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Maximiano Mario

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Maximiano Mario


Name: Maximiano Mario

Age: 39; April 20, X749

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Profession: Plumber (Con)

Race: Half-Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Red, Left Shoulder

Face: Mario - Super Mario Brothers


Height: 44in

Weight: 196lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Red shirt beautiful and bright, Denim Overalls the finest in all the lands; even the worst plumbing jobs can't deteriorate the material, Brown Leather work boots, a custom made hat passed down in his family for generations with his family crest on it, for all to see. White work gloves for the dirty work that is often required of him. A finely groomed mustache, thick haired, finely trimmed. His hair is fairest in all of the town with his deadly combo of hair and stache, he swoons all the fair maidens in town. Every man wants to be him, but fails at base mockery.


Personality: Maximiano is aggressive and impulsive, sometimes doing things without much meditation in street brawls. Outside of his drunk brawls in the streets, and when sober, Maximiano has a professional demeanor when talking business, as he takes plumbing very seriously.

Often he substitutes his plumbing terms as everyday colloquialisms. Most of his spent at the local pub. Where he often spouts out "Drunken brawls in the streets, cleaning pipes in the sheets". Whilst when he is sober, he has difficulty communicating, commonly spouting out "wahoo" instead of coherent "words".

Maximiano is described by the locals as "Professional, but we can't truly understand what he means." Though he may be professional, Maximiano is a chronic narcissist. Often altering his introductions with, "It's a me, Maximiano." Though consistently annoying, this doesn't completely stop his business practice. Though when drunk, he can not resist talking about "successful business, saving the local royalty." The general populace is divided if these claim are true or not.

He professes that he was once married, twice removed, from the Peach household, over promiscuous behaviors with one Miss Pauline. Overall Maximiano, is not considered a determent to local society, neither is he considered a boon. Everyone just treats him like another dysfunctional local. When the man truly is just a plumber, shroomed and drunk out of his mind, it's probably for the best that people ignore him completely or take his words less seriously.


  • Shrooms: An hallucinogenic he often uses as recreational relief after a long day's work. The visions he receives, he perceives as divine prophecy. In which he goes out on to the streets to preach. He often speaks of the downfall of the, "Turtle Kingdom" and their ilk, and seeing these prophecies makes him feel at peace - at one with the universe.

  • Alcohol: Doesn't matter what kind, he'll drink it. He enjoys getting, as the locals call it, shitfaced. And almost always drinks himself to sleep. It makes him feel alive to be drunk, and to be more confident and charismatic than even his normal godliness.


  • Anyone who says he is wrong: Due to his narcissistic nature, he believes he is the only right person. Especially on the topic of plumbing. He nearly beat a man within an inch of his life for voicing his opinion. It's never him that's wrong, but rather the world around him that lack his intelligence.

  • Brick walls: They are a sickly reminder of the home he lost. The finest brick walls were used on the estate was raised on. It is a consistent reminder of how he has failed in life.


  • Gold coins and Star-shaped Charms:. In his childhood his father planted the idea in him that these icons are of religious significance. Maximiano will go forth with reckless abandon to collect all gold coins and objects with star shapes, forgetting anything else but that singular purpose.


  • Flag Poles: He has an unnatural urge to climb them, but unfortunately he can't climb down. His main fear stems from the heights he reaches with most flag poles. Locals in town have to forcibly remove him by a number of means. By extension one could interpret that his fear of flag poles is an advanced and infinitely refined version of a fear of heights.

  • Chelonaphobia: Chelonaphobia is the fear of turtles. There are many possible causes for this anxiety, including a lack of familiarity with the reptiles or a frightening exposure to them. Throughout his life Maximiano has been terrorized by turtles all varying in size and aggression, all of which seem to be programmed to attack Maximiano on sight. This aggression has made him deathly afraid of all turtle regardless of size.


Magic Name: Fire Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Description: The most basic level of fire elemental magic. Maximiano uses his fire magic for self-buff, touch-based offensive, and supplementary type spells. He is merciless and incredibly violent in his usage of this magic, not knowing the meaning of defense and instead relying on pure aggression and power. His favorite type of fire conjuration is to create and throw balls of fire at his enemies and watch them burn to ashes while laughing his high-pitched laugh.


History: Maximiano was born to a middle class family of plumbers. In his infant years he was taught the infinite wisdom of the Zentopia Church, through his family. Little did he know, his father whom was teaching him, heavy skewed. Nearly all the words, teachings, figures and such were all lies in which he still believes to this day. Fables about his great grandfather being "A Super Mario of the family" whom allegedly slue a Black and Red Dragon.

The fabrications of Maximiano's indoctrination are not fully understood, other then these brief details. During what described as a brief childhood, Maximiano was taught the family art of plumbing. Every detail was beaten into him by his father, often bruised after each day. Broken bones, hardened with time. His father effectively beaten an eidetic memory for everything plumbing related. The constant beating only encouraged Maximiano to further prove to his devotion to the family trade and be the best in recent generations, to be the next "Super Mario" of the family.

In his teenage years, Maximiano was restless in his continuous plumbing efforts, new diagrams, new innovations in his field he would not stop. All of them failed though he stooped low turning magic mushrooms, and alcohol, he high was the only thing those years achieved. In his 20s both of his parents pass, he was the last Mario, no siblings, no aunts or uncles alive. One thing after another making his life miserable. A beautiful mind martyred by addiction.

By the age of 25 reality hit him, not working the town ceased his property, leaving him destitute. Going job to job, town to town he we able to cobble enough money together to invest in a small home, unlike the estate he inherited from his family. Now able to work locally, he returned to his addictions, with renew confidence. Able to balance both consistent work and daily drinking at the pub. He was proud as functioning addict.  

Reference: Aegis, he is the goodest boi.

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Hey there, I will be grading your App.

  • Likes, Dislikes, Motivations, Fears: Please use the proper LIST format as seen in the template.
  • Fears, Flag Poles: Please be a bit more direct as to why he is afraid of flag poles/climbing down. Is he afraid of heights?
  • Magic: Frankly, I have no clue what you are trying to say here. I suggest that you go for normal fire magic (you can google it, in relation to the fairy tail anime). With normal fire magic you can also make fire balls of course. Also, you probably mean "molding" metal pipes, not wielding them.
  • Title: Lastly, please change the title of this topic so that it's only your characters name.

That's about it. Bump when the changes have been made. If you need help or have questions, you can find Staff on Discord!

Maximiano Mario ABvhZJW
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Maximiano Mario
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This character application has been approved.

Maximiano Mario ABvhZJW

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