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It felt like it was time like any other as she felt like it was her time. Life was ready to repeat itself and not get the good ending this time around. In a nature's sense she was about to wither away and bloom once more. Who to find, who to tail for to do the job for her. She didn't want just anyone, but someone she knew wouldn't violate her carcass after her soul leaves within the final blow. This was a life after another as this was something simple. The garden, the beautiful garden that she was cursed to no longer embrace was going to be the final resting place of this body.

Possibly this was going to be the last time this had to happen as Ana was slowly getting more wary. Like beauty and the Beast's rose, each time she dies she was getting closer to her final resting. Her purple hair flowed as the wind blew gently. She walked and looked all-so-lovingly as her body had some natural glow. Her expressions were nay as she sat down with an appearance of a colored perfect statue, waiting. Waiting for who exactly was the question as she calmly enjoyed a small bit of this.

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
Did a different kind of fate lead Priscilla here was something left to the air of wonders, But Priscilla was not one to linger upon it too much nor the carrier of such heavy thoughts for a moment, She just had something she was told to do.

In first thought when reading the location of where this target was Priscilla thought it was joke, far too open and they it would be a chase. She did not expect any of it to be easy.

So when Priscilla would finally come to the point she wound find this woman she looked upon the fields of snow covered flowers. as well as what she was here for just sitting.

Priscilla gazed upon her with how she looked it was almost the opposite of her in the same manner almost the same lighter purple hair compared to her dark purple hair. She almost considered this a cruel joke from parts of her past.

Then kept in mind she was here for a reason and that is who exactly she was looking for. So Priscilla would test the waters to what would happen so to say, By walking in front of this woman. Priscilla wanted to know if she needed to chase her or she would have to fought back

She would just take her time pulling one of her daggers even if she was testing the waters. Taking one of the ends of her purple scarf Priscilla would polish the dagger she was holding."Is a snow covered garden such a fitting area to meet an end?"Priscilla did not sound like she was judging her, But almost like she felt there were better season to die in a garden of flowers."Maybe I am just far too different."She would check over her knife to ensure even if it was a rusty one, it was as clean as she could.

She would at least ask mostly being polite about it."On the bench? or would you like to lay somewhere?"It was the only thing she wanted to be sure of at this point.


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She closed her eyes, smelled the aroma of the sweet nectar of each flower around her. The area was still cold enough to 'smell' it as she smiled to it. Footsteps could be heard as someone was finally coming closer. 'Must be her, must be here and ready.'. She heard as she wondered herself. 'Are you ready?''. She asked out loud. It wasn't for the unknown woman who she could not see, mind you. It was for Ana, the woman who was planning all of this all along and the one who will be making Arisa the replacement. It wasn't really the end for her, right? This was going to work and that was the plan.

Quickly, her eyes opened as her eyes changed into mirror-like eyes that reflected the woman. Priscilla. ''Didn't expect to see you. Maybe you will be the one to make this go faster then. I have no fear of dying as it is better than withering into dust.". She spoke coldly and took a deep breather. "If you don't make it fast, I'll come back to prey on you.". Arisa's eyes slanted in a glare that was filled with promise. Softly she coughed and got up, walked to a flower bed. Which one shall she lay down on though? As she walked by each and every one of them she finally spotted the right one. ''Here.''. Her finger pointed towards the flowerbed with lilys, lilac colored flowers with some unique black ones and a few other ones that resembled them, the person on her mind and her children... They will be on her mind when she comes back as well. Once she crawled in position in a rather defensive position she smiled. ''I'm good now. The moon is in position and so am I. Shall this be quickened and not sloppy now.''. It was rather bad to die like this, but could someone really call this death when she was technically coming back?

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Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed almost a bit, entertaining to Priscilla was the make it quicker be threaten with a haunting an attempt to goad her into doing it quicker. While Priscilla wondered what made some one embrace death so quickly, This was not her place to ask nor did she really care in the end."I have my tools, Unless you wanted me to snap your neck."A knife would do, unless told otherwise. At least she had options, most other people didn't with Priscilla.

She would let Arisa take her time getting into place."Never really can guess who answer when you knock on the door to the other side, Only just embrace how you are welcomed in."Priscilla said so normally. She did not seemed phased by much. Why some one would chose such an open place, around flower must have been something she would never understand, Then again Priscilla only dealt with flower when visiting the graves of her family.

When she was in place Priscilla did not waste time nor did she seemed to make it short either. Priscilla would say nothing else about it either, no may your soul rest in peace, no forgiveness for taking a life just the one eyed rouge doing as she was use to doing.

Priscilla took one that very quick advise, Stabbed this woman in the heart and thought nothing of it pulling her blade out just to ensure it a bit more, Left a slash across her neck as well, to cut open the wind pipe. A bit quick and maybe not as painless but not as much pain as other ways she could have done it.

Priscilla would not clean off her knife and waited a few moments to see if she still moved, thanking whatever higher being in life her werewolf mind did not try to get her to eat this persons body. She saw no movement, But at least Priscilla would be nice in one way if they were not closed Priscilla would close the eyes of this lifeless body before her, then turn away and leave just it was just another day for her.

Another heart beat ended, by her hands. It felt plain, it felt normal, It was like the rest for her even if Priscilla did not want it to be.



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She heard her calling as she felt the soft flowers, tiny pit of prickles of the stems as she cuddled into them. The woman was ready as she heard Priscilla getting ready to take a stab at it. In this case, it was her heart as she then felt a shock of pain that started to feel like a splitting feeling, but it all soon went away. A climax of light bursts within her eyes as the body itself withered away. The stigma that was once was no more as she went to the next carcass that was ready for her, a live one at that. The girl was already prepared before this day and Arisa, she was ready for a new turn.

The woman obviously left the body which turned into nothingness. No one could've known besides Priscilla herself of the whereabouts of 'Kailette' as Arisa, or 'Ana', became someone else once more. It was first so many people, but the only other one she could fully remember was Kuri. Kuri was such an innocent girl, but it was all taken away one by one, her sanity. It became all black like the void as there was nothing to be seen, for those eyes at least.


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