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Breaking the Habit - Event

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Breaking the Habit - Event  Empty on Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:13 pm


The night was chilly, winter was dispersing since December but with February on the rise, the coolness of the air lingered like a scent of cigarettes. Keeping the people of Dahlia heavy with coats and other warm clothing. Erebus could tell them to piss off, because it isn’t like the cold affected him too bad anyways, he was undying so he couldn’t freeze just standing out there. More like discomforted for reasons outside the more supernatural. After all, no one likes cold toes.

But regardless, there was a reason Erebus was still in Dahlia. It was for Alistair, some loser who didn’t even have the guts to take a life— when that’s literally his survival method. I mean damn, Erebus thought. “It would just be so much easier to just kill yourself, but whatever, I digress.” He said, with the moon uncovering from the brown foggy night clouds. He tracked to the outskirts of town by a wooden fence, the vampire seemed to have gotten there slightly early or perhaps the Zombie was just really late. Either way, business was almost in accordance and ready to commence.

“What then?” The zombie offered, gesturing a mocking bow, to serve another creature was never his forte but money was involved so it wasn’t so much so that he was in service. He was setting someone else up to be indebted. Now that, that... had a better ring to it. He smiled nonchalantly, the dark circles under his eyes seeming to bring his facial expression to life right then and there.

“I already guess you’ve picked up on the fact I attack the livestock around here to survive..” he started hesitantly.

“Yes because you’re bitch-made and don’t know how to finish something. Its okay. Most the rune knights are like that too.” Interrupted the Zombie smirking.

“Uh. Yeah, well— what I’m getting at, is that I don’t want to be a bloodsucker.” Intervened the snow-haired man.

“You don’t say? I reckon you’re about to quest me on some stupid scheme for antidote now aren’t you. Because believe me, this is starting to look pretty— predictable.”

“On the dot.” Finished the Vampire. His arms opening as if to shrug in a conclusive way.

“But Alistair... You’re an immortal. It doesn’t get any better than not having to goto hell, trust me. I’ve seen the place myself. Horrible things that we can’t even fabricate as beings lie there, disturbing things. So from where I’m seeing it; taking the lives of a few one-night-stands into the next few centuries really isn’t a half bad life. You, my non-friend and purely source of pocket change companion, just don’t know how to appreciate the glorious and tantalizing power yet.” Erebus allowed his cunning tongue to ramble, he was the type after all, whenever it did happen at least. He is an unmistakably witty-talented entity to be able pull the worst from people. Perhaps that’s why he existed, to step out of human boundaries. Though, none of that was concerning Erebus for the nigh moments, because he needed the jewels this man could fork to his pockets and the money was more important now than just corruption in this situation. Readjusted his stance, the Zombie smiled eerily.

“Let’s get on with this, who am I mutilating.”

Alistair made a sickened expression, Erebus hastily fixed his rather mad persona and close mouth coughed to speak again

“I guess uh.. blood is gross or something to people huh. Whatever, just give me your grocery list so I can get these favors off my back and never see you again. Feel me?”

The vampire nodded. “.. It’s not about blood, it’s about what you incite to the mind sir.. but yes let’s carry on.

Alistair was very antsy about this skin stitched character, Erebus. The way he shrugged reality off from shoulder to shoulder. It was... intimidating. But he complied.

“Because I’ve never consumed the blood of a human, I can lose my powers through a ceremony involving items belonging to some of the other dark races of Earthland. I can point you in the direction of the wolf pack East of Dahlia, the vampire's lair where my mistress resides, though in all honesty... I fear her, I’m depending on your success there predominately. Finally, a daemon's home. Journey to these locations and, through whatever means necessary, collect the items on this parchment.” Alistair removed a scroll from his jacket pocket, sparking a light afterwards.

“Mmmmm-okay. Easy enough.” Erebus put his hand above his head, unslinging a giant butcher like bastard sword and left towards the East. Time to visit the Lycans first and foremost it would be seem.

Erebus jotted a map with help from Alistair and made off for the Lycans. Humbly slaying them all and piking them to the walls. He made sure to plunge their hearts from their chests and sit them decoratively between the maw and canines, with the snouts angled toward the cave ceiling. Silly dogs.

Then the Vampires. Murdering them was always so slasher horror show and he admired the vintage wooden staking. The kills delighted the fiend to no ends. He made sure to leave a recently changed vampire female. Not for any particular reason, simply to show her that there would always be something more terrifying than herself in the world. He left her ribboned to the bed frame, able to heal she could, but not if she were separated from all her limbs. A freak of nature for all time, he hands, and her feet, sliced and moved six inches from their stubs while she lay barren on a mattress. This was just another victim to the Zombie. He didn’t possess empathy, only hate for everything that he didn’t relate too. Which happened to be these mongrel of a species...

Finally, the lone lich to appear in Dahlia, noted for living under the city fountains by the graveyard, it would be the most difficult opposition thus far, but should Erebus slay this creature he’d have the item needed to collect his paycheck.

He obliged to that thought, camping nearby for a few hours and returning at 3 AM for a séance of sorts you could say. The creature arrived as per challenge from another otherworldly entity, only to it’s pathetic disdain. His underestimation left him chipped to rubble, grinded under a mighty Executioner Blade, to the hands of the blademaster Zombie Erebus Cassiel no less. The mortal coil unzipped his pants then as a show of disrespect, he chuckled to himself pissing on the skull all the while.

Whenever it was all sad and done and his mania had been sated fully. The evil motherfucker got his due reward with “sound and reasonable” thanks as well as a mention of return to finish the mission line tomorrow night.


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