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Rinni Faithe

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#1Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe


Name: Rinni Faithe

Age: July 13, 773 (15)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Encan.

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan.

Class: The Ranger

Profession: Leatherworker (SPD)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left ankle. Turquoise blue.

Face: Yuki - Wolf Children


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Rinni has long dark brown hair draping down her spine and ending just above her lower back. Her hair is so dark it appears black in certain lighting or when it becomes wet. Two strands of hair draped over her shoulders, touching just above her breasts. her eyes are deep brown and often hold a timid gaze, usually when meeting someone new or when confronting a crush. Her skin is milky white but not overly pale. She has a very light peachy tone in the sunlight.

Her breasts are almost completely flat, barely noticeable bumps from a side angle. She's at best between a B and C cup, which makes her a bit insecure around larger breasted females. She often ties her hair in a ponytail during hot summer days but leaves it straight during chilly winters. Her clothing style is tomboyish as she prefers tank tops, t-shirts, jeans, pants, and sneakers.

She can also be seen in boots, shorts, or other required clothing to suit the season, weather, or situation. But you'll never see her dressed girlie. She's also all-natural, preferring not to wear any makeup.

Extra: Nothing special at the moment.


Personality: Rinni is a shy and quiet girl. She's a very insecure individual and views herself as nothing more than average at best. She's easily embarrassed and tries to avoid situations that make her uncomfortable if the opportunity to do so presents itself.

She's very self-aware of her chest region and tends to feel awkward and inferior to women with a larger region than herself. She's very shy around the opposite sex, and even more so in the presence of attractive people of either gender.

She takes great pride in her archery, and can often be found performing target practice on trees, dummies and target posts. She enjoys hunting, but never kills her sport and loathes those who do so. She hates poachers with a passion and has no problem hunting those who hunt the innocent.

She's very kind and innocent to a flaw. Her naivety tends to result in both humiliating pain and amusing embarrassment. She may often find others attempting to take advantage of her, but she isn't completely stupid. However, she does have a tendency to not realize things until it's too late. She often sits alone or with her brother or close friends. She tries to avoid confrontation when possible as she has a bit of a temper that shows when she's pushed too far.


  • Nature: Rinni enjoys all nature and wildlife. She loves both fleura and fauna equally and loves to take strolls  through woods, forests and jungles. Her favorite animals include felines, wolves, deer, and dolphins. Her favorite plants include orchids, roses and weeping willows.
  • Family: She's very close to her family. She loves her brother and would do anything to protect him. They are almost always seen together, but when they are not she is shy and keeps to herself. She also loves her parents and hopes to one day find her soulmate and have a happy family of her own.


  • Deforestsation: She holds a grudge against those who willfully destroy nature with no intent on replacing what they take. People who needlessly destroy animals homes, tearing down trees etc and even carelessly causing forest fires really piss her off.
  • Over Hunting: She hates those who hunt for sport. Poachers and trophy hunters are the worst. The extinction of animals upsets her to no end and she will fight anyone she catches hunting endangered and rare creatures of Earthland.


  • Her heart: Her parents always told her to follow her heart. Through this alone, despite her shy timid and awkward nature, she will fight to defend what matters most to her. Her brother is also a high part of this motivation as he has always been in her corner to support her no matter what.


  • Spiders: Despite her deep affiliation to nature, there is one part of nature that has always creeped her out. Those 8-legged hairy critters known as spiders. She will freak out and become defenseless at the sight of one. Lion? Easy. Demon? No problem. Spider? RUN!
  • Heights: Despite her ability to snipe from trees, you'll only ever find her at the second highest branch at most. If she is focused on her mission, she may find herself reaching dangerous heights to get what she's after. However, once she realizes her error... she usually freezes and needs help getting back down.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Rinni Faithe was born on the island known as Enca to her Encan parents. When she and her brother were still quite little, their parents decided it best to leave their island home. The storms were too dangerous and caused destruction on an almost regular basis. To those born there, this was normal and, despite the constant repairs and threats of intense weather, it was home and they wouldn't have it any other way.  Her parents weren't rich, and they had to work extra hours to save enough money for travel expenses. Her mom was a Seamstress and her dad was a Miner, so it took a couple of years to reach the funds they needed to set sail to a better home for their children.

During their time working, Rinni and her brother were at home playing under the waterful eye of a babysitter. It cost extra money to hire a babysitter, but it was all they could do not to leave their babies alone. When they finally reached their goal and left for Fiore, Rinni was too young to remember Enca. She and her brother were raised in the safety and comfort of a two-bedroom apartment complex (where she and her brother shared a bunk bed) in the peaceful town of Merigold.

Rinni began training as a Leatherworker as soon as she was old enough, and had been using a bow since she could walk. What began with a toy bow and suction cup arrows soon developed into real archery with real targets. Her dad took her and her brother on trips through town to visit their favorite restaurants and shops. As they grew older, Rinni and her brother never drifted apart. They might not always agree, but they always respect each other's opinions and decisions. That's not to say they never fight, of course. After all, no one is perfect. Still, they have a pretty good sibling connection.
Reference: N/A

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Hey there, this App looks complete so I'm going to go right ahead and grade it!

  • Age: Please keep in mind that, since you are playing an underaged character, certain things should naturally be off the table for you (in terms of roleplay).
  • Rank: The word Rank seems to be the same as the background color so it kind of just disappeared, please fix that little coding error.
  • At the very end of your history there's a comma where a dot should be.

Everything else looks perfect, great App and please post in here when the changes have been made!

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Rinni Faithe
@Nuala wrote:
[*]Rank: The word Rank seems to be the same as the background color so it kind of just disappeared, please fix that little coding error.
[*]At the very end of your history there's a comma where a dot should be.

Ah, fixed! Thanks for letting me know! I have been on other RP boards that didn't care bout incorrect grammar or broken coding and would not inform me. I don't know how that slipped passed me.

I know a lot of things a minor can't do, but could she like date or have a BF/GF as long as they're a minor too? Just curious.


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This character application has been approved.

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