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Noel Raion | Lamia Scale Spellsword

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Name: Maarschalk Noel Raion
Age: Dec. 1 X750

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: The Spellsword

Profession: Melee combat tutor (Strength)

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Lower back right side

Face: Yami Sukehiro | Black Clover


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 295 lbs

Hair: Jetblack

Eyes:  Grey

Overall: Raion is a very tall man, with a muscular seeming physique. Making him a figure that stands out in a crowd, Raion has a stubble--his moustache and beard being the most noticeable. His black-colored hair is of medium length, and is usually combed backwards in a messy fashion. His outfit is described as easily as a white shirt and black trousers, his trousers also feature a brown leather padding that is only cosmetic and has no other function. A leather belt keeps his trousers in place. A certain banner can sometimes be seen covering his right shoulder, which coincidentally matches up with his dominant arm. This banner bears a logo of a raging bull--something which Raion is often compared with. So much so, that he decided to mock the insult and wear it with pride. Most of the time, Raion can be spotted with a cigarette on his lips.

Extra: A single scar that stretches horizontally across his forehead // Which when frowning really intensely gets absorbed by the wrinkles.


Personality: Raion is an adult male both physically as psychologically. "Be the better man", is a term he's come to understanding as he progressed through the years of his life as a person whose society expected too much from. Through his past experiences, his personality became more refined. In the past, he'd be quick to jump into action if it could save the lives of others; and he'd do this without getting recognition while putting his life on the stake. The Raion of today, is a lot more careful about getting involved in those kinds of situations. He is a very aware man socially, being able to tell by someones body language what they are feeling--he does this by using his own empathy to try and reflect what kind of body language he'd expose during certain emotions. Simple gestures, for example, like placing your fist on your thigh with your elbow pointing outwards indicate to Raion that this person wants to undertake action.

Raions' responsibilities have stacked up, increasing the risks of his action. To combat this, the male has trained his mind to think more strategically than the average. He achieved this by reading a lot of philosophy books related to the art of war, and actually contextualizing the philosophy of the old in situations that are taking place in the current time.


  • Combat: He'll deny it, but there's nothing that Raion enjoys more than combat--that being said, a certain analytical side of him prevents him from entering a mode of senseless violence. His combat is well calculated, and planned out to minute detail. Raion enjoys fighting. In his mind, there's no better way to get to know a person faster than by fighting them. Usually, at the end, he will befriend the person he has fought regardless of the outcome. Fighting can be very cathartic for him.  

  • Booze, cigarettes & (black)coffee: It isn't very difficult to make Raion a good breakfast, as the listed items are all the ingredients required. His body thrives on the fuel of 'bad' stuff, partially due to his life motto being: "Life isn't a marathon, it's a sprint." -- ultimately succumbing to these vices due to this life philosophy.  


  • Era: Once a town baptized in so called 'holy-blood', now is dubbed by Raion as: 'city of pussies, stop talking to me about it--holy shit get a clue.' Whenever Era is brought up, Raion will bare a stern face, showing ample of disdain towards anything related to this place. The reason for this random seeming hatred is actually very deep rooted. Raion 'saved' the town of a certain demise a long time ago, without getting any recognition for it. While not receiving recognition for his heroic acts was acceptable, no representatives of the town were present during the crisis--which left a bitter taste in his mouth ever since.

  • The sound of high heels on a lonely cobble road at night: Every step that echoes and reechoes into the deep of the night is enough to trigger Raion. He lives in a pretty crowded area, which oddly enough is quite silent at night. Save for that one damsel letting everyone in his neighborhood know that she's wearing heels.


  • Money: The human concept of freedom. Scoring a lavish pension has been a goal of Raion for quite some time.


  • The unknown: Figures of the dark, creatures who appear to be a static noise. Incorporeal manifestations that seem out of control and unpredictable. Something Raion couldn't anticipate his next move against and fears are exotic creatures that aren't natural to this world and its magic.

  • Being left behind: As reality dictates, Raion is older than most of his peers. A fear of his is that his much younger peers will eventually surpass him by such an incredible amount, rendering him unable to help them if push came to shove.


Magic Name: Daemon Scrolls

Magic Element: Air

Magic Description: The user of this magic materializes the spirit of the air. Which allows the user to compress and decompress air, effectively allowing the user to create shapes out of air based on their will. For example, the user can create a weapon out of compressed air. The user is also able to use offensive based air spells, as well as self-buffing by inhaling magically infused oxygen. Supplementary options for example flying are also possible should the user of this magic master it to that point. Debuffing, albeit done rarely, can be achieved by manipulating the air around the opponent of the user.



Born and raised from a farm close to Orchidia by two parents, Raion had a very eccentric upbringing. His father, was a legendary bounty hunter. He was taught at home by his mother, she was quite a good teacher. Raion showed a liking for medicine and studied to be a doctor once he got independent of his parents. During his college time he met his now ex-wife, they had two children together who are now both over twenty. Raising them wasn’t easy, all alone. He was 25 when he joined a more known practice, and he was there for a few years. In his early 30s Raion found out that he had magical powers, given his profession and this new magic he had developed a god-complex, believing that he is the one true savior of mankind. Joining Lamia Scale was quite difficult, luckily he lived in Orchidia – he considered and still considers Lamia Scale to be a ragtag band of pseudo mercenaries that carry out the ‘good’ will of Orchidia, or whatever that may be. He had his own vision for Lamia Scale but would never tell anyone.

During most of his time in Lamia Scale, Raion was sent around from place to place--solving issues which he specialized in.

Somewhere down the road, Raion had entered a tournament. He'd end up beating every opponent he faced, which featured members from his own guild, a member of Grimoire Heart, his now ex-wife, and lastly a Blue Pegasus member.

During his tenure at Lamia Scale, the ace of a new guild, Icarus, had tried to recruit Raion into Grimoire Heart. As a double agent. Which Raion accepted--but eventually twisted, turning on them instead. Revealing to his Guild Master Aguero what he had done. He'd eventually deeply regret this decision.

A conflict in Era which called Raion for action had led him to save the town. In this conflict, he'd have defeated two vital chess pieces from the infamous group called the Phantom Lord. No recognition was given, and Raion discovered that no Era representatives were present during the time of crisis.

Lamia Scale later had become a target of Grimoire Heart. Raion successfully stopped their attack with the help of his guild mate Atlas. Raion wasn't informed about this by Grimoire Heart, and ironically this attack would have succeeded most likely had he been informed.

When Raion shook his sleeve and revealed what was in it to his guildmaster(Aguero), he ultimately had setup a meeting between his guildmaster and the ace of Grimoire Hearts, Icarus. This led to the death of his guildmaster, Aguero; after this had happened, Raion tossed his first name Maarschalk and begun using the moniker Noel as his first name instead. Regrets that are too overwhelming to describe have sunken into the name his parents gave him.

Along the way of his adventures, he'd meet a beautiful person by the name of Arisa, who was chosen as the successor of Aguero.

Arisa and Raion were like yin-yang, light and dark. A relationship begun to develop, which at the climax a child was to be born.

"When we met, ..."

"I was overwhelmed."

"Up until that day, my mind was focused towards one objective."

"Fighting was my passion, and my motivation. For the thirty-years I've been on this planet, that was my sole purpose. During my childhood, I got bullied by many. My dad was nonchalant about it, 'just beat them up', is what he'd say."

"And that is what I did. But eventually, violence wasn't accepted. The social norm changed, this happened when I graduated -- after a few mistakes, and feeling powerless with just my fists, I learnt that I wanted to help the world. Make the injured better. That way, I still had power."

"That feeling regressed after having participated in some large scaled combat conflicts, where people were just a number; and the enemy was always stronger than us."

"I remembered the advice my father had given me, and continued my life centered around fighting with people -- preventing deaths indirectly, rather than directly."

"And this worked. There's been numerous instances of these evil-doers I put down, preventing the death of countless people. They never called me a hero; and I didn't feel like one. I'm just one man, doing my duty to protect society."

"And then... I met you."

His lust for combat had been quelled after having met Arisa, having lost his guildmaster, having proven himself over and over again while tragedy kept on striking no matter what he did.

After a certain wedding, Noel was brought in for some questioning about events that had unfolded months before. A proper investigation into the death of Aguero led Rune Knights to find out the ties between Raion and Grimoire Heart. While Noel confessed to whatever crime he was accused of, having the heavy feeling of the guilt stricken in him. At the end of his trial, the prosecutor implied that Raion had setup a meeting between his guildmaster and his assailant, knowing fully well that his guildmaster will die. What Raion confessed to was having been a double spy for the duration of a couple of months.

Evidence that Raion setup the meeting was presented to the jurors.

The swift beat down of the judges hammer indicated to Noel that the days until his end can be counted on one hand. Execution by roping? Whatever the cost, his mind was ready to exit this world and enter the next. The evidence was deemed too circumstantial by the judge, but to all confessed counts a verdict was reached; 4 years in jail. Which was less than what Noel expected, but due to him confessing and the evidence not holding up, as well as this being his first time in big boy jail a lesser sentence was given.

Prison wasn't hard, not for Raion. It wasn't a la Rorschach type of prison. Convicted murderers were definitely present though, they posed little to no threat to Raion. The only thing he'd fear is getting got in his sleep. After a few months, that fear had faded and he'd integrate more properly into the prison culture.

After an epic journey of inner reflection, bonding with cellmates and being a well mannered prisoner, Noel was released after two years and six months on good behavior. Now, as a free man, he's to roam the lands of the world once more . . .

Reference: Kaiser mentioned stuff happening on FTRP again (:

Refunds & Reclaims

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 135

  • Strength: 61
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 31
  • Constitution: 11
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

Epithet: Mago Oscuro
Title: Lamia Scale's Wyvern


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This character application has been approved.

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