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A Dream To Reality [Grandball | Private]

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A Dream To Reality [Grandball | Private] Empty on Sat Jan 25, 2020 5:33 am


The duo was something to envy with their outfits helping them standout more than their beauty. Amen'ra found himself enamored with his date Sage and almost couldn't peel his eyes from his form. The way the light refracted off the shawl on his arms was truly beautiful and the fact he was happy to be here with the sun mage made it more special. What had he done to deserve such a marvelous partner?

"So what do you want to do first? Maybe a drink, or something to eat?"

He questioned, his eyes locking onto the man before him with a smile on his features. It was a special night and one he hoped Sage would remember, and so everything needed to be perfect. The two of them would eat, drink, dance, laugh and grow closer than they already were; that he promised. Nothing would ruin their plans by a long shot.

It was simply a matter of doing everything in time before the event ended. Sure they could just go to some fancy party but this was the grand ball of Crocus, the sky was the limit.That in mind he moved to have both his hands gently hold both of Sage's and planted a small kiss on his forehead.

"Tonight is going to be special, and i'll make sure everything is perfect. This will be a dream come true, I promise."

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#2Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
The way Amenra looked at him, he knew that he had captured himself a man with his beauty, something that wasn’t new to him, he knew what he was capable of. But there was something about his date that he himself did not know what it was. He simply couldn’t take his eyes off of him. His dazzling eyes and gleaming smile. It was as if Sage could melt like a puddle right there and then. But he knew that he needed to control himself as he was attending a very formal event, and he did not want to make a scene.

“Something that can quench my thirst would be nice,”
he replied with a slight hint of play in his words, smirking as he said it. Afterwards, Amenra did something that made him feel flustered. He could feel Amenra’s warm hands, holding his and the kiss his date gave on his forehead really made him feel all warm inside. The way the taller man speak to him, he felt like pulling Amenra in and give him a kiss, but he was thinking of saving their first kiss when the time was right, like when they would dance in the middle of the hall. One thing that Sage noticed about his date is that he really likes things to go perfectly and he respects that, he also found it quite sweet of him. Sage gave his date a sweet smile as he blushed from the forehead kiss.


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Amen'ra couldn't help but smirk at Sage's word choice. How someone could be so elegant yet so silly at times was beyond him, but maybe he would aspire to become similar in the future. A mirror of the man he'd chose to gift his heart and who's to say Sage wouldn't take on some of his traits in return? It would be an interesting thing but only time could tell, for now he would gently rub the cheek of the man across from him. "Coming right up"

And without any sort of hesitance he was off to the punch bowl, grabbing two cups and using the ladle within the glass container to distribute even amounts to both cups. Placing the ladle back in the bowl and moving to meet Sage once more, he would slide the mans own glass into view and dangle it playfully. "One fresh cup of fruit juice my good sir." Amie joked in a posh accent while handing the cup over and sipping from his own.

A small chuckle escaped his throat before he was surveying the room for anyone he might know or anything odd. Call it intuition but he always managed to get into trouble whenever things seemed to be going too perfectly, and nothing was more marvelous than this moment. Something, or someone, had to be here that he'd known. He could only hope it was a friend rather than a foe.

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#4Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
Oh the warm touch of his date made him feel like they were butterflies in his stomach. He still couldn't get over the fact of how charming Amenra was. It also made him smile like a fool. While his date was getting something to drink for them both, Sage waited there smiling and thinking of how the future would unfold for the both of them. How they would go on an adventure together, ending up living together, the morning coffees and the silly jokes they would play on each other. Oh how he was excited for those days. The people around him would watch him as he smiled on his own, lost in his own dreamland.

Sage drew himself back into the real world as Amenra approached him, he didn't want his date to think that he was weird, he needed to control himself.  Sage chuckled softly as his date tried to do a posh accent. "Oh how kind of you sir," he would reply with a posh accent as well, continuing his date previous joke. He let a soft chuckle afterwards, couldn't believe that he did such things.

He brought the cup that was filled with the cocktail to his lips and took a sip from it. "Mmm, this is nice." he'd compliment the drink as he looked at it. It was a royal event after all, so the foods and drinks would have been made by the best chefs in town.

The orchestra then started to play its music, a beautiful waltz 'the blue danube' started playing. Sage could only smile excitedly at his date, looking at him with such eyes that sparkled like the night sky. People started to gather in the middle, dancing with their partner. He couldn't wait any longer, he placed his cup on a nearby table and grabbed Amenra's arm, pulling him to the center of the grand hall. As the music played, Sage turned to his date and placed his left hand on his shoulder. "Do you know how to dance?" he would ask his date first so that he could decide whether he should be the lead or the follower. But the tone in his voice were filled with excitement, it could even be seen in his eyes.


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With Sage saying the drink was nice, Amen'ra looked back to his beau and winked in a playful manner. Even though he'd had nothing to do with the drink and food preparation he was more than willing to take mock credit for the delicious flavor. "Only the best for you." Spoken through a wistful smirk, sipping once more and tapping his foot gently to the music.

The orchestra's music shifted tone to a much more dramatic tune, or should he say somber? A sort of waltz, he believed the Blue Danube, was now ringing out beautifully. Each striking of the chords as powerful and accurate as ever and before he could comment Sage, was gripping his arm; dragging him to the dance floor.

Sage's question cause Amen'ra to chuckle before handing his drink to one of the many staff floating around and moving closer to his date, "I thought you'd never ask." Suddenly his posture was stiffening, his right hand slithering smoothly to Sage's lower back and his left offering for Sage to grip it. "I'll lead." He spoke once more before his frame began slowly moving to the enchanting rhythm, eyes locked onto his partner the entire time with a grand smile.

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#6Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
Sage could only roll his eyes and blush as he was given that wink, it was both striking and intimidating he couldn't resist but melt away like ice as the first sun of spring rose from the horizon. His voice was also charming, the words that came out of his mouth was made him feel safe, nobody has said something like that to him before. How nice was it knowing that someone wants only the best for you. Feelings was developing inside Sage, but he could not identify what these funny and weird feelings are, he never experienced them before.

He was afraid that Amen'ra was going to say that he did not know how to dance, but luckily for him Amen'ra was that perfect prince charming everyone could ever dream of. The man without hesitant placed his hand on Sage's waist and Sage's face flushed when his date told him he would lead. It made him feel like he was in a safehaven, that he was protected with the warmth of Amen'ra's, from the coldness of the world outside. Being very delicate, Sage followed Amen'ra's lead without any resistance, dancing together along with the beat of the waltz music. It was as if a dream has come to reality, Sage's awareness of the people around them had disappeared, when Sage looked into Amen'ra's eyes, it was as if only the two of them was there. It was such a beautiful sight.

As the music approaches its climax, Sage's heart beat faster and faster, he didn't know what was controlling him. He was moved by his instinct, he leaned closer towards Amen'ra, closing his eyes and gently, he pressed and locked his lips against the man he fell in love with.


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The two of them moved in unison, like birds in a flock or maybe clouds riding a current. Their dance drew the eyes of many impressed onlookers, others who were happy for the couple and some with distaste on their tongues. None of them mattered to the amber eyed man, who's jewels deep into those of the soul in his grasp. Each movement they made solidified their synergy and feelings before the climax of the strings that guided them.

And then there was silence between the two, well only physically, but spiritually they were screaming. There was like a spark, a static cling that drew them closer and closer until finally both were closing eyes and massaging soft pink flesh. It was Amen'ra first kiss in... who knows, but all he could think about was the love he had for the mage before him.

Their embrace was passionate, deep and long lasting before Amen'ra pulled away with a soft chuckle and deep red blush on his lips. "I've never felt this way about someone before... this is... magic." He expressed softly, bringing his lips to peck at the others cheek while remaining close enough to have their faces right across from one another. "I wish this moment could last forever."

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