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Stars Converge [Grand Ball || Xandra]

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#1Finn Mertens 

Stars Converge [Grand Ball || Xandra] Empty on Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:05 pm

Finn Mertens

It was the end of the year, and for that this extravagant hosting was planned to signal a symbolic end to the chaos and misfortune that had plagued Fiore for years. It had seemed as though every few years, another major issue had found itself wreaking havoc through this little slice of Earthland, and time after time the citizens were the ones that had suffered.

The common folk had taken the brunt of the losses in every major event. When the scourge of Grimoire Heart was running rampant through the towns, countless men, women, and children met their ends to the struggles. When the demonic excursions signaled the precursor of the war to come, the people who died were the general populous. And as the war raged and the Nine Heroes were hunted across the continent, it was those without power who had to bunker down and wait for the situation to be resolved.

Anyone who understood the current state of the country knew that it was not the Nobility, nor even the Royal Family, who was being looked at with gazes of respect and gratitude. It was the mages, both affiliated with guilds and independent of organization, who were the hero to the common man. It made it no surprise that those who ruled were so quick this time around to celebrate the perceived rescuers of the common folk. "See," it seemed to say, "We had them save you, and they too come to our beck and call."

The gesture was hallow and easily seen through. Yet, in a time like this where the future held a long path to recovery, it was something to cling to. Even when you knew it was false, it was something that gave hope in an otherwise bleak truth. Who would admit that even those who ruled were unable to stand up to the forces at work behind the curtain? Who would admit that even they needed help from the Guilds, and that if the Guilds refused their call, the population would suffer? Better instead to view the two sides as part of the same coin. At least then there was something to grasp.

In all of Finn's travels, he understood better than most just how important hope was in such trying times. He saw how people who had lost their inner light were quick to succumb to the horrors of their own fears. It was a pit that he himself had slipped in and out of for the longest time before his return to Fiore.

And luckily, it was something that he was now safe from. He had begun finding reasons to hope once more. The discovery of a long term goal was one thing, but more than that he had reconnected with his friends whom he had once left behind. He had even begun written correspondence with Jake once more, who had apparently even started his own family. Things were going well for him once more, and his life was one to enjoy once more.

That said, what brought him here wasn't the anticipation of reward nor the goal of seeing his friends. What brought him here was the promise of a single persons time. She had agreed to this rendezvous, had agreed to his intent, and had signaled that there was at least a chance of her feeling the same way that he did.

And that gave him something to grasp onto.

As he made his way through the dense crowds of royalty and nobility, he was in awe of the sheer wealth that was held within this single room. His suit was fine, and as expensive as any mage or adventurer could afford. Yet the clothes on those of the upper crust really shone as unique. Their jewelry alone was worth more than Finn would likely ever see, and they held themselves with an esteem that they likely had never earned. The room dripped with gold and silver, crystal and diamond. The relic in the center was possibly the cheapest thing on display, and it was the reward to all those who showed up here today.

And yet all the richest and glitters faded into his peripherals.

His eyes fell upon the one he had came to meet, and his heart began to beat rapidly within his chest. Despite the onslaught of noise from all directions, he felt for a moment like he could hear only her heels falling upon the surface. Her dress clung loosely to her body, catching upon the air as she walked and making it look as if she were flowing through space itself, and still managed to accentuate her figure. Her hair cascaded past her neck and shoulders, falling naturally in a way that framed her face like the art it appeared to be. And as his eyes found her face, well, she was upon him and he was lost for words.

"I-" he stuttered, "I mean,-" he paused longer this time, as if the words he searched for simply didn't exist. For all the money that went into this hall, for all the paintings they hung around the room, and for all the statures that did their best to depict beauty, he found himself enraptured by the woman before him. "You look perfect."

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#2Xandra Queen 

Stars Converge [Grand Ball || Xandra] Empty on Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:11 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The sound of melodies danced through the atmosphere, like a hymn dedicated to praising the unseen battles fought by those gathered. A facade of celebration and joy reigned, burying the inner turmoil of people as they hoped that this happiness would last. On the outside, the sheer extravagance radiated within the vicinity submerged all feelings other than that of awe and admiration. Individuals mingled and chattered as their words were drowned out by the clutter of voices. 

These was an exquisite elegance present on the brim of the celebration but unfortunately, it failed to sink in any deeper. While it appeared as if everyone was enjoying, it was becoming difficult for the Bellan to turn a blind eye to the concerned faces that occasionally slipped through the smiles. The dazzling room reflected shades of gold, a shade befitting for a ball thrown by the King, but the shadows of darkness that lingered were hard to ignore. 

The ballroom was large, barely allowing her eyes to catch a glimpse towards the other end where a wall stood. People indulged in their own activities, be it eating or drinking, chatting or dancing, without so much as batting and eye towards the individuals present towards the outskirts of the room. They were clad in similar uniform as they stood there, gliding their gazes over the area in search for threats. The reason they were placed there was rather obvious; for protection. 

There was no guarantee that bringing together mages that hoped for destruction and those who wished for peace along with those, who simply didn't care, was going to be a safe practice. It seemed as if everyone knew that and yet, they actively tried to ignore the existence of such a fact. Perhaps it was merely because of the urge to suppress the fear of any emerging chaos while simply losing themselves to the pleasure of leisure. It was a feeling Xandra understood all too well. Caught in an endless turmoil of her own emotions, she found herself simply wanting to immerse in the feeling of joy. 

She trudged along the marble floor as her gaze wandered from left to right in search for a particular individual. Although it had been a few days since their last meeting, his face still lingered in her mind. She could vividly recall every detail about him and it made her feel at peace. Amidst the chaos and confusion about her own bleak future, goals and aspirations, Finn had become her salvation. If there was anything she found herself being sure of at that moment, it was warmth that he had made her feel. Perhaps that was why she found herself seeking him out. The one thing she knew was that her feelings of joy would not be derived from indulging in the luxuries of the party which were simply there to bring life to the occasion. Instead, they would do so from simply spending the promised time together.

Alas, she found herself being right about her own feelings for the first time in a while. He stood there, slightly towering over other individuals that occupied that vicinity, making him a lot more visible. The frown that had found its way onto her forehead from being unable to find him had instantly disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a smile that had laced her lips without her knowledge. She walked towards him, swerving through the crowd, only to halt once she stood right before him. 

She took a moment to drink in his appearance which gave a completely different aura when compared to their previous meeting. His hair, which once laid messily on his forehead, was now slicked back, much to her disappointment. There had been something about his unkempt hair that made her want to run her hand through it at least once. Now, however, she found herself being able to get a better look at his face. His golden eyes were no longer obstructed by strands of hair while the tattoos that laced his forehead were on display. Xandra was yet again, awestruck. Contrarily to what she had believed, perhaps she might not be able to get used to seeing him like this as she could picture herself stuck in a state of admiration every time. 

His neat tuxedo had embodied an air of lavishness and yet, he didn't seem to completely blend within the crowd of nobles. It was something that she had found herself liking about him; the mere fact that he was different from others, to her at least. She broke out of her awe upon his words, which left his lips only to stop as he took a moment to gather his words. What he said next was something she should have perhaps expected and maybe she did, but it surprised her nonetheless. The way he complimented her was simple and yet, it made her heart race. However, unlike last time, she wasn't caught up in the act of disguising her fluttering emotions anymore. A genuine grin laced her lips, indicating her happiness and yet, there was a slight shyness to it. Tonight was a night to let loose and enjoy herself, and that's what she wanted to do.

"I can say the same about you." She let out a small chuckle before glancing up at him, realizing just how tall he was now. "I guess that means we look like a perfect pair now." All her fleeting thoughts had now disappeared as she focused her attention on the man before her.
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#3Finn Mertens 

Stars Converge [Grand Ball || Xandra] Empty on Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:04 pm

Finn Mertens
As he had only just done, she analyzed him from top to bottom. In a way it felt odd. His mind flashed back to their first meeting for just a moment as she stood in silence. He saw the two of them, laying on a pier in relative silence alongside Jake. He remembered how quiet she had been, how distant and reserved no matter how much they tried to crack her shell. He remembered how much more innocent he was back then, still thinking that life was one big adventure that would always go in his favor. Back when he felt more free, and back when he had his brother at his side.

Then, snapped back to reality. Her words permeated his flash to the past, and he found himself once more in the Grand Cathedral within Crocus. In front of him was still the beautiful woman that he would have never anticipated being with in a million years. Their fates had strangely intertwined, and had culminated in a moment of opportunity. What happened tonight, he felt, would set the tone for his upcoming year. They were sharing one of the moments that one could truly feel the gravity of the situation, without the need to wait for hindsight to appreciate its significance.

She spoke to him, cheeks flushed and smile wide, and he felt his heart melt. This was how things were suppose to feel when they were right, he though. Simple, as if things just clicked and without the need for extra effort. He liked it, and it felt different from anything he'd experienced in the past. He found himself laughing under his breath at her non-comedic comment, as if he were in disbelief that they were both here right now. Still, he had made it this far by charging blindly ahead. Now that he knew she was interested, what could the harm be of charging further still?

"Well," he began, his voice surprisingly sure. "We came all the way here, to a ball, so would you give me this dance?" As of on queue, the song that had played their arrival had reached its diminuendo. The final notes slowly dragged themselves, reverberating from the walls and beginning to die. If she had not expressed immediate disdain for the idea, he would have acted. Stepping forward and reaching towards her hand in his, he took it and smiled. Slowly, he'd walk with her towards the dance floor, leading just a step ahead.

Then he would stop and turn, one hand finding its rest upon her hip and his other rolling in her grasp, interlocking his fingers with her own. His golden orbs searched out her amethysts, and his lips curled upwards in a shy smile. The next song began, and as the people around them began to move in their manufactured elegance, Finn began to follow suit. The only problem was that his movements were a little different than theirs. He didn't feel stiff, but his movements were arguably a little lack luster in comparison to the posh and prim movements of those around him. A quickly learned imitation, perhaps?

Then, as if to confirm it, Finn spoke up. "I uh... Truth is, I don't know how to dance. But I figured if you came here with me, it was part of what we were expected to do. So I've been watching them all really closely and, well, I think that I've got it down for the most part." The confidence was still there, but it didn't take a genius to realize that he was not the best on that dance floor, but hopefully there were points for effort.

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#4Xandra Queen 

Stars Converge [Grand Ball || Xandra] Empty on Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:20 am

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

There was a sheer allure in the way he held himself, radiating confidence and surety despite the occasional display of nervousness. His small, yet hearty chuckle spread a gush of warmth through her as she found herself smiling alongside him. It was miraculously odd when she thought about it. A boy she had met years ago had now appeared before her as a man. The memories of the past were slowly, but surely, slipping out of her grasp as they were now being replaced with new, much more beautiful ones. The boy, who had a rather diminishing impression when compared to his companion, Jake, was now standing before her, vivaciously taking over her thoughts. Luckily though, she wouldn't have had it any other way. This funny twist of fate that reeled them in together had created a refreshing start to the new year, making her wonder about what the future had in store for them; about the memories that they would engrave with one another.

His words asked for the obvious, requesting for a dance as the lively music relaxed its pace as if slowing down to match the momentum of the individuals that swayed to its rhythm. While her eyes quickly glided around them, noticing the people she had paid no mind to in an attempt to focus all her attention on him, he had taken action before she had the chance to respond. It was as if he had known that she wouldn't have rejected his invitation, which made her widen her smile while accompanying it with a small laugh. He took a step closer to her and reached for her hand, which she gladly placed in his own. Her slightly cold hand slipped into his, immediately being engulfed in a blanket of warmth that radiated from his skin as he led her towards the dance floor.

Gently swerving around the mass of people that were beginning to fill the large marble surface, he halted his steps once they had reached a spacious area and turned on the heels of his feet to face her. She had followed him, allowing him to take the lead as he wasted no time in intertwining their fingers. His hand exuded the warmth that she sought after as she gently squeezed it in response to his action. The song which previously entertained the crowd had cascaded into another one, acting as a cue for many couples on the floor that began swaying to it. Finn and Xandra were no different either. She raised her free hand and placed it on his shoulder, taking a quick note of his shy smile as he gazed straight into her eyes before they too, submitted to the allure of the music and began dancing.

To others, the man before her may come off a mere tall, dark and handsome man, perhaps even intimidating to some. She, on the other hand, found him quite adorable.The way he moved to the melodies that surrounded them was enough to make her realize that it was not a position he found himself in very often. She could tell that he was trying, in an attempt to dissolve into the crowd of those gathered here and as if to confirm that thought, he went on to speak with unwavering confidence about his attempt to master the art of dancing which had been a foreign act to him. It felt like he was asking her to appreciate his efforts, which she did. She recalled the conversation they had back when they had encountered each other after years. For someone who had grown up in the wild, she could barely comprehend how he must have felt being surrounded in such a situation but his efforts made her heart flutter. Perhaps she was finally realizing that it was time to acknowledge how she felt about him. 

Giving into his words, she wanted to give him a compliment. "I wouldn't have been able to tell that you don't know how to dance." She gave a hearty laugh, "But you know, we're not expected to dance. If you want.... we could always just escape." Nodding her head towards the center of the room where clothed tables, garnished with delicacies for guests stood, she looked back at him. "I've heard the food here is great." She made a humorous comment that held truthful words in it. Xandra realized that she was perhaps overthinking but she didn't want to see Finn go out of his way to blend into the crowd of nobles. There was a peculiar charm to him when he was just being himself. 

She took a step closer, closing in some of the distance between them as her words dropped into a slight whisper, voicing out her inner thoughts, "Although dancing with you is pretty fun."
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#5Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
It had seemed that any reservations she'd brought with her, of him or the night, had been left at the door. Long gone was the nervous and shy exterior that had reacted to his initial come on. Instead, it had seemed as if she found comfort in his grasp. Her laugh rang out, and though it would have been deafened by the music and the jollity of the room, it reached him just fine. His lips curled upwards, genuine appreciation for the one who stood before him. She stepped into each rotation of their dance with much more confidence in her movement. It had seemed, at least to his untrained eye, as if this were not her first party.

Her comment about the food meant it was his turn to laugh. It escaped his lips before he'd even noticed its presence, causing him to turn his face and laugh in a way that seemed almost unbecoming of the dress he wore. It was a genuine laugh, far from the reserved nature of those who otherwise surrounded them. In a way it matched hers, and perhaps that was another reason to the familiarity he felt.

Yet it was not as though this was a predicament in which they found themselves in often. Never before had she been so close to him, and he found their lack of distance almost intoxicating. Everything about her drew him in closer. She had a unique perfume, and had worn just enough that only at this close distance did he detect it at all. It was delicate, floral even, and lingered in his nose like a citrus. Even the way she looked at him, craning her neck and staring at him with eyes that seemed to want to fill themselves with his visage alone, made him wish to bring her closer still.

And so as she spoke again, moving her body as to close the distance even further, Finn couldn't help but react. His grip on her waist shifted ever so slightly, allowing him to better hold and lead her in this new close proximity. If anyone had told him, even as recently as their reuniting only a few weeks ago, that he'd find himself in a place like this with Xandra, he'd have likely ignored them completely. It wasn't as though he had found her unattractive or anything of the sort; Rather, he'd simply never imagined her in this context before. Yet now, as the song continued along and their movements slowly refined themselves, he found a comfort in her touch.

"Well, I didn't say I disliked the dancing," he began, grinning and looking down at her now, his eyes seeking to lock with her own. "Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting yourself into. But I'm glad you're enjoying it..." His voice trailed off, but the smile lingered on their face as he continued to dance with her. He'd have given her a moment to make any comment, should she have wished, and then proceeded forward.

"I'm glad you said yes, you know. To the date- To this." He spoke while lightly motioning his head behind him, referencing the entire Cathedral in its expansive presence. "I know it must have been sudden but, I've really been enjoying my time with you. You make me feel lighter, I guess. And happy. And, well, there's no one else I'd rather be here with." If there was one thing that may never change, it was Finn's inability to articulate his feelings when it came to this sort of thing. Yet still, it wasn't as though he was lying. He meant every word, and though perhaps he shouldn't have said such things while they were in mid-dance and preventing her from escaping should the words be too "cringe" as they say, he felt it needed to be said nonetheless.

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