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The Tower [Raquin]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

The Tower [Raquin] Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:58 pm

Vali Onfroy †

Bright and Early, Vali was ready to tackle the day ahead. The Viking had a lead on land either here or in Baska. Somewhere in one of the two cities, there had to be free land. The Icebergans weren't happy around Fiorians, not after all they had been through. The Last thing Vali needed was for his people to start doing reckless shit. That's why he was in front of Raquin's door right now. The father of Hasani knew that she had just come to Oak but he didn't get the chance to see her yet. He and Raquin had become close friends over the span of a year, he trusted her. However, she was the only one he cared about that hadn't met his son. Val also didn't know how she felt about him moving the Village to Oak. There was no doubt in his mind that she'd voice her opinion if she felt like it. With baby Hasani in the carrier on his chest, he knocked on Raquin's door. She was especially important for this mission because, like him, she had a knack for hunting. Vali had a knack for it because he was a werewolf, she had a knack for it because she was a certified hunter. The two of them together could find land for the Icebergans to live on while still under the protection fo Advent World.

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#2Raquin Storvarg 

The Tower [Raquin] Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:52 pm

Raquin Storvarg
The redhead was brushing her hair as she hated it being the mess as it was. She finished. Concord was sleeping in the front room where the window was. He was out cold, while her grandfather was somewhere gods know where. He was a secretive fella. Life had been peaceful lately. It felt good again. She grabbed a bottle of water and chugged it some. There was a knocked at the door that made her pause and woke Concord. The hunter walked over and opened the door to see Vali with...something else?

"Hey? Is everything okay? Come on in" she asked. The recent move to Oak really didn't phase her, but she was just glad that the village was still intact. That's all she cared about. She considered Vali a very close friend, practically family at this point. She had been gone recently to find Nessie, but to no avail, the sea mosnter was nowhere to be found. Concord was happy to see the familar face again. "Whatcha got there? Food? No...what is it" he asked curiously at his son. Raquin held Concord back due to this lack of manners. "Manners! Concord knock it off" she hissed.

#3Vali Onfroy † 

The Tower [Raquin] Empty Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:37 am

Vali Onfroy †

Vali smiled widely as Raquin opened the door for him. The young Icebergan greeted his extended family with a smile. Raquin asked if everything was okay before inviting him in. Val entered and was about to respond when Concord seemed eager to know what Vali was hiding? The noble forgot that he had placed a little blanket over his son's head to protect him from the cold. It was getting warmer, but not warm enough. The last thing he needed was for Hasani to get sick. Priscilla would kill him...literally. Val would pet Concord on his head just before Raquin hissed at him to calm down. The little reptilian creature was a ball of energy but of course, that wasn't anything he didn't know. "Oh this little thing? Ha!" then, the warrior slowly took the blanket from over his son, revealing him in the baby carrier across his chest. "This is my son, Concord. Hasani Mattias Onfroy." He grinned. The Titan smiled from ear to ear revealing his pearly white teeth. Boy was he a proud father. Even though his son hadn't done anything other than what babies were supposed to do, Val already felt like there was much to be proud of. It was a feeling he couldn't explain.


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Hasani was soon awakened by the multiple voices and cood upon opening his eyes. "I'm honestly still adjusting to this whole fatherhood thing though." He chuckled. How the hell did people manage twins at this age? The Viking had no idea. Hell, he was felt like he wasn't ever doing enough for his child. Most of the time he had a hard time even leaving the baby with a sitter- even if he did trust the person watching him. He often worried about underfeeding him which would usually result in him worrying about overfeeding him. When Hasani was sleep he'd sometime tap him lightly or something to make sure he was still...you know...alive? The father looked down at his kin. Hasani wiggled around in the cloth carrier.

"Here, hold em." Vali sighed as he picked up the little brown boy. His legs wiggled with excitement. Vali quickly handed him over to Raquin. He was drained from all this father stuff. Quicker than she could react, the baby would be in her face, Vali waiting for her to take him. Once the Cryptid Hunter took Hasani, the Viking spoke again. "Glad you're back safe. How was your trip? Any luck?"

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#4Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
Raquin was taken aback a little. She had little to no contact with an infant before. Always, she would avoid such fragile creatures. Her life has always been dangerous and thrilling, but she never experienced how to be gentle. She was always rough and tough. Concord was excited to see a new life born. Vali revealed the small infant. If he ever left her in charge of this small bean, the infant would probably not do so well. She had no idea how to even care for another human being, other than Concord. The creature was so happy. He gently sniffed little Hasani. Hasani cooed and laughed when he bapped Concord on the nose, which made the creature flinch a little. "He sure is on happy baby. You're taking good care of him" commented Concord. When Concord spoke, he would make his telepathy avaiable for both parties to hear. He could select who was listening and who was not. It was all about connection.

Vali seemed proud, but worried about not doing enough for the kid at the same time. She knew nothing about children. The only thing she knew was the blood of her enemies. This was a whole new side to her. The reaction of being handed the small infant was pretty funny and cute. It would remind someone of an animal trying to figure something out much like a cat. She had not a clue to hold him. Nervously, she looked at Vali in panic. "I have not a clue how to even hold an infant, Vali! For Thor's sake man, please teach me so I wont hurt him" she hissed, quietly. There was a hint of nervousness in her voice obviously. It was a living creature that belong to someone dear to her, it would make her a bit anxious.

When Vali, taught her how to hold Hasani correctly. She grew calm. Letting hte small infant sleep a little, she grew the need to protect him, as if he were her own. Was this instincts of a human or raptor? She wouldn't know. Vali was glad she was home safely and asked how her mission went. Her eyes grew a little dark. "It was a waste. We didn't find Nessie or what killed our villages, but I did find one thing. I went to Enca for answers about anything that could give me an answer. I made allies with one of the biggest tribes in the country. They agreed to give me any information about mythical creatures or any signs of Nessie. I miss her..." she spoke, quietly. She thought how her sea monster mother. Nessie was perhaps the only thing who could pinpoint who had done this aweful deed. She looked at Vali. "How is everything here with the move and all" she smiled.

#5Vali Onfroy † 

The Tower [Raquin] Empty Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:55 pm

Vali Onfroy †

Being the overprotective father that he was, Hasani was rarely around a lot of people. Vali only allowed the people he's grown to trust and care to be around his son- mostly because the baby was fragile. Hasani made little noises as Concord approached him, hitting the creature on the nose. The reptillian pet noticed how happy little Sani was. Well, he better be. All he does is eat, play, shit and sleep. he joked. It was true though. Hasani would never have anything to worry about for a long time, he was living his best life. When the viking passed the Viking prince over to Raquin, she seemed scared shitless. Apparently she never held a baby? "Haha! You got it, here." With a chuckle Vali stepped forward and fixed her hand so that her hand supported his neck. Hasani was at the age where he already knew how to hold his head up but you could never be too safe, you know?

Once Vali fixed the hunter's hands, Hasani began to nuzzle in her arms. The baby was getting comfortable in his new bed as she spoke. Soon Val learned that she failed at finding Nessie. She traveled all the way to Enca and still nothing but she did get some help for the future. One of the biggest tribes in the land gave the Cryptid their word. "Shit that's rough. I know you'll find her though, just gotta keep looking. Next time you go searching for her let me know, maybe I can be of use." He said. He'd do anything to help his friend just like he would for all of his friends. After, the red-haired Icebergan asked her superior how everything was. Vali almost forgot why he was in her room until Raquin asked him about the move.

"Difficult. Very, very difficult. You know that we can be very stubborn most times." He sighed. "The move was more than necessary though. The Rune Knights attacked us only once and did some lasting damage... if I didn't come to Oak under the protection of Advent World, we would have eventually been killed."  He explained as he moved towards Raquin's bed. Drained, he fell on his back. "Everyone else thinks we should have stayed, but I am only trying to do what is best. It is my fault that- Anyway... I am tired of being Viking. Everyone should be tired of being Viking. Killing, raping, pain, suffering...that is no way to live." He rubbed his face with both his hands.

Then, he sat up. "That is why I am here..." he began looking at Raquin. She could give Hasani back any time she felt like it, since now he was fast asleep. "I hear that there is the land in Baska. It is an abandoned village hidden somewhere in the farmlands. I heard that many years ago the inhabitants died from a horrible plague, so Fiorians never get too close... good thing we are not Fiorians." He smirked. "But... I want to name you Jarl of this new place." bluntly said. It wasn't a big deal to Vali because, in reality, he was no longer a Jarl anyway. He was a king, deemed so by both the gods and the Icebergan people.

"Unless you would say no to your King?" he teased.

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#6Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
Already, she had taken a liking to the small infant already asleep in her arms. Parenting was probably easier than monster hunting and fighting. Though, she was very wrong about that. Gently, she brushed through the little infants hair gently. "He's definately strong. I can already tell" she whispered. Nessie would of loved Hasanai. It was silent for a while giving the time for her to stare at the small infant she was holding. Personally, she made a sacred vow to always protect Hasanai at all costs. Out of the blue, she looked at Vali. "I promise. I promise I will do everything I can to protect him. More so than my parents did for me" she vowed to him.

The very thought of loosing another was detrimental to her. Ever since she met Vali, she had learned more about trust in others and about human emotions, but still had a lot to learn. The raptor sighed. "It's not that easy. Finding her the hardest thing to do, when she doesn't want to be found. She makes sure of it. It took me two years to find her for my magic training. Then, she made herself known since she was in a bind. The only way is lucid dreams, omens, and small clues within the water...water holds memories" she replied. It would be difficult, but she was also on a mission to find what killed her village. Turning the attention to Vali, it was apparent that things didn't go right as planned.

She listened. It urked her heart just at the thought. Perhaps, there was some loss in all of it. Rune Knights were never liked by anybody as the matter of fact. "I see. I am glad you and your lover made it out alive" she spoke. It was a relief that he was most likely unscathed. he mentioned about some land in Baska that abandoned during a plague. She raised an eyebrow at the mention of the plague. Though, when it came time to name a new Jarl, she was quick to react. Quietly, she stood there with a deer-in-the-headlights reaction with Concord as well. "What? Me...Jarl? If that's what you want, then I am not to question your methods. If you see and trust in my ability, then I shall carry on that request" she spoke.

#7Vali Onfroy † 

The Tower [Raquin] Empty Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:26 pm

Vali Onfroy †

This was love. Raquin embraced the baby prince in her arms. Vali could see that she quickly grew fond of him. From monster to monster, he could feel her imprinting on Hasani. The sight of seeing someone he loved, loving the being he had a hand in creating forced the Viking lord to smile. The red haired huntress looked up suddenly, vowing to protect the prince of vikings by all costs unlike her parents had done for her. At that very moment Vali was slightly shocked, his facial expression proved it so. He realized soon after that Hasani truly was blessed. The white-haired giant nodded. Raquin then went on to explain her situation with Nessie. The creature was a private individual and apparently made it hard to be found.

Nessie must have been an extremely powerful individual. She was able to speak to Raquin through dreams, omens and other telepathic methods. It was tragic news. Val knew how much Nessie meant to his dear. As the conversation continued, the soon-to-be Jarl added that she was glad Vali and his lover escaped. She meant Priscilla, the only woman who he grew fond of besides his mother. Priscilla was the mother of his child, however, she was not Vali's queen. Their relationship was strange- complicated almost. Though their love was an immovable force to be reckoned with, Vali was not truly in love with the purple-haired mistress. Who knows, perhaps the Viking King would never find his queen. "Aye. The gods may still be with us."  he replied calmly.

The reptilian woman was surprised when her superior called to her for leadership. The person in front of him was the best candidate for Jarl. "Good. You are strong, smart, stern, genuine, reliable, and Icebergan. I can see nobody else fit to govern. Of course, I will be there to guide you and protect our people, but now the village will be in your hands." He began with a genuine smile before standing. "With that being said, I hope that we can go in a week from now? If you're too impatient, I can give you the coordinates. I know you like your privacy." The Desiertan fished into his pocket before handing Raquin a slip of paper. It had the exact coordinates for the abandoned village. Once Raquin had given the prince to him he would place the baby back inside the carrier on his chest. "I hope you plan on going too, Concord." He smiled brightly. "I'm leaving to Astera today, I won't be back for a few days, so I'll see you then Aye?" he nodded, placing the sleeping Hasani into his carrier.

" I've spoken to my father about deeming you Jarl soon, he's probably already told the others. If you do change your mind, let me know. It's not a decision you make in the heat of the moment- so, yeah... Anyway, I've gotta get going. Love you, see ya soon- say bye Has- Oh, he's sleep- alright bye!" He said quickly leaving the room. That was all.

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