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Bottom's Up! - Vali [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Bottom's Up! - Vali [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:14 am

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo enjoyed the fresh mornings of Oak from one of the guildhall’s lower balconies. He could clearly see the whole city atop the artificial mountain. The magnificent fortress stood proudly over one of Oak’s numerous rivers. It was quite the sight to behold. The mercenary wasn’t still sure why the building’s architecture was characteristically Joyan, but it nonetheless calmed his mind as it reminded him of good times. He’d make sure to ask Finn about the matter the next time he saw him. Either way, the man had a task at hand that day. As part of Advent World’s efforts to consolidate their power and public image with the crowds of the city, Kenzo was assigned to take up one of the local resident’s request. Apparently, it was a simple matter; just guarding a local smith while its owner was away. From what he’d heard, the owner of the smithy was a peculiar giant. Good and kind by nature, the weaponsmith was a drinker to the core. Noel had mentioned a particular drinking contest taking place at one of the city’s bars that day. Going by the mission’s brief, the giant was participating in it with a couple of friends. Kenzo thought to himself that he’d have to check that place sometime soon.

Either way, the male now waited before setting out on his quest. He was to set out with his fellow guild member Vali. Even if they had never had an opportunity to work or interact closely, Kenzo found common ground with the man. Through previous guild reunions, the mercenary found that he had the same appreciation for money and games as him. Furthermore, the native Bellan had been a fervent admirer of the gladiatorial games held in the Amphitheatrum Caesareum back when he was a boy. From what he’d gathered, Vali was familiar with the idea of the arena as well.

Hearing steps behind him, Kenzo turned around to face the man who’d be his partner for the mission. ”Yo, Vali”

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#2Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

You know, this was all still weird; waking up to a damn baby in your bed. It should have been obvious, but the Desiertan didn't realize how quickly his life would change when his child was brought into the world. Out of nowhere, his son was more important to him than anyone in the world- it's why he got up this morning to work. The Viking closed the door behind him, leaving his father in his room with Hasani. Moments later he was walked through the giant guild and made his way to the Balcony where his partner would be. "Yo Ken. Sorry, I'm late, my son was shitting everywhere..." he said with as he tried to shake the images from his mind. Newborns couldn't control their bladders but a part of him felt like this was all apart of Hasani's diabolical plan. The Viking stepped forward with his hand extended for Ken to take. If he did take it, Vali would lightly slap the palm of Ken's hand with his own palm before gripping his fingers. Then he'd lean in, shoulder to shoulder to pat him his peer's back. Kenzo was a well-known member of Advent World. The two didn't know each other on a personal, but they didn't have a reason to distrust each other. From Vali's knowledge, Kenzo was a swordsman who reminded him much of himself. The only difference was that Vali was a little taller. The Titan was geared up and ready to begin the quest with his sword sheathed and his armor as good as new, it was time to make money. "This is crazy, isn't it?" Val asked as he gazed upon the city below. "I have never been in a building this fucking huge." he admitted. Believe it or not, Vali felt at home here. He was around good people who aspired to build a better world. Luckily, that better world included taking over a fraction, if not all of Fiore. Here the Vikings were accepted and safe.

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#3Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo grabbed Vali’s extended hand and went in for the greeting. He laughed at the comment the taller male made, dismissing it as a joke. Upon closer inspection though, the mercenary noticed the dark eye bags starting to appear in his partner’s face. He wasn’t so sure the comment wasn’t true now. Funnily enough, the new family the blue haired swordsman had found quickly gained a new member. Vali’s son, Hasani, was born just before the guildhall was finally completed. For everyone, the arrival was a happy occurrence. They all needed to work together to make sure their newest member would be able to grow in a world different to how it was at the moment. For the moment, it meant getting some jobs done. ”How’s young Hasani doing?”

Taking into the scenery shoulder to shoulder, the Viking materialized into words what Kenzo was thinking. ”It really is…” Kenzo replied before taking a small pause. ”I’m really wondering how the hell Finn managed to get all of this done” The guild master had brought all of them together during the past year, but managing to get the artificial fortress was truly a feat only possible in a country as rich in magic as Fiore. Patting Vali in the back lightly, Kenzo stood up and readied himself. ”Well then. Shall we go?”

The walk to the place was rather uneventful. Both men talked through the streets as they slowly made their way to the smithy were the request was to take place. Getting lot in the conversation, the trip came suddenly to an end. Presenting as members of Advent World, the gentle giant left the store in both Kenzo and Vali’s hands. Both men spent the next hour or some exchanging stories of battle. The mercenary had fought wars all over Earthland, as so had Vali. Kenzo definitely respected the swordsman as an honorable warrior, so he was glad he could count on him.

Suddenly, their talk was interrupted by a set of strange noises going on outside. Without noticing, a group of thugs had vandalized the store’s sign.

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#4Vali Onfroy † 

Bottom's Up! - Vali [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 2:00 pm

Vali Onfroy †

"He's growing every day it seems like. Quiet baby, that kid." He smiled talking about his child. If there was anywhere he wanted to rise a kid, it was here with the people he trusted. The swordsman agreed with his remarks regarding the size of the guild, even pondering on how Finn managed to create all of this. "First time I met Finn, he beat me. It was within seconds too. I was naive then, but I knew from that moment forward that Finn was someone special. I don't think there's much that man can't do." Vali spoke. He obviously admired Finn.

Moments later Kenzo and Vali would leave the guild. Their mission was simple, watch the shop or something like that. It was quick and easy money so Vali really didn't have any complaints. As the two guild members walked they spoke about countless things, getting to know each other more. By the end of the conversation, it felt like the two had been through a lot together. That was the power of communication. Soon enough they found themselves at the shop. The giant man left the duo in his store, only asked that they protected it at all costs. With a nod Vali waved the man off and found his way behind the cash register, sitting on a firm wooden stool.

There wasn't much to do here, so the men simply exchanged stories of war and battle. Vali had some interesting stories in his arsenal. Many had horrible endings, and some others ended really well. Kenzo had interesting stories too. The blue-haired swordsman understood the pain of war all too well. In the end, Vali would explain that pain is the exact reason why he joined Advent World. He didn't want to murder and pillage just to survive. Suddenly, outside Val and Ken noticed a group of men outside vandalizing the store. The werewolf simply raised an eyebrow, digging into the jar of candy beside him. "Aye, you got that?" he'd ask nodding towards the door.

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#5Kenzo Valens 

Bottom's Up! - Vali [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:43 pm

Kenzo Valens
”Yeah, I got it.” Kenzo went out the store as the werewolf stayed inside. Getting out of the door, the mercenary noticed that someone had scribbled with paint all over the wooden fence at the entrance. Looking around, the blue haired man noticed a bucket. Filling it with water using the hose that Rander Baston used normally to water the entrance’s garden, Kenzo splashed the water bucket all over the paint. Without any effort, the stains came off in an instant. The man couldn’t help but laugh at the thug’s incompetence.

”Pft. At least use some water-resistant paint. Amateurs.” His thoughts were expressed out loud without taking a look at his surroundings.

Just as he finished speaking, it seemed that the thugs didn’t have enough. Eight identical men surrounded the man without notice. ”Who are you calling amateurs!? We’ll fuck you up.” The man that appeared to be the leader barked. Each of the octuplets carried a short knife with them. Taking a glance, the man noticed some of them were trembling as they tried to keep a firm grip. Kenzo smirked. Without a notice, the blue haired man lunged at the leader and struck at him with his still unsheathed katana. With a loud thud, the man fell unconscious. Panic ensued and the rest of the gang scattered. Not too long afterwards, the eight wannabe gangsters were tied down in front of the store. Vali would come out to check if everything was going alright, just in time for Rander to come back as well. The bronze skinned swordsman asked Kenzo what had happened. His response:

”All this talk about battle put me in the mood for some exercise. These fellas here just happened to cross by.” He flashed a laugh at his partner before receiving their reward. Leaving the place with Vali, the man turned around and made him a proposition. Seeing the owner returning drunk from the contest gave him an idea. ”Up for some drinks? I’ll pay”

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#6Vali Onfroy † 

Bottom's Up! - Vali [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:27 pm

Vali Onfroy †

"Mk." Val responded as his partner made his way outside. The Viking sat behind the register, tearing open the brown bag of little chocolates balls that hewouldn't pay for. What harm would come in stealing one little ol bag candy? The Viking popped a few of the candies in his mouth and watched the events unfold before his very eyes. Vali hadn't fought in a very long time- though he consistently trained. He didn't plan on fighting any time soon unless he absolutely had to. The first thing Kenzo did was fill a bucket with water, then he splashed it where the thugs had tagged the shop. Val had never seen Kenzo fight, so really he didn't know how strong he was but he was certain that he was able to hold his own. He doubted that Finn would have recruited him as one of the first of Advent World otherwise. Kenzo seemed to have said something that upset the thugs. One thing led to another, the thugs surrounded Kenzo, then in moments it was all over. The young werewolf popped a few more of the chocolate candies into his mouth as suddenly the blue haired swordsman darted forward. Killing in this city was strictly prohibited so the Titan was more than sure that Ken wouldn't over-do things. Besides, they were only doing a little tagging. "Ha..." Vali smirked as Kenzo easily took out the thug leader with his sheathed sword. Soon enough all the thugs were tied up. Val saw from the windows that all was well. Soon the giant shop owner returned before paying the two warriors, then they left. After a dragged out day doing absolutely nothing, the noble Viking wanted nothing more than a drink or thirty right now. Hasani was in good hands so he definitely had no excuse to get loose. With a large grin he nodded at Kenzo.

"Oho! hell yeah. I could never turn down free drinks."

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