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Marnie E. Lancaster

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Name: Prof. Marnie E. Lancaster

Nickname(s)/Alias: “Mars”, "Professor", "Mel"

Birthday: January 2, X764

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight, maybe bi-curious

Ethnicity, Father: Monroe Lancaster (Fiorian) – ???

Ethnicity, Mother: Blythe Lancaster, formally Blythe Concordia (Fiorian) – deceased

Class: Spellhowler

Profession: Research Analyst (INT, CONT)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Current Affiliation: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Upper right thigh – black

Face: Hyouka Fuwa from Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai


Height: 5’ 0" – 152 cm – 1.52 meters

Weight: 101 lbs.  

Hair: Forest green

Eyes: Plum purple


Standing at a short stature of five feet, or 152 centimeters, Marnie is flat-chested and walks with a slight hunch in her back due to slumping over her desk all the time. Her most noticeable features are her dark, long, and messy green hair and striking purple eyes. Her skin pale and freckleless, Marnie barely has any blemishes but has some scars on her temples, hidden by her hair, and on the middle of her back. Due to her sleep depravity, she boasts deep bags and dark circles underneath her eyes. Her fashion is plain and conservative, consisting of a long white lab coat when she's in the office and her favorite long-sleeved black t-shirt dress, which stops just above her knees. Marnie likes to wear a circular silver pendant from time to time and is often seen barefoot because of her hatred towards shoes. However, she'll wear long black socks and a dark blue scarf knitted by her mother when she's feeling too cold.

Extra: Mysterious circular scars on her back and at her temples near her forehead, which are covered by her hair


Anti-social, disorganized and highly intelligent, Marnie is an emotionally deadpan, methodical young woman who takes a lot of pride in her analytical work for the Rune Knights. She's odd and delusional though, often muttering to herself, speaking to  "someone" when nobody is in the room, and giving her co-workers and colleagues unconventional nicknames. In addition to her bizarre personality straights, she has weird ticks such as occasional eye twitching, obsessively sitting cross-legged or wanting to stay barefoot, and bouncing her legs, which all increase when she's stressed out.

Due to her chronic insomnia - you'll never see her without a cup of coffee in hand - she's highly irritable, blunt, and does pretty much whatever she likes. She'll often disregard others if she doesn't think they're intelligent enough and isn't seen without a bored, sunken look on her face. Marnie can also be compulsive, curious, and a little too detail-oriented, obsessing over one little thing and sometimes losing sight of what's important. The only life forms she seems to tolerate are plants, her office is covered in them, and animals, especially her cats Sugar and Kimchi. Despite her superiors telling her not to, Marnie brings her cats to her office every day. She actually has a soft spot for children and elderly people too, but openly tries to avoid them as to not appear vulnerable around other people.

Marnie has a hard time trusting people, which explains why she always tries to push others away. She hides her depressive tendencies under a blanket of work and sarcasm. However, when and if someone breaks through her quirky yet hard exterior, they'll find a scared, insecure individual who just wants to be loved. Marnie is still figuring out where she fits in the world and trying to make herself feel like she hasn't completely wasted the better part of her life.

A horrible, awkward flirt and incapable of holding her liquor, Marnie likes to write poetry, tend to her plants, and read science fiction novels in her spare time. She tends not to feel self-conscious about herself, but when in the presence of beautiful women, Marnie will feel insecure and study them from a distance. In addition to her insomnia, Marnie suffers from short term memory loss, which is why her office and apartment are so cluttered with boxes of notes and project materials. People would describe her taste in food "comparable to liking the taste of battery acid."


  • Bitter, tart, sour, or fermented foods, especially pickled plums (a.k.a Umeboshi) - For some reason, Marnie's tastebuds have dulled over time. Because of this, she turns to strongly flavored foods to get even the slightest bit of taste in her mouth.
  • Coffee - To the point of a caffeine addiction. She hates sleep and coffee keeps Marnie awake. She also claims that the bitter taste of her favorite beverage is essential to the proper function of her brain.
  • Writing poetry and reading - Contrastingly, the few people who've had the chance to read her poetry found it to be very philosophical and rhythmic. However, the more sleep-deprived Marnie is when writing, the more depressing her creations are. Her poetry writing hobby goes hand-in-hand with reading. In-between projects, she loves to speed read science ficition novels, and on occassion, a romance novel just "to learn a thing or two."
  • Cats - Marnie adores cats because they remind her of her mother and a time when things were simpler.


  • Wearing shoes - Marnie developed a distaste for shoes after going years without wearing them. She likes the feeling of the floor on her feet and says she'd feel disconnected to the rest of the world if she put shoes on her feet (people are only more bewildered by her personality when she explains why she's constantly barefoot). The only time Marnie will break down and wear shoes is if someone physically restrains her or if she has to venture somewhere with snow on the ground.
  • Religion - Logic and science are the two things that make sense to Marnie. She tends to look down on the religion for the fact that she deems faith as "idiotic." Faith-based practices leave a bitter taste in her mouth, as she cannot fathom how any sort of god or higher power would let innocent people suffer for no reason.
  • Sweets - Marnie cannot physically stomach anything that's sweet-tasting or full of sugar - even the thought of them make her nauseous. One sweet and she's on the floor with uncontrollable stomach cramps.


  • To prevent childhood experimentation – Despite her initial dislike of pretty much everyone, Marnie has a soft spot for children, especially those that have been abused. One of her biggest projects being an analytical researcher is working with other guilds to prevent further childhood experimentation and manipulation.

  • To discover what happened in her past – Since her time at the experimentation facility is mostly blurred, Marnie researches any lead, prominent or obscure, she discovers about her past in her free time. She's unsure if her father is still alive or deceased, but has vowed that she'll take care of him in any means necessary. Marnie wants to feel like that portion of her life hasn't gone to waste, but she knows deep down she'll always feel that way.


  • Ligyrophobia (Fear of Loud Noises) - Marnie has a fear of loud noises, especially noises that are high-pitched or sound like a screechy, metal door. This fear derives from her childhood trauma when the people who experimented on her would open her cell door each and every day.
  • Discovering the realities of her past - Although discovering more about her past is one of her motivations, Marnie also fears the truth. What if what she discovers ruins the rest of her life? Or what if she loses her motivation to do anything else? Digging up the past is what began to drive her toward the future, but when there's nothing left to discover, what comes next?


Magic Name - Electrokinesis Magic

Magic Element - Lightning

Magic Description -

Electrokinesis Magic is a Caster Magic, derived from other basic lightning-based magic, that gives the user the ability to manipulate electricity and electromagnetic fields, including static and physical electric currents. Unlike most lightning-based users, those who utilize Electrokinesis Magic don't generate or conduct their own lightning but use electrical currents that are already available in the physical world. Likewise, Electrokinesis users play a more supportive, physically disruptive role to help their ally(ies). He or she can cast spells to neurologically alter, discombobulate, or disrupt his or her target(s) physically. Also, if the user refines their skills, he or she can cast multi-directional offensive attacks that shock and stun their foes.

However versatile Electrokinesis Magic may seem, it's also very limiting and hard to master. Users who train with this Magic or attempt to cast spells they're not trained to handle can electrocute themselves and cause irreversible damage to their minds. Also, the level of potency and range for each neurological manipulation is determined by the amount of magical energy the user can utilize and control.

Like other lightning-based users, Electrokinesis Magic utilizers cannot absorb electricity but can learn highly-specialized spells to re-direct lightning-based attacks at the cost of their physical health.



“Why do you want to know about my history? Is this some sort of joke?... Well fine, but it’s going to be a waste of my time. Get me a cup of coffee first. Black, no milk, no sugar…

God, where do I begin? My parents, more like my mother, raised me in a cottage outside of a small Fioran village called Lilac Bay. The first nine or ten years of my life were, for the most part, appallingly normal. I spent them helping my mom in her garden. She loved that garden – disgustingly much if you ask me – the vegetables, her herbs, and especially the flowers, and made a living selling what she grew. We also had a kitten named Sugar, he’d curl up with me every night before I fell asleep. My father lived for science, it was his obsession, and thinking about it, I don’t know how my mother was ever attracted to that distorted coot in the first place… Anyway, he had a position with the Magic Council as a researcher. There were weeks where we didn’t see my father, then he’d show up out of nowhere, sleep-deprived, drunk, and a nuisance to my mom. I witnessed him beating her on multiple occasions, he thought I was asleep, screaming scientific nonsense and throwing his fists at her until she was bruised and bloodied. And every following morning, my mother would smile her stupid smile, say that she just tripped or fell down the stairs, act like nothing was wrong, and continued working in her garden… As a kid, I never understood why she didn’t fight back. I’d eventually discover why.

After a while, my father became more involved in my life, our lives. He became nicer, was more attentive, and came around more often. He’d bring home bouquets of flowers for my mom, she became infatuated with him once more, and infatuated with his nonsensical façade, which I never believed for a second. For a little backstory, I’d always had a natural affinity for harnessing magical energy, much to the pleasure of my father, who seemed a little too obsessed with how well I was utilizing Magic the older I got. Out of the corner of my eye, I’d catch him intently staring at me while I was training. Sometimes, he’d take notes. It weirded me out, but what could I do? I was afraid of him going into one of his destructive tirades again, and if this was what was going to keep him from landing another bruise on my mom, I decided I’d put up with it.

A few days after my fifteenth birthday, my father drugged and kidnapped me in the middle of the night. Turns out, he had actually left the Magic Council sometime before that and became a member of a cult that conducted illegal magical experiments “for the betterment of the human and demon races.” I spent most of my time there, wherever “there” was, rotting away in a cell, the walls were stark white and windowless, the floor so cold it made my toes numb, whenever they weren’t experimenting on me. I’d cry until my eyes were swollen and huddle in the corner until they came to get me, the door opening with a loud creaking sound that’s etched into my mind forever. Soon, each moment started to blur together. I didn’t know if days, months, or years had passed. All I recall feeling was... pain, lots of pain. I eventually lost my ability to use Magic, my memories, and all hope of leaving that place alive.

I can’t remember how I escaped, or if I was rescued, whichever. One day I fell asleep on the floor in my cell and the next… I was lying in a meadow somewhere, the sun shining above me. I hadn’t known sunshine in so long that the warmth of it was terrifying. Eventually, somehow, I stood and just began walking, shakily, in some direction. It felt like I was on auto-pilot, a starved husk of a human, but somehow after a few days, I made it to Magnolia Town. I aroused the attention of some bystanders after trying to strip down and bathe in the town fountain and was taken in by one of the old guildmasters of Fairy Tail. He and the others nursed me back to health and reminded me of my humanity.

I stayed with the Fairy Guild for a couple of years, trying to regain my memory and normalize myself. I couldn’t remember anything a month or two after my father kidnapped me, just flashes and tidbits, and left to pick up the broken pieces of my life, to somehow make some sense of it all... I returned to Lilac Bay and found out my mom had passed away in her sleep a few years before that. Much to my surprise, our neighbor, her name’s Tabby, or Tabitha, an old widow who used to be a seamstress, had taken in my childhood cat, Sugar, after my mom died in hopes that someone would come back for him one day. She took care of me for a few weeks, filling me in on what happened after my kidnapping. During that time, I helped her around the house and she taught me how to cook. Tabby gave me whatever she had left in her savings and urged me to begin my life again. I left with Sugar and the few belongings I had, began renting a cheap apartment, went to a university where I graduated with high honors and decided to join the Rune Knights.

Now look at me today, a hateful, caffeine-addicted researcher who thinks she’s helping people, but in actuality is fighting tooth and nail to not be a mirror image of the person she hates the most…

…Okay, I think I’ve told you enough. Now get the hell out of my office. I’ve got work to do.”


  • Marnie currently has her childhood cat “Sugar” and a female orange tabby named “Kimchi” as pets. She likes naming her cats after food and often talks to them while sitting in her office.

  • Before her father experimented on her, Marnie was a magical prodigy.

  • The only candy Marnie can tolerate is extra dark chocolate.

  • Marnie has never had a romantic relationship last longer than 6 months.

  • Marnie suffers from chronic insomnia and short term memory loss.

  • Oftentimes, she'll stay awake for days on end and then crash for several hours afterward.

  • Her middle name is "Esmerelda", a name which Marnie has always strongly dispised.

  • Her favorite colors are black and purple.

  • She has a caffeine addiction. No one has seen what Marnie is like without coffee in her system.

  • When people near Marnie, they'll experience an increase in static electricity around them.

  • Her colleagues therorize all of her memory loss and odd ticks and personality traits have something to do with the origin of her magic and past.

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Venus Rosé

Welcome to the site, Jelly!

  • First off, love love love your application! It's such an interesting character, I'm already in love with her and I can see how much hard work you put into this; all the details to make this application very worthwhile to read.
  • There's not much errors to fix honestly, just that you're going to have to include a little bit of explanation for your likes and dislikes, same to what you did with your motivation. Since you have quite a lot of likes and dislikes, I'd recommend removing a couple of them in case you have nothing to explain as to why you listed them underneath the category, but if you're able to write them up, it's entirely up to your decision to leave them there.

Great work, again! Bump when done.


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Bumpity bump, hope this is a little bit better!

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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