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Nero Walker

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Name: Nero Walker

Age: May 20th, X763

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Rogue

Profession: Librarian (Intelligence)

Race: Human

Rank: B-Rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Black, Located on his back under his neck

Face: Kang Jihoon - INPLICK


Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Nero's overall appearance is that of a lean muscular man in his 20's with black hair, a stark contrast to his bright yellow eyes. His body gives the impression that it was crafted for combat and his piercing gaze instills fear in his prey. His sometimes serious demeanor on top of his sharp canine-like teeth have developed into a rumor that he may not, in fact, be human. Contrary to the rumors however the blood that runs through his veins is, in fact, human, albeit a little different from a normal one. Despite the stories however when not working Nero can come off as fairly laid back and thoughtful to those he has opened up to. It's merely his distant nature that tends to bring up misconceptions.

Extra: None


Personality: Nero is a generally calm and calculating individual. He has spent a decent number of years simply studying various subjects during his time in captivity. Being a former test subject he did not have much freedom so, in turn, he had to find both entertainment and psychological safety in the books that were given to him by one of the scientists in the facility. Imagining and hoping to one day visit and experience the things he read about was the only solace to keep him sane throughout the years. He did manage to maintain a somewhat twisted sense of optimism despite how grim the outlook seemed and never truly gave up his ability to open up to another person. Nero personally is not sure as to why he still allows people to come closer to him despite what he's gone through, but he hopes that one day he can see a world where such concerns are unnecessary. With that thought in mind, he constantly searches for clues regarding his past and the circumstances behind it. It is his dream to both exact revenge on those who stole his childhood and manipulated his body, whilst ensuring that misfortunes like his can never be carried out again.


  • Books: Reading various books widened Nero's horizons and brought out his imagination. It was good rehab for his once tortured soul and allows him to escape reality for brief moments of time and forget his convoluted existence.
  • Small Animals: Nero finds them adorable, and trustworthy companions. They've surrounded him for so long that he trusts them more than people. His tendency to draw endless amounts of new furry/feathery friends to him helps him stave off feelings of loneliness.


  • Poachers: Considering the company he keeps Nero has a huge dislike of people who hunt and kill animals for sport.
  • Rejection: Nero is scared of opening up to others fully and being turned away, as someone who can potentially exist longer than others he doesn't want to be thrown away again like before.


  • The Truth: Nero is spurred on by the urge to find out the truth behind the experiments and torture he went through. He intends to find the truth and cut it off at the root to make sure that such a thing can never happen again.
  • No Place Like Home: Nero is not shortsighted by any means and is always looking towards the future. He hopes that once everything is said and done that he can relax and find a place to call home with those he can trust. He believes it to be wishful thinking at the very least but still attempts to realize his ideals any chance he gets.


  • Small Rooms: Although not fully claustrophobic Nero has a severe dislike for small closed rooms that resemble his old room. Generally, he will not openly show his discomfort, but he does have a tendency to feel tense and restricted under such situations.
  • Bindings: After being held down on a table during experiments, and being locked in cages for so long Nero has developed a severe dislike of things like shackles, cuffs, and the like. They actively remind him of his past which he prefers to forget. This can cause him to become somewhat emotional and at times lose his cool.


History: A relic of an ancient civilization, damned for their research into immortality. Nero, a failed product of a lost empire said to have existed over a millennium prior to the current day. As a child, he was sold to slavery to pay for his parent's debts, and passed from owner to owner like a mere object. Only when he was sold to the Fioran Royal Research Facility did his days truly begin, or in more accurate terms end. They performed various forms of magical research on his body, splicing DNA and injecting him with multiple concoctions of unknown origin. The result, a twisted form of longevity. Nero became a being incapable of aging while still retaining the frailty of human life. Although he was slightly stronger than the average human wounds still hurt and death remained a constant reminder of his limitations.

After the destruction of research center Nero was able to escape and roam the world, but despite his newfound freedom, there was no objective to push him forward. His now warped personality made it that much harder for him to integrate back into society and he continued to struggle for many years. For several years he lived in the wilderness surrounded by nature and its bounty, making friends with animals of all varieties. It was only when he was discovered by a mage that he was introduced to the current civilization and magic, which opened up a whole new world to him. After learning more and more about magic did he realize the effects of the previous experiments. While he originally was capable of using magic to an extent the mana that he was once capable of controlling no longer gave him its favor. Over a course of a few years his ability to control mana slowly left him and to survive, he was forced to rely on skills he had originally only used for hunting in the wilderness. Knowing that his condition would only worsen over time he chose to roam the world looking for some way to regain his ability to use magic so that he could more easily enact his plans.

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Hey, I will be grading your App!

Just some small things I noticed:

  • As of now, your profession grants you (very) minor benefits in terms of earning you stat points every month. As a rogue, you have no use for INT however, since INT only benefits magic spells. Just pointing it out in case you weren't aware.
  • Please add the color of your guild tattoo.

Nero Walker ABvhZJW

Nero Walker Empty Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:59 pm

Much appreciated.

  • For the profession the INT was intentional, I appreciate the concern regarding it. ^-^
  • Fixed.


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This character application has been approved.

Nero Walker ABvhZJW

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