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Love of Nature.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:50 am

Judith Karlinius
At least there was something she could enjoy here, Judith was not really sure how long it has been or if she had been here in the Crocus Gardens before. It might have been long enough that it left her mind as quickly.

Many of the plants here where buried under the snow of winter. She Judith seemed to enjoy it still the light layer of snow was always something enjoyable just as much as when the gardens were not covered in snow.

But then again Judith looked at the plants in her mind she knew most of them snow covered where easy enough to uncover. Walking over to the main entrance to the gardens. Judith had been the rather early here.

So far Judith did no see nor hear anyone else here while she entered. It seemed like a good time for her to be around. Casual and slow steps if anything. taking her time to looking at what plant or flower was in front of her.

Judith was playing a guessing game of what flower or plant it was. It would be a fun game for her, It was a distraction for her as well. To keep her mind in a single place, It did not take much for her to kind of distract herself.

She would even place her hands near a bed of snow covered flowers to try and guess what it is. But so far yet to speak a word, She would touch a flower with her hand and slightly removed some of the snow to reveal a pink flower of sorts. It was kind of nice to Judith to have that part happen. She was trying to refresh her knowing of plants and would take her time to be sure she remembered what kind of flower this was.

#2Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Wed Jan 29, 2020 1:04 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah took the day to herself wakening with the sun and going for a walk, their mission was tough and she wanted some time to clear her head, recalling the Dinner she had with Kazimir nearly a month before she thought of the small garden outside the Royal Orchid Restaurant, it was small but in the moments before winter blew in and killed all the flowers, it was peaceful, one might even say Tranquil,  this same balancing energy she was craving.  Knowing Crocus to be a tower of large Stature, she knew they would have parks and the like around.

Finding some Street signs that indicated Which way the Crocus Garden was, Noyiah nodded in approval she quite liked the idea of going to the main garden of Crocus, it was bound to be a wonderful experience, even in the winter she could imagine the colors that would shine through.

Peeking into the Garden she thought she caught a glimpse of a familiar and friendly face. Moving about to the opposite side where the gate to the garden was, she would open it quietly as to no disturb Judith.

As she entered the area the snow under her feet crunched loudly echoing off the Structures around them, it seemed to amplify her presence, Curiously she looked over to see Judith leaning towards a flower and almost gently holding it, Noyiah would wait for her to acknowledge her presence as to not want to cause a fright to her, after all she didn’t know how good Judith was with being Scared or if it was even possible to scare a lady of her age and nature.

If she was looked at, Noyiah would smile widely and ask “ what has you up so early this fine morning?”

#3Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Wed Jan 29, 2020 5:56 am

Judith Karlinius
Guess it was always that time for some one to question something, Not like Judith mind that in reality she welcomed it more then most people assumed. But Judith would not be shy."I am looking for two people. One I can only guess is here. While the other I do not know even in the slightest."Judith at least would reveal why she was around and so she would then stop gazing upon snow covered flowers and say."But the one I do not know in the slightest will find me in due time."Judith set that part aside, It was also a matter for too personal for Noyiah, She should not be part of Judith's situation she did not know much about Judith to start with.

"Do you know what has been going on as of late with my daughter? Judina seems to flutter away like a butter fly in the sky before I get a chance to see her."Judith mentioned in a weird and odd worded question.

Judith was an ever and always wandering mystery in her own way, But at least she was harmless."Such a garden I something I wish to have at home."Judith would move on to another casual conversation piece. "But alias I could not, My husband would not be too happy with me."Judith at least seemed to smile delightfully only because she was in a place she felt was normal."These kinds of gardens, Make me remember what my life as a hermit was at one point."Judith was just maybe starting to reach a point of aimlessly talking.

At least she was not hard to talk too, if anything she might be just worried about one child she had not seen in a while, Noyiah would be a good to help if she knew.

#4Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:21 pm

Noyiah Dashi
A lot had changed since she had last met Judith, she had been accepted into the rune knights, was doing well for herself, had started dating Kazimir, and likely the most reliable subject, she had started working rather closely with Judina, who she suspected was the very daughter she had been looking for, but she had never gotten to confirm it with Judina.  But how many other Judina’s were they’re at the Rune Knights.    Pondering the question and recalling the multitude of paperwork she had done; she never came across another One named Judina in all the time in her office.  “is one of them your Daughter Judina Still?” she asked, hoping that it was, and that they could talk about her at great length.

Noyiah had a Strong Respect for Judina, her Determination was Admirable, and she was a force to be reckoned with, she had an immediate attachment to her since they did the training Session with Kazimir.  Her respect had only grown since, especially after she had risked her hands wellbeing for Noyiah’s face.   Noyiah Rubbed the back of her hand and then closed the gate behind her recalling the Sound the Judina’s hand made as it Collided with the steel dummy.  Shaking her head softly she dismissed the sound Resonating through her mind.

When she was asked about Judina Noyiah would Nod and Seemingly Light up, excited to be able to tell her mother the Great Accomplishments that Judina had done, maybe Judina herself wouldn’t be so open, but Noyiah wasn’t too unfamiliar with a mother’s worry and love. “she’s been great from what I know, I had done a training session or two with her a month or so back, she seems in good spirits most days, a little Grumpy Others, it’s hard to read what she’s thinking most often.” Noyiah started with as she tried to recall the events of their training session, and how to word it in a way that would cause her mother to worry. “She’s quite Self-less, always putting the wellbeing of others before herself.   I wonder were she might have learned that” Noyiah Questioned aloud to draw the connection.  Though she didn’t say it outright she was clearly saying that Judith and Judina likely shared similar values.

The discussion moved into more flower related topics, as Judith mentioned how she liked the garden, Noyiah found herself nodding,  she had thought about gardening many times, but her small apartment would never allow for the space needed and she hadn’t managed to move out of it yet, though in the future she would love to have a flower garden.  “ I would have to agree, though I couldn’t not share it with everyone who wanted to walk through it. “

#5Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:27 am

Judith Karlinius
It seems now this moment would happen."Oh? I did not tell you her name did I?"Judith mentioned right in that moment."I could have sworn I told you her name was Judina..."But Judith was a lady to get carried away with things."But yes, One of them is Judina."So they had that kind of conversation coming now.

So far hearing that she just let out a sigh, kind of like she expected to hear that."Grumpy like her father, Well..they are both blue haired and in armor."It would just kind of put the final pieces together."I do image she is quite hard to deal with sometimes."Then again Judith most likely had many stories."She was quite a handful even in her youth. But much different now with how she can be."Yes with that it would just prove Judith most likely had many stories about Judina.

So far Judith seemed at least happy with what she heard."But does her selflessness go far enough that she risk herself for others recklessly?"She just asked casually."She does not know her limits, Much like her own desires in life..."It seemed to be the only time Judith shown an actual worry on her face and then it seemed to go away shortly after.

So it would be back to normal casual conversation."I could figure out a place to hide such a vast collection of flowers somewhere near my home."She sounded like she almost considered it."None of them would die in my watch."It would hard to picture what could die around Judith in her mind.

But none of the less. She would wonder aloud."how many plant are here, That are ones I have never seen before?"She seemed to laugh about it slightly.

But Judith then would stop gazing longing and lovingly upon these flowers and ask."For what has changed in you life since we met?"Judith would draw attention to Noyiah.

While waiting for answer a plant would slowly show up, Untouched by snow around Judith right arm, It was a vine and it started to brush some of the snow off of Judith's head, This plant seemed to have showed up from no one and just seemed to be a vine around Judith's arm.

#6Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:18 am

Noyiah Dashi
“sometimes, but her intentions are good, she doesn’t tolerate too many things. “Noyiah Said attempting to find another word other than Bull$%^t but found herself almost unable.  Noyiah nodded along with what Judith was explaining,  Noyiah couldn’t help but imagine the Young Judina running around all Rambunctious and obnoxiously.  Her thoughts turned towards where Judina had gotten such a mind set, it certainly wasn’t her mother, she seemed to have the patience for just about anything, and Judina had a hair trigger temper.

When asked about her recklessness Noyiah would answer “ its hard to say anyone’s that selfless until the time they need to be, myself included,  but I am keeping an eye on her” She would say in attempt to help ease Judith’s mind.

Noyiah moved a little closer taking a Seat on the Backless bench that sat in the middle of the Flower Sanctuary, it was peaceful here, and Judith seemed to be enjoying it as well. Though her questions seemed more pointed to the flower then to Noyiah so she chose not to intervene until Judith asked her what she had been up to since they last talked. . .

It had been at least a Month maybe two, she thought to herself contemplating a way to Sum most of her events into one thing without Diverging to much as to get her in trouble with the Rune knights.” I have been following my heart mostly, I met a young man by the name of Kazimir, a fellow Rune Knight. “ she paused to collect what else she wanted to say “ started working with the Rune knights, mostly paperwork and the sort but I feel I have a purpose there, and lastly I adopted a young girl by the name of Iris”  she said softly, still unsure as to how people viewed it, or if they would even know of her Reputation and the crimes that she was accused of.

Noyiah’s attention would turn to the plant that started to animate, dusting the snow from Judith’s hair, it was quite a remarkable skill, one that Noyiah hadn’t come into contact within the least.  But things weren’t as simple as they once were, before  it was find a person who did the crime, now it was more  of doing the same  but not everyone had to follow the rules of the world because of the Unique magics in the world, it seemed the Rules that grounded all thought and theory were abolished.  “ that is quite the gift you have” she said softly  Recalling her sisters similar affinity to the earth.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:23 pm

Judith Karlinius
Maybe it was that worry she was tried to avoid, Maybe it was the fact Judith are an odd woman to read, Most people at this point would assume Judith was a woman who lost her mind long a go and just had a problem with walking around into place she might not be allowed or okay to sometimes."That has been a case for a long time now, She much like one of her brothers is a lot more my husband than I." Judith seemed to admit but there was still a feeling of pride there, Judith seemed to at least know then everything seemed normal with Judina."I can only wish she does not become too much for people to bare...But I can only be nosey so much sometimes."

Judith would at least finally be content with how it went."I would say spying on my children is wrong, But if it is for my sake. You will not hear me complain."There was a ease with that as well that seemed to settle the moment, Even finally sitting on the bench.

This change would bring a smile to Judith's face."Oh I know of him, A interesting man he is, Only man to understand my whimsical way of speaking."Judith seemed to know a lot more people then she let on to right away."And Adoption? What a busy life to live now."Judith seemed to actually sound a bit over joyed about it."I some day wish my children may settle down in a same way...But I doubt anyone will tame the stubborn animal that is my daughter."Judith could at least joke about it.

"Regis and Waylon on the other hand...Are completely different stories far their own."Maybe Just one Judith needed to hear and see some one  improving their life in positive ways.

When it came to what was her magic Judith then said."I can alter the look of the plant, As well as make them light up."Judith mentioned casually, But there was more to it was not seemingly revealing to Noyiah, She would reach over and point to Noyiah's shoulder as the plant slowly attached it's self to Noyiah, not only did it admit a small amount of light. Noyiah could feel the plant gave off healing properties too."This is a mere basic form of something I can do."Yet again showing, Judith had a lot of things about her hiding away.

#8Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:17 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah listened intently as Judith Spoke, she had an Ageless wisdom, that was Beyond even someone who was  of even her age. An insight that Noyiah hope she would one day possess but was something that only happened from Experience and listening. “ I wouldn’t count on it,  for every bit of Anxious Aggressive behavior,  it two of the more pleasant encounters” she said, thinking back though she couldn’t remember a time that they had shared that Judina wasn’t Brash or impatient.  

Noyiah smirked as Judith talked about how wrong it was to Spy on her children, and then immediately saved when it came to Judina, before she took a seat beside Noyiah.

Noyiah thought about it as Judith talked about Knowing Kazimir, recalling the day of their Training, having backed Judina up on how wonderful a healer her mother was.  It would make sense that they would have at least met.  Judith went on to say how busy she must be now that she had adopted Iris.   It was Not that she wasn’t busy, but she couldn’t think of a Time she wasn’t busy, whether it was running her own business or packing her day with plans.   “Well Iris is Nearly an Adult, so she doesn’t need constant care, it kind of works out well. “

Judith talked a little about how she wished Judith would settle down.  it made her smile, because she just couldn’t imagine it, it didn’t seem like Judina had even considered it. “some people are just not the type I guess, but if she did, they would have to be quite the keeper I imagine.” she offered out with a slight shrug.   Judith Compared her to her two sons, one which she had met only Briefly when she was accepted into the knights, but hadn’t seen again since, not even at training or in passing.

The Conversation seemed to shift towards the plants when Noyiah commented about how it was gift,  Judith explained a bit more to her, and she would nod in amazement, thought she played it off like it was nothing,  Noyiah still Envied thought who could wield magic, it upset her when people didn’t appreciate the gifts they had. But she knew Judith was different, the reason it was nothing to her was she was adept in it.  Something that only happened with constant nurture of their gifts, not a unheeded gift.  The plant started to produce light and move its way onto Noyiah’s Sweater, it was kind of Cute in a way she had never view plants before.     Sure had a few spices and herbs that hung from a box in her window, but she had never seen a magic animate plant with such grace.  A soft glowing that seemed to be doing something, a small bruise on her hand seemed to disappear slowly, though Noyiah didn’t notice that, having been to preoccupied with the plant,   offering a finger out to the plant and petting the leaves of it softly. “ its truly is amazing”

#9Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:34 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed to just leave Judith to sigh slightly."Some days I had wish she was a bit more lady like of a daughter, But I am happy and proud of her even despite her faults."It was most likely rare to have some one who embraces the faults of some one much like Judith may have, that or the list of the small.

Maybe Judith's affection and caring know no bounds when it came to her family, She seemed to work in her own ways that Judith would not be so constricted if it came to it."But that won't change now most likely."Nor would Judith want her daughter too in reality.

But when it came to it Judith seemed to laugh."I am sure my daughter is lonely and she is yet to reality it, Even not being around her I know she is lonely and does not know what to do to make friends or date...It was one of the few things I did not teach her, I felt she would manage on her own and worry if that was wrong of me"At least it was something to keep in mind Judith and Judina both might know their own downfalls in some manner.

It was another name she knew."Iris? Is her hair red? For if it is, I know that Iris too....I sure hope she is free from her chains and in cleaner clothing...That and she still has the hat and gloves I gave her for the winter weather."Judith uncovered that she in fact she knew Iris too. Connections between other people seemed to be a lot different and shorter then first thought."That smile is truly of one person who values the small things given to her."It was another interesting thing. Judith starting to seem like she had a lot more in her many tricks of knowing still.

With the plan she then said."I could create an entire circle around us if I truly wished too, But I have yet to need to use that spell."Judith was not really the showy type either. But Judith would leave the plant to stay on Noyiah, Letting her own hands rest in her lap and Judith would sit comfortably."Maybe one day I will have too. But for now I do not."Judith seemed okay if she never used her magic or used it slightly.

#10Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:43 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would smile Contently, as she listened to Judith, she seemed to genuinely Care for Judina, which wasn’t as much of a surprise as the fact she was sharing these thoughts with Noyiah,  it made Noyiah wonder if her mother had her own concerns, she would never really know, unless she was told by someone else, after all she doubted that Judith would tell Judina all of the things they were discussing.

“I wouldn’t sweat it,  she’s her own person and is capable of making connections, if she is lonely she is so by choice, there are plenty of people around her at the Rune Knights and many of them are quite pleasant people.”
She would say softly, not wanting to talk to loudly with them both beside one another in such early hours of the morning.

Judith seemed to recognize the name the second time around. And ash she was described by Judith Noyiah would nod softly. “she’s doing alright, she’s having some issues adjusting to a life outside her bars, but I do feel she is doing better,  we took her cloths shopping and got her,  her own space.  Right now, we are attempting to move to a bigger Place, somewhere we can all have our own spaces. “Noyiah listened as she told her about the Gloves and hat, and how her small smile lit up the world. “ if you would like them back I can arrange that.” She said not  maliciously, but mostly because it seemed like Judith might want them back, being a mother that followed her kids around the Content seemed like she would have just enough to get by and not a lot of extras, which made it feel like a Larger Kind of Gesture.

“that smiles going to get her in trouble one day.  I’m not looking forwards to having to deal with her having a boyfriend or something like that.” She admitted, still very new to the idea of being a mother herself she wasn’t sure what she could handle or how to go about it, she never had to deal with anything like it in her life before.

Noyiah would nod understanding what Judith was meaning with her magic, but didn’t understand the inner workings of it, though she didn’t have anything else to say about it she would remain quiet but remained interested.  Though she chose to not pet the leaves anymore, as she knew it could be harmful to the plant.

“ once we move , we’ll have to have you over for tea, and lunch, seeing as you know Kazimir and iris I cant see them having issues with it.”

#11Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:26 am

Judith Karlinius
Even so Judith could not help but wonder."I would hope she does, That or I could assume she does not know keep work from personal life yet."It might not settle as quickly on this matter but slowly she may dismiss it for now if it was not brought up anymore. Her family might not be as social as she was, Judith would seem the most social of what family so far as been seen.

But when it came back to what was going on with Iris."They are Iris' to keep forever. I can get a hold of a new hat and mitts, She seemed to had needed them for more than I had."A person in need seemed to be a person in need. Judith did not need them.

But she would chuckle."Here you are acting like most mothers would already about that idea."Judith mentioned kind of casually about that idea of Iris dating. Judith had the opposite worry then what Noyiah admitted to."Youth carries many annoyances, I had that worry for Regis before he got married when he was young...But my husband also was strict enough to ensure any worries i had at the same was settled."was it advise? kind of but Judith seemed to related in both sides."With learning your freedoms and choices, You do what your heart wishes too, Even if others are in fact open to it is another question."Judith yet again kind of just left that to be taken however it was.

It seemed like a good idea."Well, That does sound like a good idea, I do think moving is a pain. That is why I've only ever moved twice in my life....at least three times actually."It might be more but Judith did not seemed to recall off the bat, She did not have much of a reason to remember that as of late.

#12Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:34 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would nod as Judith told her that Iris could keep the clothing, but it made sense as to why she didn’t recognize them before. Having seen them the day before while taking Iris shopping for some better cloths.

“ I apricate you saying that, it’s tough to know how much space to give or how strict to be” she let out a slight chuckle, “ I mean it’s not like I have had her since she was a child she’s practically an adult as is.. “Noyiah admitted, a slightly insecurity,  though Noyiah had adopted her to get her out of her cell, she didn’t have the first clue as to how to be motherly, and she hopped that Iris didn’t resent her for it.  

Noyiah listened as Judith told her a bit more about Judina, it was nice having people to talk and relate to,  it seemed  that Judina’s parents player a similar role to that one Noyiah’s and she nodded as the details of it all was told to her.  A Smile Crept to her lips as Judith explained a line that was a lot like follow your heart but seemed wiser and more thought out.

Judith seemed to like the idea of having her over for tea once they settled on a house. Her hesitation on how many times she had moved made Noyiah Smirk,  it seemed like it wasn’t even relevant seeing how long Judith seemed to Travel from home.  “ Where is home for you?” she asked,  Knowing she was a resident mage of Fairytail but she wasn’t sure if she actually lived there.

#13Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:10 am

Judith Karlinius
Maybe it took one to understand another unsure feelings in life for Judith it was all lessons over time, The experience of it was a pretty valuable lesson in life sometimes."To have another set of eyes and a different mind to help understand the balance of it, It is never an easy thing to pick up on."Judith had no other ways to explain balance really, None that come to mind anyway but she did not need to explain too vastly.

Judith would laugh realizing even if Iris is in fact an adult."Maturity and Age is also a mind set too, how many years you have been onthis earth is merely a number to some." Which could apply to many people since the phrase act your age has been said to some people before."Even I sometimes follow the idea of age is how you feel."Then again knowing how old Judith was, you could never think she was her current age and a mother of four.

With experience comes many things when comes knowing and life."A person can be as childish or mature as they wish even if a lot of times."But with that laugh Judith would say another things."After all, I might be mature for my age, But i am far from what people would say mature at times."Judith would mention.

At least with the home part of conversation it would be pretty east to get too."Magnolia, I found a house not too far away from Fairy Tail and moved there. A spot where my husband can have his shop to work away at things, I can walk to Fairy Tail and do what i need to." So she was having a rather simple life and enjoying it, It would explain why she would explore a lot too since she had the freedom to.

#14Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:36 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Listened with intent, her eyes narrowed on the flower Infront of her as she started to think,  Judith’s Words entered her mind as she sat there listening to the wise words of someone far beyond her age,  though age and maturity did not always correlate with one another it seemed to be that Iris was quite Mature in some aspects but completely immature in others, Recalling being called a ~Dirty Sticking Rune Knight~  it stung her then and it still stung her now. It was a tough thing though having to fend for herself from such a young age meant she was quite the adult but was unable to handle herself in a mature way or not act out in a public setting.   Noyiah had started to feel like she was never going to break her of those habits.

Noyiah’s Eyes refocused as she looked over to Judith and decided to ask her about her home,  Judith Answered Relativity  Vague, it wasn’t a answer she was satisfied with  yet she also didn’t feel the need to pry,  Judith was a Kind woman and Noyiah felt she took Advantage of her Wisdom too often to be nearly strangers. “thankyou for always Answering my Questions, I don’t often get to sit around with such good company and I know we are barley more than an acquaintance but I feel comfortable when your around. As funny as that may be.” She said softly. Noyiah took a Deep breath before asking “ If you don’t mind me asking what type of shop does your husband have?”  she asked before pulling a scarf out of her bag and warping it around her neck,  the cold seemingly starting to get to her after sitting on the stone bench for awhile.

#15Judith Karlinius 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Fri Feb 21, 2020 4:58 am

Judith Karlinius
The odd moment that just seemed plain way of Judith to act to Noyiah's admission. So she would just casually mention."Just acquaintances? Here I considered us friends already."Yup such a situation would be expected from Judith considering seemed rather trusting and easy going as well,It was normal."But I do try to be this way, After all no matter who everyone needs a friend no matter the time."It was just how she seemed to work, Guess that was the magic of Judith."Either in the brightest of times or darkest."

Since even if confusing Judith still did not have much to hide."He works around metal making things with it. Kettles, bars for use. Anything you can make with metal he has that shop for."So it would come to reality in some way Judina was working much like her father just using that metal making power differently.

Then again Noyiah did not know much about Judina's father and Judith's husband, But it seems like it would be easy information to get out of her, Even if Noyiah was not the type to abuse such information, It would be the key that could be easy for her to get any information or answer to questions she would ask."I have no problems with any questions you ask me, I have not reason to believe you have wrong intentions with them."So that now was not for Noyiah to know.

That and maybe the looming thought of Judina might be factor Judith would not consider in Noyiah maybe making sure it was okay to know first, Judith was enjoying the manners since it seemed to be a huge thing with her. So with being easy ti please that way and Judith seemingly liking Noyiah the more she seemed to ask the more she would know.

#16Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:18 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah’s eyes widened as Judith said they considered them friends. “I didn’t mean any offence only that we have only met a handful of times, but I guess in a nontraditional sense I think of you as a friend.” She justified fearing she may have offended Judith after all that wasn’t her intentions and she didn’t want her to feel as if she didn’t mean as much to her.

She spoke of needing people in the darkest of times, and it made a lot of sense to Noyiah, but she had always valued friends, without them you would you share your Success with, or ask for help when you needed it.   Friends had a lot of value, but the short conversation made her think of her values, was she just using people for their friendship?  Or did she grant hers too easily?  She shook her head slightly relinquishing the thought and listen more to Judith as she talked about her husband. Noyiah Nodded as she listened, it made a lot of sense then when it came to Judina’s metal make Magic, it was likely a reflection of that time. Or her father possessed it as well, she was unsure by the description, but it hardly mattered in this moment.  

“ I appreciate that, I try not to use information unpleasantly, I was more or so asking out of curiosity, its nice to understand where people come from if only to get a hint as to where they are going.” Noyiah responded in her youthful wisdom,  she paused for a second again as a shiver ran up her spine “  Do you have any questions for me?” she asked, knowing that Noyiah was quite inquisitive and she didn’t often leave room for people to ask their own. “ they can be about anything.” She clarified.

#17Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was an turning point conversation, Between them it seemed it was now Judith's turn. But she really did not have much to ask her. But she would at least ask two questions, But she felt like she would want to depart soon, she would at least have a few questions."With what you have achieved now, Do how do you think your family would feel?"Judith seemed curious she knew little of hers. Then again she was a curious soul but not a nosey one much."With what you have done, I would think if they knew they would be a bit happy."

At least Judith thought they would be happy, It showed what little Judith knew of other families."What else are you hoping to achieve now?"It was generally asked and Judith was not asking for hard or super personal questions. Then again maybe Judith just wanted to hear more general things then personal things."Marriage? Children? Waiting to see what time will bring?"Judith was not trying to tease it seemed her way to be curious what her plans now where in life maybe the future since a few things changed around in her life.

Now that she thought about it a bit more there might be at least one more question."Am I asking too much for you to keep track of my daughter? I fear being too paranoid for her..."It was one of the few times Judith's normal joyful and bright way of being seemed to have stopped and she actually seemed worried, fearing judgement that she was going as far as asking some one to spy on her daughter. Then again it seemed to be because she could not find them as easily herself. But internally she was paranoid currently.

#18Noyiah Dashi 

Love of Nature.(Open) Empty on Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:58 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah had asked if Judith had any questions for her, after all she seemed to be the one leading the conversation and she didn’t know if Judith had just been withholding question to keep the conversation flowing or if she just didn’t have any.   But unexpectedly she had some fairly heavy questions that took a moment of consideration of Noyiah’s part,  she would pause as she was asked about what her family would think of her accomplishments.

Noyiah considered this for a few moments, “hmm” she would say softly stalling for more time or at least to indicate that she was thinking. “I cant say my mother would be happy I adopted a child without telling her, but not it feels a little too late to tell her. I might just wait for it all the blow over, with iris practically an adult I don’t think its necessary to worry her over such events, besides  she thinks I have a fairly safe job I wouldn’t want her to worry all the time about me,  Heaven knows she worries enough about my sister,  but in the end  I think she would be proud of me. “Satisfied with her answer she would nod sharply once Judith seemed to agree with what she was saying when she re-solidified her feelings saying that she would think they would at least be happy for her, and Noyiah would nod softly in agreeance.

The next Question was no Easier then the last, but she at least knew what she was working on goal wise “  I want to make sure Iris is freed of her charges,   I want to get a house, and I want to continue helping with the Rune knights,  my goals are  pretty loose  but  it’s a direction”  she said  looking at the few flowers in the garden that still had some snow on them,  the light from the sun starting to pierce the grey veil of clouds  to shine down in long  alluring Streaks.   Judith brought up marriage and children, and Noyiah shook her head softly “  No  not yet,  I mean I don’t know what Kazimir’s plans are  but to my knowledge its not in the near future” she answered truthfully not quite getting that she was being teased.

The conversation shifted towards Judina, which made Noyiah smirk, having had marriage come up and then Judina being the focus of their conversation again.  Noyiah would nod slightly as she turned her attention back to Judith “ I don’t mind telling you things that happen, but I wont hide the fact you bring her up often in our conversations,  and it’s a mothers job to worry, it’s the daughters job to stay safe for her mothers sake.” She said softly realizing she was contradicting her own reasoning’s as to why she kept things from her own mother.

#19Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed to be good enough for Judith, Then again she felt maybe it was good enough for her. Since this woman was far from picky about these various answers, only because she was not one to judge or be picky about answers."A mothers worry is almost unstoppable sometimes, If it is not one child it is another."Mentioning it as if it was example of herself as well."I suppose even if you are correct with it, I can not help but think my daughter is running from something and doesn't know what to do...I have had it for years, I will consider setting it aside for now."Judith seemed to want to just willing want to sit it aside for now,At least imply.

It seemed at least it was an idea and Judith did not find too out of reach that it was a not yet going to happen."I like your goals, simple easily achieve and flexible."For the first part to note."as well was realistic." Small praise might not mean much but Judith did seem like she did not have much else for the situation.

Then Judith just seemingly out of no where just got up from her chair."But, I do not have much else in my mind to ask you."but giving Noyiah one last smile. Realizing she intended something else before she would do what she was about to, getting back on the chair for a moment using it to make sure she level to Noyiah and hugged her."I think it is about time I depart,until next time."Then getting off of the chair she would just casually leave start walking away. Just as rather oddly as she arrived and was seen, So in other words nothing new.


#20Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded still feeling a little hypocritical, but could see the logic, nevertheless. “she has friends looking out for her, and always will” she said letting her hands run up and down her arms warming herself up. Her response was modest and true, Noyiah seen Judina as a Great Friend, One of very few words but a good friend and ally.

It warmed Noyiah’s heart to hear the approval that Judith gave, it was refreshing to hear that she was on a good path, most people wanted to bring up the issues and the complications with her basic plan.   But having always been Quite the planner she had considered the smaller details but wanted to face these challenges on a week to week level and not all at once, after all it was not productive to worry about things she couldn’t control yet.

After a few moments of quiet Judith got up and smiled, She then leaned forwards, Noyiah at first reached out to help her, thinking she might have been falling, but was met with a Hug.  Noyiah Smiled wide as she rested her chin on the side of her arm hugging her back softly.  The hug made her feel better about everything, it was a hug a mother gave to a child, and Noyiah felt like without even talking to her own mother, everything would be fine.

Judith left the hug after a moment and declared she was leaving, Noyiah still smiling gave a wave of her hand “ Thanks for chatting,  you’ll have to visit when your next in Era we should get the new house in the next month or so, the garden is yours to work with if you want it” she called out still waving  “ stay warm!” she called out as Judith left sight entirely.

After a few moments of looking at the flowers and taking a few breaths she quickly concluded she was cold. Sitting on a stone bench in the middle of winter, she shook her head slightly and stood up, there was no sense in staying cold.  

Noyiah left to grab coffee and head back to the Inn to warm up and review Iris’s Case files.


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