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Starfall [RK Plot]

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#26Noyiah Dashi 

Starfall [RK Plot] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:01 am

Noyiah Dashi
“not made well for combat. . . I might have overlooked a change of clothes for this.” She would say admitting her inexperience in missions with a bit of a chuckle alongside Judina.

Noyiah would shake her head as Judina offered her the boots “it’s all good, I’m practically silent bare footed anyways” they talked rather Casually as they started to bring the man to his feet,  Judina Ordered him to his feel with a Steady calm Demeanor,  an order and he Swiftly did as she asked helping Noyiah get him to his feet.

“Why were you here?” she asked her knife poking him in the back of his neck where his spine met his Skull. Without delay she pressed it a bit firmer and said “ well?” aggressively and without giving him a second to fabricate a story.  Luckily the man spilled his guts and told them off the staff he was after.
“ Where is your Boss” she said Pushing the dagger harder, a drop a blood pushed from between his neck and the daggers tip “ Today, if you’d be so kind.” she said mimicking the same style of demeanor that Judina had used when telling him to stand. The man Spilled more information out, telling him that the he was in the courtyard, and that he attempted to use an attack that would sap the lifeforce of everyone around to finish them all off in one attack.  Satisfied by the answer she let the knife up, no longer pushing it to his neck.

They would walk the convict to the a door that they unlocked from the inside, pushing the man through the threshold of the building to the patrol outside” This man is a Traitor to the king, have him locked up, if he not dealt with properly, I will have your jobs or your heads” she said Rather firmly, leaving no Room for doubt as she bluffed.   As she went to hand the man over she would flip the blade of her knife backwards and Slammed the pommel into the back of his head dropping his unconscious, a slightly more Aggressive reaction then necessary but she felt it helped illustrate her point, and also made her feel a little better about her expensive heels.  

After they had dropped off the convict she had time to process what Judina had said beforehand.  She was not wrong, and at that time she heard the words as if Judith had spoke them, it brought a smile to her face as she heard the ageless wisdom of Judina’s Mother come out through her.

Noyiah would point up a hallway “  if we take this down to the end  turn right and go up the stairs we should meet  up with the others in the hall before the courtyard.” She would say after Judina  said they should meet up with the others.   It worried her that they might be the first to intercept the man known as Baldanti.

As they proceeded as planed, Noyiah and Judina would reach the man in the hall that flashed his red badge for them to see  Noyiah would nod as he explained that Xandra and Kazimir had passed by already.  Noyiah  started to move a little slower as she silenced her steps, knowing that she wasn’t any good if she was caught out in the open she instructed Judina “ you go out with them ill sneak through to the opposite side to flank” she said before she spun her dagger over the back of her knuckles and gripped it blade down. “Goodluck out there”  she said  giving Judina a pat on her shoulder before going out a window and slipped down into the gardens  beside the courtyard,  the red hue of the spell in progress just visible over the garden hedges.

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It seemed kind of entertaining in a way, Judina's way of humor was being picked up. Any other situation outside of work she would have a small internal moment of panic in her mind, since this was not the case it would not really happen.

She would at least mention."Do not step in anything sharp then, We don't have a medic on hand."Yes Judina took after her mother in some things but not everything if she did, Judina would know healing magic. However it was good they where both different, It left interactions fresh, Then again Judina was easy to predict, her mother was not.

When it came to Noyiah knocking their captive out Judina minorly impressed smiled slightly, She would also mention."Here I thought that was my thing to so, I did not think I would rub off on you this far."It was witty in her own manner, Judina knew Noyiah had pick up a lot but would not assume she would gain her style of reaction and temper normally, After all that was not like Noyiah and more of a Judina thing, That and being a copy cat is totally not cool would be a Judina reply she would say to her even if it was a reply that ten year olds would say to one another.

It was a good and simple thing to do, guide her towards things. Less thinking in a time of importance to a woman who might be in a rush as well as who rushes into things a bit more recklessly, then most people. The planning of her team mates was Judina's saving grace. So she would go and do exactly what Noyiah had suggested meeting up with Kazimir and one of the other knights who was either them, She might know her name but she does not recall at the moment.

Forbidden hall > > > Finale

#28Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

While the initial fight had molded into their favor, there was far too much to worry about to be able to heave a sigh of relief. A groan slipped through her lips as she moved over, pushing herself into a sitting position and stretched her back, which sweltered in pain. However, given the fact that her dress was mostly intact, apart from the dirt and grime that had made it's way over, she assumed the injury was rather minor and looked for the voice that called out to her. "Never been better." Her reply to Kazimir would be enough to prove him into continuing the mission as he seemed to take charge of getting the information extorted from their victim. She simply stood up, gladly letting him do so as they found out Baldanti's location as well as his vile plan. 

However, what struck to her as odd was the fact that he wanted to see them. That mere sentence alone got her to knit her eyebrows together in confusion as she began to wonder what he had wanted from them. It would have been ideal for him if this was stage at which the knights were stopped but the words and actions of their opponents contradicted each other quite a bit. It seemed as if their moves had been predicted and they were moving along to the tunes of Baldanti's plan. The mere thought of that had refused to sit well with her as she felt annoyance creep up inside her head. Somehow, she perceived that he had the upper hand and if they had wished to make this mission a success, they needed to flip the tables on him. Regardless, her assumption was far too baseless to share with her partner. Even if she did want to, they didn't really have the time to do so.

She was snapped out of her thoughts by Kazimir, who asked a simply yet excruciatingly important question to which she wouldn't help but respond, "I'm as ready as I'll ever be." A small chuckle escaped her lips, laced with her unease, annoyance and yet, held hints of excitement. While she would usually have preferred to be meticulously planned when facing someone who's existence she was aware of, she had no idea on how to approach the situation.

Xandra and Kazimir wasted no time as they dashed down the stairs after tying up the man, and retracing the path they had taken initially to reach the tower. As they passed, the Bellan quickly grabbed the shoes she had tossed to the side and clasped them in one hand as they approached their destination. What they were met with, however, was far more entrancing and peculiar than she could have imagined. Hues of red drowned the vicinity in a bloodbath of light, intensifying the eerie atmosphere that lingered in the air. Through the open windows that they rushed past, it was seen to be a red dot that clutched onto the night sky. Up close, it was far different. 

They slipped past the knight with a red badge, which alleged an alliance with them and entered to witness a spectacularly unsettling view. Bathing in the red light as he was surrounded by dark hues of shadows was Baldanti, who held within his hands, a staff that appeared to be the core of the ongoing spell. The lack of presence within the courtyard was apparent as he stood there alone, with Xandra and Kazimir being the only onlookers until the other knights had arrived. She was far too preoccupied with the sight before her to take a glance around to see just who had arrived but it didn't matter because she knew that they now had backup. 

As the Captain launched into his ominous monologue, making a vivid picture regarding the future that was to come soon, Xandra found herself giving into the large space of the vicinity as she slowly moved away from her colleagues to spread out more. The given situation seemed to be very disadvantageous for the knights. She made a quick glance at Kazimir who looked very focused towards Baldanti. Once his words had died out, the rumble spread through the vicinity as she could see the staff glowing even brighter. If anything, perhaps that was the point they had to attack. However, the distance between them meant that there was little that she could do.

Xandra decided to do the next best thing; provoke her opponent beyond aggravation. If anything, she realized that it would provide Kazimir and the others with more than enough time to attack. While she didn't know just how strong their opponent was, there was no harm in testing his powers. Her shoes, which she had picked up on the way back, were clasped in her hand as she dropped one of the pair before raising the other one and launching it straight towards Baldanti with all her strength.  As she predicted, he snapped his gaze towards her, and moved out of the way to let the shoe fly past him. Of course, it was foolish to think that it would actually hurt him but that wasn't her intention in the first place. She intended to get his attention and she had succeeded. It was time to test just how far her verbal skills had truly come.

Running a hand through her hair, she simply looked at him. "I'm getting quite tired of your shit. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I nor any of the others here, have any intention of dying. It's pretty arrogant of you to come out here thinking that you, a mere lone captain, can beat all of us combined." She could see him getting aggravated as he stared at her, devoting all his attention. It was a sign for her to continue her bluff, hoping that the others would take advantage of this. 

She let out a small laugh. "Did you think you have the upper hand just because you got us all to gather here? Don't push your luck. One of the most important rules of being is knight is to never underestimate your enemies but since you don't even know that, it really makes me wonder how you managed to become a Captain. Then again, I guess reaching that position is far easier when you just kiss the asses of those above you." While she could see him heaving in rage, she didn't know what would happen herself. She prepared herself to dodge if he sent any attack her way but she was depending on Kazimir to take advantage of this distraction she had created. "If there's anyone who'd do a better job in the afterlife, it would be you."
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#29Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
With nearly all the pieces in place, things were at their most tense. Judina arrived in the courtyard, without a word. He gave her a slight nod. There wasn't anything distraught on her face so Kaz only assumed that Noyiah was somewhere, moving into a tactical position.

Baldanti began his monologue. A stream of hot air threatening to take them all down with the falling star. His words betrayed him. They gave hints that there was still time for him to be stopped. That their actions had slowed him down.

Kaz flexed his gloved covered hands as the man spoke. He rubbed his fingers together with his hands at his sides as discretely as he could. An attempt to conceal his anxious nature. He wanted to dash forward but it would be reckless. There were too many unknowns around the man.

Before anyone else could act, Xandra acted quickly on her feet. She was always good at knowing how to work a situation and make the best of it. She skirted around the perimeter goading the Baldanti. Her words were stinging. Baldanti's face got red. His breathing became heavy letting out snorts from his nose. He evaded the show toss. had she really? He couldn't believe it. Of all the things, to be disrespected by a show.

"How I became a captain! I show you how I became a captain!" Baldanti yelled as he turned towards her. His movement revealed the magical orb affixed to the top oh his staff. It was the true source of the magical energy that summoned the comet. Baldanti rose his hands and put his fist into the palm of the other one. "Darkness Make Scythe," The shadows twisted together and a scythe sprang from his hands and whirled towards Xandra.

Kaz took the hint. Now was their chance. Kaz dashed forward leaving a violent gust of wind behind him. He went up into the air, keeping the ground open for Judi to move forward. He took in a deep breath of air ready to exhale a vacuum of wind at his enemy.

Baldanti made devilish grin, "FOOlS!" He spun back around and slapped his hand on the ground. "Darkness Make Shackles," giant shackles burst from the shadow covered ground. Kaz fired off the vacuum of wind bursting next to Baldanti but it was knocked off target. The wind caused him to wince but not loose focus. The shackled end, grasped Kaz's body strangling the air from him and slamming him into a wall. Bricks crumbled around his shoulders and dropped him to the ground.

Shackles shot out towards Judi, the only other one he could see. Baldanti trusted that the scythe would be enough to distract Xandra while he dealt with Judina and Kazimir.

The wind mage coughed and knocked away the debris from his face and shoulders. His eyes glaring with intent. He was ready to rush back in at a moment's notice but Baldanti was stronger than he anticipated. More talented than a normal captain in the knights.


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It seemed almost predictable for what seemed to be coming forward to her another make mage was always an interesting thing to see, Mostly because it could give her ideas eventually down the road. But for now they had a typical horrible person, having a monologue in front of people would where going to be fighting him, Judina was fine with him doing this, Because after all it was rather stupid and leaved himself completely open to Judina and five other people if done right.

Dodging a shackle would be simple, Judina would just kind of making it a bit harder on herself by forcing herself to roll forward slightly to the right out of the way of the spell having him knocked into a wall even for a moment was something in that short period of time Baldanti would not enjoy.

At least Baldanti had shut up, Which Judina felt relieved about the moment Baldanti had shut up being knocked into a wall would do that to some one.

It would be for now Judina did not quite see the need for spell yet. Why do you need spells when can and have the time to close the gap to punch or use your sword against some one.

That is what Judina would doing now, Unless something stopped her anyway, That was yet to be seen.

For now Baldanti would have a Judina show up in front of him not too much long after, Charging forward it would be one of the few times Judina held her sword with both of her hands. It would be most likely because Judina was knowing what exactly she intended. To her killing Baldanti was not out of the options list for her.

It was easy to stop a sword swing from going downward from above. So Judina would go into slash diagonally going high should and downward. It would be easy enough to deal with depending, But if she killed moments or Baldanti himself it was worth it.

#31Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

While her plan of distracting Baldanti had worked, it had not been executed as perfectly as she had hoped for. He was filled to the brim with rage, letting his emotions cloud his judgement which happened to be quite accurate regardless. He had decided to deal with the Bellan in a moment's notice, which was a wise choice given that she had spotted Kazimir bolting towards the opponent. However, the rest of his movements were lost as she watched the scythe launch towards her, swinging around in mid-air in an attempt to attack her. Luckily for her, there was enough space in the courtyard for her to move around.

Whatever that was happening before her was a blur as she could hear sounds of something crashing as well as clinking chains that could evaded the clouds of dust that covered the vicinity, just slightly reducing her clear vision. However, that soon cleared out once the dust started dispersing. As she moved back on her feet, avoiding the swings of the scythe, her eyes took momentary glances towards the other in the vicinity. She had noticed a figure who managed to reach Baldanti and heaved a sigh of relief as she realized her impromptu plan had worked to some extent. 

Regardless, she did not have the luxury to be looking around as the blade swung towards her in close proximity. She took a large jump backwards but raised her arms to protect her face as a large slash cut through her arm. The stinging pain from the attack was ignored by the rush of adrenaline that coursed through her veins. She would feel the warm liquid dripping down her arm but she had to focus on the scenario before her. 

She noticed the scythe, which prompted clean movements before, moving rather erratically. It slashed randomly, often missing her or attacking in a range that wouldn't have scratched her even if she hadn't moved. She took a quick look at Baldanti who was distracted and a smile laced her lips. There was little focus that he could dedicate towards operating the scythe that he sent towards her because the other knights also demanded his attention with their constant attacks. She moved aside, rolling over the ground as the scythe directly jabbed it's blade towards the concrete floor, While the attacks may not be accurate, she noticed that the weapon was generally following her and so, she made a move. 

While dodging the attacks, she made her way towards the center where Baldanti stood in hopes that her fellow knights had gotten him. If not, she planned to use his own attacks against him. The heat in the atmosphere blared, indicating that they did not have much time left and thus, they had to act as a team and they had to act fast. 

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#32Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah silently stepped across garden the grass felt wet on her bare feet, the sound of combat ensuing on the other side of the wall was enough to get her moving a bit faster. The red glow was visible even from her side of the wall. She wasn’t sure how well the others were doing, but she had faith in them all, they were some of the strongest people she knew and she didn’t think them to be easily defeated.

Listening to the antagonizing the Xandra was throwing Baldanti’s way, she heard him cast something As her feet slide across the grass without a sound, she found a spot she could peek down in from, it wouldn’t be more then 1-meter climb and she could make it over. Grasping onto the edge of the wall she pulled herself up just long enough to take a quick glance at how the other were doing.
From a Glance she could tell that Kazimir had been snagged in some sort of dark binding, and a similar form quickly enclosed upon Judina. Xandra seemed to be injured as blood flowed from her wound on her arm, though she dodged the scythes relentless assault. Noyiahs Eyes widened as she found her companions had taken a heavy hit before the fight had really began, though thankful she wasn’t on the other side yet she quickly formulated a plan.

Noyiah Shifted back a few steps, before she lined herself up on the opposite side of the garden with where Baldanti had been. Taking a deep breath she Dashed forwards Stepping up onto a flower planter, her next step planted firmly on the rail of the stairway and her last step was on the wall itself as she took a leap outwards, if she had planed it right she would be aimed directly at Baldanti, her dagger held Blade down and aimed towards his back as she leapt.

Mid air she narrowed her eyes, this was the real deal. It was all or nothing, and she had a promise to hold to the king. Her mind focused as narrow as her eyes as started to launch her attack. Both hands gripped the small handle of her dagger as she raised her arms up, her back arched as she brought the blade up and over her head, silently soaring through the air towards Baldanti. If she calculated right and was able to make it to her mark she would plant the dagger into his back, but if she was off in her execution it meant she was face to face with a dangerous man armed with only a dagger and a ball dress, if she could stick the landing. . .

#33Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Baldanti was taken off guard by the sudden rush of Judina. She closed the distance and ran her shield into him, knocking him into the wall. His concentration shifted away from the scythe and the chains but now it faced Judina. He kept his peripherals sharp on the others, but he had to address her. He slammed his hands together, "Darkness make Drill," he said as a 2-meter by two-meter drill shot from him towards Judi, to push some space between them.  

Whatever the result he would hop to the side to regain his composure. Everything was closing in on him. He breathing got faster. His hands clammed up, and his blood boiled. "Darkness make blitz cannon," he slammed his hands together once more and a large magical circle appeared around him.

The shadows twisted together forming something akin to a manacanon. The large structure rose in front of baldanti and fired a barrage of cannonballs. Kaz summoned his angelic wings and dashed forward as fast as he could. His calf muscles strained from the force of the wind. He appeared back in the fray above the battlefield. The cannons had not spread out yet and Kaz thrusted his hands forward sending a fierce gust of wind colliding with the darkness. The wind and darkness creating a black tornado. Kaz kept his hands held out pumping more wind against the dark onslaught. Stray cannonballs flung out smashing randomly at anything around.

"We can do this," he whispered through grit teeth. Baldanti was more powerful than he expected. Fitting strength for a captain. but it wouldn't be enough to deal with all of them. Not with the blood and heart, this group had shown. The torrents of wind snuck through and dug at Baldanti's body. The wind broke through and struck Baldanti, sending him flailing backwards but still on his feet and not far from his original position.

This moment gave the others the time they needed to close the distance yet again. All ready to deliver a series of attacks on the crazed knight. Kaz watched as Noyiah dashed from the wall, Judina charged forward, and Xandra raced across the ground. All of them using the tactics that they knew best. Meanwhile, Kaz sent blades of wind down forcing Baldanti to keep using as much of his focus on the wind mage as possible.

Now was the time for their team unity to shine through and their training to come to fruition. The battle against the dark knight and his minions was coming to its climax.


Starfall [RK Plot] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:22 am

He must of thought these Knights for worked for law, order and the protection of others far more foolish then serious but Judina was more the answer is fist then conversation type, This was if she actually in the type to talk endlessly, But being the stubborn lady she was talking was kind of not her thing while in the face of this, Being a man who ruined the reputation of the Rune Knights and corrupted it for his own needs kind of did set off an bit of an flare in Judina's normal stubborn frenzy.

The drill was good at keeping that distance that he wanted. As well as getting a reaction that Judina needed to dodge. Given how close they where Judina's dodge would be a bit later then if it was in her wishes so when dodging into a side roll to the left, the drill scrap her arm could see the pieces of armor of her armor. Getting out of the roll and looking at her arm, It was her right arm had a line across it from the drill, could see it bleed a bit as well but Judina seemed to not be stopped for now.

For now Judina would just deal with bleeding, There was still a baddie to punch, If anything Judina was going to throw more things at Baldanti or throw Baldanti himself, There were no other options in her mind currently.

So she would do her more normal of bull headed move, By that she was already going back in towards Bladanti, When she managed to get a close enough Judina then very loudly stomped her foot on the ground. Seeing that magic seal go offer a metal pillar shot towards Bladanti from under Judina's foot, Then Judina would close her right hand and it became encased in metal, When she was close enough too she would be trying to punch Bladanti where the center of his chest was to knock the wind out of him.

Spells Used.:

Name: Metal Make: Metal Punch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Metal Make.
Type: Offensive
Element: Earth
Range: Melee
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant.
Effect: Closing her free hand, Upon it's closing a seal goes along her arm up until the end of her forearm. Lasting for one punch for D rank damage and breaking to pieces after striking or hitting something.

Name: Metal Make: Pillar Stomp
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Metal Make
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Earth
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant.
Effect: With a single foot stomp for either right or left foot on the ground having a seal forum on the ground making a pillar of come form the ground just under her foot on infront of her, 5 meters in rank.

#35Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The power and tenacity of all the knights came battering down on Baldanti. He found himself caught between storms, metal, and melee before he could muster a defense. Darkness and shadows erupted around them, blown back by the counteroffensive of the vigilant knights standing unwavering in their assault. The dance in unison between magic bursts and close range offensives. The combination left Baldanti dizzy and unable to defend at all the angles. A close-range attack shielded by a long-range spell. A magical attack at a distance pulled off after a barrage of melee maneuvers.

They had broken through and he staggered, bloodied and beaten a few steps back. His weary and shaking hand grazed the staff and the orb next to him, leaving a trail of finger thin blood streaks on it as his hand limply passed over and fell back to his side.

His legs buckled beneath him and he dropped to his knees. Gasping for air he found none that would give him the strength to stand. Without words, he sat on his knees hunched over and desolate. His eyes stared blankly at the ground as the staff faded from its red glow and the shadows receded to the corners of walls and beneath trees.

The great red light in the sky that was cast upon them became dim until there was nothing left. The comet simply faded away as if it to was just a shadow of death receding into the back of existence. Baldanti tipped over so his body clanged against the staff and he slumped against it still breathing but so motionless and broken he may as well have been lifeless.

With the battle over, Kaz took a deep relieved breath and more guards finally poured into the courtyard. "We did. Thank you all. Excellent work. Now let's cuff this guy and enjoy some time off," he said as he walked behind the man and put him in cuffs. His accomplices appeared from the hallways. Each one cuffed by an escort of guards ready to take them to jail. The horrid night of mayhem was over and justice had prevailed.

Kaz escorted Baldanti to a cell with whoever else would accompany him. As they left the courtyard Kaz would say, "Please get any of your injuries checked out. We made good step towards cleaning up the knights today."

And with that, he'd place Baldanti in a cell. The internal affairs knight would simply nod at them with a smile and sneak away to continue his job. The dark threat was now eliminated and they could rest easy at least for a while.

Kaz eventually retreated to his and Noyiah's quarters to prepare his report, only getting the title written down for it.

"Operation Starfall" Little did any of them know at the time. But this would mark the last great event in Rune Knight History before the Great Change would usher in a new era.


#36Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiahs leap had her land Directly behind the Corrupted knight, her attack Swung just wide as the man moved, she was left open for a brief moment but the actions of her teammates made it less obvious as the man was overwhelmed. Noyiah Brandished her blade to the side going into a more defensive stance, as the waves of dark magic spilled out. Noyiah was left with the choice of Going headlong into the first again or trying to back away and avoid the incoming danger. But just when the waves of darkness started they seemed to fade away and Noyiah took the opportunity to Dash forwards with a lunge her shoulder jetted towards the man, her dagger tucked in to allow for the movement to off put her shortcoming in sheer force.

The Dagger swung outwards at the last second and plummeted into the mans ribs, a feeling that She would never shake. As she felt the dagger slip past his ribs into his torso, she wasn’t sure if she had hit vitals or if he would be okay, but at this point she didn’t have any respect or love for the man she had wounded. Pulling the blade from the man and backing away as the rest finished him off she backed up and waited to see what might be instore for them.

But as quickly as the fight started the first seemed to dissipate, the red light from the incoming comet seemed to fade as the Corrupted Knight slumped to the ground, at firs kneeling and then on his side, the wound she had made Oozed with blood as he stared ahead with no emotion.

Noyiah’s Attention moved from Baldanti to Kazimir who seemed okay, and then to Judina as she looked at her, there was no Grievous wound on her. Noyiah quickly Recalled that Xandra had a Gash in her arm. Leaning down with her dagger she pierced the side of her dress and slit along the seam before tearing it and offering out a Makeshift bandage for Xandra. It wasn’t much but she was happy to sacrifice the dress for her well being, even if they had only met once or twice before.
“here, let me help you with your arm” she said moving forwards as the knights flooded into the courtyard.

Noyiah would help assist Xandra if she accepted, and likely would hang back to make sure she did well, after all Noyiah wasn’t aware of the magic that Baldanti possessed and didn’t know if the wound would heal on its own without the help of someone else’s magic.
After everything was said and done she would return to her room, her dress in tatters and her Shoes missing. After making sure Kazimir was okay, she would have a shower to clean up, recalling the nights events as she stood under the water. The promise she made the king still fresh in her mind, she felt he would be proud of their actions this night. For what she knew there was no Casualties and each corrupt knight would be serving life sentences in the cells. That was enough for her to call this night a triumph over evil people.


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So it was over, that moment of build up was finally done their mission was done, There was a moment of pride even if Judina was bleeding, But this battle was long and she was not the only one bleeding. So Judina would go quietly take care of herself. It was good to have this over Judina could make sure she was not bleeding while she returned to where ever she was staying at while preparing for the mission today, Judina mind you was bleeding was also kind of mentally exhausted from this mission, So she now kind of wanted to to a bed and rest.

So when Judina peacefully departed from the rest of the knights not too long after everyone seemed okay, Everyone seemed happy. She could go on and rest and wrap up her arm, It would heal later. This would be long before Judina would be acting strangely different, Before Dante and Zaggarodh before Judina became a rare sight and before the Rune Knights disbanded.

Judina became harder and rarer to see after these events, no one could figure out to out right tell anyone where Judina was during the times she was gone.

The empty void of spare was lonely for a soul like Judina, Doing her best to make sure the only world she knew and love was alive. Judina never wanted to tell anyone what fear crossed her mind when she first saw a planet get eaten by Zaggarodh, It was her will and hungry that gave her this almost never ending task. So far managing to make sure that the planets eaten did not have any living life on it, But she had to wonder just how long this would last, How long this all would last, when did this become something to harm life?


#38Iris DuPage 

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Iris DuPage
Left to her own devices, and without Shimura backing her up after having met him, Iris went off to handle things the best way she knew how. And that was with a pummeling and rapid fire of wordage, literally. She would harangue the rune knights' corruption, using her script magic to destroy anyone in her way!

And, with her not being the focus, it was not the main point to be lorded upon, suffice to say, the battle was acrobatic, and swiftly dealt with now that she was free to use her magic and her physicality to its fullest extent.


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