harper to feel flustered and desperate for something, anything that will allow her to prove their thoughts wrong. This can make someone's impression of her even worse, as they see her slowly begin to breakdown. First impressions are usually one of the most important things as a mage. It's how people can trust you to do a quest for them, and if Harper blew it, then there's no telling what could happen.

  • Nature: Nature is one of the most refreshing things on the planet. It is always changing, always fluid, and always beautiful. There are many times when Harper will just sit out in the wild and just watch everything move. Watch the way the wind interacts with the grass, or how the animals play around.
  • Butterflies: Butterflies were how Harper's mother shaped her magic. She was able to create the figures of Butterflies with the light around them. Watching her mother do this brought awe to Harper, filling her heart with love for the creature.
  • Her Parent's Cultures: Harper's families were very distinct in their cultures. Two cultures that never meet had met to create Harper. Now, she is blessed with being able to express both in her work as a mage.


  • Rude People: Harper doesn't dislike rude people. Instead, its more like they just ruin her day.
  • Winging it: In both of her parent's cultures, "winging it" wasn't really something that was accepted. She was never taught to be reckless. So, acting in that way is just far fetched to her.


  • Her Parents: Her parents are the driving force in her want to help others. Their devotion to both love and charity is something that Harper has treasured. Not only this, but the support she has gained from her family for pursuing this dream is what keeps her going. Knowing that they'll be there to catch her when she falls is one of the most uplifting feelings she has ever felt.


  • Her Parents Dying: Although death is a natural part of nature, it's still a sad thing. The death of her parents would be even worse.
  • Her Bullies Being Right: The thought of Harper's bullies being right in treating her terribly is something that Harper could never deal with. Knowing that she was the failure they thought she was, is something that terrifies Harper everyday.


Harper Vivica B53be43365cb648ba6bbba245460686d

Magic Name: The Meadow

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Harper's favorite place in the whole entire world is the meadow that was near her family's home. When her parents were away from home, Harper would always sneak off to it. The wind blowing through her hair, and the scents of the flowers all coming together made Harper smile. That was why she dedicated her magic to that meadow, so that it would always be a reminder of needing to stay calm and optimistic.

This magic relies on creating flowers with magically enhanced pollen. The pollen can create devastating attacks, but their most important purpose is debuffing enemies. The pollen takes on the scent of the flower itself, and enhances it's intended uses(lavender calms people down) to effect enemies.


History: Harper's mother and father had always had that perfect love story. The one that makes everyone open their mouths in awe, letting out an "aww" along with it. It was a story that Harper had always cherished, and it goes like this.

Her mother was from the country of Joya, while her father was from the country of Stella. Both of them came from such different homelands, but had somehow met on journeys away from home. Although they loved all the people who were in their countries, as well as their cultures, they felt a need to run. They were trapped in civilizations that wouldn't let them leave in the way they wanted to.

Her mother was taught from a very young age that a man was supposed to protect her and care for her throughout her whole life. She was supposed to be a housewife that bore children for someone she probably wouldn't love much. That was even more so instated when her mother had found her a husband. A man that was rich enough to provide mountains of care onto Harper's mother's family. Of course, she had heard the stories that she would find love in her arranged fiance, but she couldn't bear to live that way. Harper's mother had a love for nature, and the randomness that brought 2 things together. A thing like arranged marriage was something that went against her beliefs. So, she ran off and got onto a ship heading straight for Fiora.

Her father's story is quite different. He lived in Stella, a beautiful country, known for its flowers and mountainous areas. What its most known for is it's plentiful cultures. The people in the land all had the same language, but there were differences in the way they spoke and acted. It was different within each town. The town her father lived in was an isolated one. A town that used nature to provide for them food, water, and whatever else they could find. Their number one rule, was to not interact with anyone outside of the village. Their view of nature was something different than what Harper's mother had thought up. Instead, that town believed that nature was a relentless force that would only provide if you behaved. So, they did nothing to anger it, meaning that they would trust in nature and no one else. Harper's father longed for this forbidden interaction, and decided to run off one night, just like Harper's mother. Sooner or later, they met on the very boat that Harper's mother had left on and found love. The nature that the both knew and loved tossed them together.

This story is one that's both sweet and inspiring at the same time for Harper. It was a story that was told to her time and time again. Of course, there was more that happened after the two of them met, but the fact that they were able to uproot their lives and place them in something amazing was what gave Harper hope.

Her parent's cultures are an important part of Harper's life. The most important part of her parents' stories, was the culture that was behind them. The cultures that they still cherished with each other. Every day was a new learning experience for her parents, because every day was a new day to share their past lives to each other. That also meant that every day was a new day of learning for Harper too. With every day of her life, she learned something new about nature, fashion, and etc. These are the things that she treasured most in life, but they were also the things that people made fun of her for.

Time and time again, Harper would get bullied at school due to her odd racial mix. She remembered hearing the words tossed at her, but she recited her parent's stories in her head every time someone dared to belittle her. She remembered the beauty behind her cultures, and how proud she was to be the child of two loving parents. So, people stopped with that. Instead, they went for something more. This go around, Harper was blamed more for her looks. She excelled in school, which brought in rumors that she was cheating, or that she was just getting favors from the teacher. Again, Harper had to go through it all. The whispers behind her back, the insults to her face, and the jealousy of people who walked by her. That was the thing that had stuck with her, even past her school life.

Soon after she left school, Harper had quickly gained an aspiration for helping the needy and poor. It was a task that was meant for someone much greater than her, but nonetheless, it was a task she was willing to take on. She wasn't going to let fear drive her anymore. The fear to speak up, the fear to fight, and most importantly, the fear to be amazing. So, she told her parents that she would be leaving to go on a journey. While it was hard for her to say it, she knew that it was going to happen either way. That didn't mean she didn't cry though. She did, and she had been crying leading all the way up to the guild hall of Blue Pegasus. However, her tears soon ceased as she looked at the building in front of her. The building that felt safe, and like home.

Reference: N/A

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