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Anton De Vayne

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#1Anton De Vayne 

Anton De Vayne  Empty Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:35 am

Anton De Vayne


Name: Anton De Vayne

Age: 28, August 12, X760

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Profession: Smuggler (Endurance/Intelligence)  

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Chest, green

Face: Crocodile -One Piece


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 172 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Overall: Anton may not be considered the handsomest man in the world, but he isn’t entirely bad looking either. He stands around 6 foot 4 inches, and he possess a broad build. Which no doubt makes him menacing towards others, which he considered not to be an entirely bad thing. Anton has relatively pale skin, and neck length hair that he occasionally keeps slicked back. He has relatively deep sunken eyes, and a long-stitched scar that goes along his face, which was a present from a fight he had with a rival. Anton usually wears a suit, or at least a dress shirt and vest, but in either case he is always seen with a long and thick dark pelted fur coat which he usually wears over his shoulders.

Extra: He has a scar across his face


Personality: Anton personality was largely shaped by his past and the severe bullying that dominated his childhood. He was nothing more than another statistic to his foster parents, and another orphan doomed to amount to nothing, and to eventually develop into a criminal. According to them, their only job was to make sure that Anton did not die before he was eighteen, in which case he would be out of their hands. While he does hate his foster parents for not comforting him in his time of need, Anton does not hold any real deep-seated malice towards them, and he is simply apathetic to them. For the most part, Anton ignores his past and pretends that his childhood did not matter. He does not like to engage in conversations about his childhood and ignores any questions about his past. That of course, does not mean that Anton’s past has not affected him in anyway, more so, that Anton does not see how the past has shaped him into the person that he is now and that he remains indifferent to it. Anton has created this huge ego as a defense mechanism for bullying that he has faced in the past. He believes that he is better than nearly anyone that he comes across, or at least he says that, but in reality, he knows that it isn’t true and that he is lying to himself. However, Anton is known to ignore minor slights, and violently lash out either verbally or physically at repeated slights and rudeness.  Seeking power and fortune above all, Anton is always making some sort of scheme or plot to gain more power and money by nearly any means possible. Most people would often criticize Anton for having a one-track mind focused solely on power and fortune, and for the most part, Anton simply ignore these criticisms because he knows that it is not entirely true. While he does not show outward affection and compassion, Anton does care for the people that he has befriend over the years. Likewise, Anton knows what it is like being without a family and he often, on the down low, treats close friends with the same mentality that one would treat a family member. However, Anton does have a pitiless side to him, as he is not afraid to kill and cheat in order to get what he wants, and if necessary, he is willing to sacrifice a comrade for the greater good of himself. While he does prefer to use diplomacy, intimidation, and manipulation to get what he wants, Anton is not afraid to use sheer violence to remove someone who might be in his way. Anton usually possess an apathetic and cool demeanor, almost like he is disinterested in everyone, and in everything. He usually possess a calm and collected demeanor, but that can faulter when repeatedly annoyed or humiliated.


  • Money: Anton recognizes that the quickest way to gain power and influence, is through money. Therefor, Anton would do anything for the right price.
  • Music: Anton loves to listen to music. He finds that listening to classical music and jazz calms him down when he is noticeably stressed or annoyed.


  • Rudeness: Anton absolutely hates it when someone mocks or disrespects him. When in the face of constant humiliation, Anton can easily loose his temper and lashout in anger, either physical or verbally.
  • Weaklings: Anton does not enjoy being around weaklings, as he considers weakness to be a sin and unworthy of time and attention.


  • Power & Fame: Anton wishes to be one of the most powerful and influential men within the world. He wants everyone to know and fear him, but most importantly he wants everyone to respect him and his power. He wants everyone to be never again disrespect or look down upon him again.


  • Failure: Anton is somewhat of a perfectionist, and he cannot allow failure to prove the people in his past right, likewise, its a huge blow to his ego.
  • Weakness: Because Anton was severely bullied as a child, he has developed an obsession with gaining strength and power, and he absolutely fears returning to that small and weaken state that he was when he was little.


Magic Name: Air Pressure

Magic Element: Air

Magic Description: Anton magic focuses on the manipulation and generation of air, and air pressure. He can increase the pressure of air molecules to solidify the air, which would in return allow Anton to create blades made out of air, or release devastating concussive blasts. He can also increase the pressure within the air to impede a enemies movements, allowing him to debuff them. He can also create barriers with the solidify wind, preform supplementary spells, and some healing spells with the magic.


History:Anton was a trouble kid when he was growing up. At the age of five his mother died from cancer, and a couple of years after that his father would die from a broken heart. Because his grandparents were unable to take care of him, Anton was forced into a foster home within his hometown. While in the foster home, Anton was taken care of, but his emotional and psychological needs were largely ignored. His foster parents treated taking care of him like a job, and only made sure that he was well fed and physical healthy in order so that they would not get into trouble for malnourished. When he felt bad or sad for loosing his parents, they would largely tell him to suck it up or grow up. This attitude of course, did not help when the kids at his local school started to bully him for being less fortunate. For that reason, Anton was taught at a young age that the only person he could rely on was himself. While he was generally a nice kid, the bullying took a toll on Anton’s psychological well-being, the nice kid that Anton once was eventually disappeared, and he became cold and distant. As he grew older, Anton started to recognize an attraction towards members of the same gender, and when he was discovered snuggling with another guy the bullying got even more severe. Due to the bullying, Anton rejected his sexuality and violently lashed out and would fight anyone who mocked him. At the age of seventeen, Anton would leave his foster home and town and runaway, somewhere that no one would recognize him.  He would meet another teen around his age, and the two would subconsciously form a romantic relationship with one another. This guy would get Anton caught up in local criminal activity, and he would have been initiated into a crime organization or gang. Anton would see the members within the gang as his one true family, but soon they would engage in a turf war with their rivals. The two factions would go at it, and during one of the conflicts Anton would be caught in a devastating explosion. The explosion would kill his former partner/lover and resulted in the rival gang capturing him. After an attempt to escape, the rival gang would scar Anton's face as a form of torture and punishment. He would be saved however, when the Rune-knights took the gang down, and in the chaos Anton was able to escape to freedom.

Reference: n/a

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

Anton De Vayne  Empty Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:41 am

Noyiah Dashi
- You didn’t write your age in, based on what I gather your Age is 28

- Unfortunately  I have to inform you that the hooked hand would be a Prosthetic/weapon and therefore you can’t just start with it, you’ll have to purchase it.  

- Keep in mind (though your magic is fine) any spell you release that are boarder line slowing magic/Crash magic, or explosion like  are not something you would be capable of ( as so of it’s on the banned or limited magics)

- Everything else  looks good

#3Anton De Vayne 

Anton De Vayne  Empty Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:43 am

Anton De Vayne
bump, edits have been made

#4Noyiah Dashi 

Anton De Vayne  Empty Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:02 pm

Noyiah Dashi
This character application has been approved.

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