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Magnolia to Crocus [Train Travel]

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#1Yon E. Gelva 

Magnolia to Crocus [Train Travel] Empty on Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:27 pm

Yon E. Gelva
Magnolia to Crocus [Train Travel] WFv5rki

The hustle of bustle of the train station rings clearly to any who enter. Couples arguing, children complaining, strangers cursing each other off for bumping into one another. That sort of thing.

One center of attention was a silver haired girl in the center of the station, long hair draped downwards as she contorts herself into exotic shapes to others' amazement. Standing on one leg, her other is bent behind her neck as she leans back at a near 90 degree angle. Eventually she slowly stretches her leg outward and...flips backward! With some cheers, small amounts of Jewels are tossed into an equally small cup near her. The alien-like girl looks in amazement as she's just given money. She grasps the cup as if it held the secret to eternal youth as she runs through the crowd to their disappointment to buy a ticket.

When she sees a man who is handing out tickets, she joyously holds her cup towards him.
"Ride, pl...Pleeaase!" She chimes.

The booking clerk looks confused, but takes the cup hesitantly to begin counting money. The entire time he does, Yon rocks and shimmies in place.
"Ma'am is doesn't appear you-" He halts, looking to her. She's positively beaming. He looks at some books, and a binder before sighing.
"You have enough to ride to Crocus, but you need to take this train. Now."

Yon lets out a happy "Haaaaa!", and gets on the train with a tiny piece of paper. She finds a nice place to sit next to an old lady, and sits on the seat with her legs held close to her chest as she knocks. She ignores the woman's protests over 'comfort' and such and enjoys the ride that she worked very hard for.


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