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Different Experiences, In Different Ways.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Different Experiences, In Different Ways.(Open) Empty on Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
The ever so odd woman she was Judith would walk into Bartra's Inn with one goal in her mind. What goal exactly was kind of vastly different then most things Judith would be really doing and expecting to do, Sit down and drink at the Inn.

It seemed kind of just a break in her normal of looking at plants and flowers, people watching and talking too and comforting random people. It was one of the few moments in life that anyone who knew who Judith was, Would find this situation rather different then anything she was known for doing.

It seemed to be the starting of happy hour is Judith guessed while she walked in quietly, So only guessed it was the start because beside from herself Judith counted about other people, So she was either early, late or something happen to scare away everyone drinking.

So Judith would hop upon a bar stool and with her ever normal peaceful friendly smile. And when she ordered it seemed to be something simple as always."A glass and white wine."Judith said.

So the server would go over and and bring her a glass of white wine and she would then smile then would speak again."Before you go,Give me the entire bottle of that wine." Judith had not even taken a drink of it yet and she wanted the entire bottle.

with that Goal in mind and the whatever part of day it was, Just to drink it away, Generally she prefer to drink with her husband at home but this felt was something she just wanted to do, As well as see what it would open up in terms of watching and learning about people while she was here. so far harmless intentions but also more of a relaxed moment.


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Hunched over and bundled in a coat with her navy blue scarf tightly wrapped around her neck, Marnie walked tiredly along the path that lead past Batra's Inn, remnants of ice and snow crunching beneath her feet. She was struggling to carry a backpack stuffed to the brim with project notes, paper corners and pencils threatening to fall out of the bags many pockets. She'd heard about a lead from one of her colleagues earlier the day before and had packed her bag in a hurried manner only to discover that there had been nothing to research, bupkis. Other people wasting her time like that made her grumpier than she usually is... And wearing these shoes... How could she truly feel the ground with those clunky things on her feet? There was only one thing that hit the spot when her discontent for people and shoes were brimming over...

"I hate this snow... I hate these shoes... Coffee..." muttered Marnie to herself. "I need coffee, wonder where I could get some..."

Passing Batra's Inn, music and the sound of people chatting with one another could be heard on the other side of the establishment's doors. The two things Marnie disliked the most: people and noise. Her hankering for coffee and getting out of the cold was stronger than her want to avoid others, so reluctantly, she pushed open the door to Batra's and walked through the threshold.

Marnie scanned the room with her bored, sunken eyes. Plants. People. An empty table in the corner. Yea, that's where she'd sit... after ordering her coffee. Making sure to avoid others along the way, she reached the bar, took off her shoes and socks and throwing them to the floor. She didn't seem to care about all of the eyes that began to ogle her as she did so.

"Hey liquor jockey, do you have coffee here?..." asked the shoe-less oddball in a flat tone. "If not, just anything with a lot of caffine. It's an emergency..."

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#3Judith Karlinius 

Different Experiences, In Different Ways.(Open) Empty on Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would at least seem to get the attention of Judith. The every so watching or listening mother she was. Finally heard the interesting thing she was waiting to hear of. It did not take a lot to get Judith's attention  it was rather simple for the most part to get her attention.

It seemed simple to to pick up way, Some one was asking for coffee in a time where most people would be starting to pick up wine or beer. What was Judith to do, well what she always does when some one drawn in here interest.

Go towards what interested her. Which was as simple as her jumping out of her chair landing on her feet and walking over to whom was asking for coffee. It was interesting having some one ask for something that was not booze just was it was about to be happy hours.

She was an interested woman, had she not mentioned coffee or caffeine, Judith would assumed she had some kind of addiction that was far different. Judith was not the type to judge anyway.

It was a waiting game. One Judith would really wait much longer. Judith casually walked over to this green haired lady.

Judith could not help the fact she seemed rather miserable even if she was just waiting for one of the things she wanted to drink. She would sneak her way around Marnie while she seemed to be avoiding everyone.

Marnie was not going to be either a victim to Judith's random habits or she would actually take something positive from Judith just talking to her and trying to just make a new friend.

The server would give Marnie her cup of coffee and Judith would sneak her way into that corner spot, But not in the chair closest to Marine's things, But an empty chair, Judith would put down her wine bottle of white wine and casually was sipping away at her glass of wine. Judith seemed rather harmless sitting there. Judith gave no signs she would be of a worry, But Judith was waiting to see what would happen now, She wanted to make a new friend while Marnie seemed stuck in her own ways of wanting to do things.


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Marnie fished around in the pocket of her jacket and slid the money for the coffee onto the counter. A few coins in change for a tip, but nothing too large. An involuntary twitch in the corner of her left eye and shoulder, not uncommon, she took the cup of coffee with both hands, not a thank you or a word in recognition to the server. Marnie took a long sip, drinking almost half of the cup in one gulp, and sighed deeply afterward.

"Dark roast, medium blend..." she muttered contently. "Not bad..." Goosebumps rose on her skin from the warmth of the beverge.

Turning toward the direction of the corner table she'd silently claimed to herself earlier, Marnie noticed a white-haired, middle-aged woman sitting there with a bottle of wine. Her expression changed from slightly content to annoyed in a split second. Who was she, anyway? And how dare she sit at her table. Had she done it on purpose? Judging from her posture, maybe she had. Marnie could've sworn she felt someone looking at her with reason, or intrigue, before too, different from everyone else just staring at her out of amusement before.

"Hm..." mused Marnie quietly, annoyedly. Instead of walking in the direction of Judith, she collected her cup of coffee, shoes, and socks and opted in for an empty corner of the bar counter instead. Throwing her belongings and backpack by the wall next to her, Marnie climbed onto the barstool and sat cross-legged, barefoot, drinking the other half of her coffee.

She waved her hand at the server, shaking her empty cup at him. "Another one..."

#5Judith Karlinius 

Different Experiences, In Different Ways.(Open) Empty on Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:03 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was a smile on her face, it was not a bit of a game for her Judith to be doing this. The game of making a new friend had just started. And Marnie just happen to be the target of Judith's harmless game with good intentions.

She left just as quickly as Judith seemed to sit down wanting to try and start a conversation. But so far none of them said a word to one another so far.

So Judith would let about 10 minutes go by, casually sipping her glass of white wine, Get up from her chair  and casually walk over to the server. Making sure she was in view of Marnie to see her. Judith whispered a few things to the server and then hopped back away into the slowly filling up Inn bar.

It would not take long for Judith's plan to show it's self. The server rather bringing back one cup for her brought back four, Judith had seemed to have bought three other cups of coffee while she ordered just one for herself.

Judith also used it as a time frame to sneak her way back to somewhere near Marnie. The server seemed to be taking their time to put down each of the four cups of coffee. Finally remarking."Three of from."As they would say that Judith would hop right onto the bar stool next to Marine.

And the server looked and said."The lady right next to you."Judith did not look middle age old now, Her skin was now rather smooth and youthful looking best way to think of it she looked like she was in her early 30's, Her white while having some shade of white in it now had hints of purple, Best way of seeing it is lavender purple.

There was a most likely very interesting explanation for this that Marnie could ask, But Judith would lead the conversation."You seem like a very interesting woman."Judith would start, Her voice was a rather soft spoken but mature fitting of how she looked for her age.

Judith expected Marnie to run now, Even if Judith just bought her coffee. She had better intentions then most people at least."You seem to love your coffee, Just as much my youngest son enjoys his tea."She would place her bottle down and her glass would just be in her right hand full, seems she had yet to take a single drink out of it, Judith seemed to sound rather friendly despite her already being a rather odd woman. So now was to wonder, did Marnie flee again? Judith was expecting her too.


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The server brought her over another piping cup of coffee, exchanging it for the empty cup Marnie was waving around. Marnie slid more money onto the counter and he took it with a harsh smile, knowing the tip was going to be just as small as it was with the first coffee. She gulped down her second coffee as fast as her first, satisfying whatever deeply seeded caffeine addiction she knew she had but didn't care to get rid of. She glanced upward and noticed Judith sitting across from her at the bar. What was this lady's problem?...

Setting her mug down on the counter, staring within it at its half-empty contents, Marnie, intent on studying Judith's expression and body language, was surprised to find the bartender slide one... two... three mugs of fresh, hot coffee her way. What in the...? Her eyes shot upward to across the bar once more to find that the white-haired woman was gone. Where had she gone?... Drifting her eyes to the side slowly, it was like she could feel her presence already beside her, there Judith was... of course.

Free coffee: her weakness. Marnie had to hand it to her, the woman was crafty. Beautiful too now that she had a closer look at her features. But her blatant actions to insert herself into Marnie's crappy day only fueled her grumpiness. She appreciated the coffee, more than she'd ever admit to Judith, but this woman was playing a game and she wasn't going to be the first one to crack. Her mouth would stay shut.

Quietly, Marnie took another gulp of the second cup she'd bought before and moved onto her third cup, outwardly accepting Judith's peace offering, but inwardly staying stubborn.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Different Experiences, In Different Ways.(Open) Empty on Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:01 am

Judith Karlinius
The oh so wonder part is Judith would even speak what her plan was right in front of Marnie."I will buy you as many cups of coffee you want, if you speak at least one simple word to me."Judith mentioned with that friendly motherly smile she had. Judith was not hiding her plan and this reality would just as horrible in a reality in thought for Marnie.

Judith would take a small sip of her glass of white wine. But even if she wanted to be quiet Judith would continue pressing forward."My name is Judith. If that helps."Judith had a feeling it did not but she was still trying anyway. Nonetheless Judith for the moment would allow the time of quiet to just linger it would give Marnie a chance to enjoy the peace and quiet. Even if there were other people talking all around them

Or order more coffee since she now had a free supply of coffee. Judith would slip this part in to continue cracking away at the social barrier before her."I am getting something to eat, You are free to order something to eat as well."She was not really forcing her to order something to eat, But it was open for her to do so.

But would most likely take her time ordering food as well, It was partly another way to get attempt to get Marnie to open up, While also being casual about it. Judith was hoping she was not being too horrible with trying to be social with some one who seemed slightly lonely in her view.

So casually drinking her glass of wine. Then she would finally order something to eat, But Judith was planning something that she could attempt to share with her ever so quiet guest."A basket of french fries please."


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This woman wasn't going to budge, was she? Giving her a side glance while sipping her third coffee, Marnie listened to Judith when she suggested that she'd buy her as much coffee as she wanted if she talked. Was her pride worth limitless coffee for one evening?...

She listened to the white-haired woman introduce herself. Judith, huh? She looked like a Judith, mused Marnie to herself. Was she a mother, too? Her wiseness and craftiness convinced Marnie that she was. But what made her so insistent on talking to her? Was it worth being grumpy to not have some sort of conversation? Then again, she had no business with this Judith woman at all, so she had no obligation to say anything to her. Decisions, decisions...

Between the silence, Marnie became lost in thought, bouncing her crossed legs while almost finishing her mug of coffee - honestly, where did she keep it all? She heard Judith mention something about paying for food and let out an elongated sigh. She wasn't going to give, this woman, whoever she was. Marnie decided she was going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"I don't eat french fries..." muttered Marnie to Judith, not looking in her general direction, legs bouncing. "Do they have pickled plums?... or maybe something sour?"

#9Judith Karlinius 

Different Experiences, In Different Ways.(Open) Empty on Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:37 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was more for Judith to go off of with that."It is fine, I will see if I can eat them myself."Judith mentioned in passing. But Judith had something in mind at least that she would suggest."Maybe some Kim-chi? "Judith would suggest as well. It was a small bit of Judith continuing of trying to continue yet again to be a friend of some one who really did not want to be her so far. Judith was intentionally ignoring it at this point, Eventually if asked Judith would actually say why she ignored the said noticeable signs.

So Judith would say."I am sure you might be able to get something you enjoy."Judith then when she waved over the which ever server would have their attention caught. Judith would whisper something into the server's ear with a nod to Judith the server left. Judith had came up with another scheme of sorts.

Eventually what Judith seemed to meddle would show up. While Judith seemed to have a reasonable size basket of french fries. With a plate placed before Marnie she had a plate with sweet and sour chicken, Kim-chi and Pickle plums. A varying plate of either super sour and some what sour food as well. This seemed to be some what of a guess from Judith, But at least the plate had Pickled Plums on it, So Judith at least still did listen.

This was an attempt for Judith to understand her food habits a bit more, Judith was not hiding it either she knew very well what she was doing. Quietly and slowly eating away, Judith seemed to make no noise while she was eating her food and finishing off that glass of wine of hers. Slowly pouring what would be either her third or fourth glass, But the bottle was empty.

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