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Back Again.(Foot Travel Crocus)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Back Again.(Foot Travel Crocus) Empty Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:43 am

Judith Karlinius
Planning to ensure Anders, Alice, Anton and Tanya were busy for a good while. Judith would use it to free her time to go back to Crocus. Why exactly she did not quite yet. But a feeling much like another time before told her she needed to return, She needed to go there to seek answers...Even in reality she actually did not want them anymore.

Judith even did not want to leave home, But she had been lying about her own happiness and enjoyment of her days since then.

Maybe she just needed to get away again to collect her thoughts, Maybe she actually needed to wonder and get answers to the questions she asked before returning home.

Maybe she needed to go back into looking into what she did not want to know. To find her again was not something she wanted, Yet at the same time she did too a lost long desire for some one all gone be faded away.

The younger Judith was numbing herself to something she did not wish to accept, But to move one she needed to accept it to help herself Move on.

So she ruled it in her mind in this manner."Find my daughter, Talk to her....Find who she became....See if i can face them."Judith alone walked towards that goal of Crocus she did not want to be found currently. She wanted to be able  to collect herself before anything else."Maybe....my nightmares are lie, Maybe I can be at peaceful from these horrors..."Judith mentioned to herself.

It was a cold and lonely trip for Judith, She had only merely left a note for Anders and she would return eventually and she had went to pick up a few things, The only lie that was mentioned is that she would not take long. That would be different she might take a while.

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