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Crissandra Clearwater

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Name: Crissandra Clearwater

Age: April 4th, X774 (14 years old)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: N/A

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother:  Boscosi

Class: Sorceress

Profession: Lorekeeper (Intelligence)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: N/A

Tattoo: Left Breast - Black

Face: Homura Akemi - Madoka


Height: 4'4

Weight: 100 pounds
Hair: Grey/Green

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Crissandra wears a black dress that is longer in the back The top of this dress is a heart-shaped plunging neckline, with the inside of the chest piece sharp to mimic feathers. She has a similarly paired choker, with a bow-and-arrow shaped piece that lays flatly across her chest. Moving down to the bodice portion of the dress, the sides are cut to where only the middle portion of her torso is covered, while the rest, including the back, is fully revealed. The bottom points outwards to either side, the ends being feathers. She also wears thigh-high socks that follow a diamond pattern, like the adornments on the stockings she wears as a magical girl. The outfit is complete with black flat shoes with an anklet piece attached, and full-length gloves that end with two strands. She also wears a Red ribbon, which she hopes to one day learn more about.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Crissandra is a Kind soul, though calling her a good soul is alot harder to do. Despite her young age of 14, she has already suffered a great deal for someone her age and it has dramaticly effected her. Crissandra doesnt trust anyone easily, knowing that most people in the world would rather have nothing to do with her unless it was for her detriment. Despite this she isnt cold, But just a bit distant as she prefers to keep to the underbelly, then be outfront in the open. She has a natural draw to creatures of the Darkness, as her upbringing was a highly irregular on, that left her with a Moral compass that often did not point in the normal direction a society would hope for.

When it comes to dealing with normal average humans, she enjoys the presence of other woman and children, however, she finds herself uneasy when alone with a normal man. Though she wont attack outright, she will become more hostile and easy to provoke in those situations. When it comes to the Holy knights however, and with any follower of Illumin that she meets, she will kill them if possible at a later time, as a revenge for the act the angels commited against her. Despite this... She cannot bring herself to harm children, even if they were choir child, she would have no desire to harm them.


  • Sweets: Crissandra, while spoiled, wasnt allowed many candies. However, now, because of that she has a rather large sweet tooth.
  • Families: Despite how she feels about men, Crissandra has an unhealthy obsession with Family, thanks to the love her father figure gave her, she goes out of her way to spare families, if her goals and actions can allow that.


  • Abusive People: While often times, Crissandra can understand doing what must be done, those who go out of their way to cause suffering and pain are less then scum to her and are worse even then the Holy Knights, though not nearly as much as the Angels.
  • Illumin: Crissandra Lothes Illumin and all things associated with him. She goes out of her way to destroy anything and everything that bears Illumins mark.


  • Revive Eibon: Currently, Crissandra has only one goal, to revive her Father Eibon the Demon back to life on Earthland.


  • Failure: Crissandra is terrified of being unable to revive Eibon, and is perhaps obsessed with the idea.
  • Angels: Crissandra fears the angels, despite her intense hatred, she still find herself unable to even think of fighting an angel.


Magic Name: Nature Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: A magic Given to her by Eibon, a Daemon, from his own personal Grimoire. It has been fully transfered over, and with enough practice and experiance, the user may eventually be able to access strong spells. The User may use Specific wording, along with an Equivilant amount of Mana to manipulate their surroundings through speech. Doing so, The user may creature, control, and effect Nature such as plants, trees, and other plantlike materials.


History: "Its hard to say where my story begins. Though... I guess it would really be with Eibon. You see, Eibon wasnt entirely human. He was a daemon. Eibon stole me from my parents when I was an infant. He took me as part of a deal they had signed with him. When i was old enough to understand, maybe... 4...or 5 years old, he told me why he had taken me. He wanted to use me as a Vessel for someone called "HER". He was upfront with my purpose, he didnt ever lie to me. Eibon was kind to me, though to everyone else he was...well a deamon. But I didnt see that part of him as evil.

I took to calling him papa, from one of the books he had read to me at bedtime. He spoiled me, though it wasnt really spoiling. He brought me dresses, and toys from the cities he went to, even if they werent the right size, he kept them so one day i could wear them. He brought books of all kinds from all over as well. Even if the training was sometimes harsh, He never yelled or hit me. He was kind, and understanding. But also strict and not easy to fool. But i think he let me get away with alot more then i probably should have.

He kept me safe and well fed, we lived in a small wooden cabin that he could barely fit in, hehe. He taught me alot of things, He taught me about HER and about magic.  He even made sure i knew maths and the sciences. He never denied me anything I wanted, so long as it helped me become a better vessel that is. He couldnt always be there though. There were times when Eibon had to leave to go somewhere else, and I was left alone. During one of those times, A group of very bad men broke into the cabin. They would have done more awful things then they had done to me, if Eibon hadnt arrived. I didnt see what happened, because the men had blindfolded me. But when the blindfold was removed, Eibon told me they would never hurt anyone else again.

He stayed for a long time after that, Sleeping outside since he was to large to do so inside. Its funny, I have this Memory in my head of him, feeding me soup through the window of the Cabin because i still couldnt use my arms well afterwards. I accidentally spilled some and instead of getting mad at me, he rubbed my head, and used his strange otherworldly magic to clean me up. Looking back on it, the only time i ever saw him not smiling around me was when he saved me. He was always... so happy when he was with me, and I was too. I never wanted anything to change.

We spent alot of time together after that. He taught me even more magic, and helped me learn to utilize it to keep myself feeling well and healthy, even though i didnt have a magic of my own yet. He even taught me his home language, thought its not very pretty and i dont like speaking it very often, hehe. Though, after a while, around when i was 10 or so... He stopped calling me a vessel... and gave me a name he had been spending along time working on. He called me Crissandra Clearwater. When I asked him why that name, he didnt have a proper answer. Just said it felt right, can you imagine that? A daemon doing something because it felt right.

Eibon was with me out picking veggies from the small garden I had, when the Angels attacked. Eibon wasted no time in sealing me in a magic cube. The Angels didnt even bother with me. Even...even as i begged and pleaded with them they still fought him. He fought back, throwing every spell he had at them and...and in the end... it wasnt enough. Once the Angels were gone, he let me out of the cube...though i dont know if he did it on purpose or not. Forgive me for the tears, i wasnt expecting to write all this down. When i got to him, i was so hoarse from screamign in the cube, i could barely speak. But even as i cried on his chest and prayed to any god to hear me and help him, even as I begged and screamed for him to not go, he held me softly.

I can remember what he said to me so clearly. "Its okay, Crissandra. Im okay with this... Be strong." he summoned his Grimoire then, and had me open it up and after scratching his name from the book with hsi claw, he had me sign my name into it. "Calm your fears Crissandra, I'll always be with you now...You have given me such a wonderful life, to think...I got to be a Father to a wonderful young woman...Who will go on and do many wonderful things. Thank you Crissandra....For letting this silly daemon feel love before his demise."

After that... I held his hand until there was nothing left to hold. All i could do was clench the book to my chest, and cry. For a while, I stayed at the Cabin, Practicing my magic, and learning everything i could to get him back. But then...Then he arrived. It was storming one night, so fiercely and violently i was certain the house would be destroyed. Suddenly, the storm subsided. I went outside, and saw him. He was a Lich jsut like in the stories Eibon read me. He took me in, Saying HER had sent him to find her. I gladly joined, because i knew...i knew deep down it would be the best way to learn what i needed to know.

Odin spent the half year teaching me the finer points of my magic, and getting me to a competent level with my new abilities. But now, i am strong enough to care for myself, and am trusted enough to even go out on missions. But... HER hasnt spoken to me yet like the others. Regardless... I must be going, its time for a guild meeting and im already a bit late.

Papa, If your reading this somehow...

I love you papa, and I promise I'll make you proud. I'll make sure to do wonderful things just like you said. Thank you for loving me Papa, and giving me everything I have. I miss you more and more everyday, But I'll be strong Papa, just like you taught me to be."

Except from Crissandras Diary, Most recent entry.

Reference: N/A

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Crissandra Clearwater Empty Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:20 am

Venus Rosé

Welcome to the site! I'll be grading your application.

  • Please add the colour of your guild tattoo, in case you end up joining a guild due to in-character reasons.
  • For your history, I'm going to have to deny as there are possible cases of Demon Lords existing in the future and as of now, there is no such thing as players being children to demons, or demons bearing children, etc. However, if you plan to pick up Demon Soul Magic in the near future, which you can check it in the shop, you might be able to roleplay into a story of similar sort.
  • You might have to adjust your magic as mentioned from the above statement.

Bump when done.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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