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Unending Thirst - Event

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Unending Thirst - Event  Empty on Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:21 am


Erebus had arrived like he was well and suppose too; to pick up on an interesting rumor of vampires and recent attacks in the area. Being bitten himself only months ago, he wondered why exactly, these beings existed. He was grateful to add their youth to his aging situation, though since being a Zombie; Erebus wouldn’t necessarily join their ranks simply by embracing their *bite*. He had only in the recent months actually, discovered what a Zombie even was. A soul that was harassed by evil, corrupt and otherworldly. On the cusp of humanity; and the after-life.

Such a tear jerker, he scoffed. But then again, it was kind of cool too. Being unlike everyone else, existing on a playing field not apart of this world’s reality. He was a figment in someone’s nightmares and yet... He was real. He was here. It was him. He laughed dryly, rubbing his dark grey strands from the face so that his way of looking around was more freed up. Erebus was moving slowly through a meadow— on the off-site area outside of the town. He then walked up on a horrific sight himself shortly after his patrol began. A vampire, some fem-boy twink, was out here murdering the cattle! Silly boy.

While the vampire pulled backwards to hiss at Erebus, he’s already drawn his sword which was twice the size of the vampire’s pitiful body. With the hook at the fiend’s neck Erebus spit on the wretch and smiled. “You want to play do you? I’ll shred you like a grate of cheese you miserable weakling... Just try me.”
The vampire could do little to Erebus and his powers. He pled, exclaiming his thirst was unholy and wider than the countryside. Taking the elbow, Erebus planted it to the Vampire jaw so fast and aggressively it dislodged and snapped the monster’s jaw. Sweeping his sword over his shoulder, a beheading was in appointment.

The vampire begged— preaching his vanity so easily. Erebus rolled his eyes, he hated whiners. But then, he also was broke again. He’d need the money this fool could fork up. Erebus backed a foot or two, while the white-haired fem-boy adjusted his senses and went on about more trifling matters. Such as unaccepting of his fate to live forever. In truth, the Zombie couldn’t think of a better world. I mean shit, immortality? Here in Earthland? Not even The Abyss or Hell? Yeah this guy’s a tweaker, the zombie decided. But he’d entertain the game irregardless.

“Stay nearby in town, you can pay me for sparing your neck now. I’ll keep you in communication and we’ll see what we can about your little Blood situation.”

He mocked, snatching the purse of coin from the Vampire before making off on his merry way into the next chapter. There were many thoughts to impart off this encounter, for example, if he would actually help this Vampire. Or.. perhaps murder him after shagging his woman, aha: it’s good to be bad sometimes. Evil deeds are always so much sweeter at the end of the road.


535 words.

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