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The Referral System

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The Referral System Empty on Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:57 pm




  • The user can use the referral reward system whenever they introduce a new member to the forum.

  • The new member must state the username of the user in their character application.

  • Upon being approved, the user must list the name of the new member in their referral sheet which can be found in Sheet section, sub-section Referrals or click here.

  • Each time the newly referred member ranks up, the user may claim an experience boost as well.

  • In order to claim a reward, the user must update the rank of their introduced member in their Referral Sheet and make a post in said topic stating what changed e.g. John Doe ranked up from B-rank to A-rank, see here [url to their profile].

  • In order to receive the reward, the user must be active though. We do not passively hand out the rewards when the user is no longer active. The consideration for active is up to the discretion of the staff depending on what might be deemed reasonable at that time.

  • The user may only list referrals in their Referral Sheet if their referral is starting at D.

  • The rewards for referrals ranking up are listed below.

    • D-rank to C-rank: 5000 XP
    • C-rank to B-rank: 10,000 XP
    • B-rank to A-rank: 20,000 XP
    • A-rank to S-rank: 40,000 XP

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