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Eternal Nightmare

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Utopian Demise

"Beware the things that go bump in the night"

Hidden deep in the shadows, where many dare not look, they have always been there. Beings of great power, shunned simply because of who they are. Vampires. Werewolves. Daemons, fallen Nephilim, humans corrupted by the abyss, demi-gods cursed as a result of their mistakes. These races have suffered persecution at the hands of the humans, but so too have the elves and dwarves of their time. And many of them have had enough. Whisperings have began to emerge from the shadows, people who wish to see those touched by the darkness to rise up against the tyranny they have suffered.

And those whisperings have created a group. Formed from those who wish to see the time of the creatures of darkness come, bolstered by the power of dark mages, Utopian Demise is a shadow. They act without recognition, keeping under the radar of the King and his cohorts as they build their army. An army filled, not only with the dark races who have suffered, but with humans who believe in the cause. All who wish to see the world change are welcome, and all can make a difference.

It is time for the world to hear our voices.


  • Members may not take Good quests.

  • While the guildmaster has the final say in all guild matters, the Harbingers rank above ordinary members.

  • Support the cause.

  • Hide in plain sight.

  • Leave no trace.

  • Be free.




Erebus is just a man, pushed and furthered by ambition. He stands for things some would call justice, but his delivery is warped and chaotic. Banished into his mind for a decade he grew out of his good nature, into that of a survivalist. Erebus puts only one thing above living, and that is conquering. The Blood of God runs through his veins— he is no demigod, more so a Warlocke, and easily the most wanted active criminal in the entire continent. Even so, his allies exist beneath the veil of secrecy. Erebus is on a bid to change the world in ways that have never been seen. He exists to wash away the societal classes, and is Odin Morninstar’s right hand.

Erebus Gresham has known more fairness from daemons, lich, vampires and wolves— to the point he considers them equals and friends. He sits comfortably around the monsters that fellow mortal men fear. Taking up arms for them could be considered his destiny. He is the Enacter of Epiphany, and calls forth his Harbingers for Ruin. Hand-selected by Odin to start his own group with the goal of training the next generation, Erebus is an equalizer, destroying all that would stand in the wake of the future kingdom Eternal Nightmare dreamt up. Erebus is both a strategist at heart and loner, while refined for solo combat he guides those around him to dominate their aggressors with a brutal vengeance...


Second only to the guild master, these four members are always the most influential in the guild. They do not necessarily need to be the strongest (although power is important) but the have shown their determination towards supporting the goal of the guild. Any member can become a Harbinger, but there number is always kept at four. If there already exists four members, a potential Harbinger must prove why they deserve the title. This can be through combat, acts of service to the cause, or simply by proving their case in front of the Guildmaster. The Harbingers command the utmost respect from the members, to disrespect them is to disrespect the master.


Level 1:
  • Wolves Hunt Together: Members may bring along guild members to do quests that are within two ranks of the lowest ranked member.

Level 2:
  • Vampiric Seduction: The user receives an additional 10% experience from completing Bad and Neutral quests.

Level 3:
  • Hidden in Shadows: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of reputation. Users with a bounty instead have the effects of their reputation reduced by three levels.

Level 4:
  • Speed Daemon: The user receives a 20% word count reduction on completing Bad and Neutral quests.

Level 5:
  • In Plain Sight: Once per week, the user can claim the bounty route rewards of a neutral quest without gaining the bounty, provided it is explained in the request why (no witness, killed everyone nearby etc).


  • Enacter of Epiphany: Erebus Gresham

  • Harbinger of Despair: Achlys

  • Harbinger of Hell: Z'Aleel

  • Harbinger of Reckoning: Valeria Hildegard

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