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Chaos Reigns [Grand Ball | Invasion | Invite | Odin | Orange]

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Chaos Reigns [Grand Ball | Invasion | Invite | Odin | Orange] Empty on Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:40 pm


The moon hung high as the Cathedral stood many stories tall. It was a brilliant piece of architecture and home to the one called the Divine a rarely seen figure. A massive white wall with giant towering pillars surrounded the religious building on all sides.  The King was hosting a grand ball within the halls of this building that had withstood the sands of time and illuminated the beauty of the city around it.

"La de da de dai, I love to not leave a single man alive. La de da de duh, I love to leave a trail of blood." The sweet sound of a young girls voice echoed through the night air heading towards the Great Cathedral. The voice was soft to the ears and sweet like an angel, but the words she sang sent chills through the spine of those who heard it. "La de da de dai, Genocide. La de da de duh, An ocean of blood." The sound of footsteps on cobble pavement struck like drums in the ears of the guards who stood outside the giant cathedral.

Approaching the guards was a young girl, she appeared no older than thirteen years old. She was dressed in a black and red gothic lolita style of dress that was cut short exposing her creamy white legs and thick thighs. The skirt was low enough it exposed the seductive garter belt and stockings she wore. Long silk black stockings slid up slender white legs stopping at the knees leaving an excess amount of thigh exposed between the end of the stocking and her dress. Long black hair cascaded down her back, adorned with a red and black headpiece in the shape of ears. The young girl's attire was adorned in red ribbons and frills.  Crimson hues that twinkled like gemstones bore into the souls of the holy guards. Adorned across her back was a long staff taller than she was being two meters in length while she was barely five foot. Around her neck rested a sinister golden skull with diamond eyes. On her left ring finger a silver ring.

The young girl approached, her heart-shaped face coming into full view. Anyone who placed eyes upon this young woman would know who she was and quiver in fear. She was Yumi Hateshiginai, better known as the S rank Dark Mage the Witch of Carnage. A Dark Mage who had wandered the lands for close to eighty long years and worshipped the Dark Demonic God Malum a being who represented Chaos, Blood, War and Destruction. Yumi a Mage who had caused nothing but bloodshed, leaving a trail of carnage and bodies wherever she went. She showed no mercy killing man, woman and child, young or old, sick or well it didn't matter to her. Even if you were her ally she wouldn't hesitate to take your head. Offend her and you were no better than dead.

Yumi approached the guards and didn't bother to restrain her killer intent. The thick aura of death hung in the air as the demonic lolita approached the guards and came to a stop twenty meters from them. She revealed a sweet tender smile, "What a lovely night for a party." Commented the daemon in her sweet voice, the voice of a siren calling men to their death. The daemon took a single step forward, she was revealing her intentions to pass by and enter the Cathedral.

"I hope you'll let me pass. I heard this party is open to all. Or will you discriminate against me." Asked the demon sweetly a hand twitching as magical energy circulated through her body. If they refused her entry Yumi intended to force her way in. "That wouldn't be in your best interest. I'm sure the King would love a commotion on this auspicious night." Yumi let the threat hang in the air.

"But then again..." The demon trailed off before a vicious smile appeared on those soft pink lips. The temperature suddenly rose exponentially as a demonic aura was unleashed, followed by the dominating presence of an empress. The fear unleashed Yumi spread out consuming a twenty-five-meter area to weaken all those within her range. Demonic energy erupted from Yumi's body as she transformed. A large red magical circle formed at her feet as she thrust her right hand forward as if she carried a spear. Crimson flames roared to life as bat wings sprouted from Yumi's back. Horns grew from the side of Yumi's head as fire shaped itself into a giant vermillion bird. The phoenix screeched loudly as it flew through the air consuming everything in its path.

The phoenix's wings sprouted, the bird was massive as it had a height, width and length of thirty-two meters. Crimson wings spread out as the bird flew across the terrace, heading straight towards the guards intending to engulf them in its mass. The phoenix was fast-moving at twenty meters per second. Its speed and mass made it incredibly hard to avoid.

"I do so love to cause a commotion!" Roared the lolita in a twisted voice, her tone had become distorted, taking on a demonic undertone.


Mana: 3087/3375

Auras, Items and Transformations

  • Fear Activated: 25m Range. Zhav's amulet increases debuff by 10% and let's fear affect ranks above mine. (Z-X Rank 10% Stat Debuff, S Rank 20% Stat Debuff, A Rank 30% Stat Debuff, B Ranks 40% Stat Debuff, C ranks 50% Stat Debuff and D Rank's 60% Stat Debuff).
  • Empress Aura Activated: Minor Magical Resistance. +10% to All stats
  • Unleashed Daemon Transformation Activated: -5%mp (168mp): +40% to all stats
  • Swift Ring: +20 Speed

Boosted Stats

  • Strength: 124
  • Speed: 81
  • Constitution: 231
  • Endurance: 124
  • Intelligence: 148 (40%mp Reduction)


Chaos Reigns [Grand Ball | Invasion | Invite | Odin | Orange] FIXCi2K
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Chaos Reigns [Grand Ball | Invasion | Invite | Odin | Orange] Empty on Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:35 am

This ball had, quite possibly, become the most mind-numbing thing Odin had ever had to endure, and he had died twice already. Between pathetic nobles sucking up to the king; devious nobles plotting against the king, and everyone else talking about why certain individuals (such as, maybe, a Lich) had been invited to the grand ball. At that, Odin was as confused as most people. From where he was, he could see the king himself, talking with some nobles about some such thing as his guards surrounded him. There wasn't much between them. Sure the guards were probably extremely strong mages, and the place was already swarming with strong characters who would leap in to defend 'king and country', but that was it. Just people. There were no walls, no defences, the king was right there, less than fifty metres from where Odin stood, drinking a glass of expensive (but relative to the king's wealth it might as well have been urine) red wine. The wine actually wasn't that bad.

Odin had contemplated walking over to the king, to converse with him about the current situation of Fiore. After all, Odin had served the true king Arthurias against the pretender before him, and the Lich (before becoming undead) was almost appointed to the role of Kingsguard. In fact, King Reign probably owed his crown, at least in part, to Odin himself. Now wasn't that an amusing thing to consider.

But no, no one would let him anywhere near the king, and all eyes would be on him if he were to try anything. The King was out of bounds, but perhaps there would be a noble, or even a prince, who Odin could kidnap. After all, he was here on a mission. While everyone else was enjoying the festivities, Odin was here to extract information for HER: gaining intel about those present. While the Lich did not understand exactly who he was to interrogate, he figured the higher the rank the better.

An ominous rumble, followed by screams, followed by the recognisable stench of burning flesh.

"Well it's about fucking time!"

While many cowered in fear of the commotion outside, Odin saw it as his golden opportunity. Something was happening outside, and it meant he could do some damage inside...

-Fear Activated-



Final stats (with bonuses and guild level):

  • STR: 193 (S rank damage)
  • SPD: 19 (7.5m/s Lunge | 15m/s Run)
  • END: 61 (A rank)
  • CON: 134 (3x S rank)
  • INT: 121 (40% reduction)

Fear affecting S rank and below (10% per rank difference)
Mana Drain per post: 5% within 25m

Chaos Reigns [Grand Ball | Invasion | Invite | Odin | Orange] BTcteu6

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