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Vivienne Spaulding

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#1Vivienne Spaulding 

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Vivienne Spaulding


Name: Vivienne Spaulding

Age: 26 | January 12th X762

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father:  Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Profession: Model For The Sorcerer Weekly (Int)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: White on her right forearm

Face: Kuvshinov Ilya Art - Devianart


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel-Blue

Overall: Eyes akin to pools of honey and sapphire, strands of midnight woven into her cranium, lips pink and full. Vivienne is a woman draped in beauty, grace and power, with delicate features complimenting her smooth light bronze skin as if crafted from the finest Greek stone. Almond shaped eyes are surrounded by naturally thick and luscious eyelashes which bring out her sultry visage, with fine arches of hair just below her forehead. A well placed, round nose sits in the middle of her face an inch or so above that of her full strawberry lips; naturally pouted and revealing a hint of her sparkling white enamel.

Vivienne's raven locks are often straightened elegantly, save for when she allows her natural curls to caress her neck and clavicle; cascading to her middle back. A slight hourglass shape forms her svelte physique, standing at a stature of 5'11'', and rounding out to 140 lbs even. Her legs are long and well defined along with her round shaped bottom fitting her rather curvy, seductive hips with a set of perky bust. Most times threatening to spill out from being pinned and crushed together from bustiers and push up bras.

Her usual clothing is stylish and elegant, much like her own personality, being a healthy mix of color and metallic undertones. Her silver armor being covered by a red hood cloak with  the hood usually down to cradle around her delicate neck. The woman's finger nails often painted silver, black, red, or cyan; she is a stunning figure to say the least.

Extra: Earlobe piercings (often dangling with gemstones held by gold), hazel-blue eyes, white guild tattoo on right forearm.


Personality: Despite her appearance being as delicate as a fruit, Vivienne is far from ’sweet’ and acting such a way would be insulting her own intellect. Though she is a model and sorceress, she is a woman who follows her own rules, and anyone who doesn’t like it will simply have to deal with it. This philosophy is generally shown in how she treats tasks, taking her own morals above the decision of anyone else’s. These same traits leading to others shock after meeting her, earning her the nickname of a “Merciless Angel”.

While some may see Vivienne’s personality as that of a robin hood stereotype, it is actually more a personal feeling and much less a political philosophy or statement. She has little but contempt for higher authority, and seems to only respect those who treat her with equal respect. Going so far as to call a member of the magic council out on their way of speaking to her, and demanding they treat her as an equal; refusing to follow the belief that her existence holds less importance. Longing for a world where every person is equally valued, even though such a thing is unlikely to happen.

Vivienne also tends to refuse to rely on anyone but herself to save her own life, though she is more than happy to use said things when stuck in a bind not even she can escape from. (Of course she wouldn't admit it, Not even to herself). She also contradicts herself in the fact that she wishes to be rich(er), partly because it assures her that she need never worry about feeding herself or clothing herself or any of the myriad things that she will never take for granted compared to most of the world. Another part of her simply wishes to spread her wealth to those she knows or sees struggling to survive so that poverty can be eradicated.

The young witch also has diverse views on men, with a mixture of distrust (an attitude hardly limited to the male gender) and contempt, with a decent helping of 'willingness to prey on what she sees as their weaknesses'. This obvious distrust originating from her relationship with her father as well as her interactions with other men, whose only desire was to use her body in perverse ways. This has lead to Vivienne defining herself as a woman who doesn’t need any man in her life; her opinion of men not being improved any by the ones she deals with on a daily basis.

Dealing with citizens and fellow wizards eyeballing her svelte frame understandably gets entirely tiresome. Viv, however, isn't above using her sexuality to control and influence men around her. Manipulating them to get food, clothes, or even money, without ever sleeping with them; she’s smarter than people think.

Vivienne could honestly count the number of individuals who she trust with her life on one hand, with such a number being generous. Her past and profession teaching her that she could only truly rely on herself and her need to be independent tends to make her keep others at a distance so they don’t tie her down. Not letting anyone define or limit her other than herself; Hell, even her arguably closest friends just don’t ‘get’ her, which is how she likes it. Brushing off attempts to get close to her with snide of sarcastic remarks, which often come out more hurtful and aggressive than she intends... but she doesn’t mind. It gives people a taste of what she can dish out. On the other hand, those friends she does have should not be trifled with or she will fight as hard for them as she would for herself.

Determination is Vivienne’s middle name and if something is obstructing her path, she will do whatever it takes to overcome such a set back. Having literally dragged herself up from the lowest of poverty to where she stands now, and the sky is the limit. Whatever it takes, she will keep going and whatever obstacles life throws into her path, she will either learn from them, or find a way to overcome.

One thing everyone can agree upon is that Vivienne is in possession of a dangerously sharp tongue, with most of her conversations resembling verbal fencing matches. This also carries over to combat where she will constantly taunt opponents in an attempt to infuriate or otherwise distract them so she can get the upper hand. Though there are a few subjects that are absolutely verboten (such as her mother) and these will earn the offender a rapid rise in her irritation. Of course she will never admit to it, naturally, and most things slide off her back easily enough, even one can keep Vivienne’s own taunts from distracting them.

Lastly, Viv is a strategic and analytical genius which has assisted in her career and field tactics over the years. She is well versed in assessing the weaknesses in plans, people and situations and moving accordingly where others might fail to even know where to begin. The young woman shows extreme caution in the face of even slight danger and isn't one to easily catch off guard or outwit, a trait she values above any physical skill.


  • Rainfall: There's something so peaceful about the rain, it brings her comfort. Even when there is a downpour she finds it to be much more pleasant than when there's sunny days.
  • Martial Arts: Despite being a sorceress, Vivienne is enamored by close quarters combat. It's thrilling for her to see or partake in a bout of fisticuffs, despite often being more useful as long range support.


  • Parties: Vivienne isn't a fan of parties and get together's, mainly because she's not a fan of people. Meaning getting together with a big group of people isn't her go to method of entertainment.
  • Loud Eaters: This is by far the most annoying thing in the world. Trying to enjoy your meal and having someone eat like a starved animal, it's unnecessary and obnoxious.


  • Power: Vivienne is intent on getting power, not by any means necessary or anything maniacal like that. She simply seeks to become a renowned and powerful sorceress; with skills of great value.


  • Dolls: There's nothing more creepy than a damned doll, the things are the stuff of nightmares. Vivienne would rather face down a horde of demon spiders than go against a possessed doll or even deliver a doll. They're just... awful!
  • Open Sea: Despite knowing how to swim, there's something about the sea that is quite frightening. Vivienne has had plenty of nightmares about being lost at see with no idea where to go, making boats over vast distances a no go.


Magic Name: Thunder Empress

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description:
Vivienne wields a magic known as Thunder Empress, allowing control of the skies wraith (aka lightning) for versatile application. Destruction in the form of offensive spells being the primary application of this volatile magic.

Thunder Empress can also be used to increase her physical capabilities, as well as for defense; albeit it on a less grand scale. Even supplementary effects can take place in and out of combat.


History: Borderline poverty, it's all the Vivienne can remember about her childhood aside from a horrible father. A man who would rather support his own drinking habits than provide for his wife and only child. Something that cost them everything, all their money going down the drain to barely make ends meet. She quickly grew to detest her father who's favorite pass time often led to her and her mothers physical abuse.

At least her mother was splendid, trying her best to take care of the little girl and give her a good life; patching their wounds and comforting her poor daughter. Vivienne's mother would tell her tales about great magi who she'd assisted in the past as her magic was geared toward healing. A life that she once admired that was taken away from her by her husband, a mistake she unfortunately was stuck with.

Eventually Vivienne's father would begin work again as a freelance mage for Fiore, at least bringing home something to eat be it scraps or change to fetch rations; but that changed once he got back into heavier drinking. Spending his time at home blaming his own hardships on his family weighing him down, and expressing his hatred for the two women. Vivienne channeled her frustrations with him into dreams of becoming a great mage like in her mothers stories. Dreaming of the day the two of them could leave him behind.

Becoming intolerant of her fathers abuse, she convinced her mother to leave the putrid man so they could start a new life. It took some time but eventually the young girl and her mother ran away, and tried their best to make it on their own. Her mother found work once more in a hospital and as a freelance mage as well, while Vivienne sought to help out as well.

Odd jobs and the like were her go to method but eventually from a wealthy man took to the beauty of Vivienne's mother, much to the young girls pleasure. The two falling in love and eventually marrying on Viv's 15th birthday; despite his own families disliking of the woman. They saw her and her daughter as beneath them and 'wanted better' for him; promptly shifting her view on the wealthy. They were pompous and nothing like she'd imagined but her mothers happiness was worth more than her own.

Everything seemed good enough while they were alone in their home, without the family rubbing their superiority in everyone's face, and after 2 years her mother was pregnant. With a baby boy at that! Of course she would have to learn to defend her brother and took it upon herself to ask for martial arts lessons that she was swiftly given... 'for a pass time' she mused.

Now that Vivienne was officially 18 she would begin real work as a mage using her penchant for martial arts and lightning magic. She worked hard in her studies and everything seemed to be looking up for the three of them, but her life was turned upside down once her mother went into labor. It was a long and strenuous process and unfortunately, the baby was the only survivor of the event. Breaking the young girls heart who now stayed with her step father and dedicated all her spare time to helping raise the baby.

It wasn't until an outing with the new born that she was spotted by an editor for Sorcerer Weekly who was infatuated with her beauty. He gave her his contact info and set up an interview and within a week she was a model on the pay roll, well liked by her employers and readers alike. With this she would find an incredibly steady income as one of the magazines more recognized models. This still wasn't enough for her.

She still dreamed of becoming a powerful mage and valued member of society. Time flew by, 5 years to be exact, and the 24 year old found herself growing bored with modeling. Of course Vivienne wouldn't quit and instead took it upon herself to put the job on the back burner to focus on her magic given her life had become a whirlwind. Parties, events, shoots, her brother, family events, it was all so hectic and she needed to find herself in something other than a camera lens.

So on her 25th birthday she decided to set sail on her journey to greatness. Kissing her brother and father goodbye and promising to write them every chance she got, she made her way to Magnolia and joined Fairy Tail. It's been a year with the guild but she hasn't looked back since, telling her brother and father of all her adventures and stories in letters; sure to make them proud.

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