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Syllas Banquet [Quest/Solo]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Syllas Banquet [Quest/Solo] Empty on Sun Mar 01, 2020 11:29 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
The crimson frame of Tomoe came into view through the streets of Marigold. His expression was tired and his posture slumped. It appeared as if the man hadn't slept for days, reflected somewhat in his manner of dress. He wore traditional Joyan garb with a twist - it was unfinished. On the left side of his body he wore a crimson arm-sleeve tied and bound to a white cloak that shrouded the rest of his body. Underneath the cloak were traditional Joyan hakama tied with a white cord, and black sandals. His sunset-orange eyes glared dozily ahead, starting to glaze over from fatigue. He hadn't always looked like this, but more recently he discovered his appearance changing in extreme ways until he came to reside in a completely different body on the outside. He was finding it harder to move in a new body with a new weight and height, and even more so to look in the mirror and not be shocked every time a new change came about.

It was at that point in his begrudging and lethargic acceptance of his new self, that Tomoe finally arrived at the location of his current job: Castle Syllas. He had taken up the job because it was easy, to be blunt. It had been a while since he'd done any sort of work in an official capacity that didn't involve murdering innocents or helping innocents. No, no. In this job, he was to simply be a party trick. And for that, the Joyan was grateful that he could get such an easy task as his way of easing back into proper society.

Tomoe stepped up to the front gates where even from that distance, he could hear music and joyous conversation from within. Flashbacks to Crocus' Grand Ball flooded his memory, and began to recall the horrors of the Midnight Cult. "Mere annoyances.", Tomoe muttered to himself with a scowl, and then immediately turning that frown upside down upon being approached by one of the gate guards.

"Go right on in, sir. Step into the center of the banquet hall when it is your turn.", the guard spoke in a firm and orderly tone, not taking any funny business from any mages that would wander in aimlessly.

The crimson cutthroat obliged and stepped inside. The party was nowhere near as impressive or bombastic as the Grand Ball, but what party could be?

After a while, Tomoe was called to the center of the room and complied. He wasn't a huge fan of this type of thing, being the center of attention and all, but for money and a positive opinion from the Lord of this town he'd do about anything.

Three spells, was it? That's about all I have. Fuckin' hell., Tomoe thought, depressed that he'd need to waste such a precious artifact for so mundane a purpose.

For the promise of Jewels and positive reception, though, the red ronin would do just about anything. Even sinking so low as to use an ancient relic for such a purpose.

Tomoe would slash his sword up into the ceiling, unleashing three separate spells from his golden blade. Lightning Death Sentence Cut, Crashing Slash of Lightning, and Lightning Pierce Beam were each unleashed into the ceiling. The spells would bash and break through the solid foundation, causing chunks of rubble to fall to the banquet hall floor around Tomoe, harmlessly avoiding the guests that were positioned ten meters away.

Unfortunately, Tomoe had no spells of a potency or range lower than those, and thus had to sacrifice a bit of property to avoid harming guests with his display. He figured that a bit of a hole in a royal's ceiling would be far less of an inconvenience than the serious harm of guests.

Afterwards, the ronin nonchalantly moved out of the party, much to the shock of the guests who stared in confusion at him, and approached the guard who had allowed his access. Taking the small pouch of jewels from him, Tomoe was on his way, satisfied that he had done a good job in not killing anyone that day.


- Exit -

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