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The Punisher Returns (Open)

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#1Joshua Graham 

The Punisher Returns (Open) Empty on Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:19 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua walked through the mighty doors of the cathedral. He stayed in the same area as those who came to pray. He stayed quiet, the Punisher on his back tightly wrapped in linen cloths. Though the mighty cross shaped weapon wasnt easy to hide, it at least covered up well. He moved to one of the efigies of illumin and placed a gold coin upon the alter. He pulled the cross from his shirt and held it softly as he knelt and said a prayer.

He wasnt there seeking redemption. he had unfortunately abandoned the ways of the church in his own despair and desire to...do something with his life. He finished his silent prayer and stood, walking to the main staircase that lead beyond, to the Divine. the guards eyed him, but he just stood there looking for the time being. He wasnt a fool, he knew his place. But he couldnt help but wonder why the weapon had appeared to him. He was no great Saint, or mighty pious warrior.

"I wish to speak to the Divine." he said to the guards, as he presented the holy artifact to them by planting it onto the floor with a loud and echoy thud. he removed the linen cloth and let them look upon it.


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Attending the Grand Ball, Kon sipped from his tall glass of champagne as he watched various distinguished wizards, knights and other upper class citizens interact with one another. Few had opted to talk to the imposing man, either fearing his presence or out of spite due to the many knights he had slain in the Nine Heroes reclamation. Konstantin was comfortable with his involuntarily social isolation, he didn’t have much to say to anyone there. No he was there to save face for things to come, plans were in place and all he had to do was gather some like minded individuals. For now however his focus was drawn towards a rather unique individual not just because of his appearance, but because of a large cross-like object that he wielded upon his back. Face drawn into a scowl he looked with a growing rage, speaking under his breathe with hatred in every word. “Surely that can’t be the Punisher?, Why is this nobody wielding it?, No doubt a puppet of the order.”

Typically he would have refrained from confronting someone but this was truly personal. He thought had lost his weapon, the punisher as a result of being held captive by the Midnight Cult. But now the presence of this cross only reinforced his distrust towards the Holy Knights. It seemed that they had simply taken back the weapon after the rescue rather than hand it back to him. Furious about this revelation, Kon pushed his way through the crowded hall towards the man, grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt and pulled him face to face, before bellowing out. “Why do you have this?!” Startling the docile guards.

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#3Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua Didnt fight back, as the man grabbed him. Instead he simply looked him up and down. He knew right away how strong he was. Just the eyes alone told him so much. He managed to get free, though his outfit didnt fair as well. he fixed it as best he could before answering the mans question. "I assume you know what this is." he said as he undid the wrapping around the cross, the white fabric fell to the ground easily, letting the full glory of the weapon be seen. He looked at the man and then to the cross. "I recieved this from a strange jolly man in a Log Cabin not to long ago. He was kind... he told me this Item was precious to Illumin..." he said that with a sadness in his voice. as is he was still coming to terms with something he had not voiced.

"I may not be a holyman anymore... But even i can feel the light coming from you. Its harsh... But only because it must be." he leaned the artifact toward him. "If the item is so important to you, that you would confront me here and now... Then take it." again, that voice had hint of sadness and regret in it. but not for giving the artifact away, he was struggling with oither thoughts then just who this man was. "otherwise, Ill be speaking to the Divine, I was told she would have the answers to my questions by the same jolly man who gave me this. Once i have my answers, the church can have the artifact back if they want it." his eyes, while not nearly filled with energy as the man infront of him were, he held himself steadfast, knowing his own personal worth.


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In spite of Kon’s intimidating presence, the man stood headstrong doubling down on his position by removing himself from Kon’s grasp at the cost of his clothes. As his coat tore and crumbled to golden dust, the man revealed that he had not received the cross from the church itself. Oddly another gave it to him seemingly unaffiliated with the order and the Holy Knights. “Perhaps the order didn’t take it?, Perhaps the cross was simply forgotten in the conflict…” He muttered to himself. All the while Josh offered up the punisher with minimal resistance, much to his surprise. Shaking his head to the offer, Kon rejected the offer with a heavy heart. It might have been his once but no longer. “While I appreciate the gesture, I’d prefer for someone else to use it, it was not suited for me, just make sure to use it and make it your own.” The revelation that he was attempting to talk to the divine and simply hand over the powerful weapon was rather grating for Kon.

Wanting to ensure such a weapon would not enter the stockpile of Holy weapons, Kon raised his golden gilded hand. “I would not recommend that friend, the church is not a place to seek redemption or answers.” Gesturing at the cross before him, he continued. “No, I’d suggest you hold onto your cross, any attempt to talk with the divine for a man of your position would be futile and likely end with you losing the artifact while leaving you with more questions then you started with.” Rubbing his chin, he reflected upon his time as a Holy Knight. “I might be able to answer your questions, I was a Holy Knight myself, I fairly recognised one at the time.”

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#5Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua wasnt to concerned about his clothing, he could replace it. but what ever that golden hand was was dangerous. He would make sure to be causious of it. He looked up the stairwell as the man explained that he didnt want it back, only to insure it was in the possession of someone who could use it properly. But as the man spoke of not returning the cross to the church, Joshua turned and looked at him again. As if the very words confirmed what he already believed. He felt his own heart grow heavy, realizing he couldnt trust them anymore. Not after everything that happened. Joshua had been out in the savanah when it happened, when the angels attacked, thankfully, he was safe from it as was his group.

But as the man spoke, Joshua waited till he was done, and politley shook his head, before kneeling to rewrap the cross.

"As much as i would like, the answers i wanted werent spiritual... Im hunting after the dragon that devoured half my village." he spoke with a southern accent, but his words were well pronounced. As he wrapped up the cross, he chuckled wryly. "Thought it was dead, buried under the rubble my father and his men collapsed on it, but turns out, Theres been reports of a monster roaming the countryside, devouring people in the dead of night without a single noise." he finished wrapping the cross and stood ip as he slung it back onto his back. "Imagine my surprise, thats exactly what was happening back in my home country. So im thinking it escaped and migrated here."

Joshua sighed softly and smiled a unhappy smile. "So unfortunatly, Unless you can somehow find it, theres not much you can help with. But i do appreciate the offer."


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“Curious.” He thought to himself, as the man before him revealed that he had not planned to talk to the Divine regarding the illumin rather on an unrelated monster which plagued his people. Why he would try to contact such a reclusive individual was beyond Konstantin, who had never met the divine himself during his time as a Holy Knight. For him, an outside to casually see the Divine was a mindblowing prospect. Especially given his rather low status, based on his appearance and overall strength. How he managed to even carry the large cross was beyond him. Rather dwelling on the unusual, Konstantin returned his focus with the news of a monster roaming in the area, potentially a dragon. A mythical beast that he had only read about in old fairy tales. While he doubted that it was one, he did trust the validity of something similar to one, perhaps a demon still on this plane of existence. A deep frown grew upon his face at this prospect. “A monster you say?, hmm…” Nodding, gripping both of his fists, Kon decided without a second thought. “Tell me as much as you know about it, its last known location, what it looks like, everything.”

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#7Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua looked at this man, his eyes told Joshua everything he needed to know. This man had seen terrible horrible things, But he had come out of those things stronger and more battle hardened then ever. The cowboy nodded, and lead the way to a quieter area of the party. He set down the cross next to him as he sat down at a table. A waiter offered him a drink, and he ordered just an orange juice. The waiter took the order, as well as one from Kon as well if he wanted one. Joshua sighed and removed his hat, setting it on the table.

"my Tribe called it the Whowie. i never saw it myself, i was too young. But my father told me the stories of it when i was younger. A warning to stay home and not wander at night, or so we thought. Its said to be able to swallow an entire tribe in a single night. But when it was done with my people we had half of what we did, without a sound, without even leaving more then foot prints we lost half of our tribe. " the waiter returned with the drinks and left shortly after. "my father, and most of the men in the village that were left went to fight it in its den. But... From what i saw of the rubble that remains my father and his men buried themselves along with it. Or so i though. I heard reports of people going missing in Fiore and i...I knew in my heart that it had lived. the disappearances were just the same as what happened to my people. Im still looking for it...But once i find it, im killing it for once and for all."

Joshua downs the juice. "Sorry, its been... a long day. and i think my hearts just not in it right now to be cheerful."


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The conversation transitioned from the entrance to the inner sanctum of the Cathedral to an unassuming area where even Kon’s glaring presence drew minimal attention. Joshua chose to sit while Kon stood as straight portraying a fierce and unrelenting towards any onlookers. A waiter either foolhardy or naive approached the men, drinks were ordered before their conversation recommenced. Joshua revealed its local name of “Whowie.” A name that was both unremarkable and very poorly chosen. Before the former Knight could enquire this absolute stranger began to monologue his entire life. Holding his tongue and scolding hot tea awkwardly, Kon began to compare the story to his torture only a few years ago, but at least that was still entertaining… Rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortable from the sheer openness of the man before him. Rather than probe further or comfort the man, Kon merely waved away Joshua’s apologies. “Don’t worry yourself, You said the monster was called Whowie?, why?” A name which frankly wouldn’t suit a majestic beast such as a dragon that Joshua was hunting. “Are you sure your people called it the Whowie?” Making the comments before finally taking a sip of his cooling tea.

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