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The Tale of Santa Judith!(Solo)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The Tale of Santa Judith!(Solo) Empty Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:34 am

Judith Karlinius
Sure it would be a bit later then Judith actually had intended and wanted but Judith finally would be home in magnolia in her reasonably late fashion for what she intended, She would wait until later on in the evening to set up all of the gifts, ensuring she placed them extremely neatly and in sections for who they are for.

Anders already got his gifts and was content with a wooden pipe, A few pieces of metal for his shop and a very nice small ruby, That Judith got her hands on. All various things that Judith got him, Even if her husband wanted pretty much nothing.

Alice got a box of chocolate, Not a small one either a rather large that could last a while, Depending on the speed and amount was eaten in one day. Judith would not judge how much Alice ate of this box of chocolate. She also got Alice a rather nice bracelet that had various leaf shaped emeralds in them, It seemed to just be for style and had no magic to it at all.

Chuckling to herself while she was setting up the array of gifts Judith would watch Tanya and Anton they had five each and Judith seemed to just be nearly at the point of laughing like a small kid in a candy store.

The only things these children would not get is Candy or anything with large amount of sugar or sweets. These would come later and Judith did not want to leave them fully of sugar and energy. That was for Alice to deal with if she needed too.

Quietly waiting that morning, Judith was waiting for the children to wake up, She was making tea for herself, A cup of coffee for her husband and finally a cup of tea for Alice as well.

Judith would be sitting and waiting by the gifts she had for them. With a tree she made in the center of the room, gifts in line of whom she would be giving them too, A chair for her to sit in upon the tree she made. Judith would hear Tanya and Anton finally arrive in the room. To the sight of Alice and Anders as well.

Judith would get up from her chair and just hug them both."I am home from my trip!"She could not help but cradle with both of them slightly like how motherly Judith tended to be."I hope you both have been behaving well."She seemed back to normal talking to Anton and Tanya. Much like any of the parts of this outing had just gone away with nothing to worry about."I am sure the both of you, Will love your gifts."Judith mentioned happily.

Anton had gotten a few toys, clothing a new pair of gloves for the winter. Tanya got a decent size stuff animal, warmer clothing and a new winter hat."Do you both want to build snow animals with me?"Judith asked putting the gloves on Anton and the hat on Tanya. To her delight, She would take them to play outside in a snow and build the large array of snow animals, From: Deer and Moose, Monkeys and Apes. It was a small and peaceful Christmas. Late but small and peaceful Judith achieved everything she really and truly wanted to do.


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