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Foot Travel to Crocus(Traveling to Crocus)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Foot Travel to Crocus(Traveling to Crocus) Empty Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:34 am

Judith Karlinius
Waking up a late in the evening a few days after arriving home Judith. She seemed to just walk over and kiss her husband on the cheek and seemed to be departing and leaving already. Anders would kind of just shuffle up from his sleep."Is something wrong?"He said sleepishly asking his wife what was going on."Judith?"He would continue to slowly get up from bed to his wife already seemingly just leaving at random.

By the time Anders had gotten out of bed, Judith seemed to already have one of her dressed on and was on her way out of the house. Judith would finally look back and said to Anders."Something tells me I need to find and get to Arisa."Judith sounded worried.

Anders letting out an annoying sigh."Fine, But Anton and Tanya will notice your gone again..."Anders mentioned."At least wait there a moment."what for Judith had to wonder what exactly he wanted for her to stay there, Then again he was not staying there. Anders would eventually come outside just in his sleeping clothing and really sleep still and hugged his wife and said."These running and hiding from things where suppose to be long gone....Come home and safely."Yes Anders was annoyed and displeased with Judith but she was still free to go do what she needed."This will be hopefully the final time Anders, I am sorry."Judith said while they are in their hug and peaceful moment."I just...need to do this."Anders seemed to nod yes and let go of his wife.

Judith rushed away not too far after making a light to help her guide herself forward during the evening time going to Crocus."Whatever is going on, I need to know....not just for me...but for her as well."Who she was, was an interesting question to most people who wouldn't know.

WC: 322/300

[Exit to Crocus.]

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