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Leah Black [Done]

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Leah Black


Name: Leah Black

Age: 19 years old- May 30th, X769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Violet – placed in right collarbone

Face: Edelgard von Hresvelg - Fire Emblem


Height: 1.66 m

Weight: 59 kg

Hair: White

Eyes: Light violet

Overall: Leah is a pretty, young and elegant girl. She always stands out from the crowd due to what most may consider as a sophisticated style. She normally gets stares from people and gets noticed easily whenever she enters a place. However, she is unaware of being someone that attracts attention.

Leah’s usual attire includes a black military style uniform with golden accessories. She compliments the look with white gloves, red tights and a cape that falls down her left shoulder. Most of her white long hair is loosened up, with just two small strands held together by a pair of thin ribbons on each side of her head. Her soft violet eyes emphasize her light skin and platinum hair. Leah is a girl with an average height and a slim complexion. Most of her life, she has been told she is a pretty girl, but she has never thought anything special about her physical appearance.

Furthermore, Leah carries a serious expression that appears tough and even intimidating to some people. Nonetheless, those who get to know her discover it’s just a facade.

Extra: She has her gloves on her all the time to cover a series of deep burn marks spread through her palms and fingers.


Despite what other people may think, Leah is a straightforward person. Anybody that gets to know her agrees that she is a cheeky and careless girl that will always get her way and won’t care what other people think. However, she will never hurt someone on purpose; rather, two or three thoughts are always running on her mind. Furthermore, she will get distracted with any other thing that may catch her eye at any given moment. This trait always meant trouble for her as a child from a noble family. A lot of things were expected from Leah, but she was never too worried about them. She is a self-centered person and normally gets fixated with the things that she wants. Moreover, her straightforwardness comes along a sense of innocence and an unyielding way of thinking which leads her to not realize the impact on other people’s feelings with the things that she may say or do. In other words, she is an oblivious girl obsessed with becoming stronger and learning what she still doesn't know.

Leah is an immensely curious and intelligent person that usually analyzes her surroundings to take the most practical decision. She is strong-willed, perseverant and honest. She won't fool around with people; she is who she is and doesn’t wait for others' approval. Nevertheless, she knows her place and respects people that know more than her.

As a child, Leah has always been a bundle of trouble. Even now, she is over-competitive and tomboyish. Her parents always wished for her to become a respected and refined noble lady. Even if the hundreds of hours of teachings and lessons taught her how to behave just like they wanted, her rowdy personality would always prevail. One time while having a tea party with a couple of other noble girls, a bird sat outside her window. She was pouring tea, but the sight of the animal made her throw the kettle and spill it all over the table while she ran to catch it. The tea set broke and the girls screamed over the mess she had just made. However, her mind was completely captivated by the small animal.

Behind all this air-headedness, she hides a great fear of losing the people she loves. She doesn’t want others to see her sensitive side and be seen as weak. Life has shown her that the most valuable thing is to be surrounded by people that you can trust. She won’t play the hero but will always be ready to help others in moments of real danger.


  • Food: She is a foodie in the complete sense of the word, nothing makes her day better than food. She is constantly daydreaming of what she will eat later even after she just ate. Her mood is determined on a daily basis by whether she already ate or not. Whose isn’t?
  • Reading: Leah carries a book with her all the time. She prefers to stick her head on books than meeting new people. She got the habit of reading from her grandfather.
  • Singing: Her mother sang lullabies every night for her when she was a small girl, inheriting her beautiful voice. Growing up, her parents would ask her to sing whenever they had reunions and festivities at their castle. It helps her release some of her pain whenever she misses home or gets sad.
  • Stories: She loves to read them, but prefers to hear them from people. However, her grandfather taught her that behind every story there are lies and truths. A good listener of stories is someone that manages to discern between them and find the lesson hidden within.
  • Animals: Being a single child, animals were her closest companions. With time, her collection of pets grew with the help of her Grandfather. Even now, whenever she sees an animal, she stops whatever she is doing at the moment and goes to say hi.


  • Onions: The only food that doesn’t satisfy her taste buds are onions. She can immediately recognize the smell and taste, even keeping her distance from people that prepared or recently ate onions. What she hates the most about them is that they make her cry.
  • Bad Singing: Any out-of-tune sound hurts her ears. She would always tell people up front whenever they sang badly or missed a note at parties and holidays back in Stella. Leah was grounded dozens of times for that reason. Eventually, she learned some prudency.
  • Injustice: She’s a truth seeker, and will not stay still if somebody is mistreated for unfair matters.


  • Becoming stronger: Physically and mentally. That’s what she mostly wants, to develop to her maximum potential as a spellsword, mage and as a person.
  • Become independent: She set out of her house to prove her father that she could become a woman that can handle herself alone. That’s why one of her main motivations is to become someone that can be trusted and reliable.


  • Fire: A terrible accident that happened in the past that burned her hands is the reason why she fears fire. Having her gloves on is what helps her not to be terrified whenever she needs to get close to fire. Nowadays, this fear is not as strong as it was before. However, it still gets her sometimes.
  • Bees: She got stung by some as a child. Due to the reaction, she could not move for a while and her body hurt very badly. She respects bees but keeps her distance. That’s all.
  • Losing her loved ones: She is very attached and vulnerable about the people she cares about. However, she avoids that side of her because she hates feeling weak. There’s a void in her heart for those she has already lost. It hurts to miss them so much that she sometimes has nightmares about it.


Magic Name: Raziel’s Blessing

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description:
Raziel’s Blessing is a secret magic that only some of the Castell family members can wield. It is said that the Archangel Raziel granted this magic to one of the founder leaders of the ancient Stellan civilization, direct ancestor to the noble Castell family. It has been passed down and developed by generations in secret. Only members of the Castell bloodline are able to inherit this magic, being initiated in the path of mastering it from the very moment they are born.

By connecting with the otherworldly power of the Archangel Raziel, the caster becomes able to summon part of his power into existence. By establishing a link through their mana with him, they can manipulate the flow of mana in various forms to help them in battle. Depending on the ability of the user, they can bend mana in order to create explosions, projectiles or any other complex forms. By channeling the magic within their bodies, the user can also enhance their physical capabilities. Lastly, they are also able to disrupt the flow of mana within others in order to hinder them in the form of debuffs.


Leah’s story begins at the peak of a mountain. In one of the most antique places of Stella: The Castell Castle. Home of the rulers of the Northern Region of Stella, it is a huge building with the most amazing of views. Leah is the only daughter of Lord Zethuss Argerich and Lady Vera Castell. Named Laia Alexandria Argerich Castell at birth, she was always called Laia or Leah by her family and servants.

Her parents met during a tough time in the history of Stella when they were young. Zethuss was a renown and handsome captain from Bosco, leading an allied Boscosi military division for the Northern Forces of Stella. Vera on the other hand, was an apprentice nurse in the military barracks of a northern outpost. One day after a tough battle with the southern enemy forces, Zethuss got injured and was sent to receive medical attention at the base that Vera was attending. Lord Sebastian Castell asked her daughter to take care of him, believing his daughter’s abilities as nurse would ensure Captain Zethuss’s recovery. At first, they didn’t really like each other. Zethuss was a very stubborn guy and Vera was a very naive yet bossy girl that would not let him have it his way. With time, they fell in love and got married after the conflict was solved. Together they were able to create very important alliances with the Southern Region; with whom the north of Stella had been in conflict for a long time, as well as with other countries of Earthland. Due to their admirable contributions during those times they were chosen to become the Northern Region rulers.

Soon after they established peace, good things started to happen. Having Leah was a true blessing for both; her curious and spontaneous self always warmed the couple’s heart. However, due to complications during her birth, Vera became unable to bear another child, making Leah the one and only heir of the Northern Region of Stella. Thanks to this fact, they were really invested in her education. Being born a girl of a noble family could only mean one thing for her future; she would have to prepare to get married someday. Leah started receiving private lessons since she was five years old. Her parents wanted her to become a refined and delicate girl because a lot of important family heads would try to propose their heirs as future husbands soon enough. However, Leah was never really bothered to stick to whatever her parents wanted or expected from her. She was a free soul that enjoyed running everywhere and discover new things every day. The young noble loved learning but was always late to her lessons because she got distracted easily; catching up butterflies or getting captured by the exquisite smell of some dish the cooks of the castle where preparing. Her father was almost always abroad, overseeing military expeditions and training the region’s forces. Lady Vera was the most present of them both, but since she was always busy supervising commerce and festivities that were going to be held in the castle, she didn’t really have time for the girl. Her daily life would revolve around preparing essentials for every change of season and hearing the needs of villagers.

Leah felt very lonely from time to time, she missed her parents a lot when they had a lot of things on their schedule, and it was difficult for her to meet new people and become friends. However, she was never alone for long. She had her tutors and close servants in the castle, besides the big number of animals that were her pets. Most of them were gifts from her grandfather Sebastian; a tall and strong white-haired man that despite his age had an amazing condition and reputation around the country. He grew up in the Castell castle just as Leah, but those were really different times. People knew him as the Northern Guardian, an amazing warrior that had incredible magic abilities, admired for his virtue by most Stellan people.

She personally loved learning from him whenever he was around. He would tell her all kinds of stories about his adventures around Earthland. They would spend hours in the library, reading about the world and a little about everything else. He was the one who got her started on learning magic and combat skills behind her parents. He saw a huge potential in his granddaughter as heir of the family and was firmly against getting her into an arranged marriage. Leah had never been a delicate wifey-material type of girl and he saw her as a great ruler. That’s why whenever some suitor came to the castle to meet his granddaughter, he would test their character and honor as young nobles. However, they were still very young, and Leah was not conscious about what meant to receive suitors to the castle. She thought of these boys as new friends with whom she could play about being heroes, powerful sorcerers or soldiers; something far more interesting than what other noble girls wanted to play when they came to the castle. Despite Leah’s cute and girly appearance, her competitive and rough manner made her seem as another boy rather than a possible fiancée. Nevertheless, those visits were not that serious until Leah turned fourteen years old.  Things changed when her responsibilities became bigger than wondering and discovering new things. Her lessons started to become more rigorous, and her parents more demanding. As a matter of fact, she started to spend more time with her mother to help her in all her duties as future Lady. She loved most of the work, but she hated to get all dressed up and not be able to loosen up from time to time. During the day, she would fulfill most of her duties but eventually escape to the castle’s library to practice magic with her grandpa and train her swordsmanship at nights.

Leah also noticed a difference when one of the boys she was very good friends with, started to behave more formal with her. They would duel and fight together in the past, but after some time passed, they stopped seeing each other. The next time she saw him, she was surprised by how much he had changed. He had become taller, stronger and more subtle with her; something that made Leah shy in some way too. His name was Tobias Kazan. As the heir of the Eastern Realm of Stella, he was the strongest candidate to become her husband. Some years passed, and every time they saw each other again something seemed to grow between them. Her grandfather noticed and was barely bothered by it; he was indeed glad about those feelings between the young. However, life always happens unpredictably. The time to decide Leah’s future was closer and closer, until a horrible accident occurred. On Leah’s seventeenth birthday, Lord Sebastian and Tobias Kazan died suddenly in a mysterious fire that day. The only thing they left behind were painful scars in her hands and a huge hole on her heart. This was an event that was reason enough to change Leah’s course in life.

Gathering courage within her, Laia decided to change her name to Leah Black and travel to Fiore to become stronger. Defying her father’s orders, the young noble set on a journey to prove herself and the world that she was a true heir to her grandfather’s reputation. Who knows? She would even perhaps discover who he truly was and the reason he’d died in the process…

Reference: Kenzo Valens

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Leah Black
Done! Completition Bump~

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Venus Rosé

Hello! I'll be grading your application.

  • Please remove the 'Profession' section. It has been removed from our system and the template you're currently using is an old one.
  • Please state a colour to your guild tattoo in case you join guilds through IC purposes.
  • I'm going to have to deny your magic. It's very similar to Requip Magic, which is a limited magic I cannot allow you to have something similar to it without purchasing it. We have in the shop right here - if you're interested in checking it out.
  • Characters aren't allowed to start off as royals or nobles, so you character cannot be a child of a lord since we have royals as NPCs as a part of the story of our site. So, you might have to change your history a bit, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Bump when done.

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Leah Black
Sure! no prob I'll check it out

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Leah Black
Hi! sorry for the delay

I made the corrections but I still have a doubt.

From what I heard, it was allowed to put into your background story being noble from other countries. I know that you can't do it from a noble family of Fiore, but I wanted to know if it was possible to do it from Stella or not. I'll change it without a problem if it can't be done.



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This character application has been approved.

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