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Starfall [RK Plot]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:58 am

Kazimir Seiryu
mission parameters:

There will be three missions within the topic that will all converge in the end. Participants are free to select whichever role they want to play and the mission they want to take. Simply make the top of your post and subsequent posts titled with the mission title.

Once you run into another participant who was on a different mission than one of the parties will shift their mission title to the others. I.E. Kaz started with a rooftop mission and Noyiah started with headquarters. Kaz arrives at the headquarters while doing the rooftop mission and then his next post will be titled headquarters until he moves again.


  • Explosive Tower: The knights uncover a corrupt knight heading to or at a tower. The tower faces the courtyard and the direction that the king entered from.

    Following the knight, they will confront him atop the tower. As they are going up the tower he may see them and use his magic to stop them. Once defeated he will reveal his job was to hold off the king and that they are here to assassinate him.
    Will reveal Baldanti's location.

    Magic: Air mine: The user creates floating lanterns from his hands that move at various speeds and explode on impact.  

  • Forbidden Hall:
    The knights discover something strange and as they investigate, uncover a corrupt knight heading down to steal an item from the sealed off armory.

    Upon defeating her they uncover that she was after a staff in the vault to perform forbidden magic. Will reveal Baldanti's location.

    Magic:Meld: the user can meld his body with objects he touches and then move or take chunks of them. I.E. touching a wall and melding the stone around his body like armor or to form a big fist.
    Her goal was to meld with the vault door and rip it out.

  • Omniscience:
    Knights uncover a secret room in the cathedral. It was supposed to be a resting place for the knights but has been turned into a makeshift headquarters. Some corrupt guards patrol the area. and inside is a mage protecting secrets and coordinating the attack.  

    The mage uses coordination magic to communicate with the team telepathically. Once he is defeated there are documents in the room that detail the prisoners that were released. Further investigation reveals a room with the prisoner's bodies died and drained of mana. He says that Baldanti has their magic in an orb. Will reveal Baldanti's location.

    Magic: Coordination. The user can coordinate his team's actions by reaching out to them telepathically. He has the ability to see blueprints of buildings using sound. Offensive capabilities focus on debuff.

  • Finale: All will reunite and share their information as they each learned the location of Baldanti. They confront the man and find out that the staff was a stabilizer for the spell and the orb is filled with man to cast the forbidden magic Starfall, which causes a comet to crash down. Without the staff it's hard to control but Baldanti decides to do it anyway.

    The knights will face him and with their combined effort he will fall. He will fight the team as the orb activates.

    Motivation: Baldanti has been a part of a dark guild for the past seven years and has been building up to this as a catalyst to rejuvenate his guild.
    MagicDarkness Make Magic.

Kaz was having a wonderful time at the ball. The golden lights were mesmerizing. The food was bountiful and the drinks flowed freely, even if he didn't partake in it, the atmosphere was lively.

People still danced to their heart's content as the mages, used spells to create a cacophony of sounds and melodies to fill the hall.

With the knight getting later. The Rune Knights that were guarding the perimeter began to thin out One by one a few of the disappeared. Not a number that would be noticeable unless you were looking for something out of place.  

Kaz was certain that the rest of the team that he came with would pick up on it also. It was finally time for them to get down to business. He had spent the evening with Noyiah but the disturbances left an eerie feeling lingering about the hall.

"I'll go and get a report from the knights on watch here and try and keep them distracted. Looks like its time," He would step away from her and begin his search of the area, pretending like he was asking them important questions but it was really to take count of where the team was and what directions they chose to take.

Wherever they went he would fill in where needed, once he was done in the hall. Some knights that weren't with them began to slink away into the darkness. There was no way of knowing how many of them were corrupt.

All of the knights would notice that Baldanti was no longer in the hall with them. The final sign that it was time to act. Kaz took in a deep breath. This would be his mission since returning and being on such a large team, and the stakes were high.

Once the team fanned out he would join up with them.

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Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:07 pm

Maybe it was just how super annoyed Judina was currently. So not being the subtle type would be going to where most likely everyone assumed she would be going first.

Looking upon where as everyone else was going to different paths. Judina was being a bit more simple about her part. These knights where acting strange and one was going down hall towards an armory. Even if there was vast other risk Judina viewed that one she wanted to focus one and head towards that as, Just as quietly as she could, She was a knight not a rouge.

A rouge would be better at sneaking around and dealing with these being hidden parts. nonetheless she would try. What towards that armory would be needed for them to act weird about she was curious, So Judina would would be attempting to deal with the Forbidden Hall. Most likely in her own risky manner but with this situation Judina would do her damn near best, Even if it meant her death here and most likely Kazimir would at least know.

Putting her back on the wall behind her and taking a moment to try and not be noticed while she was stalking the knight she felt was acting strange. Judina knew for the most part what was there, So if there was something they was worth while Judina would most likely be able to figure out, She just needed the right time to actually engage this corrupted knight. Depending how this went this could be a test of Judina's will to not kill some one as well.

So far she was alone and knew this one seemed alone too, It was a perfect situation for Judina for doing exactly what she felt was needed to do. So she would start counting in her mind.

#3Shimura Shigaraki 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:10 am

Shimura Shigaraki


Needless to say, he was not impressed with this great ball that was being held. Granted, where he came from, dances and massive celebrations, while not common, were not rare. Therefore, Shimura’s mind set followed along the lines of ‘you’ve been to one big celebration, you’ve been to tall of them’. After all, they were all the same in Shimura’s opinion; loud and filled with obnoxious drunk people. Then again, Shimura could find obnoxious drunk people anywhere he went; at least every time had their drunkard, some had more than others, some had less. Currently, at this moment in time, Crocus filled with an uncountable number of drunken idiots. It was honestly obvious that Shimura was uncomfortable and annoyed at the massively loud environment, and he was grateful that the mission at hand didn't require him to stay within this hoard of drunken baboons, even when he was in the main ball room, Shimura largely stuck to the sides of the party, clearing away from the center and stuck close to the walls.

Currently, he was searching for a hidden passage or something that would give him insight into how the corrupt knights were keeping communication with one another. There was bound to be some sort of communication room, or something of that manner. Shimura figured that once their method of communication has been discovered and dismantled, they could easily overcome the corrupt knights. Shimura inspected nearly every wall and painting within the ballroom, and he came up with nothing. Shimura would move onto the hallway, and after a couple of minutes of exploring, the magma mage would find a lone knight acting suspiciously cautious and he seemed nervous. 
The magma mage would follow the knight, keeping close to the wall and distant from the suspicious knight. The knight would take a sharp turn around a corner,  and walk straight into a room guarded by two other knights, luckily Shimura was not seen as he was clinging and peaking over a corner. 

#4Noyiah Dashi 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:49 pm

Noyiah Dashi
[Forbidden Hall]

Noyiah sat at the table with Kazimir, her eyes glancing about to the crowded ball room, it was a good chance to talk to people and get information in an inconspicuous way. Kazimir Pardoned himself and said he was going to get a report. Noyiah found herself alone. Taking the time to Look about she found something off, as Kazimir left one of the guards seemed to watch him take his leave and then Disappear into the door her was guarding.

Finding this off-putting she stood up and started to head that way. Judina seemed to also seem this was off as she showed up at the door, Noyiah caught a glimpse of her going in before Noyiah was stopped by a Few people attempting to make conversation.

Getting held up, she stayed polite and after a few minutes she would excuse herself and head towards the door. Hoping she didn’t fall too far behind as she disappeared behind the door. It seemed to lead down towards the armory, it seemed she wasn’t to delayed as she found Judina quite quickly, but kept her distance, keeping to the shadows she dashed without a sound from one dark spot to the next, her silhouette the only thing visible as she trailed behind her. She didn’t Reveal herself yet, mostly because she wasn’t sure of who the enemy was, though she was confident it was Judina, if it was someone Disguised as her it would be detrimental to blow her own cover and be alone fighting another mage.

#5Iris DuPage 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:40 am

Iris DuPage
She wasn't here for an operation, she wasn't around to make things nice for the other knights, she wasn't really a part of them anymore since her prison sentence was commuted. And in light of that, she was still here at the ball with her parents, her adoptive parents, her recently adoptive parents, like, within the past week. And she was already in much better health, much better spirits, and, eager to lend them a hand as a favor for a favor! Yeah, a bit of a warped way of looking at it, thanks for helping her out of a life in prison, I'll tag along and play nice for once.

She wasn't in the know how about any of this, and, when Kaz, her father, got things started, her mother went off elsewhere, with someone else, Iris was a bit more than confused. SHe would seek out Kazimir, looking to meet up with him briefly, "Hey, uh, Da---Kaz? I, I'm still having trouble with all of this and whatnot, and, I still get a bit nervous around the knights and crap. I would still much rather clock every one of them just to make sure, but, uh, I was wondering, seeing how I'm indebted to you and Noyiah, and, i'm gonna level with you." She said while nervously rubbing the back of her neck, dressed up in her woman's tuxedo getup.

"I want to help with whatever is going on, and, you're not going to tell me 'no' and I'm gonna either go with you or anyone you think I should, so, point the way." She folded her arms, staring at Kazimir, daring him to turn her away, she was either going to go with him, or be directed to meet up with Shimura if possible, so that she could even out the team with her unique skill set, and get back at Baldanti for a multitude of reasons.

#6Xandra Queen 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:24 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Explosive Tower

The sound of the music faded away as she stepped into a long corridor that directed her away from the commotion within the ballroom. Having briefly left her date despite having enjoyed herself, Xandra's position as a knight had obliged her set off to explore the cathedral, where the festive event was taking place. The one thing she had known was the premonition she had felt was on the path to becoming a reality. At least, that's what the meeting in Era had indicated. 

As she sauntered, her amethysts glanced around the hallway that appeared lackluster in comparison to the grand room. The gold accents that laced the vicinity seemed to become dull as she walked further while the paintings that adorned the walls illuminated underneath the golden lights. She halted in front of a large mirror, which reflected her own appearance back to her. Granted she had not put in much effort to look the way she did tonight, she had felt that something about her was different. Perhaps it was the fact that the night had washed away her worries and subdued her feelings of mundaneism, to which she couldn't help but smile. 

Alas, it was not the time to simply stand around and jump on her own train of thoughts. At the corner of the mirror, in front of which she stood, she sensed movement. Her eyes wandered, landing upon a figure, cautiously looking around as they entered another branched corridor which was even duller in comparison. The Bellan was a woman who often chose to trust her instincts, which screamed to her at the moment. 

The smile that laced her lips moments ago had diminished as she knew that it was time to get to work. Once the figure had disappeared, she turned around and swiftly followed. The sound of her heels clacking didn't particularly hide her presence and given the actions of the strange figure, she realized that she would probably have to accustom herself to silence. Slowly slipping off her shoes, she tossed them under a table that rested towards the corner of the hallway before continuing to make her way towards the suspicious physique that lingered along the stairs that seemingly led to the tower. 

Being someone who rarely visited cathedrals, much less the one they were currently within, she was quite unaware of the architecture of the place. However, as she stepped closer while lingering in the darkness, she watched the dull light illuminate the uniform the man had adorned. It was a Rune Knight's uniform. While it wasn't odd to have someone patrol the area, even spaces that were unoccupied by others, it was a seemingly suspicious act to observe after knowing what she did. So the pink-haired mage did what she had to and followed the man to the top of the tower.
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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:53 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Explosive tower

Things began to all move at once. Noyiah excused herself from the table not long after Kaz did. He surveyed the room and one by one he noticed the members of thier little infiltration team breaking off and going on assignement. There was a threat lurking in the air like a snake slithering around them, masked behind dance, drink, and laughter.

Judi snuck off down a hallway and shortly behind her was Noyiah. A solid team, he had trained with them before and their teamwork was on point. They would react well to the situation. Then was Shimura who headed off in an unknown direction and Xandra who moved towards the tower. Thier approach to things was a good degree a part. Xandra more collected and calculated and Shimura more explosive.

Then there was the red-headed spit-fire that stomped up towards kazimir. For a second he almost caught her calling him...dad? It sent a shiver down his spine. Not that it was bad...just something that hadn't sunken in. He put his hands on his hips with a smile at how nervous she was but he was glad she was there. "No need to be nervous. None of them matter. Just us and the mission. And don't think of yourself as indebted to us. It's okay to say that you just want to help, he teased her a bit with a smile.

And of course. You are too talented for me to turn away your help. You're crucial to the mission and thank you. I'll need you to go join up with Shimura," he nodded in the young Knights direction. "He is a sorcerer that likes to get in close so he doesn't pari to easily right now with my magic and you like to get in close too. I'll go with Xandra and provide support," He said with his tone changing from playful to serious, Be safe," he said as he patted her shoulder and then headed off to catch up with Xandra.


Kaz turned the corning. The festive music from the party dulled behind the walls the further he moved away, until the insruments became a strange muffled blend. He followed the sound of her heels clacking against the ground until that sound suddenly ended. He felt it was time to be discreet and crouched close to a wall to move silently, until he finally saw her.

She was standing at the base of a spiral staircase leading up to a tower. Kaz crept up silenlty and shifted to the other side of the hall just in time to catch a glimpse of the figure turning around the winding hall, ascending higher into the tower.

He made his presence known to Xandra by sending a small gust of wind and once she looked back he would nod upwards as if asking if that man was someone to track.

If they would  move up the tower, they would notice small holes for windows and out of those holes thy could see small groups of floating lanterns drifting slowly toward the courtyard. Upon moving higher they would see those same lanterns hovering in place and scattered through the stair well. Kaz looked to Xandra once more to see how she wanted to approach the obstacle and hoped that it was just a precaution by the enemy and not that he knew they were there.


Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sun Jan 26, 2020 5:13 am

Continuing The Forbidden Hall:

Judina seemed to being mentally counting in her mind, Not really realizing she had some one else assisting her quite yet, Judina almost expected to do be doing this entirely alone. Noyiah would get most likely see this as a sign it was actually Judina.

She would let out a sigh and in her typical way of acting, Taking her time to pull out for sword. To try and make it quiet. It seemed like so far she was managing well enough.

Tucking her sword between her side and a part of her arms, Judina's magic seal would go off as she would close her left hand, leaving her right hand open. Judina would pull a blade attached to a chain from her hand, She was now seemingly ready to take action in her own way.

She was counting down the moment in her mind as well, It was easily picked up upon sure it was using a few important moments but Judina did not care. It would help.

Judina would turn the corner right away breaking out in her slightly slower run towards this corrupted knight heading towards a vault.

Sword in her right hand and the chained blade in the left she threw the chained blade as hard as she could as soon as she saw it at least slightly cut the woman she would go in for the pull, She was either going to pull her away, Or herself into her and start this fight.

Watching it just lightly slice her and stick into a part of a close by wall while Judina had ran forward Judina then would pull herself in. Going in with out a second thought. She did not have much of anything else planned beyond this.

But she would still try nonetheless, After pulling herself in with the spell gone she then took her sword by two hands and swung it at the woman going towards the vault she was trying to stop. a wide  sideways swing of her sword, Judina was trying to gauge the full combat prowess of this woman.

Spell used:
Name: Metal Make; Scorpion's Tail.
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Metal Make Magic
Type: Suppementary
Element: Earth
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant.
Effect: Having one of her hands closed and placing it on an open palm of her other hand, pulling her closed hand away a chain slowly is pulled out while a 3 inch knife blade is shaped into her hand that is closed with the blade at the bottom of the hand, the chain when finished is  6 inches total, This spell can be used to pull someone/thing closer to Judina, pull herself closer to

#9Noyiah Dashi 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:23 am

Noyiah Dashi
Forbidden Hall

Noyiah kept to the shadows until she seen what was going on, and with Judina In Pursuit Noyiah Started to rush forwards,  having to cease her Stealth and give full in to the chase, as she ran down the hall she let her heels clicked softly on the stone floor as to alert Judina she was nearby, after all she would hate to be blinded sided by Judina thinking she was an enemy , she heard the spell go off, and Judina seemed to be on the assault.

Moving in now as she got close to Judina before she Launched off pulling herself to the wall, where her Scorpion hook landed.   The Criminal Managed to Duck the shot thrown by Judina But barely as they half melded into the wall and Disappeared through it.

Noyiah called out Behind Judina mostly so she didn’t Get thumped with a metal hook. “Ally on Left, taking the Left hall, you take the Right ill meet you at the vault.” She said having clearly Studied the blue prints the building.  As if  on Demand her footsteps Suddenly became silent again as she moved with a different  Dash,  moving back and forth she  pushed her way down the hallway.    
As she rushed down the other side to help cut off the escape of the Corrupted Knight she wondered how she was going to do once she got there, Judina was a far more dangerous Force to be Reckoned with.  Noyiah had a plan though and she would see it come together.  

Noyiah Stopped short of the hall with the vault in it, Sure the Judina would meet her there too she drew her Dagger from her sleeve and readied for the next section of the plan, to stop them from getting into the vault.   But being surrounded meant the assailant couldn’t get a enemy to flank them.

#10Shimura Shigaraki 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:45 pm

Shimura Shigaraki


It was surely suspicious that, that room would be guarded so carefully. Shimura took a few moments to think, debating on if he should confront the men or not. He took a moment to explore any scenario that may or may not playout, to and against his favor. After a couple of moments of thought, Shimura decided that it would be best to alert his comrades and get some backup on the situation at hand. Therefore, with haste and stealth Shimura left his little hiding spot to find his allies.

He would return to the ball room to search for Kazimir-sama and the others, but he noticed that his Kazimir was speaking to Iris and gestured towards him. Shimura reasoned that Kazimir was teaming them up, he didn’t know the other girl well and only knew her name. But he approached the girl, and tapped her on the shoulder. 

"You must be Iris right? Well I think I found a secret room."

#11Xandra Queen 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:52 am

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

It appeared as if the operation had started as all involved members dispersed around the venue in order to secure a spot for them to make their move. The ringing silence drowned out any sounds left from the blaring music she had left behind, making it detrimental for her to maintain silence, which wasn't a difficult task at all. However, mobility in the dress that she adorned for the night had proved to be quite a challenge. It brought her lips to release a sigh of relief as she had strategically chosen a gown that embroided a slit up her leg, saving her from the task of having to hold it up. 

As her eyes relied on the light of the bright moonlight in order to keep watch on the moving figure before her, a gust of wind slowly crashed against her body within the dead tranquility of the vicinity. Taking a quick glance towards the direction of the gale, she noticed another figure, much more familiar this time around. A small smile crawled up her lips as she spotted a known colleague, Kazimir. It seemed as if they were, yet again, a pair in this scheme of bringing down other knights. It was quite a surprise, and a bigger delight. Having already worked with him on something oddly similar, the Bellan was well aware of how capable the man with her was and lest, she could heave a sigh of relief. 

Upon noticing his nod which was directed towards the figure that had made it's way up the stairs, her eyes followed his action, only to return it with a nod of her own as she had assumed that he was asking if this said figure was someone to be suspicious of. Anyone heading towards a secluded tower which provided a clear view of the venue was rather suspicious. Presuming that her partner would follow, once the man was out of sight, she made her way up the stairs, keeping her eye out for his physique while also ensuring that she was not spotted. Once she had done so, she would raise her hand and send a signal to Kazimir, motioning that it was okay to follow. 

The lanterns that decorated the area illuminated a beauty as their flames threatened to fade away into nothing as they approached the top, where the open air blew light gushes of wind. Before them stood a small door which led towards the open and vast peak of the tower that laid under the starry night sky. Quickly and silently making her way there, she pushed herself towards the side and hid behind the wall that separated the top peak from the staircase. Her back rested against the wall as she bent side-wards, glancing into the opening only to give a face to the figure. He was clad in the uniform worn by knights who had guarded the place and he glanced down with eyes of a hawk. If her guess was correct, his view would involve the courtyard but the question arose then: why would he need to? 

As she waited for Kazimir to stand towards the other side of the door, she observed the actions of the knight. He looked restless and nervous. It was as if it was a task he had to unconditionally complete and they were here to find out what that task was, subsequently stopping it. Looking at Kazimir, she'd nod her head towards him, indicating a confrontation which was perhaps their best choice at the moment given the fact that he had nowhere to run. Moreover, while they were stronger in number, their opponent's strength was yet unknown so it was a risk. However, by now, her partner should be well aware of her interest in diving into risky situations. There was also the considerable variable that the open air might give her partner an upper hand so with that thought accompanied by a confirmation from Kaz, if he supported her idea, she would step onto the roof.
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#12Iris DuPage 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:32 am

Iris DuPage
Nodded with a huff, as if animated steeam bellowed out of her nostrils while she corrected herself, stretching her arms up overhead as she leaned to the left, and then to the right. Cracking her joints before she swiveled her hands in the air, righting the word FIST with both hands. SHe then punched one of her hands in to her palm, the floating words of FIST formed in to fists and mimicked the motion. "Exactly! You are gonna let me go alo-wait wha? Oh, I, okay, I'll just, um, I'll just go?" She said while excusing herself, slipping away.

When she felt a hand tapping her shoulder, she jumped up, flailing her arms around and assumed a kung fu style stance with one leg off of the ground. SHe at least became more evocative since she learned she wasn't going to be mistreated by her adoptive parents.

"Oh, hi. Yeah, let's get going. For the best, right?" SHe said, wearily eyeing him up and down, making sure that he wasn't going to try to pull a fast one on her and get her back in the prison cell. old habits die hard.

"So, you know I'm not officially a knight anymore right? You're okay with me beating up anyone else in the knights if they get in our way? I'm sure you heard rumors at least, what's your angle?" She asked him outside, accusingly pointing up at him before turning to look for this place he had mentioned, without realizing he never pointed her in the direction of the entrance!

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Explosive Tower

With Xandra acknowledging his thoughts, he followed her lead up the tower. They had only worked together once but it was enough for him to tell how she operated and what kind of approach she took. They had worked effortlessly together before and he hoped that it would be much the same now as it was then.

The two made their way up the tower. The lanterns flickered and burned while floating by the two of them. They were harmless and the warmth was almost inviting, and yet something sinister hung in the air. Finally, they arrived at the door leading to the peak of the tower. Outside the door and standing near the edge was the knight. His foot tapped the ground and he wrung his hands together. Waiting and watching impatiently.

Lanterns fluttered about his waist and drifted down into the courtyard. Xandra nodded her head once again and the wind mage knew all too well what that meant. She was patient and calculating but when it was time for action she didn't hesitate.
He nodded his head back and he gathered a gentle breeze around his body in preparation. His attention shifted towards the nervous-looking knight. He turned his body and pressed his heel to the ground ready to launch forward.

As he did so, the jittery knight they were here to stop peeked over his shoulder. Seeing them in the doorway move out his eyes flashed wide as if staring at his demise. A crazed smile ran ear to ear as he heaved his body around as Kaz and Xandra would move forward. The lanterns that were once passive now converged in their path.

The knight's body exuded the lanterns from it like surfacing from a liquid glob. Kaz dashed forward on the wind. His foot was unsteady as he was still getting a full grasp on the change of his magic. The speed shot him forward as lanterns filled his pathway. Hastily he thrust one hand down to create a gust of wind that would send him into the air. His other hand covered his face as two lanterns erupted right in front of him. The flames lapped around his arm and singed his robe. The force caused him to close his eyes, which was tucked behind his arm.

The explosion created a smoke cloud that engulfed him. His spell sent him rushing upward out of the cloud with a black trail of smoke behind him. He was ten meters higher and shaking off the smoke to see their enemy clearly again.


Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:59 am

Forbidden Hall:

It was chase time it seemed, At least she had back up and some one to tell her which way to go. Since Judina was a in the moment person she was horrible at keeping track for the most part, Many factors would only most likely make Judina even more annoyed and bull headed if she realized it. So far for now details where not on her mind.

After pulling herself into the wall Judina then took pushed herself from the wall to continue the path she was told to running down the right hall way. Judina would most likely be slower then Noyiah. Because Judina was wearing armor, Even if she was use to carrying a sword wearing armor did slow her down slightly.

It would be an interesting situation, What was more scary to encounter, A full out running in armor, Rather angry looking knight holding a sword. Or a yet to be seen voice that was guiding her.

At least the plan was good. No hard details. but the person Judina was stopping was a bit ahead of her. Now Judina had to think of something different to maybe either catch up to them or slow the target down.

Just what could she do? What option was there. The end of her route was coming fast at least in Judina's mind. So it would be one thing Judina could finally consider and yell out something just to see if she had a reaction from who was running from her."Fighting us is pointless, Give up now and surrender peacefully!" Judina assumed with how the chase was going they would not give up, It just seemed like the easiest thing to assume, Corrupted knights seemed to be far to willing to their causes to give up.

#15Noyiah Dashi 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:42 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Forbidden Hall ~

Noyiah Raced around the hall, turning through the more Intricate passages, having studied them well she knew where they were heading.  As Noyiah rounded the corner she seen the perpetrator standing at the mouth of the vault. The Large Iron Vault door was going to be an issue is she managed to get through it without opening it.

The Corrupt Knight Grabbed onto the vault door despite Judina’s  Belittling,  But then Suddenly the Mans hands sank into the metal and a sound of Screeching metal twisting and turn before he moved back ripping a massive chunk of metal from the door and Tossed it at Judina,  it slammed into the wall and spun out towards her.

Noyiah was helpless to even attempt to aid Judina, but she was fairly confident that the Hardened Warrior could either stop or dodge a mere chunk of metal.  Noyiah shifted fast and took off in a dash  her dagger flicked out in her left hand as she raced in towards the culprit.  After she got a little ways down the hall and was in range of the man she  suddenly dropped down slide in with a sweeping kick  in attempts to take the man down to the ground but as she got the vault door and moments before the contact would have been made the man  Shifted into the floor and she slammed into the vault door.  

Noyiah quickly made it to her feet and looked to see if Judina was okay.  Before she flicked her bell and channelled her natural mana into the bell her sister gave her. The chime of the bell would resonate in her mind and she could see where the man was going.   Luckily for them her didn’t choose to go into the vault, but unfortunately for Judina.   Noyiah called out and pointed at the wall to Judina’s Left   “ LOOK OUT”  she yelled as the man came out of the wall a rock like fist aimed at the side of her head.

Seismic detection – A Ranked    1450/1650 mana remaining:
Name: Seismic Detection
Rank: A-S
Mana Cost: 200-500
Requirements: Bell of Serenity
Type: Supplementary
Element: Earth
Range: 20-25 Meters
Cooldown: 4-5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: While wearing the Bell of Serenity and as long as the user is in direct contact with the ground the wearer can channel mana into the bell in order to access seismic sense. The wearer is then able to pick up the tiniest vibrations that travel through the ground to detect enemies and allies alike. Even if someone is soundless, they can still be sensed through the seismic vibrations. The user must remain in contact with the ground for them to be able to sense the seismic vibrations. Seismic sense can only be self-cast on the user. The range until which you can sense the seismic vibrations is dependent on the rank of the spell:

#16Xandra Queen 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:42 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Explosive Tower

The ignited lanterns that stood out in contrast to the dark night sky behind it were rather beautiful, and yet held an animosity to it. There was something about the way the knight stood, staring at the floating lanterns and everything beneath it, that made him appeared so hesitant and focused at the same time. His tiny fidgets, full of discomfort, did not escape her eyes as she peeked past the door. Upon her nod, it appeared as if Kazimir had understood the underlying meaning behind her action. As efficient as he proved to be, he moved forward. However, given a quick analysis of the situation, Xandra did not. 

Instead, she remained hidden behind him, hoping that the knight had only spotted her partner who was now dashing through a path made of lanterns. It wasn't difficult to associate the presence of the lanterns to the knight they were targeting. His real ability soon came to light as Kaz fell victim to it. The loud booming sound drowned out whatever remainder of the music she could hear as the last thing she saw was the image of her partner propelling towards the sky, possibly because of his own magic. His larger ranger and greater advantage in such an open space would make it easier for him to handle himself. The Bellan however, was quite the opposite. Her abilities which relied solely on her own physical prowess was much more suited for close combat. Hence, she had to get close to the knight and without him knowing.

While a part of her was slightly worried about how Kazimir would handle the situation, given the chaotic ability they had encountered, she had enough faith to assume he would be alright. As soon as the explosion took place, it created a screen of prickling smoke that lingered as an an aftereffect. She took her chance and dashed forward, hoping that her assumption was right and that the knight focused his attention, and lanterns, on her partner instead. It was a gamble as she hoped that the knight would be just as vulnerable to the smoke as they were. It was her opportunity to reach him and make use of her abilities and she had to do so quite fast. Given that they were now under the night sky, in a vicinity no longer contained by four walls, the speed at which the smoke would disperse out would be a lot faster. She just had to be faster. 

Xandra dashed towards the direction of the knight, from memory, after noticing that he hadn't moved and had instead, only moved the lanterns he created. Her eyes narrowed in order to restrict the amount of smoke that enters and thus, created distracting feeling of discomfort. She shot forward, following in the footsteps that Kazimir had taken. All she could do was hope that he would be on the same page as he escaped the cloud of smoke, hopefully seeing a figure dash through from above. 

The lanterns, which were controlled by the knight, hastily moved upwards, following her partner as his was the presence that was known. Thanks to that distraction, she reached him with no obstacles in her way. Stretching out her arm to grab his body, she caught a hold of his arm and wasted no time is propelling her leg forward to land a kick against his abdomen. However, as the smoke cleared, she wasn't sure what had happened to him once his arm slipped her grasp because she could see two lanterns approaching her. 

Xandra quickly stabilized her body before jumping back, as far as she could before the lanterns exploded. Regardless, it wasn't far enough as the impact of the explosion sent a heatwave throughout her body and pushed her further than she wished to go. Unsteadily landing on her feet as her arms were risen to protect her face and eyes, she was now engulfed in a blanket of smoke. At least she had done some damage, or so she hoped. As long as the cloud of smoke remained, she hoped her partner would be able to manipulate it with his wind powers which would allow her to sneak around.
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#17Kazimir Seiryu 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sat Feb 22, 2020 9:26 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Explosive Tower

Smoke trailed off of Kaz's feet as he soared into the air. He was in his environment now but needed to get his bearings. His eyes peeked open, free from smoke. Below him, he saw Xandra dash forward through the remnants to the explosions, shrouded by the smoke to close in on their target. He had a grin on his face seen through his arms that covered him from the blast.

A smirk that faded quickly as a fleet of lanterns chased after him. The cylindrical explosive devices poked out of the smoke cloud and flew upwards from all angles. It would be a hassle but if they were here then he at least knew that Xandra was safer as she went in for the strike.

Kaz rose his hand and swiped it across his body like a tiger's claw. An eruption of air sprang to life. The wind grew turbulent and swept up the lit lanterns. One by one the fleet exploded in the air and careened away from all of them. The explosions peppered the sky and some blew chunks of the wall away, creating minor holes within it.

An explosion lit up the top of the roof. Kaz's attention snapped towards Xandra's location to see another area covered with smoke. She must have been hit. The corrupt knight staggered backwards holding his ribs and coughing up bits of blood that speckled the ground. Kaz's eyes narrowed and he took in a deep breath to bring down a torrent of wind. He paused and held his breath, knowing if things got too out of control they would give away their plan and possibly hinder the mission.

The corrupt knight gazed back and forth between Kaz and Xandra and then thrust his hand up to send more lanterns at the airborne mage. Kaz swiped his hand once more creating a gentle breeze that shifter the smoke around Xandra away and towards the corrupt Knight giving her an angle to sneak towards him.

With the Lanterns coming at him again he knew he needed to take them as a distraction and push the corrupt knight into his ally. He dashed forwards and wove through the explosive lanterns as they erupted around him.

He flung his arm sending out a blade of wind that cut through two lanterns. Taking in a quick breath he exhaled a stream of compressed air aimed at the knight. The attack was obvious and the knight dashed to the only direction he could in order to evade the attack, which would put him in the direct path of Xandra.

The wind hit the side of the building and swirled into a tornado. The slashing wind cut into the knight's body as he barely dodged its full force. The storm kicked up debris, that obstructed the corrupt knight's vision and control of the lanterns, leaving him vulnerable to his allies attack and was weakened from the two wounds he already suffered.


Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:11 am

Forbidden Hall:

So it seemed being a bit slower would pay off for Judina in this situation. At least Judina would not realize it would quite yet because in her ways she was still stuck on the chase. Even for the most part Judina felt she was finally catching up to whom they where trying to stop for the most part, Realizing the point of where they could cut into one another was not too far away. Which made Judina a bit more determine to push herself a but more to end this situation sooner.

In her mind she could feel this ending at the end of the hall by the vault, it was with in reach in her mind, could touch it in her mind. But eventually reality needed to watch up to her, That was slowly happening now, Rather quickly too it was new something she needed to plan for.

Judina would watch whom she was chasing melt into the vault door and she would think to herself how she did not reach such level with her magic and in fact wanted to know how to do that one day, It was far more useful to know that she saw it, But she just made metal that was as far as she went for the moment.

Now what Noyiah would try to warn her about and what exactly what the come was not what was going on in her mind to avoid. She would dodges out of the way of what was coming at her taking a slight step back out of the way.

Staring at the rock like it seemed to only show one thing, Judina was not scared of whoever this was, with her free hand that was not holding her own sword it seem Judina was far more into the mood or facing her foe face to face in some manner. Taking a step forward turning her blade to the flat side she smacked the rock fist aside to the point of what was not covered in rock and attempted to start trying to pull the person out.

#19Noyiah Dashi 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:28 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Forbidden hall~

Noyiah Flinched as the fist came from the wall at Judina,  She luckily was able to spot the man as he attempted to slam her with a stone fist,  Judina had back pedaled and avoided the chunk of metal,  and now she had the mans hand gripped as she slammed her blade against the side of the fist ,knocking flakes of rock from the skin.  

Her Feet ached from the heels and she felt a little more drained then usual from activating the bell, after all it wasn’t that often she used any of the mana she possessed,  nor did she know how often she could activate the sensory ability from the bell.   Luckily though Judina wasn’t playing games with the man, she was going to pull him from the wall and likely beat him to a pulp in the open.    
Noyiah Raced down the hall, her dagger still in her left hand, the blade pointed down, the handle protruding out of her grip, a Method used more for defense than offense.

As she reached the two of them the sound of loud clashes of metal against stone rang out throughout most of the hallways and likely could even be heard in the ball room to a degree,  Noyiah capitalized on Judina’s efforts, as the man was pulled most of the way out of the wall, Noyiah Launched herself up, kicking off the wall and landing with both of her heels on the mans back,   Placing her own back against the wall she used the muscles in her legs and the bracing of the wall to push her heels into the mans back and pry him the little more  to get him fully out of the wall.

The man would resist at first but as the heels suck in and Judina pulled relentlessly at his arm, the man would cave and fall onto the floor, Noyiah’s heels seemed to have broken, as the heel part stayed in his back and she  slide to the floor in a seated position with her dagger out still. She wasn’t sure if the man would attempt to evade any longer or if he would submit.


Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Tue Feb 25, 2020 2:39 am

Forbidden hall:

Oh the wonders of team work. But also the wonders of a very angry Rune Knight after having large metal door might not be as bright and cheerful in the end about it. Judina would just be doing as just she seemed to be almost expected too.

After thanks to the wonderful power of teamwork. Judina would pull this enemy from the their place and with a strong enough force pull them into her knee. Just more then once. You could almost count each progressing knee to the enemy.

After about 5 Judina then threw the enemy to the ground then walked over and punched them a few times one time the gut another time the jaw. She would stop now to take a moment and let out a sigh to feel like she was connecting to herself normally again."Don't get back up."Judina seemed to mention in general most likely about the enemy.She still did have that sword in her hand and she did avoid swinging, Most likely she did not want to kill anyone quite yet."Last thing I want to do, Is go beyond maybe a broken bones."Judina assumed she had done enough, That or she would not be tested anymore.

Judina would then slowly turn her attention to Noyiah, Simply would ask."Are you going to be able to walk?"She had to asked to be sure because she did not hear a snap at any point and she wanted to be sure since Noyiah was not moving after what they just struggled with.

Then again so far neither way their enemy who got a mass of blows from Judina. Part of her was waiting to see if they would get back up. If they did if Noyiah would manage to deal with it before Judina would.

#21Noyiah Dashi 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Tue Feb 25, 2020 7:27 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Forbidden Hall ~

Noyiah Sat on the cold ground with her back against the wall. as the man was Savagely Kneed multiple times and tossed to the floor, Noyiah attempted to stand not having realized her heels broke, but then quickly realized she couldn’t walk in the broken shoes as she stumbled and caught herself against, he wall.  Her knife handle striking against the stone wall letting it ring out.   Judina asked if she was able to walk and Noyiah Signed loudly. “yeah   but I liked these heels” she said the knife flipping over in her hand and she leaned over and cut two straps on both shoes and stepped out of them bare footed.  

The cold floor was a little refreshing because she had worked up a bit of the sweat in the small Skirmish, the man laid on the floor moaning slightly from the savage beating he just took.  Noyiah would wander over to the man and pull a pair of handcuffs out of slit in her dress, presumably they were strapped to her thigh.   She leaned down and wrapped the cuffs around both his wrist before grabbing the broken points of her heels stuck in his back, she pulled each one out, the man let out a slight cry of pain as she did it.   Sighing slightly, she shook her head “Well done, we make a good team, sorry I could help a bit more” she said attempting to reef the guy up to his feet.

If he went without issue Noyiah would guide him along still a little unhappy about her shoes, but she would put the knife away, back in her sleeve like it had been most of the evening. “we should Regroup, but first we can ditch him with the outside patrol so we don’t cause a scene at the ball.” She suggested taking a different passage then she had when they were intervening the corrupted knight.  She just sort of assumed Judina would follow along with her plan, after all from her experience with Judina she seemed like the type of person who didn’t like to think of a plan, she was far more interested in executing the order rather then plotting them.

#22Xandra Queen 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:46 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Explosive Tower

The scalding heat tingled her bare arms after melting a bit of the fabric that covered it. The wound wasn't enough to create a to create a visible mark but she could feel the aftermath of the sudden hotness which sent a a flare of pain up her arms, causing her to wince. She halted her steps, her bare feet scraping against the concrete ground, as chaos commenced around her. The smoke that shrouded her vision obstructed her from seeing what was happening as everywhere around her, was a blanket of grey. She could hear the explosions bombarding around her as scraps from the debris which appeared to have been falling from the building, mingled with the wind and brushed past her. 

Luckily for her, Kazimir had her back as she could feel the direction of the gale sway. It carried away the particles of smoke which threatened to enter her eyes and nose, and thus, reduce her functionality. Taking a quick glance up, she spotted the figure his figure looming in mid-air, knowing that he too, had seen her. Assuming that he probably had a wider view of the layout than she did, she realized that the cloud of smoke which was bunched up in one area was where their target was located. She had figured that Kazimir was planning that the two knights attack simultaneously, leaving no room for any openings on their opponent's behalf. 

It seemed as if the corrupt knight focused his magic towards Kazimir as he sent lanterns his way which was easily dodged and return with a rather strategic attack of his own. Within a matter of seconds, the gust of wind aimed towards the knight collided against the side of the building as he moved forward, in Xandra's direction, in order to evade it. However, it was to no avail as his eyes had given into the debris that surrounded them, momentarily blinding him.

With a bit of gratitude to her partner, she dashed forward, hoping he would take care of the lanterns. As she slipped into the cloud of smoke, albeit not visibly, she could see the figure dwindling about as he he rubbed his eyes. Reaching out her hand, she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her. The surprise attack seemed to have earned as gasp from him as he quickly attempted to regain control of his lanterns. However, in the present disturbances which hindered his control over his magic, she was faster. Flipping him over her shoulder as she held her breath, he collided against the ground, releasing a loud groan. Two lanterns made their way through the blanket of smoke towards them as she used the side of her hand to attack his vulnerable neck, causing him to cough as he slipped into unconsciousness as a result of the multiple injuries he sustained. 

The lanterns however, were activated within the few moments of his consciousness as they exploded slightly away from her. She pushed herself to the ground to evade the explosion which created more commotion and pollution. Luckily, she managed to avoid a detrimental injury as the lanterns were far enough from her, perhaps due to the fact that she was in such close proximity to the user of those lanterns who could potentially injure himself. However, the heatwave that passed through her body, focusing the scalding burn on her back which faced the exploded lanterns, earned a groan from her.
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#23Kazimir Seiryu 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:46 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Just as he figured would happen. Xandra capitalized on the distratction and rushed in. Her skillful martial arts mingle with the flow of smoke as she closed the gap between herself and the knight. Kaz nodded, mostly to himself. Despite the ong time since thier last mission they still had a solid grasp of teamwork.

But he had his own problems. The lanterns still hurled towards him. He swiped his hand down sending a whirlwind roaring to life. The lanterns burst into flames. The fires whiped outward, some searing the garments that the wind mage wore, but the blasts was far enough away. The light from the explosion caused him to shield his eyes. Peeking through his arms he couldn't make out much but heard the groan from the knights after a hard thud.

Whatever happened was in their favor. The explosion cleared and he could vaguely make out the shape of Xandra looming over the knight in a combat stance. Kaz's eyes flashed wide. At the last moments the knight had directed some lanters towards her. He wasn't fast enough to reach them as they erupted. "Xandra!" He yelled out in concern and dashed across the wind to reach her. His arrival scattered the rest of the smoke, making it easy to see once again.

Xandra was standing with burns on her back. Kaz reached out his hand to see if she was okay but retracted before he made contact. He didn't know where she was burned and didn't want to aggrevate it. "Are you alright?"

Once he got her response and was assured she was fine he glared back at the knight who was still on the ground. He bent over and gave him some light smacks across the face. Each blow after the first brought the man back to some kind of consciousness. The Knight blinked his eyes and groaned. His headmoved side to side searching for balance. Kaz leaned him to a seated postion and kneeled beside him. His stare was cold and resolute, piercing into the man.

"Tell me everything. What are you doing here and who do you work for? I won't ask a second time."
There was no time to waste if everything was happening tonight. They needed answers now.

The knight looked between the two of them. He was roughed up and injured and the two of them barely had anything more than minor wounds. The knight looked at his hands. His shoulder bobbed up and down with a somber laughter that gathered louder and louder. "The...the...King," Hahaha. He squeezed out words between laughter. "Gotta stall the King. but its probably too late. You stopped me but not my allies."

He looked at Kaz and then to Xandra as if looking down on ants. "Baldanti said you'd try and stop him but it won't matter after tonight. You can find him in the courtyard. He wants to see you...One. Last. Time."

Kaz stood up. He had the information they needed. This maniac was dealt with. With a swift swing of his staff he knocked the man out cold once more.

"Xandra," he began as he turned towards her. "You ready to take on Baldanti. Free the knights from his corruption once and for all? We can send some pages up to pick this one up." He asked but he already knew the answer. They had come this far and there was no way Xandra was going to leave a mission left undone. He worried about her injuries but with all of them united they could stand.

Once she agreed, Kaz would drop down and rush of towards the courtyard with her. "Once we find him I can send up a signal for the others to join us if we don't meet up with them on the way."


Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sat Feb 29, 2020 2:45 am

Forbidden Hall:

Being displeased of the state of her own foot wear Judina seemed to more make a joke of it, She even  chuckled about it slightly."Guess the heels were not made that well then."Judina was in armor and in metal boots, So this would be easily guessed."Do you want my boots so you have something to walk on."Then with in a few moments of pause and say."As well as not break with in one moment of impact."Judina could make more consider they are metal, Just her taller metal boots may not match Noyiah's outfit unless blue and red worked. But Judina was not really  worried about matching, generally no one had need Judina out of armor.

Judina most likely found it more funny then Noyiah would have. Then again Judina was not time of these kind of events, Or at least what Noyiah could assume."Now to the return point."Judina slowly turned her attention to the captive Noyiah was trying to get to their feet.

Judina even stopped walking to waiting. Judina then used a slightly sweet and oddly endearing tone of voice."Either get up, Or I will make you."most likely the way of them getting up would not friendly or pleasant. Then they would slowly get up.

Judina then would turn the conversation back to normal."Sometimes the best teamwork doesn't mean the most action from other, The support always gives key parts with little motion of play."Judina mentioned in more of a assurance to Noyiah in her own kind of way because Judina and expression of emotion where a bit hard.

They would have the time and chance so Judina would slowly watch and look around to see if there was any point to rid this man to the outside patrol like they planned. It seemed to just still mostly watching. When finding the right drop off point Judina would motion."Alright let's meet up with the others."

#25Kazimir Seiryu 

Starfall [RK Plot] Empty on Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:38 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Finale-for all members

Kaz and Xandra made their way to the courtyard and left the man tied up at the top of the tower. It was too risky to leave him with possibly corrupt knights. The two rushed through the hallways towards the courtyard.
As they drew closer and closer a red light pooled through the windows of the stone hallways. It cast a red hue like rivers of blood on the ground and bathing the grass outside in scarlet. Kaz slowed down his hasty charge. He trotted to a halt to poked his head out the open window. His eyes widened as he looked to the sky. A red dot flickered in his eye. It was the reflection of a large object glowing brilliantly in the sky.

“What’s going on,”
he said with a quiver in his voice of uncertainty.
He pressed onward towards the convergence in the hallways. If he was going to run into the others it’d be here but there was no time to wait. A lone page was standing at patrol in the hallway. As Kaz approached, the man flashed a red badge indicating his allegiance to the internal investigations division. He gave simple nod letting the two knights know he would wait here and give word to the others that arrived. Kaz nodded back and ran onward, hopping that he’d run into the others soon.

In the courtyard

If they arrived in the courtyard they would see Captain Baldanti waiting there. A deep red light surrounded him within a magic circle. His staff was plunged into the ground gathering mana from himself and radiating an dark aura. Shadows were seemingly drug across the ground and wrapped into the staff like a black hole sucking in light.
The corrupt captain ran his hand over the top of the twisted staff and stepped out of the magical circle. The shadows still warped the staff and magic continued to pulsate. There were no other guards of knights in the courtyard. Just the lone man standing in all his glory.

As the good knights approached he would almost sense their presence. “I hoped you all would make it this far. Although I had my doubts if your skills would be enough. Starfall. A forbidden magic. Sapping the life of others to call down a massive attack from the heavens. Slowed by you all taking out my accomplices but not stopped,” his tone was arrogant. His chest was puffed out to exude bravado.

“I am glad you have arrived to see it crash. You all have been arrogant thorns in my side for too long. Now I'll personally watch you all die with those you were sworn to protect. Maybe you'll do a better job in the after life!”He spat the words out with rage.

Kaz would stop a little bit away from the man and look about for any allies. He didn’t know how powerful Baldanti was but it was something the whole team would need to be ready for. He slowly began to gather mana and a gentle wind swirled around his legs.

The are was cold silent aside from them and an ominous rumble in the air from the large comet burning through the atmoshpere to reach them.

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