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Phoenix Feather (W.I.P)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Phoenix Feather (W.I.P) Empty on Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:56 pm

Kazimir Seiryu

Phoenix Feather

Phoenix Feather

Formed by those who continue to be dedicated protectors of those who need someone now more than ever. The guild operates throughout the country, united to make the land safe. They take on quests from all who need them both large and small. Their exploits spanning from facing down demons to rebuilding broken homes. There is no task too great or small for them to take on.

The guild is structured in various levels and led by a council formed of the division leaders. The council helps decide as a collective which direction the guild should take, headed by the guild master. Members have the freedom to rise through the ranks or operate independently as long as they contribute to the betterment of the country.

The guild provides a focus on training members in its academy, to realize their potential and to better equip them with the skills to protect the land.

Vision: A peaceful Fiore.


  • Protect the people and help those in need.

  • Train and prepare members to realize their full potential.

  • Stand against crime.

The guild takes on all members of all backgrounds. Its inclusion established as a testament to the acceptance of all people and species. The guild openly accepts former dark guild members, daemons and others who seek redemption or stand out against the nature prescribed to them by birth. As such the members are a wide blend of personalities but all have a passion for helping others and facing threats that would bring harm upon Earth Land.



Sometimes a structure grows so vast it shatters the foundation it was built on. Corruption had permeated through the land and clawed its way into the ranks of the Rune Knights. Strife took hold through violence and bloodshed.

In the aftermath, the organization was broken. Some of those knights held true to their desire in helping others. They ventured out and joined with others. In that unison, a new group was formed. One that left behind the tainted ideals of the paths that had come from and built upon what good was left. Founded by people from all walks of life with a single goal. To answer the call of those in need. Their spirits endured and they stood from the ashes of the old to begin anew.



The first flame appeared on the last night of chaos. The nameless band faced down their greatest foe. Their defeat was imminent, but they did not yield. In the final moments, with broken bodies and devoid of stamina, those who would be known as the founding members saw the prodigious fires cross the sky. The flames did not scorch the land but rained down the warmth of renewal and the promise of an untapped future. They stood against their foe and persevered. When the sun rose to cast away the long night of battle, The emblazoned phoenix soared overhead and from its wings, a single robust feather descended. It glowed with a soft hue. It was delicate to the touch but with everlasting durability.  It was not a rebirth of life but one of purpose that motivated the idealistic group to take a new course. The members took the feather and it is now protected as a treasured memento and symbol in the guild’s hall. From that night they took on the name Phoenix feather, although it would always remain a point of mystery if the appearance of the legendary bird was destined or a simple coincidence. Nonetheless, they were a guild now with a reborn purpose.


  • The user may not take any Bad Quests.

  • The user may not harm other members of the guild. Rivalry is fine, but should they forsake the entirety of the guild for their selfish desires, consequences are in place.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Phoenix Feather to others for as long as they live.

  • The user is not allowed to do any actions that would be considered detrimental to the safety of the country of Fiore.


The guild building is situated near the center of Astera. Placed in a large location to provide access to resources. The building consists of multiple wings that house the various divisions. There is a living area for those that want to stay within the guild for any things of time. One of the main halls is dedicated to training both in combat, survival skills, and magic.

There is a large courtyard to relax in and the building sits up high to watch over the people of Astera.
The Academy:

The Academy is a place of combat and magical training. The focus is to give members a greater toolset, encourage their personal growth and build mastery in their art. Members and potential members take a basic training course. From there they may take classes taught by guild members with expertise in different areas such as advanced combat with and without magic, team tactics, and magic proficiency, and investigations, among others.

The Guild Master oversees the Academy and all its functions. Members are asked to donate time in giving classes.


Kazimir Seiryu

A former captain in the Rune Knights. Kazimir left the fractured organization but still felt the country needed a force to do good and protect it. He has made tough decisions in the past and faced down dangerous threats, both leaving him with hard-learned lessons and some regrets he seeks to make right.

He prefers the simple things in life and has a fairly easy-going personality. He still ventures out on quests with members and actively seeks to help them improve. He strives to make sure that all the members achieve their fullest potential. The only thing to worry about is Kaz's love of intense training sessions. Although he would never do anything to actively endanger a member.  

While the guild isn't strict he prefers a leadership structure for accountability but trusts all the members of the guild to be respectful and gives them the space to act.

Despite his generally kind nature, if provoked to combat he will not hesitate to do what is necessary to protect those he cares and others but would prefer to avoid unnecessary conflict.


  • Deathless Knight:

  • Knight of Resurrection:

  • Eternal Herald:

  • Knight of Celerity:

Phoenix Feather Spells:

Name: Phoenix Sight
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Eternal Herald
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: 30 meters
Cooldown: once per topic
Duration: sustain
The user draws upon the phoenix power and knowledge over death. Their body emits an aura that coves the area. The user takes in a deep breath and raises one hand that fills with a flame that dissipates into the air. A vague outline of a phoenix washes over the area and fades into a gentle hue. The user gains the knowledge of anyone who has recently died in the area and how. The user may target specific people in the area to gain that knowledge. The knowledge comes to the users innately and they simply understand.

Name: Phoenix Rejuvenation
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500 per target
Requirements:  Knight of Resurrection Title
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: 30m
Cooldown: once per topic
Duration: sustain
The user can target any number of objects or beings within the topic. Each target increases the mana cost by 500. The user may spend that mana to revert the object or being to its status from one post before. The user may sustain the spell to continue reverting for additional posts to a maximum of the beginning of the topic. The affected targets are treated with the same statistics they were at in the post that the spell reverts too, including health, damage taken, mana, and cooldowns. Items used or broken that the target was wielding are not reverted unless specifically targeted by this spell.

Name: Phoenix Rush
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements:  Knight of Celerity title
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: once per topic
Duration: Sustain
The user places their hands out in front of them to cast the spell. A vibrant aura surrounds them that invigorates their speed. The user receives an S-rank speed buff for the duration of the spell. They can also use phoenix dash 1/post. Phoenix dash is a 15-meter dash usable once per turn. The user also grows spectral phoenix wings and may fly at 10 meters.

Name: Immolation
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: Deathless Knight title
Element: Arcane
Range: 50 meters
Cooldown: once per topic
Duration: instant
The user creates a 50 meter explosion of glowing feathers around themselves. They deal 2x S-rank damage to all within the area. The users body temporarily is reduced to ash. They can’t be hurt nor take any actions in the next post. The post after that they may rematerialize anywhere within the area of the immolation.

Guild Spell

Name: Phoenix Revival
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: four guild members one must be level 4
Element: Arcane
Range: Target
Cooldown: once per month
Duration: Instant
When a member of the guild dies they may be resurrected. A body is not needed and the newly formed body appears in the guildhall. A quest must be completed by four other members one of which must be a level 4 or higher-ranked member. The four members must take on a 10,000 cumulative word quest. And the cost is 1.5 million jewels to be paid in any combination between the four members and the one to be resurrected. The member is brought back to life at 80% experience and Stats.


Level 0: Trainee

  • Guild Hall: The user may access and roleplay in the guild hall.

Level 1: Acolyte

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 5% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Reputation:The user gets a 10% more jewels and fame from quests.

Level 2: Knight

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 10% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Potion Purchase: The user is allowed to purchase an extra statistic, mana or experience potion per month.
  • Squad Leader: The member may lead a squad.

Level 3: Lieutenant

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 15% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Reputation: The user gets a 20% more jewels and fame from quests.
  • Division Recruit: The member can join a division in the guild.

Level 4: Captain

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 20% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Guild Defenses: The user may activate mystical defenses and prevent enemies from taking their held locations once per month.
  • Division Leader: The member may become the head of their own division. I.E. Special Forces, Research and Development...etc

Level 5: Captain-Commander

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 25% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • For the people: The user may have an additional thread to a maximum of six. 


  • Squad Leader: The member leads an npc/pc squad. The npcs have no mechanical statistics and are for RP purposes only.

  • Division Member: The member may join an established division or operate with a special job within the guild. I.E. Medical team, lead scout...etc

  • Division leader: The member has reached one of the peaks of the guild. They can become the leader of a division or create their own. All division leaders are highly respected and have great input on the direction the guild takes. There will be no more than 10 and each division leader will be on a council, headed by the guild master, to determine the direction of the guild.


  • User 1: Iris DuPage

  • User 2: Judina Karlinius

  • User 3: Noyiah Dashi

  • User 3: Shimura Shigaraki

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