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Liana Sylvaine

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Name: Liana Sylvaine

Age: 21 (March 20th, X768)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hunter

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: C-Rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Left Hip - Green

Face: Leafa - Sword Art Online


Height: 5'8 ft | 173 cm

Weight: 125 lbs | 57 kg

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green

Overall: Starting from the top, Liana has long blond hair, often tied up with a flower-like hairband, except for her bangs. Her big and bright eyes attain a similar light tone, though green. Below them is a small nose and thin lips, most of the times seen shaped in a kind smile. Putting all of it in place is a round and heart-shaped face, with long and pointy ears proving that she's of the elven race.

Being a fan and practicing fitness itself, it isn't much of a surprise that this girl, even at her age, already possesses quite the athletic frame. Even when she makes small movements, strong and defined muscles are almost clearly visible, especially due to the pale composition of her skin. Other trait which is easily noticeable is her considerably-sized bust.

In terms of clothing, she's normally seen showing a lot of skin, mostly of her arms and legs, though nothing too skimpy. Liana also prefers garments with lighter tones.

Extra: N/A


Personality: First and foremost, for someone who truly adores nature and all things that live within it, it is obvious the main personality traits Liana possesses are those of kindness and generosity. She cares about the ones she's close to and gives just as much as she can, proof of that being the fact she wanted to bring Esperia home with her in order to give her back a shelter and food to the table.

Even if she may appear outgoing, that's not exactly the case. Until she gets to know someone and until she's able to adapt to that person's behavior towards her, that's when she becomes comfortable. She has also learned to be patient towards progressing her friendship or loveship with someone, mostly due to the fact it's very easy for a blush to paint her cheeks, either derived from her awkwardness at meeting new people or if those say something specific, like complimenting or teasing her about personal or private subjects.

Anything considered unpleasant in a common sense is enough to tick her off or make her uncomfortable. There are not many precise things she dislikes other than the ones presented below and things that appear obviously wrong.

Being among nature for her is like being among a million friends, it's like being among family. All of the trees, all of the plants, all of the flowers, all of the animals. For her, they are something she desires to protect, so they can protect her as well, so they make her feel happy and they give her joy. It is this kind of connection that she has with the 'green' she would never trade away for anything else in the world.


  • Nature: This one should be obvious. Nature could be easily called Liana's world. She grew up in it and continues to live her life in its presence. It's her second home, almost considered more of a habitat for her than a house, a city or a rural area are for any other human. Sometimes, she spends most of her days in a forest rather than at home or in any other places.
  • Fitness: Her main hobby. While she doesn't workout consistently, due to using the weekends as a break, fitness is by far her favorite thing to do whenever she has spare time. She is often strongly concerned about her well-being, and not only that, but she also appreciates staying in shape and seeing the proof of it by looking at herself in the mirror every single day.
  • Naturism: Surprisingly, Liana does enjoy practicing such a culture, especially in the presence of nature. Though, she never does it with others, preferring individuality, mostly due to her personality, being an easily embarrassed person and all. This like of hers could also be a reason as to why she sports clothing which show a considerable amount of skin. Don't be surprised if you barge in her room and she's wearing nothing!


  • Nature Destruction: Being one who truly enjoys the presence of nature, one of the things Liana deeply despises is the obliteration of the same.
  • Crowds: While whenever she visits forests, jungles and all sorts of other natural areas, she's already being surrounded by living things known as trees, the late teenager can still come to dislike crowds, but more so when it comes to the noise they make. Therefore, she's normally seen grumbling to herself or staying quiet for the whole time.


  • Living: As long as she's alive and enjoying every single second of what her life can gift her, one can easily consider Liana as the happiest person in the world. Being able to cherish every second with friends and family is also the best thing for her, and it clearly motivates her to keep on living.


  • World Without Green: A world without the precious green she wishes to protect is her worst nightmare. It torments her and makes her shiver every single time such a thing is mentioned, the thought of losing the fresh and comforting scent of the trees, flowers and leaves which shape the nature she admires. Seeing something like that die is almost like seeing a friend or family member pass away.
  • Death: Of course, just as living motivates her, death does the opposite. Death of anything, not only humans. This also includes her own. Her childhood appears to have been the trigger for this lasting and deep fear.


Liana Sylvaine Tf0dCA3

Magic Name: Green Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Green Magic is a Caster Magic capable of manipulating nature itself, as well as allowing the user to create and/or rapidly accelerate the growth of plants; this can be done to rather minuscule plants on the ground, or on the user's own body. This Magic can also be used to slow down, and halt, desertification.


Early Life: People's backgrounds aren't always all filled with happiness. Not every individual in the world has had a joyous childhood or one fit to be served as an example for the following generations. People can still smile and laugh because they are strong-willed and they believe the past is past and is something to forget. So they keep going, they keep chasing after the future and most of the times be optimistic about it.

This is an accurate description of how Liana currently lives. But first, we should explore what happened beyond the day she came to this vast world.

Liana was born in North Fiore, in the year of X768, given birth in a small shack somewhere within Worth Woodsea, to a married human couple; Frido and Lia Sylvaine. By miracle, since there was only one old doctor taking care of the birth process, after a big struggle due to excruciating pain and late birth, the mother managed to survive and Liana was born with no disabilities. Due to this, the family could continue to live in happiness.

A couple years passed and since then, Liana and her parents managed a schedule of sorts, where each weekend, they'd walk in the forest, escorted and protected by warriors of the land due to the roaming and threatening magical beasts. They were able to witness all life, from plants to trees to animals, and it was at that time Liana began to grow fond of all of it. Of all the living things and beings existent and alive in the presence of nature.

As she grew up and eventually reached the age of 10, Liana was already studying biology, immensely curious about understanding the life of all living organisms. This way, she was able to grasp the knowledge of most of the names of animals and plants, including some magical beasts, proceeding to understand their behavior and feel safer within the dangerous forests of Worth Woodsea. Even so, her parents still refused to go without her and they refused to not have protection, much to Liana's obvious stubborness about wanting to deny such thing. She mostly disliked the fact that even the beasts had to be killed off just so mere humans like her and her family could stay out of danger. She was very confident about the fact that if she stood alone, the creatures wouldn't need to die and she would be able to protect herself at the same time.

All those adventures eventually became part of a tradition after so many years, ever since she was just a little kid. Unfortunately, not all of them always went well.

One morning, Liana and her family had decided to further increase the distance of their explorations northways. Not as far as it would bring them to find the lands of the Elestia tribe, though close to it. To their immense shock, as they neared the areas they had never seen or visited, the family discovered something rather disturbing. An area filled with debris, part of what was supposed to be a church. Corpses laying about, slowly rotting, the odor of blood and death mixing with the not so fresh scent of the forest. Trees nearby were burnt-out, some downed against darkened grass.

For Liana, it was more than shocking. It was going to surely be something which would taint her for the rest of her life. Her parents wanted to leave and the girl was completely speechless, unable to tell them not to. Much to her sadness, she eventually returned home with her family. Though, she promised to herself she would return. And she did.

In the same day, at night, when her parents were asleep, Liana stood up from her bed and ran outside. It was risky, since she would be more vulnerable towards the magical beasts which lived within the vast forest. Luckily, none had confronted her and her bare feet eventually led her back to the same destroyed church, no changes to its horrible condition.

Once she decided to move closer, she could hear something. She could hear someone crying. More precisely, the crying of a child like her. And Liana went through the debris, throwing them away, one-by-one, until she found stairs leading underground. At first, she was hesitant, somewhat frightened due to how dark it was below. Though, she was filled with bravery at the last second and moved down.

Each step she took, the crying could be heard closer and closer. Since she could barely see anything, she had to follow the source of the noise and eventually she reached the destination. What she saw made her froze. A child, just as predicted, hugging the corpse of an adult and sobbing onto it.

After spending a considerable amount of time with the fellow youngster, Liana was somehow able to lead her away from the church, knowing her name now and all. Esperia was her name. They traveled through the forest and just as they were about to be ambushed by a magical beast, a single man appeared at the last second to save them, simply knocking out the creature and looking down at both children with a kind smile on his face. What he said would have foreshadowed Esperia's future:

"If you have lost what's most precious to you, come live with my tribe."

Liana knew her parents would never forgive her if she brought another child home, especially when they probably couldn't sustain her. Or if they found out she left home alone at night. And since the man had saved them, she was able to trust him to an extent. Much to her regret, Liana allowed Esperia to now be led by that same individual, waving and bringing up a smile as they left. Those last words shared between the two girls would be part of a promise, a promise very close to be accomplished.

"Esperia! Once... Once I'm old enough, I promise that I will come visit you again. I promise that we will be friends and we will explore the world together. Just you wait for me."

Today, Liana is 17 years old and has already commenced her own travels. Across nature she goes and her next goal is obvious...

"It's time for our promised reunion, Esperia."

Season I-III Timeskip:

Due to possible looming threats for both her and her closed ones, her friends and guildmates, Liana continued to diligently train under her master and teacher, Alisa Vollan, sharpening her physical and mental skills and attempting to come up with many different kinds of spells to add to her arsenal and better protect those that need to be protected in the future.

Apart from that, the blonde elf has tried to live as much of a peaceful and outgoing life as possible, enjoying times with Alisa, Esperia and any other people she deems close to her and whom she aims to build a strong and lasting relationship with.

Eventually, in a tear-inducing, yet joyful and happy moment, Liana finds the need to bid farewell to all of her friends and guildmates, as she decides to return home to spend some time with her family...

... Though this was only temporary, as the young elf finally makes her comeback to Blue Pegasus and especially to her master, Alisa, still remaining the same sweet and lovable, yet determined lass that everybody knows.

Reference: Alisa

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: Refund (Katana - 100k)
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: Refund (Four-Leaf Clover Ring - 1mil)
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 110

  • Strength: 31
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 31
  • Constitution: 6
  • Intelligence: 11

Other Changes

- Guild Level 1 (162 posts as BP member)

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Welcome back Liana!

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