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Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] Empty on Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:46 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
They arrived at different times as Kaz took the few days before the ball started to take care of the business up north. He told Noyiah he had an emergency request but didn't have time to go into details. And even now...he didn't know exactly how to tell her what happened.

He shook his head dismissing the thoughts for now. They had time before the mission would start. The king was here and so was Baldanti. So nothing would happen as long as the ball continued and he was here.

Casting those thoughts aside he crossed the room. Only one thought took the forefront of his mind. Where was she among the sea of dancers?

He was wearing his finest suit. Not that he had that many to choose from, but it was more formal. He ran his hand over the multicolored scarf she had picked out for him. His mind going back to the day they bought it and the most beautiful scarf picker he knew.

Taking his attention back to the party he moved deeper into the dance floor. His shoulders bumped up against people, "Oh Sorry,"he said. The music was a lively dance at first, one that beckoned a bit of energy in the quicked pace of a foxtrot.

"Excuse me," he muttered as another couple twirled into his side. Unknowingly the crowd had steered him towards the center of the room, causing him to turn in all directions, lost in the mix. He stretched his neck to see over the heads of those that danced around him. Feet shuffling and heels tapping against the polished floor.

He looked at his shoes and saw his blurred reflection on the floor. He tapped his foot twice in rhythm to the song. It made him wonder what Dances she knew, or if he knew enough to keep up with her. Their only dance was among the snow falls in a quiet park.

Looking back up he continued scanning the area but staying where he was. He dare not try and move through the dances again until he saw her or she arrived. He hoped it was soon, and a smile came across his face as he thought of what he would ask her. To return to her the question she had posed to him.

He stood with his hands behind his back, patiently looking over the place and shifted his weight slightly to the front of his feet and then to his heels.

A server with a plat of small sandwiches whisked by and Kaz plucked one hastily from the tray. A small smile given as a thank you before he popped it in his mouth.


Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] Kaz_un10

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah moved through the room, after she had checked her coat, she had stood in the center of the open area right before the dance floor, looking about she felt a little anxious, wanting to better her social skills, especially after her encounter with Xandra in the training room, an Equal intellectually and socially, it left her with a feeling that she lacked anything more then this, so she decided she would work on her social skills and rub elbows with the elites from across all part of the country.  But first she decided to grab a drink from the bar to settle her uneasy mind, having always been a thinker she tended to overthink the simplest of things when she was nervous, and she was in fact nervous now.  

With drink in hand she made her way around the dance floor, on the look out for Kazimir or anyone else she might know,  but with her own intentions in mind she decided to cut into a conversation with a small group of people, introducing herself as ~ Noyiah Dashi~, no other title,  knowing that mentioning the Rune knights would bring up her Pathetic Ranking within it, and there for lessen her value in the eyes of others.   It was a temporary title, but avoidance would be her temporary solution.

She was dressed in White buttoned-down Shirt with puffed out sleeves, a dress that started at her ribcage and did up under her bust, a tight-fitting dress the held her legs tightly together and left little mobility, but she felt gorgeous. Lastly, she wore simple black high heels.  White gloves clung to her delicate hands,  her hair was straightened and  pinned behind her ear with a White gold clip that resembled a rose,  her make up was done with finesse, red lipstick to contrast her snow white complexion, even her eyes were done up with mascara and eye shadow, giving a smoky look to her eyes.  Matching earing hung from her ears, a close inspection of these would show they weren’t a set with the hair piece, but they were close enough and near impossible to tell unless up close and looked at directly.

After Socializing with the small group she bid them a wonderful evening, taking a sip of her beverage of choice she moved through the room, the music filled the room with energy, and she half expected to find Kazimir near the band, knowing his love for music she started to formulate idea’s as to where he might have ended up.

Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] Noyiah26

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was waiting with no luck. He took a step forward when another person approached him with a firm handshake. Before he knew it he was sucked into chatting with one of the nobles at the party and then another patron. They asked him about his service and thanked him for his time. A mix of interests in his activities and feined dialogue. "So you are a rune knight? it's nice to have you here. Not on duty eh? How are you enjoying the ball?"

He nodded in respect, "Thank you. It's a wonderful event. And not yet, I was lucky enough to escape for a few hours," he responded as he took a few moments after to scan the area. it may seem as though he was keeping track of things but it was his search for a single person. With a pat on the man's shoulder, he excused himself only to walk into another. With a soft sigh, he relegated himself to rubbing elbows. He gave the people in the ball his attention and conversed about the troubles of the land and what was being done to fix it. Then to what the knights were doing, and what the goals were. It was daunting but it wasn't bad. It was in some ways a nice change of pace but definitely something he couldn't do forever.

Once he moved away from them he began to head towards the relaxing sounds of the music when a page rushed up to him. "Captain, should we change shifts? Or rearrange the patrols?"The young page spoke quickly, his hand's sweat as he shifted looks back and forth to the dark guild mages and criminals.

"Relax. Have the inside group rotate with the outside perimeter squad for the next two hours. And don't worry, nothing's going to happen tonight. We're all here." Kaz answered and gave the man a salute to dismiss him. The page saluted back with less tension in his shoulders now and ran off to inform the others.

Kaz continued his walk and was met with more pages and apprentices with questions about the mission and what was happening tonight. He navigated through the barrage of words until he finally arrived right before the band. He was going to breeze by them but the tone changed and it hooked him in.

He stopped by it and simply listened. His head held high he watched the band and drifted off in thought, about how the melody resonated with him. It was as soothing as a shower that washed away the grime of the day. He stood there, with his hands behind his back. His eyes closed. A million thoughts ran through his mind. The screams from the village, the bodies of his clansmen, and the terror that crept closer tonight. A tear formed and carved a path down his cheek.

With his thumb, he gently pressed on his cheek and swept the tear away. Replacing the sorrow he felt inside with a smile, embracing the song. Opening his eyes he finally saw her across the room. As stunning as ever, in an outfit he had never seen before. His smile got wider. His expression was soft and warm as he turned to face her. She had found him.

"Hey there," he spoke to here even though she may have been too far away to hear it.

#4Noyiah Dashi 

Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] Empty on Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:59 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Glanced about, she initially didn’t see Kazimir as she round the dance floor, stopping by the band for a moment to think as she tried to figure out based how much she knew about him what was the mostly likely of places for him to be, she had it narrowed down to the band, the Buffet or perhaps outside, seeing as she didn’t seem him right away she though maybe it was too much for him in here and he might had stepped out for some fresh air.

It wasn’t too much longer when she turned to look about she had caught a glimpse of him, though she had do a double take as she glanced past him the first time, he was far more dressed up then she expected, her groomed eyebrows raised as she was pleasantly surprised, he looked quite dashing in his Military-esk over coat.

Turning to face him she took another sip of her drink before heading towards him, attempting to be as captivating as possible, taking a great deal of Pride in her outfit, having gone almost all out, with the exception of the jewelry, having had them before the ball, she had managed to use them as the base to her outfit when looking for it to begin with. As she got within talking distance of Kazimir, she noticed the redness of his face and the bit of smeared moisture under his eye, tilting her head she was unsure as to what it might be so she didn’t bring attention to it. ~Hey there~ was the greeting she got as she approached, it was a little underwhelming but she figured maybe he was attempting to set up one of his Cheesy lines.

“ You look quite Dashing this evening” she praised as she placed her finished cup on a tray of a Server who wandered past. “you may have this dance” she stated with a smirk, breaking tradition of having him ask her for a dance, but following the pattern of when she asked him to dance in the park back in Era.

She would move closer to Kazimir, holding her hand out, and awaiting his decision, though she hadn’t even considered what to do if he declined. The Band started to play another song, this one a little softer, and she was ready to get into position for a dance.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] Empty on Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The closer she came the more enthralling she was. He had never seen her in such elegant attire and his eyes never left her as she walked into his world. He was truly at a loss for words once she came to stand in front of him. As she was finally close enough to hear him, he would make his proper greeting, the first was only to get her attention, "Noyiah, you look absolutely breathtaking." Her attire and the way she carried herself was a seamless blend of classy and sensual.

"Thank you. It's only because I have you to motivate me to do so,"
he replied looking at his own outfit for a moment. He was glad he dressed up or he wouldn't have been ready for how dressed up she was. He was speaking now, hoping the red in his face would have faded.

He cocked his brow playfully in response to her smirk. She seemed to always beat him to the punch. One of her many charms. When she stepped closer, Kaz's heartbeat as quickly as it did the first day they had met. He took her hand in his, and it all seemed to slow down at once. He pulled her closer and put his hand on the small of her back, his other hand still holding hers.

With care, he stepped in rhythm to the slow melodious beat of the music. It was a flowing tempo, and easy to sway to. He moved with her taking small waltzing steps on the dance floor if she let him lead. His hand was careful on her back not to mess up any of the ties or ruffle it. Kaz was a decent dancer, taking it steady, but was far more invested in her eyes than remembering to do each and every twirl.

After a few seconds, he would step away, lift his hand with hers and guide her through a spin that would bring her back to him, "I hope you've had a good time here, so far." he was curious as to how it had gone for her. It was something different for him as well and he felt a bit out of place, himself. Being with her cast aside all the thoughts of what he had just gone through.

#6Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
A Blush shined from beneath her already blushed(makeup) covered cheeks,  he had said similar things before, but she felt like they were more realistic this time, as from before it seemed he was being cheese, something told her that this time it was true.  As she got closer and commented about his attire, he seemed to get a little red in the face, but it faded quickly as she offered a dance.
They embraced as they had in the park, her hand embracing his and her other resting on his shoulder as his hand slide behind her back and the other locked within a clasp.  As the slower music set in, she would start to sway with him. She found herself holding her breath as she danced, self-conscious of breathing too heavy, but would have to eventually let out a slight gasp and attempting to Regulate her breathing. The pounding of her own heart seemed to coincide with the music as she waltzed with Kaz.  

After a few seconds of silent dancing she looked up and was asked a question about how she was doing so far. She took a couple of seconds to piece together an answer she would be happy telling anyone at the ball. “It’s been wonderful evening so far and I can only imagine it will get even better now” a hint of skepticism mixed with endearment in her voice.  Not because she didn’t believe what she said, but because she wouldn’t have come here if Kazimir didn’t, and she even while being presently there could hardly believe she had gone.  If they didn’t have other business in Crocus, then she likely never would have left Era.

As they swayed back and forth within their Waltz, she would pay more attention to Kazimir then to most other people around, but from time to time her eyes wandered to other coupled dancers, a similar motion as their own, the conformity and patterns brought her comfort, in an otherwise uncomfortable social outing.  After the music shifted into a new song, Noyiah would lean in for a hug, being Carful of messing up either of their outfits. After letting go, she would grab his hand and lead him off the dance floor to a near by table, making sure to stay within a good ear shot of the music, but not too close as to drown out any conversation they might have.

“you seem a little tense, what’s on your mind?” she asked as she sat down opposite of him.

#7King Reign 

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King Reign
Warning: This NPC comes with the possibility of a "Bad" ending. If you do not wish to interact with it, please state so in OOC in your next post and he will exit.

The ballroom was alight with the sounds of music, conversation, and dance. A man who looked quite young despite his age smiled at this sight as he reminisced on the days when he too could attend a ball like this with ease. But things where different now, his word could easily change a man's life and the weight of a country pressed on his shoulders. A light sigh escaped his lips as he watched his subjects from the floor above. A few may have noticed him, but they knew best to not bring attention to him until he presented himself. It was customary for the person in the highest position to present themselves as the final guest but he was not one to mind such things.

With a quick turn his black cape whisked around his body and fluttered behind his back as he made his way down to the first floor. He was greeted by a few Royal Guards who were tasked with guarding the second floor he had departed from. They saluted him faithfully and he smiled in kind as he gave them an accepting nod. When one of them reached for the door to escort him in he merely waved his hand, showing that he had no need for such a thing. He chose to push the doors open with his own hands, his actions reflecting his current mindset for the country.

With the doors slowly widening the music in the ballroom slowly came to a hush, the tune muffled by light murmurs and maybe even some jeers. The blonde haired man smiled ruefully at the silence, knowing that he had was the cause of the interruption, but an unavoidable one nonetheless.

"Please, continue on with the ball. Thanks are in order today, but I will not make a grand speech. Instead I wish to thank everyone personally and not stand on ceremony." he gestured his hand lightly toward the band to continue their performance. Many who had not seen him before may assume that he would be arrogant, given his position but those in attendance could see that was far from the truth. Before them was a man who sincerely thought of his country and put his people first. His words carried a regal bearing that fit his personage.

Not many could claim to have the bearing of a king, but those who did would agree that this man was definitely a cut above the rest. With light steps and watchful eyes he made his way around the ballroom, greeting everyone he could who had done a service for the Kingdom.

They were somewhat surprised at the extent of his knowledge when he approached them all, having memorized each subjects face and deeds before the encounter. This was something expected of nobles in general, much less their King. But no one expected this unspoken rule to extend to commoners as well. It was possible that only he would put in the effort for such an endeavor. He spoke in a friendly tone to all who would listen and was amiable even with his enemies. To all who saw he was without doubt a man of great bearing.

As he continued to make his way around the ballroom he once again took notice of two Rune Knights who he had not yet had the chance to speak to. He had seen the two dancing from atop the second floor and had descended just after they left to have a conversation. It had been some time since then considering how many people he had spoken to so he felt the time right to approach them. With one final farewell to his current conversation partner he turned and made his way towards the two Knights who had seemed to be reveling in each other's company. The room seemed to split wherever he chose to go, he only need direct his gaze at something for those around to guess at his intentions and act accordingly. With practiced steps he walked towards the two as a path was opened up before him. His warm smile radiated as those around him were drawn in by his charming features, his blonde hair cascading down to his shoulders, as his lavender eyes locked onto his next target of conversation. Even without wind his black mantle seemed to wave lightly behind him as if to grace his kingly demeanor. With one final step he had arrived before the two, exuding a pressure that was both mighty and mysterious.

"Welcome Knights of Era. I thank you for finding time to attend on this day. Have the festivities been to your liking?"

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Their bodies swayed along with one another lost in the golden light of the ball. It was a silent waltz but every step with her sent a rush through him. He smiled when he heard the slight gasp, betraying her attempt to conceal that she was holding her breath.

He put his head next to hers and pressing softly against her blonde hair like a lily resting on still waters. It was a sweet thought to him that even though they had been together for a little bit now, she still had those small tendencies, but wanted her to know that she could relax. Her hand on his shoulder sent a tingle through his arm as he stepped in a bit closer.

The hint of skepticism caused Kaz to tilt is head and then her final words brought the smile back to his face. "I'm sure it will. Thank you for coming with me," he said softly and brought her hand in for a gentle kiss and then returned to their dance among strangers that seemed more distant with each beat of the music. He was glad she at least didn't feel too out of place. It was an odd situation for him too. Without her here he would likely have just patrolled the area and worked the night away.

The music shifted and he embraced Noyiah as she hugged him. A comfort that could wipe away his tension like sands on a troubled shore. He followed behind her, just as he had in the park and in the coffee house. He thought of how easy it would be to stay like this.

They stopped at a small table, and he sat down, still within earshot of the music and Kaz settled in with a grin. She had figured him out so well and the little gestures meant the world. he was quiet, looking between her and the crowd around them with the music still lingering in the background.

he said and folded his hands on top of one another. "You know me so well." His hands tightened on one another and he stared at them before looking back at Noyiah, "I...

Before he could spill out the pain that was swirling within him, a hush washed over the crowd. The man of the hour had arrived. The person that Kaz was sworn under and yet had never met. His meer presence parted the masses wherever his foot fell or gaze lingered.

The king crossed the room with all the regality one would expect. Kaz was young as a captain but he would have never guessed the king would be so youthful. He had actually followed through with his statement to greet them all. Something that surprised the wind mage. He nearly forgot what he was going to tell Noyiah, "Do you think...he'll actually come over here?"His words were nervous but more intrigued by the idea.

His answer would be one well on its way as the King's eyes would eventually fall on the two knights. The guests made way as he strolled up radiating confidence. As the King approached Kaz stood from the table, "I guess we are next," he whispered to Noyiah.

Kaz pushed in his chair and straightened out his jacket, giving the lapels a tug to pull it all into place. He ran his hands down the front to both smooth it and knock any lint from it.

With the king's final step to greet them, Kaz stood straight, but relaxed and nodded back. "Your majesty,"despite his training the one thing he seemed to forget was how to address the king so he went with the first thing that came to mind.

"It's my pleasure," he didn't want to answer for Noyiah and would give her the time to respond.

"It's been enjoyable. I hope you're finding time to enjoy it yourself between making all the rounds,"
he replied a bit casually, but still stood with his hands behind his back.

#9Noyiah Dashi 

Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] Empty on Sun Jan 26, 2020 8:16 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah noticed the head tilt and waved dismissively, it wasn’t important, she would make the best out of it. “i wouldn’t have come otherwise,  so thanks for breaking me out of my mundane lifestyle” she retorted towards their endearing banter, though she was being quite honest,  he had been the driving force in her life that seemed to spark her towards the right path.  He had been the one to help her into the rune knights, since they started living together her life had only gotten better and it didn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon.  The kiss on her gloved hand somehow seemed a little more romantic then before, or maybe it was because she was already feeling the glass of wine she had had before they danced. Thinking back, she realized she didn’t eat much today.

Noyiah listened as he started to explain, when a silence fell upon the room, turning to look for herself she spotted the man presumed to be the king, she didn’t know him by face, only by reputation and well being king. She was intrigued, finding herself wondering what he would be like, when he spoke aloud addressing the room and resuming the festivities.  Noyiah held adoration for this man, how he acted, how he controlled a room with a simple motion of his hand, his presence demanding of attention and a reputation far fiercer than most would ever know.

Her attention turned back to Kazimir, but his focus seemed to be more set on the king still, which was fine, it was likely better they didn’t discuss issues at this time, as it might bring down the mood of the ball. But he suddenly spoke out, asking if she though he would approach them. “nah, I can’t imagine he can get to everyone besides what could we possibly have in to discuss with the king?” She said not even seconds before he seemed to turn his gaze their way. Kazimir mentioned something about being next, something she had only heard slightly as her focus drew back to the king, as he looked upon them, and started moving towards them.  Kazimir moved out of his chair, and it seemed fitting, Noyiah followed suit standing up as he approached them.  His voice both regal but sweet and kind.

Noyiah’s eyes remained open wide, almost in disbelieve she worked on instinct for the most part until she could wrap her head around this type of honor, it wasn’t everyday someone met the king himself, some people would never get the chance, but now she was exempt from them. “Your Majesty” Noyiah said at the same time of Kazimir, but she Curtsied low for him, holding it for a few seconds before returning to her usual straightened posture. She resisted the urge to offer her hand out for a handshake, did a king shake hands with commoners like them? She thought quickly as her mind raced with both fear and excitement, it was surely a great honor and she hoped her words could portrayed it.  Though she decided on allowing him to initiate the handshakes if he felt obligated to do so, though the man clearly didn’t need an introduction. “it is a honor, your kingship.” Her words flowing rather naturally.

Her next thought surprised her, ~ am I tipsy and meeting the king? ~ the thought busted to the front of her mind and a slight hesitation in her voice began to set in, despite the pressure working well to sober her up rather quickly. “i wouldn’t dream of missing it, everything is well beyond expectation” she said a bit in amazement, a moment she hadn’t even conceived of was upon her and she felt a little sick, or at least the butterfly’s in her stomach felt more aggressive. Deep rooted anxieties found themselves surfacing in her mind, most normal mundane worries, is my breath fresh, are there any stains on the outfit or what if i make a fool of myself, or make use of a word without knowing its full meaning.

#10King Reign 

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King Reign
For a moment he remained silent, his gaze washing over the two before him as he listened to their replies and took notice of their actions. The two knights before him seemed refined, no doubt due to their affiliation as Rune Knights. He commended their show of proper manners for the setting and gave them both a light nod in response. His kind smile seemed to widen just a moment when he heard that they were enjoying the ball, genuinely happy to hear that they were comfortable in such a grand setting as this.

"I'm happy to hear that, however, both as the host and a King, my enjoyment falls second to my duties." his voice which originally gave the impression of an untouchable sovereign suddenly felt weighted. Now the regal man seemed more like a concerned parent as he reflected on the current state of his kingdom.

"This ball may be grand, and it's guests numerous, but even during such a merry time as this I can't help but worry for our people. These have truly been troubling times for the commonwealth, crime has risen exponentially, and even the capital is no longer safe."

A somewhat out of place sigh escaped his lips as he closed his eyes for a moment, reflecting on what he had just said to the two. He knew it was not the time and place to speak of such things, but his worries were ever-increasing and seeing the two Knights before him brought those thoughts to the surface. He knew of their identities, much like how he'd memorized the profiles of everyone else. Seeing the young Captain reminded him of both his younger days and more peaceful times. His reflection lasted for but a moment before he reopened his eyes and looked at the man known as Kazimir. Once again his gaze steady and unwavering, his regal aura once again flooding the space around him. His brief moment of weakness vanishing under the guise of a King.

"Speak freely. What are your opinions on the Kingdom?"

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her words always put a smile on his face. If he had brought her out of her mundane lifestyle then she had finally given a home to a wanderer. With every day that passed, he became more and more captivated by her. They had only been together for a short while but nothing was more exciting than talking about the plans they had together and where life was going to take them and what they had in store. Things had been chaotic recently but it was finally settling down and he could focus on his life with her. There was a lot more to say. he could easily spend the whole night doing nothing but talking with her but their moment would have to wait as the King arrived.


Kaz's thoughts about the king were beginning to realign. He had always envisioned him as an older hardened man. But the smile he gave in response to Noyiah and Kaz both enjoying the festivities dismissed that prejudgement. He carried himself with power but didn't flaunt himself with words of adoration. Instead, he carried himself with a powerful dignity. One that called people to follow him out of respect. At least that was Kaz's first impression but he wasn't so quick to prescribe a person an entire personality upon a few simple words and gestures.

The wind mage nodded at the King's response. He understood the call of duty. While Kaz was lucky enough to steal away a moment with Noyiah, he was still here on a mission that would drag him away before the night was through.

The king's next words brought a heaviness to Kaz's heart. He had fought hard with the knights and so did those he traveled with. He knew they were diligent people, and despite all their best efforts, crime was still on the rise. There were mounting aspects and reasons behind it, but the knights had a duty and they needed to do better. Although sometimes it seemed like an impossible task. Kaz's hands loosened their grip as he held them behind his back still and thought about all the things the knights still needed to do to truly make progress. His shoulder's sagged for but a moment with a silent but heavy breath. In an instant, he fixed his posture while the King's eyes briefly closed.

It's sad but true. It seems to be a terribly difficult task to achieve but some knights are trying, he added with a slow and measured tone. Taking care with each word as the knights themselves were in a precarious position.

For a flicker of time, the King showed a more vulnerable side, one with something that weighed on his conscious. When his eyes came back to Kazimir it snapped him into more focus. A radiance came back to the king that carried his presence throughout the hall. Kaz instinctively stood straighter, his one hand tightened around the other.

The question was one that rang in the mage's ears. Hm, he said, unfolding his hands from behind his back and standing more relaxed. Some of his weight shifted to his right leg. He took the King's request to speak freely to heart. Even with his slightly more casual stand, Kaz's eyes still held strength of resolve.

"That's a long answer I suppose. The kingdom..." he paused wondering just how freely he was actually supposed to speak. He dismissed the thought almost as quickly as it came. If the King wanted him to speak freely then he would. "The kingdom is in a rough place. As you mentioned earlier crime is on the rise. There is fear woven within the people from what happened with Nerva and the status of the holy knights. A fear that the rune knights and the guilds have not been able to dispel. The people have proven to be stron though. Even after the terror of the demonic rifts, they are rebuilding and getting their lives together again, but it took a toll. And even now, their is corruption in the rune knights that has weakened the trust of the people and our mission. People have used the chaos of recent events to deal in crime as well."

He took a moment to look out over the patrons of the grand hall, It was a good moment to unite certain aspects of the country though. Mages and warriors of all walks of life gathered to face the threats. If there could be a shimmer of light in it all, that may be it.

He brought his gaze back to meet the king's, "Even with all of that. I have met many strong people with caring hearts and I remain hopeful for the future," he said giving a quick glance to Noyiah.

He then put his hand on the back of his head with a smile, "Sorry if that was a lot. Sometimes I get a bit carried away."

#12Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded along with what the king said,  there as a limitation, upheld by his duty, and for once Noyiah realized that the king himself was not nearly as free to do what he might want as some people might think,  trapped to do his sworn duty, it seemed almost worst then being free to do whatever but unable to do so.  Imprisoned by his subjects, it seemed almost wrong to think of it like that, but it was a side of the king that she didn’t think he showed often. Which in turn made Noyiah feel a little more confident in their meeting, after all it seemed her was being rather open about everything.

As the king described the rate of crime was on the rise, Noyiah couldn’t help but feel ashamed of herself and the people she worked with, it wasn’t that they did badly  but there were some that could take their job more serious, and with all of the issues with iris, she hadn’t really been doing her job to the fullest either.   Her eyes watched the kings expressions, a somber sorrow rested on him,  it was almost heartbreaking to see the king so moved by the issues and Noyiah wanted to assure him it would all be fine but held her tongue, there was no way she could make good on any promise that would change the situation.

Noyiah felt a weight come off her shoulders as the king said to speak freely,  it was hard to talk about things usually with someone who wanted you to play their games,  but the king seemed fairly straight and to the point, he wanted to know their opinions.  Kaz was quicker on the response then her so she waited her turn.  She listened intently , as Kazimir spoke, Noyiah found her self in agreeance, thought she wasn’t sure  it was the right call to tell him of the corruption within the knights,  he had enough on his plate and if things progressed as planed they would soon cut the corruption from the ranks.  When Kazimir looked over to Noyiah she would smile a little wider at him.  She had always had a sense of admiration for his sense of duty and purpose, he owned the troubles in his past and became a better person.

After Kazimir apologized for speaking at such length it was time for Noyiah to weigh in on the conversation.  “up until a few months ago I had led a civilian life, I lived most of my life between era and here, and it was for the most part unaffected by the events that transpired. Though as you both have said, things are getting worst.  But with every challenge, every threat, a person will rise to the occasion, and to our last breath we will do what is good for the people” she said quite proud of her little speech, her goal was to hopeful ease the mind of the king.  Noyiah could only imagine the perplexed mind of the king, with all of the problem going on and feeling a responsibility to fix what one man could never hope to do on his own. Her statement was to reassure him that no matter what happened or what will happen there were people going to do whatever it took to make life better.

The Kingdom itself was vast, and it would be hard to reassure him further about it, Noyiah was not really one to Boast but she was the type of person stubborn enough to attempt to take of all of the bad in this world.

#13King Reign 

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King Reign
He listened in total silence as Kazimir spoke his gaze piercing gaze locked onto the knight. Generally this look would make people uncomfortable, his ability to decide their future normally being the cause for their anxiety. However it seemed like the man before him had nothing to hide. It was not hard to see that Kazimir was being honest with him and in truth there was no reason to hide anything. As a King there was little that could escape his grasp if he chose the right direction. Those who had failed to unite Kingdoms before his time were those who simply put were short of sight. They could not see past simple greed and base desires. However he was no better. While he had at one time ruled over a peaceful Kingdom he had grown jaded and overly trusting in those around him. Things now were different.

There were many who sought fit to move around the shadows with trivial plots and schemes. He cared not for what they had in mind. As a King his concern was the prosperity of his Kingdom and it's people. So long as he could provide them with a peaceful way of life he'd do anything within his power to do so, granted in the most humane way possible.

When it came time for the woman known as Noyiah to speak he turned his gaze towards her. He had no I'll intention with how he looked on at the two, despite the intensity of his stare. It was merely a honed habit from the many days of dealing with the corrupt. His body language however betrayed his gaze, signaling his attitude towards their answer. He was content knowing they valued the people he also cherished. A bright breathtaking smile came across his face as Noyiah finished with her response. It was as if a child had received a gift for the first time and was enamored with what he saw.

"I truly thank you for the concern you show to this Kingdom. Your feelings are both honest and genuine and I could not ask for more than that." he spoke in a tender tone as his gaze shifted back and forth between the two. He was thankful for people like them that cared as deeply as he did and were motivated to enact change. His tender tone persisted as he continued to speak, but there was a weight in his words. "However as a ruler I must present you with an order. Your wills shall be tried in these coming years whether it be as Rune Knights or simple civilians. Our Kingdom is undergoing a great change, but I command that you should not. Your bearing on this day, your concern for our people, your dedication to justice. Do not let it change. This Kingdom needs more people like you."

Although he spoke of it as a royal command he did not intend to restrict their choices in any way. If their path took them somewhere else he would happily support them so long as it kept them on the side of peace and justice. His kind smile reflected his thoughts as he hoped he didn't fluster them too much. They were young, but adorable children in his eyes and he wished no harm to come upon them.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Once he was done speaking, Noyiah began. It was something as uplifting as he should have expected. She was always optimistic about things. He thought about the civilian life that she had led that was already more like that of a knight than a good amount of the people that were currently knights. Her words sent a rush of encouragement through him. He had goosebumps prickle up on his arms and his heart was emboldened. He nodded with her in support. Her words rang with an unshakeable truth and conviction. To him, she was the one that had risen to the occasion to meet the threats that were coming. In her words, he saw a brighter future in Fiore.

When they both spoke the king had an intense gaze. One that could pierce through the veil that hid a person's soul. The King's bright smile eased the pressure of his consuming stare. It once again reminded Kazimir how kind the man seemed and was moved by Noyiah's words just as Kaz had been.

The king's words continued to show him as refined and compassionate. When he spoke about an order Kaz stood straighter once more, taking the moment to a more formal presentation again, like how they had begun with. His words instilled resolve within the young knight. For his foreseeable future, he would be a knight in search of becoming a kingsguard, but it was reassuring to know no matter what path he walked it would be alright. Although he didn't know what kind of trials the king meant that were coming. He had hoped they passed the hardest part already.

"Thank you. I was raised to protect others and I shall protect others in whatever capacity I can for the rest of my days. My lord, there is no easier command to follow. You have my word. And my path is with the knights. One day perhaps even a kingsguard, your highness.
SInce rejoining the knights he had one thing in mind. Reach to the top in hopes of making the organization stronger. Devoting himself to protecting the people and training the next generation of knights to face down the new threats that would arise. And he could think of no greater honor than that of the Kingsguard.

"...but if I may ask..what are these great changes you're talking about?"

He knew the king was a busy man and didn't intend on holding him up for long but he couldn't contain his curiosity. The land had already endured so much. what more turmoil was going to befall it and what insight did the king have? Although even now there was unrest. He had not come here just for the ball but to address the dangerous issue lurking in the shadows. Even now he could feel the presence of the corrupt knight Baldanti lurking in the distance. His fear mounting with what the king and the knights were talking about.

#15Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Maybe it was wrong of her to offer reassurance in a time like this, but she imagined that it wasn’t often people were too  authentic when around the king, what set her apart was she was Truly naïve enough to think it completely true, though many factors played into what she said, factors that would varied the outcome entirely.

A Sense of pride washed over her as her words seemed to have been at least appreciated, or at least he thanked them for it, and she couldn’t tell if he was humoring them as guests to his ball or leveling with them because they were knights, either way she accepted the Thanks  with a respectful bow of her head.   The Conversation took a turn towards the more weighted side as he Made a royal Order for them to follow the path of good for the sake of the people.  An order that was endearing but wasn’t necessary, Noyiah just simply couldn’t turn a blind eye to people in need. It would likely be her demise.  Noyiah placed her hand over her heart and nodded sharply once in compliance with the request the king had made of them. “understood, Sire”

Kazimir was next to Respond before her, ever quicker on the draw, which she silently thanked him for, it gave her the time to Articulate what she wanted to say properly.  Kazimir went on to explain his devotion to the knights and to an extent the king himself.   Noyiah would remain Silent, her focus switching back and forth to the King and Kazimir respectfully.  She stood fairly straight, but not too bad of posture for a commoner.  Her left hand held her right arm which hung down limply, it would seem respectful, but it was more of a nervous thing, which she knew would play off as respectful.  It felt comforting to hold her own arm in the way she was.

Kazimir asked about the possible changes, and Noyiah gave him a slightly curious look before looking back to the king, she too was Curious about these changes, but didn’t feel it her right to know, seeing as the king was quite vague when describing them at first mention. But she awaited a possible answer with an intense gaze, her steel blue eyes wandering only a little to look at passersby, though she wanted to be polite, it was true they were still on a mission keeping an eye out of trouble.

Noyiah chose to not speak after Kazimir, his words were enough for both of them, she didn’t feel that pointless words were needed here.   Noyiah didn’t have as much forethought as to where she wanted to end up in the Knights, she had been thankful to have made it into the rune knights, and she knew she could advance but she didn’t really think of how far,  though rest assured if given the option she would take Kings guard, the honour alone would be worth it.

#16King Reign 

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King Reign
He was quite satisfied at this point with what he'd heard from the two, their kind responses bringing him a moment of respite from the long night of politics and pleasantries. However good things could not continue on forever and he could tell he'd taken quite a long time speaking to the two. He didn't wish to bring any more attention to the two than was necessary, nor did he want them to become targets. He looked kindly at the two as he reached out with his left hand, lightly grasping onto Kazimir's shoulder before looking him directly in the eye. There were many things he wished he could tell the two but the time was simply not right, and the location even more so complicated. With a light smile, he tilted his head to the side just a bit and spoke in a somewhat sorrowful tone.

"I believe you will find out very soon."

With that said he released Kazimir's shoulder and lightly clapped his hands together, dispelling the sad air around himself as his eyes once again drifted back and forth between the two.

"I have taken up much of your time, please do continue to enjoy the party."

With that said he left no more room for discussion on the matter as he gave a light nod and turned to move onto the next conversation partner.


#17Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
With the king's hand on his shoulder, it felt like the weight of the world pressed down upon him. The solemn look from the king only amplified the feeling. Kaz held his breath waiting for what the King had to say but when he spoke only about only a vague message Kaz simply nodded back. It sent a shiver in his spine as to what would be so devastating that the King would be so filled with worry. So much so that he couldn't confide in his Knights. Was it perhaps something to do with bringing all these mages together now?

The king clapped his hands and as if casting a spell himself he dismissed the heavy aura surrounding the conversation and excused himself. The way he could flip between emotions and topics was something to be admired. Once the king walked away Kaz turned to face the beautiful woman he had come here with.

"That was unexpected. I wish we could have learned more about what's coming our way. But we can handle just about anything,"
he gave a weak smile as things still clung to the recesses of his mind.

"You know...I wonder what kind of magic he uses. Or if he even does,"
he pondered as he took one more look at the king while the regal man walked away to mingle with the others in attendance. He let that question hold in the air in case for any response Noyiah had and then shook his head.

His whole focus turned back to her and the time they had before all the madness of the night would begin. Behind them in the corner was a door leading to a stairwell. Having looked at the plans of the castle, Kaz knew where those steps headed and likely so did Noyiah. They led towards a small tower and a platform that overlooked the city and the rest of the castle. It was usually off-limits for parties such as this...well except for Knights anyway.

Kaz took her hand in his. Her simple touch sending a shiver through him already. His eyes peeked towards the stairwell giving her a subtle hint, "Let's get out of her for a second and get some air."

If she agreed he would begin to walk towards the stairwell. The music still filled the hall and all eyes were on the king.

#18Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would curtesy as the king announced his leave. Noyiah would watch him as he moved away, having not given them a lot of insight into the situation that was fast coming. But noyiah understood that he was always under watch, that everyone around wanted to see the king, and he had spent a good amount of time with them and for the noyiah was grateful.

Kazimir turned and displayed his shocked expression, which turned quickly to a smile. Noyiah moved in and gave him a quick hug, and whispered “ the walls have eyes and ears love, best we leave it at that” she would lean her head against him for a second making sure not to ruin her makeup before letting go and went back to standing with kazimir near their table. He pondered aloud what type of magic the king used, and noyiah nodded in agreeance, she also didn’t know but was now curious, or if he even used magic. This had been the first time she had ever seen the king in person.

Noyiah watched as kazimir glanced at the stairway that would lead to a tower in the second or third floor, it was not the main focus of her study but she knew about most of the passages, having studied the blueprints herself in preparation for the events that would transpire tonight. She casted a question glance towards kazimir unsure if he had noticed something she hadn’t but before he responded he took hold of her hand, her white gloves acting as a barrier between them, but even through them she could feel his warmth, she felt immediately the tension she had held in her jaw, shoulders and back release as she was asked to head out for some air.

A request she would happily partake in. Nodding softly, she would realign her spine by scrunching her shoulders up to relieve any tension still remaining. Looking forwards to a kiss in a high location overlooking the city made her flush a little more, the redness rushing over her cheek, the alcohol still in her system not helping too much to prevent it. She moved gracefully with kazimir across the ball room, past the multitude of guests and tables alike. She would follow him into the tower, and up to a platform overlooking the eastern ridge of the city.

The winter wind felt nice on her warm skin, her outfit and pale skin soaking in the light of the moon and the glinting snow that seemed to sparkle about them. The music flowed up the stairwell, muffled by the door and distance but still loud enough to hear, the wind about them was soft and swept some light snow up into a cascading swirl of sparkling white.

#19Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her hug was sudden but welcome. He wrapped his arms around her lightly with his hand resting on her shoulder. He smiled at what she said. Being called 'love' sen his heart flying.

To think he was supposed to be the one on top of things like that. Seems like the bluntness of his magic was slipping into more aspects of who he is. "Sometimes it's the simple things that escape me. Good point."

With a smile and flush of red on her cheeks, she agreed to follow him. They danced through the crowds of her people. Her hand in his, this time he led the way. He glanced back every few seconds not to make sure she was still there but to take in her stunning appearance and catch a gleam in her eye.

They made their way up the stairs without incident. The guests still too preoccupied with the King. Finally, they stood on the small platform big enough for three but they were alone. A Stone barricade rose up to the height of their chest, to prevent anyone from falling off the side. Snow covered the rooftops. A blanket of white tucked in the city for the dark night. Stars glistened in the sky with their light reflected on the snow around them.

Kaz still held her hand as the wooden door shut behind them. He gazed into the sky. The wind ruffled his indigo hair and he took a deep audible breath. His hand tightened on hers, snug as the way he held her when the slept.

He spun around and leaned his back against the wall and gave her a gentle tug closer to him. There was more peace in his eyes now. Being with her melted the strife of his life away. There was never anything to worry about.

he said wistfully as a million thoughts rushed through his mind. About what he had done. How he would tell her or if this was even the right time. But none of that mattered. In her eyes, he could see all the answers to his questions and troubles. His gaze became softer and inviting. He cupped her other hand in his and then ran his hand up her arm until his palm held her cheek gingerly.

He stepped in close to put his forehead on hers. Their noses almost touching. "My love," he whispered to her. Words carried by the gentle breeze in the inches between them. Kaz moved closer and leaned in to kiss her. Who knew how long they had up here and he dare not squander the moment. If she accepted, he would hold her tighter as the wind whipped up a small flurry of snow.

#20Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
As Kazimir Lead her up the stairs she felt her heartbeat pound in her chest, it was quite a romantic gesture. The mood was right, the scene was perfect, and she couldn’t imagine herself with anyone else. The moment seemed to stop all time as they reached the top.  Kazimir Swung around and pressed his back to the stone balcony rails, and with a gentle pull Noyiah followed his lead, leaning in against him.

His words broke the stillness of the scene, the music seemed to softly continue through the door,  and  she felt his hand search for her face,  the embrace of his hand on her cheek brought warmth to her face and she felt any and all tension leave her, her eyes flickered close, her nose twitching slightly as he palm found her cheek.  She held her breath. There was a safety in the feeling, even while they were on a mission there was moments like this could share, though it felt both Wrong to be doing this while on the lookout for the Corrupt Knights, but it felt about as right as things could be.

Even with her eyes closed she could feel as he moved closer, their foreheads touching, a dazing lightheaded feeling rushed over her, her knees felt weak and she didn’t have any concept of time. A Slight Shiver ran up her spin, making her shake slightly bumping their noses lightly with each sway of the chill.   He spoke softly, and she felt the rush of Energy as he said ~my love~ She hung off each syllable in the words, melting away in his hands she seemed to quiver slightly.  Her eyes would open softly as he leaned in once again, she held his hand a little more tensely as she pushed back into the kiss that came. Her eyes closing once again to hold the moment in her mind for as long as possible.

A Few seconds later Noyiah’s eyes would open up as she let out a slight gasp for air.  Breaking away from the kiss to take air back in, having forgotten the breath in the moment she felt a little dizzier now, but she was quite happy.   Her face lit up with a smile as wide as it possibly could, her face was red from a combination of the cold, the Alcohol and then most perfect moment in her life.  “you really took my breath away “she said making light of the situation they had share, a Smile turning to her more Trademark smirk.  She leaned back in reach her arms around his back and holding him still placing her head under his chin softly gasping for each breath.

#21Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
Rewards of 500,000 Jewel have been granted to both of you.

Dance in the Grand Hall (Noyiah)[Grandball] C47FSON
#22Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
She leaned against him and the cold chill of the night vanished. The wind yielded to her warm presence. Her shiver bumped their noses and Kaz simply smiled in response to the tender moment. One atop a tower in the king's castle. A moment he could have never expected.

Even with all the chaos around them, he was lost in her blue eyes. Her gaze always reached him and drowned out the world around them. When she kissed him energy raced through his body. He pulled her in closer with his arms wrapped around her back. Her kiss as blissful as cherry blossoms dancing through the air, landing gently. Nothing felt more right than this instance. He was finally able to truly open up to a person again to feel loving feelings and trust.

She broke away with a slight gasp of air that reminded him of the day they first met. The time he pulled her close in a kiss before he went to dry his clothes. The very day that they had moved in together. The start of their lives being intertwined with one another.

Seeing her smile put one on Kaz's face. He released his hold as she pulled away a bit. His hands moving to her arms and holding them softly. Her smirk garnered a flirtatiously cocked brow from him. Her words telling him all that he needed to know.

"You take mine away every day,"
he replied in his typical cheesy manner but there was nothing but truth in his words as she made her way beneath his chin into an embrace. He could stay there forever. Drifting away in her touch with her arms hugged around him.

Unfortunately, the calls of duty were still upon them. They had an even longer night before them. But he would make sure it ended on a good note. "We should probably head back, Now. Make sure the king doesn't get murdered," she could hear there was a hint of wistful sadness at the thought of leaving this tiny slice of paradise behind.

his voice became lighter soothing, "Once this is all done. Let's head out tonight and make it just for us. And then tomorrow we can spend the day not worrying about anything and just being with each other."

Despite his words, he would hold her until she was ready to let go. Once she did so he would follow her back into the tower and towards the destined clash that awaited them.

#23Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
In their short time together, they managed to strike a fire of passion that grew more intense every day. She had grown accustom to his cheesy lines over their time together, instead of finding them more or less cheesy she simply enjoyed them, after all he was quite the romantic, and seemed to enjoy expressing it as frequently as she liked to hear it.  

Having been pressed against his chest for a moment in a hug she would smile softly, her eyes closing shut, taking in the moment, more chills came as the wind swept through in short gusts that stole her heat away, carrying it out into the void like space that became the city air.   She held him for a little while before he suggested they headed in.  She looked up at him still nestled against his chest, her eyes looked as if she was going to protest, but she held her Thoughts. And nodded softly. This wasn’t a moment she wanted to let go of so quickly but Kazimir Was completely right, they were here for a job first, pleasure would have to come second.  Letting out a slight sigh, she nodded a little bit more firmly, this time with her usual resolve.  

It seemed like he picked up on her Internal Struggle, as he suggested that they take a day once this was all done.  And she would again nod “ I would love that. “she said softly her voice at a level just loud enough to be heard over the music Softly Pushing it’s way through the planks of the door behind her.  The type of voice that was faint and almost scratchy, she agreed. Breaking away from their embrace to head back down to the ball room.  Her Hand instinctively settled in Kazimir’s hand as she took grip of it, her white gloves silky and soft to the touch. “sometimes I wish that life was simpler. But I know that this is what’s right” she said as she started towards the door.

As they headed towards the door she used her free hand to push a tear back flicking it away with her thumb before Kazimir would be able to tell.    It saddened her that they couldn’t enjoy the moment longer, but she understood the things are stake and she knew it was the right thing to do.

As they went down the stairs it took a lot of her will power just to keep going and resist the urge to push, I’m back up and continue where they left off.  After all it had been a wonderful Evening so far, they had met the king and the other people within the ball and got experience this romantic evening.

As they got to the bottom of the stairs, Noyiah would take a deep breath  Attempting to clear the Clutter of seduction from her mind, they had a task at hand.   Spotting a few members of their Task force she would point out a table to set up their plans at. “ it looks like Judina and Shimura are over there” she would motion with the hand entwined with his, so that it came off a little more Subtle after all they were doing things a little bit under the Radar.

#24Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The look of protest in her eyes nearly melted the wind mage down to taking all the time in the world with her here. if she had pressed the look he likely would have never let go. Her first nod made it easier and her second which came with more resolve made it even more so. He gave her a gentle squeeze as she met him with that resolve to get back to work and save the king.

Her response carried across the small distance between them barely louder than the dimming music from the party. A whisper of affection in the night air. He pulled her closer once more and leaned down to kiss her cheek, letting his lips linger for a moment before pulling away. He couldn't think of a better way to spend a day than that.

When she broke away their hands seemed to find one another's by instinct. Her glove fit softly into his own. Her glove was soft but he wished it wasn't between them. That he could feel the warmth of her hand on his, but it was something that would have to wait.

He followed her back down the hallway. She was more resolute than him right now. If she hadn't let go he would have been happily stuck there forever. She moved without looking back, and he'd take this path with her for as long as they could walk it. More words wistfully made their way back to him. They stung straight to his heart. After all they had said between each other, those words rang in his mind the most.

"Me too. There will be a day,"
he whispered back to her wistfully. That short distance towards the door seemed even shorter as his mind raced to where their life was headed. To wonder where they would be in the future and what things were in store for them. But he knew after tonight, things had to slow down. Once the corruption was rooted out they could spend blissful days together...but would there always be more work to do?

Before they reached the door he suppressed his urge to just pull her back into him. To hold her once more and spend the evening tonight as they had spent their first. She pushed the door open and music rushed into the hallway. The lively sound taking them back to the world of nobles and knights.

As they passed the threshold of the doorway, Kaz took in a deep breath and shook his head. Casting aside what he could and refocusing on the mission. He reopened his eyes with determination. It was time, after all, to get back to work.

He felt her subtle gesture against his hand and looked over to see them. "Then I suppose we should get started."


#25Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
His reassurance made her feel a little better, but it wasn’t enough to Sway her heart entirely out of the situation and the thoughts she had, but it was nice to know he wanted to same. She knew he also fought hard not to abandon the mission, but she wouldn’t be the cause of this, knowing only that they had to do it, after all they couldn’t let the bad in the world go unchecked they had just literately pledged this to the king.

As they passed thought the door to the ball room, she had felt the urge again to push him back upstairs, but she managed to avoid the temptation and cleared her mind of her personal feelings and to focus on the mission at hand. She would point out to Kazimir the people in their mission and then walk with Kazimir still hand in hand and got the table she aimed for. She nodded as Kazimir said they should get it started. Her silence was more to stop the shaking in her voice, if she managed to find it at all. The Sadness of parting from their personal moment to have to deal with this had stolen her joy and shook her deeply but she didn’t want that to be reflected in her actions.

After they got there Noyiah pulled a paper from glove, it felt slightly damp from behind in her glove all night, it was a small drawn out version of the hallways, she had brought it encase others didn’t know their way around the Cathedral, after all it was a very important thing.

She would sit down at the table and wait for the moment everyone either rejoined them or they had to act.

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