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Oak Streets [Conquest]

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#1Vali Onfroy 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Sun Mar 01, 2020 6:27 pm

Vali Onfroy


The Oak Streets are littered with food stands, citizen owned stalls, and small business and organizations. The people of Oak are a vastly independent people, having always been occupied and influenced by dark guilds who made their home within their cobbled buildings. Quick to anger, vocal in their opinions, and not trusting of new individuals, the citizens are slow to violence but quick to argue. They value their independence, their freedom, and they want nothing more to do with dark guilds, or those they perceive as dark.

"Alright, alright, cry baby." The white-haired mage sung. It was impossible for Hasani to understand what his father was saying, but the brown child did respond when he heard his voice. If parenting taught Vali anything, it was that babies were indeed magical little creatures. The titan placed his foot in his boots, then turned to the mumbling baby on his bed with a large smile. "What could you possibly be talking about?" He asked as if his son could respond. The Viking shook his head in disbelief. He actually had a son. If only his mother and brother could have met him. It had been three months since Hasani was born. Who would have thought that he and Priscilla would have a child? Even Tristan was shocked. Admittedly, fatherhood wasn't easy, especially when the mother of your child was a little busier than you were but it was worth it.

Vali stood up and turned to his child, picking him up very carefully. The baby cooed as Vali held his neck. "Okay, time to go to Borga." He whispered as he placed Hasani in the baby carrier before leaving the room. When the giant Desiertan finally reached the front of the building, Borga called his name. The Viking brought his child to his trusted friend. He and Borga went way back. She was once his older brother's. The Onfroys have always protected her and her family so there was nothing she wouldn't do for them. After the young father handed his son off, the blonde-headed woman would walk away.


Advent World was finally making plays. The guild was quickly making a name for itself, as it should. The Deseirtan didn't think he'd ever have a reason to join a guild again but here he was. Finn was an impressive man. He and Vali had a similar vision, he was a capable leader, and he was n't like other Fiorians. It's why Vali sacrificed the village to come here. The Rune Knights had attacked Skaal again after the second time he broke his people out of prison. It was clear that it wasn't going to get any better if he stayed in Worth Woodsea. The Icebergans had been fighting for land that wasn't theirs without allies to back them. Vali alone could not protect his people alone so, he joined Finn and others to make sure that he could. Many of his people didn't sit well with knowing that their leader took orders from a Fioran. What could you expect? They were Vikings after all. They would understand soon enough though.

The breezes were gentle today. The sun was out, and the sky was as clear as it could be. Coincidentally, it was a perfect day to officially establish dominance in Oak through politics, something the Titan was experienced in. Finn specifically said that violence would not be tolerated. Vali was done with killing anyway. He hoped he'd never have to kill anyone again. What kind of example would he set for his child? While looking out for Ylva, Vali noticed that the streets were busier than usual. The Viking only stood for about ten minutes, so he wasn't annoyed at Ylva's tardiness. In fact, Val never had a reason to be upset with her. She was like family to him and showed him nothing but love. If he wasn't working with her today than he would have given his child to her to watch. Running his fingers through his hair, he stood in front of the building wondering what the outcome of today would look like.

#2Juni Anastos 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Tue Mar 03, 2020 11:49 am

Juni Anastos
Juni looked at the brightly wrapped packages that were neatly stacked in a corner of her nicely furnished room, the room she chose in the guild's base, a place she now calls home. She had been getting these " gifts " ever since the guild set up in Oak and they came from many different people, people who called her a goddess. She didn't know what they were on about, she wasn't a goddess, hell she wasn't even strong enough to earn the spear she felt she didn't even earn. Ever since she stop being a whole hermit, people would come up to her, bowing to her feet, asking them to heal them or some other task. She thought changing her face and going ghost would push the attention away from her, but her past actions were starting to take root and the spear she carried would forever signify who she was..Until of course it got taken from her dead body.

Turning from the gifts of the clearly delusional individuals in the world who would look to her as any form of a goddess, Juni checked the time, taking note that she had to leave soon to meet up with her brother from another mother, Vali. Thinking about hanging out with him today put her in a better mood and she was even more excited to see his little bundle of joy at some point today. Juni could feel a smile creeping up onto her face thinking about the child. The thought made her want to have children of her own but she knew she wouldn't be a good mother, at least that's what she told herself. Juni didn't linger onto the thought and began to put on her armor. A stunning piece of equipment that she needed to hide with a little black dress to draw a little less attention to her and for the most part what she wore worked with the exception of the blue tail that came with the armor which she just wrapped around her leg. In order to hide the more jagged parts of the armor she had it tailored down to fit her frame and allow her to wear clothes, it was almost like a second skin and she loved it, she just wished she had the complete set.

Grabbing her spear and leaving her room, Juni quickly headed out of the guildhall and nearly regretted her choice. Waiting for her right outside was a small group of people with flowers in hand. Most of them were men but they all seemed to have some sort of gift besides the flowers they held and they all held Lotuses or Water Lillies, both flowers that thrive in aquatic conditions. She had to admit the flowers were beautiful and in any other circumstance she would have accepted them but she had somewhere to be. As soon as the people saw her they quickly made a rush towards her but they all stopped, just outside of her personal bubble. Dropping to their knees they placed their gifts at her feet causing her to blush a deep red. " Please stand, you don't have to do this. " Juni quickly rushed to the people and helped each one to their feet, each of them kissed her hand and through rushed words of " praise be " and " thank you goddess " She had to keep reminding these people that she was no goddess. At this rate, she was going to be late meeting up with vali and so in a stroke of desperation, she asked these kind folks to drop off their offerings inside the guildhall and explain to them that she would be walking around in the streets of oak if they wanted to speak to her. The group of people looked like they had just received a blessing and quickly did as they were told.

She didn't know when it started or who started it. Trying to wrap her head around the situation she made it a point to try and find out who started this nonsense. No one should be painting her as a goddess of any sort, she was far from that. Quickly making her way into the heart of Oak. Her blond hair which was usually in a single braid was left free to blow in the wind, something she had done in an attempt to cut time so that Vali wouldn't wait for her. Once in the city, she walked the streets until she spotted the man of the hour. A smile crept up on the Nephilim's face and she quickly made her way to him with her arms open for a hug. " Vali my dear, how are you today ? " She spoke in their mother tongue, the only time she could really use it, and she was content.

#3Vali Onfroy 

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Vali Onfroy

"There you are, the goddess herself." Vali smirked as he went in for a hug. Ylva was finally here and that meant the two could catch up on anything they missed. Chances were there wasn't much that they missed though. The Viking sighed before putting his hands in his pocket. Ylva looked great per usual. It wasn't hard for the Jarl to understand why anybody would claim Ylva to be a goddess. After all, she was the closest thing to a god(?) and she had the power to heal not only herself but other people too. Vali, on the other hand, was widely recognized as the ruler of Vikings. That couldn't be helped considering he brought his entire village to Oak. With his red armor protecting him from any harm, and his golden sword sheathed on his hip, he turned to face the streets before slowly walking. " So real quick, I was thinking..." he'd begin. "The citizens of this city are familiar with us already- you more than I. If we are going to establish control here then we need to show them that we are here for them.”

Vali rubbed his head and frowned, thinking of what Advent World could immediately offer besides "protection". "It helps that you're you know... a goddess now." The Viking teased. He would wait for Ylva to respond as her input was just as important. With her as his partner, he'd look a lot better to the common folk. Honestly, he had been in Oak for a little while now and some people still had this negative outlook on him. It was fair though, he had done many bad things in the past. Things that would make people hate him. He killed husbands, sons, and friends of Fiorians. He didn't really feel that bad for doing it, but he wasn't exactly the same person. Back then he was dubbed "The Mad Titan" for his uncontrollable rage and taste for violence. Today he was recognized as a greater man.

#4Juni Anastos 

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Juni Anastos
Oh goodness not him too, she could feel her face forming too big of a smile, too bright of a blush, and she didn't know how to stop it. She didn't need to hear this nonsense from Vali and the gears in her head started to turn. " How far has this thing spread? Who many people either are trying to lift me up as some sort of goddess figure and how many people know that these people are doing that? " She didn't need the people from the Illium religion coming after her, trying to probably lynch her for heresy. She never thought she would see the day that her prime goal would be to " nip a growing religion in her name in the butt "as something on her things-to-do list.

Pulling from the hug she playfully slapped Vali's arm with almost no force as if to tell him to knock it off, something she said outright anyway. " Vali hush. I don't want any more people believing that. It's embarrassing and for one I'm sure there are others who are far more deserving of that sort of attention. I'm just a B-ranked mage trying to get stronger like any other mage." Her voice held a shaky and slightly frantic tone as her mother tongue rolled off her lips like butter. She didn't need this sort of stress right now, they had a mission to complete for the good of the guild and she was too focused on this nonsense.

"I am not a goddess. Our combined fame should at least get the people to listen. But I don't expect them to " bend the knee " just because we asked them too, especially not in one day, that's unrealistic. They've been through enough having one horrible guild making their lives hell, they just got some peace. I think our best approach is to show our use to them. Just because the previous guild no longer resides here doesn't mean they aren't vulnerable to criminals and the aftermath of those demons..."

She wasn't exactly sure the path they should take but it was probably best to get the name of Advent World associated with good rather than the bad the city was used too. In her mind that would take days, hell possibly weeks depending on how the people viewed them and their own progress to make sure they were in these people's good graces. Sighing just a bit Juni looked around her, the streets of Oak were bustling with all sorts of different people, with different personalities, and different goals, but she was sure as shit that all these people wanted was a peace of mind and not to be used as someone's base of illegal operations. She knew that Oak wasn't getting the best support from the royals and nobles, hell they wouldn't even send the Rune Knights out here to curve the illegal activities when the Rune Knights were operating. It was a truly pathetic sight and it made her heartache.

" Ok let's start by getting the people's attention. We need a platform to speak on. Somewhere we can gather the most people so they can hear our voice. We aren't here to speak, we are here to listen and fix what had been broken by the crap that was here before us. It's not what they can do for us, it's what we can do for them. So for now, I think we need to at least get the word out that we are making an announcement soon in the town square. This is a marathon, not a race. I hope you didn't think we would be doing this in one day. "

Turning her sapphire gaze at Vali she smiled as her arms folded over her chest. Her plan was to be a servant to the people and inform them of the up and coming forum that would be taking place to formally announce Advent World's first step into Oak. She wanted them on their side and in order to do that she needed to make sure they knew that they would no longer be abandoned in their time of need, that if they would be leaning on anyone for the support it would be Advent World.

#5Vali Onfroy 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Wed Mar 04, 2020 1:50 pm

Vali Onfroy

To be called a god or a goddess was probably a curse in disguise. You'd think that being recognized as a deity was a good thing right? People bowing down to you whenever they see you, begging for forgiveness, and praising the toilet you shit in- but really, that much power was dangerous. The Viking was glad that his friend wasn't too interested in the title. It meant that she wasn't corrupted, at least not yet. Still, Val wouldn't blame Ylva for enjoying the treatment at the current stage. The young father chuckled as Ylva hit his arm. Embarrassing indeed. Then, the topic maneuvered to business because that's why they were here. He listened to the Icebergan woman in front of him.

As they walked people rode their horses through the streets. Kids chased each other and laughed and for a moment you couldn't even tell that Oak was in an entirely different space around this time last year. Many of the civilians noticed the giant and the Paladin, eyes widened as they began to realize who both of them were. It wasn't hard to not know them really- especially Val. He was a seven-foot Viking with white hair and dark skin, after all. As the goddess spoke, all the King could do was smile and nod. She seemed like she had a plan. In fact, she even said she hoped Vali didn't think this was going to happen in a day. When she was finally done speaking, Vali simply looked at her with his eyebrows raised. She basically said what he said so with a nod, he began to speak.

"Believe it or not, people are weird that way. It could take a day if you are talented in the art of words, or it can take months..." He began, reminiscing on his hardest times as Jarl, when he had to give speeches after executing folks, and when he was able to make a village of Nekomatas kneel to him. "It all comes down to how you present yourself. Words are just that powerful." He concluded. "You take me for a fool?" he laughed. Sometimes, Vali could be rather prideful, how can you blame him? He was noble for his entire life. Currently, he was still in the process of learning the power of words and understanding the dialect of different people. Some people spoke with just as much- if not more pride than him, like Ylva. While others were patient and more open to other ideas. Since Hasani was born, the latter is the person Vali was trying hard to be.

"Mhm." He nodded. He agreed with his partner, they did need a platform and space to speak. "We could just start with an announcement to make sure that the people remember that Advent World exists now, and is already open to all citizens." he rubbed his chin. "Saves us the time and trouble of going from person to person and being limited to what we say. They can see for themselves. Plus, once more people realize that Advent World is open for them to freely enter, we'll already be in the process of building trust. Some people have already been entering the hall since the guild's been established. We could capitalize off that with a simple announcement from the jump..."

The Viking gazed into the distance as he thought  His brain was flowing and it was important that he thought aloud. "We tell them to come to directly to us when they need things. Help around, then when Finn finishes with his business at the Phantasm castle and the Lords officially submit, we can come back for another announcement to inform the people. I hear they're not very fond of the Phantasms anyway. They'll be comfortable with us by then, so I think they'll be happy." he shrugged. He threw his ideas out there but in the end, Ylva was an Icebergan woman and Icebergan woman always found a way to get their way. "Either way, A lot of the people in Oak are already drawn to you. The streets have been whispering your name- all good things too... so you should make the announcement. These people will trust your word over mine."

The Viking only heard the rumors of Oak because his people were now apart of Fiore's common folk. The Vikings hear things and inform their leader. That's why it was also a good thing Finn put him out here. The truth is, he was ready for the Fiorians to accept him. This was their land, it's the only way he could make a peaceful living here with the Vikings.

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Juni Anastos
She didn't know when it happened, at what point in the conversation she started to shut down. Words weren't reaching her, it felt like she was taking a back seat to the world as things began to blur. She was being forcefully put on autopilot and she couldn't stop it. She wanted to call out to Vali because she was unsure about what was truly happening to her, but soon she realized that other powers were at play. She was looking at herself as if she were in a dream, she could see herself talking as usual like nothing was happening at all. Pulling her attention away from watching her bigger physical form, Juni noticed a few things, one she was standing on looked to be the ocean. She didn't feel panic or scared, she was at peace and a bright sky with no clouds lingered above her, it felt like she could touch it. There was a momentary peace, a false peace because in the seconds that followed she could hear a voice booming in her head causing her to drop to her knees. The water that she once stood on was now pulling her under and in her panic, she thought held her breath until she couldn't. Fear settled into her but she soon realized that she could in fact breathe, the booming voice became less booming and more calming, the change in tone a pleasant one.

What's happening to me?

She couldn't form words from her mouth so the words came from her mind and traveled out into the water. The light of the surface shone in the water, making it clear for her to see and what she ended up seeing was a pair of eyes appearing in the waters. The eyes came with no form and seemed to be apart of the ocean itself. The pair of Cerulean orbs were many times bigger than her body but they put her at ease. Juni didn't know what she should do and in her confusion, she asked who it was that she was staring at. The pair of eyes blinked slowly, sending soft waves at Juni before she heard a voice in her own head.

I am at the end. You are the beginning of a new cycle. Your deeds have planted the seeds for your ascension, now you must continue to nourish them until you can take your rightful place amongst us, and so that I may pass on peacefully. You are the product of new hope, do right by me, I will guide you.

Juni could feel one word rattling throughout her body as she was pushed from the water's depths up to the surface and back into her own body. Fuck. She didn't ask for this, she didn't ask for this at all and now she had to deal with it. Wherever she just was, whatever just happened to her, it was almost like she was still here as the words Vali spoke to her filled her mind like someone giving her the notes from a class she missed.

You're right. Let's go back to the guildhall. I have some preperations to make in order to gather as many people as possible in one place. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible so that they'll join. Screaming over people on the move might sound like a good idea but... Actually... I really don't want to use the people calling me their goddess. It would be easier though.

The last few sentences were more to herself and she didn't realize she had said them aloud as her mind wracked around the next step. They obviously had a plan it was all about execution now, something she wasn't that great at, hell she wasn't even good at speaking but she couldn't very well let Mr. " Mad Titan " here start talking to the people of Oak first, not with his track record.

#7Vali Onfroy 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Sat Mar 07, 2020 3:01 pm

Vali Onfroy

"Aye." he nodded. Ylva seemed to have something to work off of back at the guild. She also expressed that she didn't want people to recognize her as a goddess. "Understandable." He said as the two began walking back towards the guild. Vali wasn't actually suggesting that they push the whole "goddess" thing. He was moreso saying that because of those who do see her as some sort of deity, she was automatically a leader to some people in these parts. "I remember when I finally accepted my role in this world. I didn't want it either." He began as his nose picked up on an odd scent. Death. The werewolf wiggled his nose and raised a brow. Scent was connected to memory and as the stench of blood filled his nostrils, he was taken back...

Suddenly he found himself standing on a battlefield amongst Icebergan warriors. Compared to everyone else, Vali was much shorter. His feet were smaller, and his hands too. The Viking took a step back. He remembered this day all too well. It was five years ago. The sky was dark red, like a wound covered in dry blood. Glowing green arrows flew across the sky, killing the enemies as the green substance melted them alive. It was the first war he fought in... the first time he ever smelled death. "Maybe the gods still have a plan for you..." pushed out. His focus was less on the conversation now.

Then, Vali saw a strange being walking their way. The person was coming from in front of them, in the same direction as the stench. Death and the mysterious being were connected, there was no doubt about that. Oddly enough, the hooded figure was moving right towards them but stopped in the middle of the crowd when he noticed Vali was watching. Vali squinted his eyes before glancing over at the roofs of two buildings, seeing other cloaked people. The hooded figure in front of them was holding some sort of knife. "Ylva." he said calmly as he stepped in front of her just in time to stop the throwing knife with his palm. Then, the other two hooded figures released their arrows but they were not nearly enough to do anything.

The arrows were stopped by Vali's armor. Unfazed he watched them closely. "We've got company...and it looks like they're here for you." he said as he stood in front of her. Ylva was more than capable of holding her own, but Vali was naturally a protector when it came to those he loved. He would die for his people. As the hooded figure closed in, four more emerged from the crowd to follow his lead."Get everyone out of here..." he said. However, he half expected a certain response from his partner who was just as talented as he was.

#8Juni Anastos 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:03 pm

Juni Anastos
Juni would have responded to Vali and his comments, she would have invited him to her room for some tea and maybe begged a little to visit his cute baby boy, but it seemed fate had other things in store for the two. And fate was testing her today, something it probably shouldn't have done. It took Juni very little time to react to the situation that was unfolding in front of her and vali. Her eyes began scanning the area as soon as she saw the hooded figure walking towards the two. She wasn't a fighter, she was a healer, but she had little to no problem dishing out a good helping of justice when and where it needed to be served.

Juni could feel a smile spread across her face. Yes, she wasn't a fighter but something about it gave her such a rush. Activating her spear once an image of a cheetah appeared behind her before fusing with her body. She retained her appearance and the only difference is she was very fast. Yes, because I can evacuate a street full of people. If these people want me, I'm going to let them have me. Moving from behind Vali she spun her spear in her hand so that she was holding it in a way that would allow her to use it without harming innocents. Dodging and weaving throughout the crowd, she was too fast for the people on the ground to react to her. Once she closed the distance she let her spear do all the work, slicing their throats with no hesitation on her part. This little display of savagery had the innocent bystanders on the streets running in a panic. Of course, this would be the outcome but she also realized this would be a great chance to finish exactly what the duo had started.

The offenders on the rooftops let loose a volley of arrows, some hitting Juni but doing nothing thanks to her armor, while some stray ones hit some innocent bystanders. She could feel her smile growing wider as this was exactly the sort of chaos that would help their case. Quickly placing her hands together a blue magic seal appeared in front of her and outshot a few orbs of water, hitting and taking out the assailants on the rooftops. Her motions were fluid and without any slowing down. She was sure her magic probably didn't take them out completely but it would slow them down. Looking over to Vali she gave a sort of hand signal to the rooftops where the people were, allowing him to take over and take out the rest of the people. Juni, on the other hand, rushed to the innocents who were hurt and quickly used her magic how it was meant to be used. Healing the wounded she made sure each one of them was ok and did what she could to herd people away from the area. Juni would wait for Vali to finish his part before she would tell him exactly what they would do to end their task for today.

#9Vali Onfroy 

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Vali Onfroy

Vali quickly conjured a plan as the knife hit his palm. It stuck to the outermost layer of skin, doing literally nothing to harm him. Quickly he threw the knife from his hand. Things took a turn when Ylva decided to mock Vali's idea. She seemed to have an itch for control, or violence maybe. Vali couldn't exactly put his finger on the reason why, but she didn't think about her following actions as much as she should have. In fact, as she moved forward to handle the enemies on the ground, she wore a smile. Val looked around at the civillians who watched her in shock- some even frightened. Quickly the Titan turned to them and moved them further down the street. It was the least he could do as his partner entertained their mysterious enemies.

Suddenly, a family of arrows fell from the rooftops hitting a total of six civilians. The arrows were clearly to kill Ylva but fortunately, she was armored unlike the innocent people around her. "Dammit, Juni." he cursed. Then, one arrow was aimed towards the crowd of people Vali had been standing in front of. This arrow was different. The tip was inflamed, and if they were sending only one then they were probably expecting to do some damage. The wolf had no spells, he had no abilities that could actually work defensively...except, of course, his own body. So quickly he lunged towards the flaming arrow. When it connected with his armor 4 meters in mid-air, the arrow caused an explosion of two meters.

The people of Oak seemed to be calmer now. The pair of Advent World mages were succeeding at making them feel protected. The Icebergan noble fell to the ground, small flames caught on his armor, his cape almost entirely burnt off.  When he landed he saw six people, scattered across the street. None of them were dead, but a few in critical condition. Ylva had been tending to them. Vali sighed his eyes fell on his close friend. "Juni, that was reckless, you could've gotten people killed..." And that was that. After today Vali would no longer bring up this moment...to anyone. Everyone made mistakes. Shit, some mistakes may costs lives but the Viking Lord was not in the skin to judge another.

Vali turned his gaze to the archers of the roofs. He was just about ready to finish them off but unexpectedly, the archers on the roof disappeared. "The hell?" he murmured. Enemies already? he thought. "Hmm..." Quickly he turned to the folk of Oak. "Is everyone alright?" He asked them. Many of them nodded, still in awe of what they just witnessed. In the grand scheme of things, this was more than likely one tiny page in some colossal story. Someone in the crowd was concerned with who the villains were. "As of now, we have no idea who those people were- but I assure you, we will get to the bottom of it." He began. "Advent World will protect the people of this city. We aren't like Phantom Lor and I know we are still building trust, but trust begins with a leap of faith. Take that leap for us and let us keep the city safe..."

The people nodded and spoke amongst each other. Most of them seemed to like the idea. "Any citizen of Oak is allowed in Advent World's guild building so if you need any help, come down and ask for me or my partner, Juni."

#10Juni Anastos 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:03 pm

Juni Anastos
Now she would be the first to admit her actions were a bit out of character, even for her. But she was tired of being hunted and every time it happened something in her switched...Violently. She didn't mean for anyone to get hurt but she knew that her actions could have gotten anyone of these innocent people killed. She couldn't even muster up the courage to answer Vali when he called her out for her actions, she could only nod to agree with him. She was lucky she gave aid to those hurt when she did, one such individual was a woman who likes some others saw her as some sort of goddess and could not stop thanking her. When all was said and done and the excitement died down, Juni took her place next to Vali. She didn't speak and let him guide the speech, something he did with such confidence that she really didn't have to say anything at all. A few people came up to her, enough for a small crowd and she could see that this would only fuel the idea that she was a goddess. A part of her was getting annoyed but she didn't let them see it as she was all smiling in their presence. It seemed that through their actions today and a few over-enthusiastic people preaching Juni's good name, the streets of Oak had accepted the guild as their protector. They knew that even though phantom lord was gone, there would still be danger lurking around the city and if Advent World was willing to protect them they might as well let them do so. Once the excitement died down Juni made her way back to the Guildhall, she had some thinking to do and she needed to have a long talk with the guild leader.

- exit -

#11Vali Onfroy 

Oak Streets [Conquest] Empty on Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:46 pm

Vali Onfroy

Juni had a great deal of pressure on her. Vali knew all too well how that felt, especially when it was from something you never wanted. The Icebergan woman stood beside the Viking in silence. The people of Oak nodded, still whispering amongst themselves. In the end they seemed at peace with knowing that they could depend on Advent World. After witnessing Juni easily beat her foes despite causing unbidden damages, and being safeguarded by a pagan immigrant, they decided to take the leap of faith. Suddenly the crowd cheered for them. Some of the people drifted towards Juni, showing their respects by bowing.

That was easy enough. he thought.

Oak seemed to have decent folks. Still, it was weird to actually be apart of this society. Hasani could have a good life here, and that's all Vali wanted; for his people to live beatific, long-lasting lives. The Desiertan was greeted by some folks too. Women and children mostly. The kids asked him random questions, and the woman thanked him. When he turned to Judi, he chuckled. As much as she didn't want it, she was destined to be love. It's why Vali would be there for her whenever she needed him because he loved her too.  Soon after, the duo made their way home. The people would spread the word of course, and soon they'd grow to love Advent World.

- Exit -

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