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Alistair Adair

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#1Alistair Adair 

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Alistair Adair


Name: Alistair C. Adair

Age: October 29 X702

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Aromantic

Ethnicity, Father: Bellum

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelum

Class: The Sorcerer

Race: Daemon

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Palm of his right hand

Face: Radio Demon - Hazbin Hotel


Height: 6'7'

Weight: 180 lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Golden Brown

Overall:  He is quite slim, with pale but khaki colored skin, and sharp white teeth. He sports a short brown cut, and two small black antlers which can grow in size while in his daemonic form.

His eyes are normally a light and golden brown, which change in his daemon form to have red scleras, bright red irises, black pupils into radio dials, and wears a black oval-shaped monocle over his right eye.

Alistair normally wears a layered outfit consisting of a brown vest, and a white under shirt. This attire is also followed with a black bow tie, and smooth gloves. In daemonic form, he still prefers a suit, dark red pinstriped coat which is slightly ragged along the bottom, a bright red dress shirt with a black cross on the chest underneath and long burgundy dress pants with matching bright red cuffs. this is also accompanied by a red-knotted bowtie, burgundy gloves, and black pointed-toe boots with red hoofprints emblazoned on the soles.

Extra: In his daemonic form, Alistair also carries a thin cane with a vintage style microphone.


Personality: Alistair's behavior, mannerisms, and even his voice are similar to an old-fashioned radio announcer. Alistair deviates from the crass nature most would assume to be prominent in favor of an amiable persona. He is always smiling and acts politely. He never stops smiling because he believes it shows one's self. If a rival or enemy were to frown, he would see them as weak, and incapable of the effort required.

He is narcissistic, not seeing many people quite up to his esteem. However, that does not make him reckless. Despite being extremely powerful, Alistair is fully aware that there are other beings, creatures, and entities that rival him in terms of power. For this reason, he is wary around such, as they could potentially harm him if he is not careful. Alistair also seems to have a moral compass against certain activities most assume a Daemon to do. Alistair won't kill a child but will discipline or scare one if they annoy him too a large extent. If he was to see an abandoned baby, he would most likely care for it until it has a mind of its own. However, also won't take responsibility if the child accidentally injures itself when he lets them play. Opposing to this, he has been noted to be quite sadistic and to have masochistic tendencies, rumored to be cannibalistic and devouring lesser daemons and other creatures believing this to bestow upon him increased power.

He is devious in his plans and endeavors, and enjoys making deals that most others soon regret. Things that leave his mouth might not always be the truth, however not one word he says is a lie.


  • Eye for an Eye: Alistair enjoys seeing and delivering payback for many things. Whether this be for past deals he is taking his return on, allowing powerless to destroy their oppressors, or going out for a hunt.

  • Showing your Presence: Putting what you are on display. Make yourself known to the individuals you seek. For him it is not just how you hold yourself, but also in smaller ways such as your beliefs, ideals, and all things inbetween. Even to the clothes you wear and the smile on your face.


  • Being touched: Forcing contact with Alistair is not the wisest of choices one can make. While he extremely dislikes being touched, he ironically can't seem to respect other people's personal space, enjoying messing with others in a great many ways.

  • Dishonor: If you make a deal, you shall honor it. If you are strong, you consume those that berate or challenge you. Do not however stoop to the low levels and pettiness of hunting those who are too weak or incapable of putting up any sort of fight. You gain no power from those with none to give. If you have debts, they must be paid in full at all costs.


  • Entertainment: To find a reason put off boredom. Alistair despises the notion and always tries to find the next source of entertainment, passion, or vision. Whether that may include placing himself around people that he believes will do so, or silently influencing situations to force it to arise.


  • Dogs: Due to a situation in his past where he had almost died, and where his source of daemon power began, he despises animals of the canine variety.

  • Contaminants: He is an individual that needs to keep clean. He despises those who would sully his name, reputation, or clothing. How you are perceived is one of the many things that concerns him most times, if not for vanity, for persona.


Magic Name: Nocturnum

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: Alistair's spells come from his darkness based magic known as Nocturnum. Most of his spells appear an inky matte black, with strange symbols appearing in his magic circles. His magic follows his personality being quite plethoric and ostentatious at the best of times. A true showman at heart, those who find themselves on the opposing end of this magic must be wery for he cares little for collateral damage in regard to use of his highly offencive magic. Whether that be tendrils erupting from the earth, dark matter strikes from above, or strong and layered defensive protection. He is quite versatile in the same regard when he needs to be, capable of strong offensive strikes, defensive barriers, supplementary binds from tendrils, and invigorating himself with self-buffs.


History: Before the current individual that exists, there used to be a human who lived a much simpler life. Compared to Alistair's nowadays that is.

A rough life with a single mother as a parent, Alistair spent most of his time out in the woodland and dense forests hunting. While he was usually outside of their homestead, he was a very proficient hunter and never returned home without a meal for the two of them. He never found out how or why, but what seemed like every day, his mother returned with either cuts or bruises. Not once did she ever complain, or say what had happened. Her philosophy stuck to him forever more. "Mother is always smiling. Even if she is bleeding, or if her body is covered in wounds. Why is that? Oh you silly child. That's because you are never fully dressed without a SMILE. They may cut you up, smash all of your bones, grind your heart to dust, but they can NEVER take away your smile." This stuck with him and became ingrained deep within his soul.

Years later, on a late and cold winter's night, he was out hunting. This was still a quite normal event that happened weekly, if not daily. This night had biting cold, and he had not caught a glimpse of any animals for over seven hours. For the first time in a while he was ready to head home empty handed, not due to his inability, but the winter was thinning the food sources for any living thing. As he arose from his seated vantage point behind a long deceased tree, a child's scream pierced the already frozen air. It peaked his interest, so we began walking towards where it had originated. As he was walking, a form coalesced in the distance, heading for him. The child was yelling as it still ran, clinging to his leg as it cried. It begged for Alistair to help it. He looked down and was surprised at the lacerations on its skin, he pondered that they were seemingly from a whip. Three men yelled out to him as they approached, the small human hiding behind. "I can presume you are all responsible for the wounds, isn't that right Gentlemen?". Alistair continued by questioning as to what it could have possibly had done to receive this kind of treatment.

They claimed it was their right, that its father had given it to them. "And may I ask who could possibly give away such a creature?" "He was the owner of our farm," they responded, "We were his workers, and he tortured us for years. Murdered our wives and children he did. He whipped and killed our brothers, and when his farm went under, he gave is the child to prevent us from getting our revenge on him." "So I assume you want to make use of it to satisfy your need to inflict damage and harm, similar to all the pain he caused all of you?" He paused for a moment as they stared back. "That seems fair." he said with a large smile, before taking his rifle and in a single fluid movement shooting them all dead.

The child looked back at him, begging for Alistair to spare it. He merely sat on his knees and wrapped his coat around the tiny human. "Calm down, I am not about to kill you." he quickly picked it up, "You need some heat." taking the human back with him. As soon as the child was well enough to survive on his own, Alistair was back to hunting for one.

As he laid on the ground bleeding from the canines biting at his leg and arms, he finished remembering why they were here. The bites were piercing like the humans scream that night, and no one would help him. After fighting the dogs back from the attack squad sent after him for the multiple murders, not once did his massive grin leave his face, even as skin was stripped, and bone laid bare. It stayed ear to ear even as he passed out from the blood loss.

He awoke much later, clothing shredded where the beats mouths and jaws clamped down on him, but the wounds were hewn closed. The smile that had never left his face grew. He was stronger now in some way he didn't understand. Not just inside himself, even his clothing was different now, and blood red. From his own or another he could not tell.

Years later when he was sure everything was prepared and he was certain no one remembered the lone hunter in the woods, he took to being a transmission lacrima host of sorts, broadcasting his vicious deeds to any who were unlucky enough to listen, but left untraceable.

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