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Revana Ari'sa Ka

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Name: 'Revana' Arisa Ka

Age: Feburary 6th X752

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Sorcerer

Profession: Science Prodigy [INT]

Race: Nephilim

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right butt cheek (purple with red outline)

Face: Mercy - Overwatch


Height: 6'1

Weight: 153lbs

Hair: Auburn w/ blonde

Eyes: Amber with tints of gold.

Overall: The woman's first and second feature to be noticed are her hair and eyes. Revana's hair is a wine color with some blonde in it. Sometimes she does go back to fully blonde though. Her eyes are a brown color with some gold. When the light shines upon them they look like the eyes of a wolf. Her skin is a fine peach color with some pigment issues as her face and body turns red easily as well as purple when she's color and pink when she's warm. Her fine lips are like a divine's bow. Her body is voluptuous and curvy as her thick assets are round, thighs are thicker and has a small waist. Her chest is perfectly size as they aren't too large nor too small. Her canvas is a piece of beautiful art.

Revana and Arisa likes to wear different things, but sometimes they do agree to wear one thing or the other. Revana likes to reveal more skin, while Arisa does not. A medium size dress is the most Arisa will reveal unless she wears a bikini for some swimming. A symbol she enjoys putting on her outfits is a cross-like symbol that also symbolizes health, not a religion in her eyes. Her voice likes to change from womanly with a cold smooth tone and sometimes a sweet-bubbly tone.  

Extra: --


Personality: Revana is a woman who is stuck in the clouds. She tends to dream constantly about random scenarios and talks to herself with a random voice in her head. The most important thing in her life is to put together 'her' life. Depending on how someone looks at it, she's both selfless and selfish as she likes to help others if she cares for them, but mainly herself. Being alone was always a thing in her life, so Revana has a hard time having any actual person-to-person conversations.

Revana as a whole can be both sugar and quite cold. She tends to enjoy pretending to be nice to those she doesn't know and then cold if she finally decides she dislikes them. Sometimes she is sweet, like to 'her' children and soon the one person she needs to find. Arisa keeps tabs on the people that were important to her during her own life stream before she had to end it. She fears of ending her life again so she tends to be anxious as well to every situation. Her mind over thinks and says sorry a lot, but only if she has a positive overlook about you. In random occasions she will talk to her voice out-loud and her voice changes with it. Sometimes she can't even think straight as she'll have random outbreaks due to the many times she has done 'this'.

  • Music: The sound of silence is pretty good music, but the tunes of instrumentals are beautiful.
  • Sweets: Pieces of fattening sweets; rather they come from fruit of chocolates are so satisfying.


  • Royals/Nobles: They're simply pigs who think they're everything and beings who miss-treats the lowers.
  • 'God': Gods of any, she despises those that are above her. She finds them disrespectful beings who abuse their power.


  • Immortality: To live forever and to be beautiful art that lasts an eternity will be a gift. Her long many lives have wished for such things, but has yet to reach it.  
  • Become Stronger: Broken and left her past-self devastated, she only has one person in mind to destroy. To do that she needs to become stronger.


  • June Bugs: They're sticky when they fly onto you and they're disgusting.
  • Repeating Curse: The fact that every lifetime has been repeating over and over again, feeling all its' pain continuously hurting. If she doesn't find immortality and things go wrong, she'll have to redo this all over again.


Magic Name: Water Magic

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Revani was gifted with water magic, which concentrates on manipulating and creating things with such element. She is able to create a large amounts of pressure and waves with this. Her specifically can create Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive and Self-Buff spells.



Revana lived in an island where it never darkens and shines bright every day. Her mother was into pottery and her father worked for nobility in the City. He was always away as it took a boat to get there when they called for him. The boat itself took about a week to get there and another to get back. Revana had two brother and a sister who she loved dear as she herself was the middle child. Growing up with other siblings and as the middle child, she didn't get much attention as the others did.

Revana within time found a friend that no one else could see. She was her only friend as she avoided all others. Her friend's name was Ana as she had beautiful long blonde hair and ruby colored eyes. She was told all kinds of stories of traveling, the people she saw and to her it was exciting. When Revana repeated these stories to others though they saw her as insane, crazy and was put out as the outcast of the island. On her fifteenth birthday she was shining brighter as ever, more than the sun. Her hair had shimmers of blonde within her streaks of red as her eyes became shinier. Once again, the islanders didn't see this as a gift, but as a stranger phenomenon that was not welcomed there.

They didn't believe in Illuminati as she was then sent on the boat towards Fiore. Banned by her family, the island she grew up on, all she had was Ana. She smiled and embraced the Adventure with Ana, but she wouldn't for so long as she grew up more. A lot went on within the boat, things untold, but as she turned 32 she was already someone else. Another soul that entered her body like some capsule. The 'funny' part was that her name was Arisa, like her middle name as it turned out this woman seeked a longer life. Revana accepted this as an opportunity for knowledge. 'Revana, I like that name, I'll keep it for safe-keeps. A nickname perhaps'. Was their first introduction. At that time was when she told Revana her story, her feelings and everything that they are about to witness as she takes over her whole being. Revana was technically no more as Arisa had business to finish.

Arisa searched far and wide to finally find her children. There was two more people to find, one being hard to find as he disappeared from her grasps and the other, the trickster who she tends to destroy somehow, some way. Other than finding them, she had to go find Judith to finish this experimentation that she has been trying to perfect for many years...
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Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 384

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance:10
  • Constitution: 121
  • Intelligence: 251




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This character application has been approved.

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