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A Day In Astera! [Vivienne]

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It was a gentle breeze that blew through the streets and the white city of Astera, a small city by the sea with trade out into the vast expanse of waters. Having a small break from the guarding job of Astera, the young white wizard named Fayre would spend a small while with his friend from the guild in the east of Fiore, the guild known as Fairy Tail. It was nice to see her again, Fayre thought. He met the woman while in the popular city of Magnolia months ago. Fayre often would take on jobs and encounter Fairy Tail wizards, who he came to befriend in his time in Magnolia. In the town of Astera that began to recover from the war, Fayre and Vivi would go out for a stroll and think of what to do during this nice day after a job well done.

A bright sun shined upon the town, as men, women, and children roamed the main squares of the recovering town. Smells of food and fresh produce filled the air with the nice ocean breeze. It was a day that could go anywhere. Fayre smiled to the woman, seeing her smirk. He would begin to speak and ask what brought the woman to Astera and what she would like to eat.

Fayre: "So, Vivi, what brought you to Astera? I myself just came to catch a ride in a few days to a week back home to see my mom. By the way, what do you want to eat? Ah, wait! Let us have a picnic and talk, I will cook."

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Vivienne Spaulding


Vivienne would allow her gaze to fall onto Fayre, an old friend of Fairy Tail and a mage of small renown within the guild. Her eyes a melding of amber and cyan with the sun beaming down to expose the beautiful features of the woman, even with her wizards hat and robe covering her frame. Nails painted black to match the darker aesthetic of her wardrobe for the evening despite her mildly light hearted attitude for the day. It wasn't often she smiled or even laughed so she offered a quaint smirk to her companion instead of a full blown grin.

Questions were suddenly being thrown at her by the white haired mage and each time she went to speak another phrase would leave his mouth. Her eyes widened slightly while a brow furrowed in mock confusion as she simply waited for him to finish before holding up four fingers up humorously. The index of her left moving to count off the many points she would answer with a single statement.

"I'm here for work, i'm glad to hear you'll be going home to see your mom soon, I'm not picky and... sounds like a good idea. There, I think I covered all the key points." She mused while smirking again to Fayre and then relaxing her hands to her side once more, her stave resting on her back in it's holster and her hat keeping the sun from blinding her. Sure her robe wasn't the best for the winter weather they were having but it was enchanted to be temperature resistant so it was only the wind that kissed her ankles and face that bothered her.

"A picnic? In the middle of winter...?"

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A cold breeze would blow through the streets of Astera quickly, causing the young man to feel chilly but not for long that is with his picnic he would decide to have that is. He loved cooking and found great delight and fun in it. A nice warm meal soothed the hearts of people. First however, Fayre and Vivi must buy some ingredients. In the Astera markets lie a wide range of ingredients to use for cooking. Fayre would smile at her words of it being a picnic in winter, turning his heel and looking over at Astera markets. He would adjust the bag on his back and look then back at his friend beside him.

Fayre: "Yeah, we can grill a nice hot meal and warm up. First, we will need to grab some stuff to cook up. What are you in the mood for? Fish? Meat?"

Said the white haired wizard, in a nice warm wizard coat. It was not too cold here in the coastal city of Astera but what cold there was could be soothed by the likes of a nice hot meal on a grill. He justled his backpack with a mini grill in it and would begin to walk over to the markets that sold fresh produce and fish. Fayre loved cooking for people.

A radiant light from the sun shined upon Fayre as he lifted his hand up to block sunlight, whilst staring at the various kinds of produce and food one can buy and cook up here in Astera. He could cook fish on the grill, served with veggies and some other ingredients..?

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