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Nothing But Trouble [Yumi]

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Nothing But Trouble [Yumi] Empty on Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:20 am

Given the state of Fiore right now, Kaiser had all the freedom to do anything she wanted, but that was how she had been spending the entirety of last month. Maybe it was time to chill out for a bit and let the others take the spotlight. It was a surprise that the Fiore police force had been turning a blind eye to her actions and just letting her run her own little show. But soon enough, her actions would be judged by the law, and she would be prepared to protect herself.

Kaiser was feeling chipper thanks to the weather that morning. There was nothing planned for the day, so she could just sit back and relax in her expensive hotel room, but nope. She wanted to go out. For what reason? Only God knows. The vampire started the day as usual with some coffee to officially wake up because without it she felt like she was just a lifeless blob floating around among the people.

Of all the parks in the capital city, Kaiser picked the one with the least people because she wanted to enjoy her drink in tranquility while watching the tedious ongoings in the city. Situating herself on one of the cleaner park benches, she sipped her coffee and sighed.


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"Quickly march men! We must reinforce the front lines! We have already lost three squads. If we do not hurry more will follow!" Barked out a man in glistening Mythril armour from atop her warhorse. He was rugged in appearance appearing in his late forties and wielded a two-handed greatsword with ease. He was surrounded by over two hundred knights who were desperately moving at full pace.

"Evacuate the civilians!" Another rune knight captain showed from within the park. Squads of knights were hurriedly removing people from the surroundings and evacuating them to safety. One of them even went up to the woman seated on a park bench drinking her coffee. "Madam it is not safe here you must leave. The Witch of Carnage she has gone on a rampage!" barked out the young knight. Perhaps if he was not so panicked who would be in awe at her beautiful appearance, she was a world-class beauty one he had never seen before. However, he had no time to gawk and had to return to his duties in evacuating the citizens.

The name, the Witch of Carnage was one renowned across Fiore for leaving nothing but a trail of bodies. The owner was a Dark Mage and a Daemon by the name of Yumi Hateshiginai, a worshipper of the Demonic God Malum who ruled over the domains of Chaos, Destruction, Blood, War and Death, a powerful dark deity who lived within the Abyss. Yumi's name had spread across fiore for close to sixty years now and everywhere it went only bloodshed, misery and destruction was left in her wake.

Another explosion rocked the streets of Crocus as charred corpses of knights went flying, their armour melted to their burned remains. "La de da de dai, I love to not leave a single man alive. La de da de duh, I love to leave a trail of blood. A path of corpses in my wake. Dum de die. Who shall be the next to die?" A young girls voice sounded out as she sang a bloodthirsty song. The voice sounded sweet and soft with an innocent tone but the words sung weren't so.

The owner of the sweet-sounding voice was a young girl who looked barely fourteen maybe fifteen years of age dressed in a low cut black and red gothic dress filled with red frills. The dress was cut low exposing her creamy white thighs and the black garter she wore. Stockings ran up to her knees where they connected to the garter. She wore black high heel boots and carried a long staff on her back that was longer than she was. The girl's hair was a deep shade of black that cascaded down her back cut in a princess style around the forehead to show off her heart-shaped face and crimson red hues that glowed like gemstones. In contrast to her appearance, over a hundred charred corpses lay all around her as the buildings were light on fire and the ground beneath her destroyed.

"La de da de dai, Nothing but genocide. La de da de duh, Leaving behind an ocean of blood." The young lolita revealed a twisted and sinister smile that was out of place on her innocent heart-shaped face. An overwhelming pressure was released from her body an overwhelming feeling of dread filled the air. Fear, the ability of all demons engulfed the area around the Witch. It could affect even the bravest of souls as not even an X or Z class mage could block their minds from Yumi's aura of fear. A tidal wave of killer intent broke forth gushing over the air manifesting as a black wispy aura that filled the streets.

"I pray you make worthy sacrifices to Malum-sama! Funeral Flame: Burning Ash!" The demoness shouted loudly as a large red magical circle appeared beneath her. The seal expanded covering a sixteen diameter area encompassing many knights. A sinister laugh escaped from her lips as the roar of fire exploded. Crimson flames came to life engulfing everything within that circle including Yumi herself. The flames roared angrily washing over everything they touched burning everything down to the bone. Screams filled the air as corpses went flying crashing into the ground with a loud bang.


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What she thought would have been a peaceful morning turned into the complete opposite the moment she settled on the park bench. A deafening roar of screams erupted from the other side of the otherwise quiet park. “What in hell…” she muttered, wincing from the noise. Her attention was then seized by a freaked out rune knight who squeaked a warning about a rampant witch to her and disappeared as swiftly as he came. Apparently the ‘Witch of Carnage’ was the culprit of this unbearable noise pollution. “The what…?” Truth be told, Kaiser had never heard of this witch person. The name was never passed around in the underground circles that she was involved in, simply because it was a different area of interest. Her domain was the illegal money-making area, while this entity seemed to be intent on creating corpses.

As she averted her gaze towards the direction of the chaos, a reflection of the flames that turned rune knights into humanoid collections of ash flickered violently in her sanguine optics. What a perfectly calamitous sight. From a safe distance, the vampire observed the violent blazes that roared hungrily. A siren could be heard in the background, warning nearby citizens to evacuate from the area while the diabolic creature released yet another wave of decimating flames. Curiouser and curiouser. Kaiser dared herself to tread only a tad closer to catch a glimpse of the nefarious fiend. The cries of its burning victims drowned out every other sound and that turned the vampire on. She had never witnessed someone or something create such chaos right in the middle of the capital. So bold it was remarkable. However the most sensational part was the size of the ‘witch’ who started this mayhem. She was barely five feet tall!

At a distance of eighteen meters from the girl, Kaiser stood dumbfounded and wildly amused. The heat from her magic was the only thing that brought her out of her daze and notice at her ten o’clock, a formation of rune knights beginning to march the length of about thirty meters towards the girl. Kaiser had seen all kinds of creatures, and it wouldn’t surprise her if the entity turned out to be a demon straight from hell in the body of a young female human. Those tricky bastards knew how to fool humans, but not Kaiser. She was familiar with this kind of bullshit. Raising her left hand, the nightwalker clenched her fist, releasing a beam of crash energy directed at the rune knights that would knock them out and blast them back the way they came.

With her right hand, she blasted another beam of crash energy at the ground beneath her, using the blow to launch herself into the air, making her way towards the clearing in which the ‘Witch of Carnage’ stood by hoisting her frame over the fires. Hopefully her attack against the oncoming rune knights was enough for the witch to deduce that she was no threat, and mayhaps even consider her an ally. Arriving at the witch’s side, assuming that her actions were uninterrupted, Kaiser would quickly adjust her hair that went flying while she was midair and then curtsied ever so slightly. “The stars must be aligned to bring me the pleasure of being in your presence, Witch...of Carnage.” The words danced off her tongue cunningly, in her unique Boscosi-Joyan accent. Her ruby irises glowed with affiliative intent while the smirk on her lips conveyed how impressed she was with the witch’s abilities.

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