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Advent World

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Advent World is a guild founded with the intent to protect the common citizen. Its members come from different backgrounds, and each contain different goals, but they are united in their desire to make a safer world. While they would consider themselves Neutral in nature, that is primarily due to the fact that they hold no love nor loyalty towards the Royals or Nobles of Fiore. Rather, they consider themselves an almost independent entity that is willing to remain quiet so long as other parties do not interfere. The guild is willing to take whatever route they deem necessary for their goal, so long as the ends will justify the means. It should be emphasized that their goal is a safer world for the common citizen; If that equates to immediate losses for long term gains, then those are sacrifices that may be considered.

Those who wish to join the guild must meet with Finn, or whoever is appointed as his #2, and be accepted into it. They try only bringing in people they can trust, who seem to be honest even in the face of difficulty. Their main priority is protecting those who they consider their people, so anyone who seems to threaten that goal will not be tolerated.


  • Users may take quests of any alignment.

  • Users must take an oath that they will act in a way that they believe best serves the interest of Advent World. They must also swear to do their best to hold the guild to its founding ideals, even if that means arguing with the Guild Master.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Advent World without the consent of the Guild Master, or someone whom he has given the right to speak for him. Should they be caught having done so, they must consent to the loss of limb for treason.

  • The user must not intentionally cause lasting harm upon another member of the guild, for even in times of internal conflict they should all still be pushing for the same goal.

  • Any new members must receive permission to join from the Guild Master, or whoever the designated 2nd in command is.


The Adent World Guild Hall is a fortress on the water, placed upon the river that runs along Oak. With an understanding that their ideals and goals may bring enemies, the fortress was build in a militaristic style that made scaling in from the water nigh impossible, forcing any would-be attackers to seige the front gates. This was done by building out spikes from the castle over the rivers edge, making climbing incredibly difficult. Should people from the City wish to enter though, it is as simple as approaching the front gates of the guild wall, which are normally left wide open for all to enter.

The walls are high, sturdy and allowing walkways for guild members to stroll and view the surrounding city, which was both a strategic decision and a pleasing aesthetic. The ground the guild is built on was artificially built up, allowing it to overlook the entire city without being placed upon a hill or mountain. The Guild Hall is filled with large rooms, each coming equipped with a dresser, queen sized bed, closet, and mild entertainment. Members are allowed to stay in the fortress should they wish, and claim a room in which they can make as lavish as they so desire. All members are taught the full layout of the fortress so that they may move quickly from any location within its walls.


The founder, and current Guild Master, of Advent World is Finn Mertens. Founded while he was registered an A-Rank mage, Finn is an individual who has seen much of the world. Raised among monsters in Worth Woodsea, he grew up in an almost animalistic environment. Having been a member of Blue Pegasus for over a decade, Finn is no stranger to the inner workings of an effective guild. However, in his travels throughout the continent, Finn realized that many countries had begun suffering.

Due to the corruption, or inadequicy, of their governments these countries had fallen into disrepair. Their people suffered, their mages died in pointless battles, and they had become destined to doom their innocents. Having seen patterns of these ruined nations in his home of Fiore, Finn founded Advent World to bring about change. That change would depend on his surroundings, becoming as dramatic as needed, in order to secure a lasting future for all those who came after.


  • Odin: User gains a passive shielding that defends against up to S rank damage per 4 posts.

  • Titan: +40 Strength

  • Sylph: User gains a passive healing aura that heals themselves up to S rank damage per 4 post.

  • Bahamut: +40 Speed


Level 0:

  • Advent Children: The citizens who live within the territory controlled by Advent World quickly come to love and respect the guild and those associated with it. Due to this, the citizens talk among themselves frequently to bring news to the members of the guild, far and wide. When in controlled or allied territory, rumors of what is going on in their territory will always find its way to the guild members. This includes new arrivals, as well as their name if the individual is famous enough (10,000+ fame/infamy). This also will allow guild members to be alerted to invasions happening in their city so long as they are within the same region.

Level 1:

  • Shop Discount: User gains a 10% discount in the shop.
  • Work Hard: User gains 5% wordcount reduction on quests and training.

Level 2:

  • Shop Discount: User gains a 15% discount in the shop.

Level 3:

  • Shop Discount: User gains a 20% discount in the shop.
  • Devotion: User gains a 15% wordcount reduction on quests and training.

Level 4:

  • Lifestyle: The user gains a 25% wordcount reduction on quests and training.

Level 5:

  • Forged: The user may purchase a custom legendary piece of equipment that can be used by them and them alone. They will be able to tell the blacksmith (Developer) the type of item they wish to have, but it will be up to the Blacksmiths capabilities to design a proper item. Again to be noted; The user must purchase a Legendary Item (whatever it costs at the time), and a developer will make that custom legendary item for the user.

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