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DEATH (Joshua) (tarot card)

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#1Joshua Graham 

DEATH (Joshua) (tarot card) Empty on Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:12 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua had used every last contact he had within the church, within his life, to make this plan work. He had been plauged by the voiced of the dead, who screamed and begged him to avenge them. He sat before the alter of the Cathedral and with the Punisher set before him, he cleaned in holy water. Joshua did not smile as he did this work. What he was about to do, would be seen by the world as a terrible and dark thing even if it was in action against those who had just tried to destroy the world. He made sure to clean every part of the Punisher with ease and care, but with the expert eye only a man who knew his fire arms would be able to clean it.

thats when the First of them arrived, the first of the Holy Knights. From their perspective, all they saw was a priest cleaning a cross. He called out to them without turning telling them to take a seat and to pray silently until the others had arrived. The sound of armor moving and sett;ing as they moved into the pews. Each bowed their head and prayed silently. Soon more had arrived, thankfully only a few wore armor. The ones without it had the self awareness of the damage they had done, and knew to hide what they were for the time being. But Joshua would not be fooled. He waited until the doors were shut, by the men he had paid, this was all he would have to work with. He stood lifting the cross up and holding it before him as he touched his fore head to it in prayer himself.

He turned to the men, his face clean shaven and washed. "Any society that derives its power and authority from the will of man alone lives apart from God and will crumble in the end." He spoke to them, like he had spoken to his people in his home village. "But we have allowed our selves to forget our place. You put so much belief in to our God," he said with an anger, that was rising to the surface jsut barely contained. "And allowed yourself to be used as weapons against our home. You turned yourself from man, into monster in persuit of pleasing Illumin." Joshua moved the cross behind him and placed it infront of him, with his hand son it he gripped it in anger. But it was a cold rightious fury. "You sought to become one with Illumin, and you were made their dog instead, The twilight of the gods comes each morning, when our world shines brighter than the stars themselves and yet you sit here, your head bowed to you do not have to look upon the world you have diminished!"

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#2Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
With a mighty lift, he lifted the cross onto the alters speaking box, the cross positioned like a mini gun. The knights raised their heads at his anger and the sudden noise, they stood in panic and in anger realizing they had been tricked. They rushed at him, but it was too late as Joshua pulled the trigger, the doors were locked and there was no escape for any until Joshua gave the word to his men outside. In his mind, he saw not the men he killed, but the fields of wheat of his home.  "There is no pity, no mercy in what i do now! I cast my excuses into the dirt, The power you sought has destroyed you, My Brothers. You will find no other end but that of this, by my hands and by the will of those whos lives you have taken!"

The flame bullets ripped through those without armor, and eityher killed them outright, or severely wounded them. Those in armor however managed to survive the first volley of bullets, ducking and even protecting those around them with their bodies. "I will remember your names, and carve them into the heavens. Forgive me, But what i do now, i do for the future of our Order, For the future of this world you must be punished. We are privileged to breath, to taste the air! It is the last gasp of all who have died before us. I fight until the blood takes the spear from my grasp, until I can only crawl. And even then, you will not defeat me, even then, I will stand once more, because that is what it means to be human! My Brothers to warriors resting beneath wheat. Sons of battles a thousand times lost. I know who I am, and I will show Illumin what I can become, So i ask you to bow your heads, and allow this blade to fall, so i may put to rest this hatred in the world that you have all caused."

the smoke from the Punisher drifted away, the sounds of dying men filled the Cathedral. Those undamaged stood and pulled their weapons from their shealths. "Our destiny is to fight, and only the bravest do not refuse it. I understand this," Joshua said with a soft understanding smile. "Beneath Aspect and armor, you are more resilient than you know, So come at me with everything you have, To do anyless would be an insult to those we have all buried in our path to the future we seek." the Knights roared and ran at him, the pews pushed aside by their strength.

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#3Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
The first knight to reach Joshua, found himself mowed down before he could finish climbing the few steps to the alter, as Joshua swung the heavy cross to face him blasting away the soft flesh under his helm. he fell dead, as Joshua turned to gun down the next, though he blocked with his shield. Joshua turned the cross around, using the Alter as a tripod of sorts, he shot off an explosive rocket that sent the man flying backwards as it hit his shield. The man crunched on the ground as he landed, groaning and hurt. Joshua watched as the knights stepped back, unsure what to do now. Joshua put the cross down, and walked to the first knight he had killed. He grabbed the mans blade and stood ready to fight.

"We are what we overcome, I wield my fate as a weapon, The Blade and gun are only an extention of my soul." he got into a low stance and prepared to fight. the Knight nearest him rushed forward and their blades slammed together, he moved to slice Joshua, but joshua quickly side stepped and moved beneath the blow, sliding into the mans ankle and through it dropping him to the ground as his ankle gave out. He moved to the mans side and grabbed his blade as well, now with two in hand he would be able to fight against the remaining, he rushed toward him, the pews making it hard for them to reach him at the same time. He blocked the first blow, and slashed the mans throat with a quick and clean cut that only someone whop had butchered livestock would know.  He grabbed the mans bleeding body and threw him backwards into the man behind him as he turned and ran back up the steps.

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#4Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
As he got the the top he swung the sword and cut cleanly through the pole, supporting a ornamental spear tip. He caught the makeshift spear and spun it in one hand as he turned and danced away from another knights blow. He smacked the spear into the knights back of his neck, he did t do amy damage, but he knocked him to his hands and knees. Joshua ran forward and push kicked the man hard in the side, sending him back down the stairs with crunching of metal with each stair he hit. "Is this all you have to show me? Is this the power of those who betrayed their world?!" He shattered the spears shaft on another knights helmet, as he tried approaching the stairs. He too buckled to the ground. The blow didn't cause damage, but it hurt none the less, as his head rang.

Joshua tossed the broken speak aside and walked toward the stunned knight. He grabs his head and pushing it to the side, drove the blade deep into the mans chest through his fleshy neck. The man struggled but died, the blade was pulled free as a shower of blood left the mans body. Joshua looked to the other knights, still, 5 armored knights left left alot for Joshua to deal with. But he was on a truely righteous mission. Not one from god, or from some desperate cry from beyond, though they had shown him just how much life had been lost.

"You may see me as a monster, a demon who would dare draw blood in this sacred place. And I too, would have though that once. But this sin is minuscule compared to the horror you allowed." One of the knights tried to argue, saying they had no choice. But Joshua just stared at the man till he backed down stuttering. "You always have a choice. May not in the moment," he said as he turned and looked back at the cross of the grand cathedral itself. "But you should have had the resolve, the courage, and the understanding that by not sacrificing your tainted used souls, you allow the chance for it to happen all over again! How many more must die? How many more woman and children must burn in holy fire for simply existing just so you can understand this world no longer has a need for men like you!"

Joshua threw off the priestly cloths, revealing his normal outfit underneath, he snapped his fingers, using g what little of his natural magic he could to burn it away. He picked up the Punisher and presented it before the men. This world has no use for men such as us! Men who would to easily throw their lives away for some god who does not care one ounce!" He tore the neckless off his neck and tossed it to the floor before the knights. "This world needs men who will make the tough calls! Who will struggle and fight and bleed ever on into the dirt so that those behind them will never have to see blood spilled on their street!" He screamed loudly, passionately, his voice louder then any sermon ever given in the cathedral. "The time of Judgement has come! But not by your lord and savior, but by the people! YOU HAVE ALL BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF COWARDICE AND OF SIN! BY YOUR OWN VERY LAWS YOU DHALL BE PUT TO DEATH BEFORE THIS GRAND ALTER! BECAUSE JUSTICE IS THE ONLY TRUE LAW IN THIS WORLD, AND YOU SHALL FIND IT DOES NOT HESITATE TO PUNISH THOSE RESPONSIBLE!"

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#5Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
One of the knights, who lore lighter armor then the others, fired off a bolt of lightning that Joshua barely dodged. Joshua threw the blade down and picked up the punisher in both hands and opened fire, another volley of bullets flew through the air, they slammed onto the mans armor, but tore right through due to its light armoring. There was a shout as the knights ran toward him, their weapons drawn. Joshua turned and put the punisher on his back as he picked back up the sword and tossed himself at the knights, using the cross as a shield by turning his body mid air. He slammed full speed onto two knights who fell back along with joshua, who rolled off the men and into a slide.

He stood up quickly after and without a smile on his face he put the sword into his mouth, biting down on it to hold it as he lifted the Punisher once more and opening fire again. This time the 4 remaining knights were without cover, one managed to get his shield up in time to protect his unharmed face, another managed to slide behind the alter and cursed Joshua as the bullets flew over his head. The other two scrambled off their backs as quickly as possible to try to find cover, but only one would managed to do so, the other would find several new breathing holes in his throat and face, the other bullets having bounced harmlessly off his armor. Joshua panted softly. Having g used up about a quarter of his mana alone. He waited keeping his finger ready to pull the trigger. The one who hid behind his shield didnt move, knowing hed be the first targeted. The one who had hid behind the altar stood in his anger and ran from behind the altar, his shield raised to block any bullets. His battle cry roared almost equal to Joshuad a moment before.

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#6Joshua Graham 

DEATH (Joshua) (tarot card) Empty on Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:42 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua turned to face the Punishers end toward him, the internal workings activating as he sent mana flowing into the machine. It fired out a volley of fire bullets that slammed into the charging knights shield. Joshua countered his charge with a lunge, grabbing the blade from his mouth and parrying the knights blow. Despite the difference in strength, Joshua redirected the blow and spat in the knights eye, he then kicked off the mans shield to put him back at a safe distance. The knight roared in a blind anger and decided against stopping to clear his eyes.

instead he ducked beneath his shield and Joshua cursed to himself as the one who had ducked behind the pew jumped over the blinded knight, a spear of green magic fire was slammed into Joshuas chest. it didnt pierce him, instead it exploded him backwards into the church doors, but they didnt budge. Joshuas helpers had done their job well. Joshua groaned as he stood back up slowly, the clothing he had been wearing had been damaged, the chest covered with burn holes from the explosion. the blinded knight cleared his eye and the other near the alter began to make his way down. Joshua couldnt help himself but laugh. He always found himself picking fights he had no place picking. Maybe it was because he was an idiot, always looking for trouble. Or maybe he just had a problem.

He tossed the punisher down and spat out some blood. He grabbed the short sword handle tightly, and wiped his mouth. He made his way toward them as they did the same. once, Joshua had dreamed of being a Holy Knight, His father had told him so many stories of the Holy Knights bravery. But all he saw were cowards, too afraid to pay for their sin.

#7Joshua Graham 

DEATH (Joshua) (tarot card) Empty on Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:47 pm

Joshua Graham
The first  knight to reach Joshua was the one who had made the spear. he hadnt made another yet, and had instead drawn his sword as well. As the two approached and grew nearer, They rushed each other. Joshua sliced low, making the dodge awkwardly as his own blow missed, cutting some of Joshuas long hair. But even with an awkward dodge, he relatiated with a swift kick to Joshuas head. He hit him hard and knocked him into a wobbly almost-fall. He caught himself jsut in time to come to his senses, and back step away from a volley of slashes the angered knight launched at him. he wasnt using any magic yet, as the one who had been a fair distance away began to make his way toward them.

He spat out another glob of blood, his head rang a bit, but beyond a bleeding lip and perhaps some damaged teeth, Joshua was relatively fine.  He wasnt unharmed to say the least, but he could take a bit more then he had been able to be, perhaps he was growing stronger. He dodged again, jumping of a pew and slamming a kick into the knights arm as he blocked. Joshua landed and slashed at every weak spot he could.  he aimed for the knees, the ankles, the inner thigh. Each blow glanced off armor, until finally Joshua managed to slide through the mans ankle, but he didnt have time to finish the blow as the one he ahd blinded charged into him, sending him into a slide after a shield bash.

Joshua groaned and stood up. his head ringing. But not there was only 2 and a half to worry about. He and the angry knight stared each other down, until Joshua took off in a dash toward the punisher. He slide behind the cover of a pew, grabbing the Cross and readying it for another volley. joshua was panting. He still had about half his mana, but his stamina was running out. "Lets just end this.... Do the right thing and bow your heads." he offered them a way out. He hoped they would take it

#8Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua stared down the men, the one who he had blinded panted as he got in the way of Joshuas view of the other two. the one who hand tfought much began to heal the other one, But joshua wouldnt have that. He used his magic, which despite being with him for a long while, hadnt been the focus of his life. He raised his hand as the magic flowed through him, and with a snap of his finger, the area around the wounded knight exploded, sending the healer flying back as the other was now missing an entire leg. the scream that filled the church was terrible, but joshua didnt let it show on his face how much it hurt him to do that. the angry knight turned, hearing his companians scream, he yelled outhimself, though it was quickly cut off by a magic bullet through his neck. He dropped to the ground struggling to stop the bleeding, but it was a quick death.

The man who had his leg blown off was still struggling, screaming out in pain. the healer got up finally, he was hurt himself, but he screamed out for Joshua to stop as the lone man made his way toward his wounded friend. His friend tried to fight back, and even managed to get a magic spell started, only for Joshua to kill him with a blow to the head from the punisher. the crunch of human skull filled the room as everything grew quiet. the last knight struggled to speak. he stuttered out words but they were not finished as he puked from the pit in his stomuch. 'This is what it means to be punished.... to suffer for your actions." Joshua lifted the gun cross and made his way to the knight, who had seemingly given up.

#9Joshua Graham 

DEATH (Joshua) (tarot card) Empty on Sun Feb 16, 2020 8:11 am

Joshua Graham
The knight didnt even fight back, he hadnt fought the entire time hardly. He looked up at joshua as the lone man pointed the guncross at his face. Joshua asked if he had any last words. But the knight was silent. Joshua looked down at him, his eyes were glazed over. But with a sudden movement, Joshua found hismelf stood over a dead man. but he didnt remember pulling the trigger. He turned looking around. "I know your in here... the same little imp that caused the break out in era. Show yourself." From behind a piller, the imp emerged. He smiled a toothy grin, But Joshua knew better then to attack him. He couldnt risk the imp usign his magic again. "Your here... what do you want?"

The Imp smiled a toothy grin, and he approched Joshua, pulling a ring from his sleeve seemingly. The ring had a raven on the design and he smiled devilishly. "This... Is a gift from my master, no curses no tricks." he put it on and took it off to show nothign happened. "But, there is a trackign spell on it. So when my master is ready to deal with you, he can find you easier. Though, Im sure youll find a way to use it against him." Joshua looked at him curiously as he set the ring down on the ground. "Master has taken... a special interest in mages like you. Though im not allowed to tell you why." he said it in a way that Joshua knew he was lying. He could have told him, But he chose not to. The Imp smiled and stepped back, before turning to walk away. He started to shimmer as he seemed to sink into the shadows made by the bodies.

"Im gunna find you all, and put you all to Justice just like these Knights." Joshua warned. his threat serious.

"Oh we know you will~ its what were counting on." the imp smiled and stopped, just before his head dissapeared. "Master said he expects impressive things from you." and with that the Imp dissapeared.

#10Joshua Graham 

DEATH (Joshua) (tarot card) Empty on Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:57 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua was alone now. he set the cross down and numbly got to work. He put the knights into positions of prayer, and then took the unlit lantern and poured the oil out of it onto the colorful and silken sheets that covered the back of the room. He looked toward the door and made his way to a safe distance. he pulled out a cig and used the small bit of mana he had to light the end. it burned with an acrid smell. Joshua took a deep pull and then flicked the small burning stick into the oil. Causing it to catch with ease on the burnable fabric.

He went back as the fire grew and grabbed the ring the imp had left. He was determined to use it to find them. He made his way to the door and with a special knock, it opened. the helped outside quickly closing the door as Joshua made his way out with punisher on his back. "I wont stop till they all pay....No mercy."

He made his way out and back to where he was staying.


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