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No Stone Unturned{Quest|Enoch}

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#1Enoch Vi Britanina 

No Stone Unturned{Quest|Enoch} Empty on Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:07 am

Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

No Stone Unturned{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"Social amongst my peers, and await in the shadows for my peer."|Enoch

It was around noon the sun was just getting up into the sky. The sky was clear, and the temperature was fairly normal for Baska Town.
Enoch was dress in his normal attire with his armor tuck underneath his clothing. Fully dressed, and prepared for the worst should it introduce itself to him. Aside from that, his companion Clovis follow him around but he was sure to stay within 7 meters from his Master. He hasn't received the privilege of speech yet but his master ensures him it was around the corner.

Regardless if his master was lying or not he fully pledged to him, and would die for him because that the type of bond they had. Letting out a sigh Enoch said," Jeez I really hate the sun." The duo carefully steers around the crowds of people that wander the street in the evening.

After a few minutes, they arrive at the local Pub Name Mikes. Before they could enter one gentleman step out. He looks left then right as he looks right he glance at Enoch than said, "Good I thought that was you. I was thinking I would have to look everywhere for you." Scratching his head he said, "Mattoro want to see you again if you don't mine follow me this way please."

Enoch look puzzled at first then he remembers the name Mattoro who hired him last just a few weeks ago. How he figures everything must have died down for him to move again. Before the trio depart another man came out the pub door grinning he said, "Evening Gentleman."This is after he tips his hat, and caution moves out the way.

Enoch took note of this, and waited for the man who was looking for him to show the way. It took but a few seconds for the man to signal Enoch, and Clovis to follow him.

Some twist, turns, and long narrow dirt road, and they finally arrive they arrive at an old abandon warehouse just out the outskirts of Baska.



#2Enoch Vi Britanina 

No Stone Unturned{Quest|Enoch} Empty on Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:48 am

Enoch Vi Britanina


The Joureny

No Stone Unturned{Quest|Enoch} NHrtogw

"The world holds a lot of stories."|Enoch

No Stone Unturned{Quest|Enoch} 4c2P1kT

Not too far from Baska or the Mines which means just right. That is where Enoch was right in the middle of nowhere but everywhere. A quite interesting metaphor if you would please Enoch was fond of how he uses his words because words can impression. We all know depending on how you deliver them can make or break you.

The large abandon warehouse building had all types of wear, and tear done to itself. Enoch could tell the building seen better days as did his companion Clovis who keep his 7-meter distance from his master as a precaution.

Letting out a sigh Enoch could make out two-man who stood outside the warehouse look to be some type of guard aka goons. That didn't bother Enoch one bit a man in power always needs his loyal subject to move the pieces on the board correctly.

The guard signal for Enoch to enter Clovis tried to follow but the guard blocks his path. Enoch glance over his shoulders to see what was taking Clovis so long seeing that they block his path.

He said, "Remain unseen, and scout the area I'll call for you once I wrap up things here. I shouldn't be any longer than a few minutes."



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