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One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open]

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One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:05 pm

Aegis was dressed as normal, but made sure to clean up for this event. He found himself sitting down at one of the tables further away from the center of the room. Something about the look of the statue, or artifact as people were calling it, seemed to give him a bad feeling. It was possible that it was do to the physical appearance of it, but even then he couldn't quite place it. His feeling had served him well in the past, but as of the nature of this event, he tried to make it seem as non-bothersome as possible in order to not worry or distract the guests.

Trying do distract himself from this feeling, he started to scan the crowd of people around him. Most of the faces he did not know, other then the king himself.

Many people were here, mingling, getting new introductions, and expanding their influence. Aegis honestly didn't care much for that, his goal were mostly the betterment of the people. He had aspirations in his mind that of starting his own group, considering how needed they were in this day and age. While this party was a success, there was still much to be done, Buildings to be repaired, and many lives to be rebuilt.

From what He understood, this was supposed to be a celebration of defeating the Holy knights and Saving the world. But his mind fell on the Seraphim that wanted to purge and destroy his home, and thought the celebration was a bit too premature. There were a few oddities as well at the party that he had noticed, such as few ex-holy knights, a Lich, and a few others of questionable persuasion. This made his astuteness for this situation rise further. Not to a level which was apparent, but enough to that he wanted to be prepared.

#2Natsumi Duranndal 

One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:12 pm

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi moved away from the corner of the room she was tucked in, taking a look around as she took in the different kinds of people, the building architecture and among other things.
She soon looks upon the so called "artifact", it giving her chills.
She soon advert her eyes of it as it just gave her a bad feeling as she soon stands in place deep in thought.

Thinking of her ambitions, to travel as she thinks She clenched her fists as she got some new motivation, which soon died out when she saw all the people.

Surveying around, soon coming into view was a rather tall male, with a look of being a scholar.
She gulped as she begun to walk up to him, sitting down at the same table as him.
Thinking once more as she has her hands folded together down on her dress.

She gives a soft smile, hearing that to start a good relationship, a smile is important, soon speaking up.

"So....w....what do you think....of the statue....I mean Artifact" she says openly, blushing abit.

"My name is Natsumi......By the way" she has her hands shaking abit, trying to hide that fact.


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Aegis looked over towards the new person sitting at the same table as him. He had sat down with the prospect of being alone to think, but he was also relieved that he might now have someone to talk with. Someone who he had yet to meet in person, but had heard of someone that seemed to match her description that had joined Fairy Tail. A small human girl now sat in the chair near him, with silver hair. She seemed to be a bit off put, or shy, but it was a bit difficult whether it was due to the conversation or the people around him. Just from looking at her. he was not sure.

He gave a soft smile, "Well hello there, it's nice to make your acquaintance Natsumi." As he talked, he still could see a glimpse of a hand shake from under the other hand. "Is there something wrong? Are you alright?" he said, with genuine but subtle concern. While not avoiding losing eye contact as to not appear rude, Aegis was also using his peripheral vision to keep an eye on what was happening around him. Him back was to the wall, so he didn't feel as drawn to looking around anyway.

#4Leonardo Reign 

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Leonardo Reign
Roaming about the ball room with a small plate from the buffet, careful not to spill any of it as he made his way around the area, Leonardo’s eyes scanned the guests around to see if everyone was enjoying themselves, after all this was an occasion to celebrate and he made a point to ensure the other guests experienced a good evening. Spotting two people as they arrived at a table, he witnessed them walk in, they seemed to converse for a few moments as he made his way towards them.

“Good evening Sir” he would nod his head and then turn towards younger female, “Madame” he acknowledged her with a bow” how are you two enjoying the scene so far? I understand you just got here, but I’m curious, do you feel well received?” He asked, a little more forward then usual but he knew this night was important and wanted to ensure things went well for his cousin.   Leonardo eagerly and excitedly awaited their response, his gaze moving from the young woman back to the gentleman seated at the table.  

Listening to their response he took a small portion of what looked like a piece of cheese and popped it into his mouth, a warm and pleasant smile lingered on his cheerful expression, he seemed in good spirts and was overall thrilled to be conversing with the many guests of the party.

After they acknowledged his questions he would brush his hands off  placing the plate of  appetizers on the table with the two, and brushed his hand of with a silk cloth he fished from his breast pocket, after which he replaced it there and offer his hand out towards the aegis and said “ I am Leonardo Reign, it’s wonderful pleasure to meet you.”   After which he would offer out his hand to Nastumi being extremely gentle he would shake her hand delicately” and you of course, it’s a delight to meet so many interesting people.”

#5Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi looked upon the rather tall male, once being questioned about her hands, she moved them and spoke up.

"Umm, I apologize, I am not good at social interactions, I am most comfortable with a book in hand and being alone."

She gave a small smile at him as he reminded her of some protagonist in a book she once read.
Unsure of the name she then proceeded to think deeply for the moment.

[I hope I made a good first impression, he looks kinda nice but my mother always told me to not judge a book by a cover, that can be the same for people......can't it?]

She then looked at the other male that happen to come upon the conversation, seeing as he had a buffet plate she got distracted by food but then looked up at him.
Being asked if how she feels is well received she assumes he is someone of importance, probably someone of high social status.
Believing so she gave a small bow as she then said.

"Well this is my very first social gathering, so I don't have anything to base it off of but, I do think the ball is well receiving, It is quite nice decor, history behind the building as well.
I would have to say it is a honor to be even allowed to attend.She says in a polite and neat manner, her hands shaking abit but soon normal."

She smiled softly and as she could see him wanting to shake her hand and introducing himself, she couldn't refuse. Reaching out her small hand as she pulled her hand out of her sleave, she softly grasped his hands and said clearly.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Leonardo, My name is Natsumi......... Natsumi Duranndal, I am a lover of all books and Ancient history, I always been a sucker for that."
She smiled softly as she laughed abit too, having a truly good time.


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Aegis looked over to Natsumi who seemed still a bit off, but better, "Your doing fine so far, especially if this is your first time to an event such as this. Plus, there is no need to apologize for loving books or reading."

He turned his attention back over to the new guest that had come up to the table. This new face had introduced himself as the prince, but this was his first time ever seeing this man."I am looking forward to the evening, the food is great and the people here seem to be having a great time." Aegis looks over the scores of people that have joined the room sense his arrival. People eating, dancing, and generally enjoying themselves. He gave a small smile. "But If I may be honest with you, I have my reservations." He leans over the table a bit, but not too much to be obvious to the people around him.
"I am not here to judge the people who are in appearance, as the party is open to anyone, but I do find it a bit early for celebration. Don't you think? I might just be too careful, but I dont think this is quite over yet." he says as he rests his chin on his hand in though.

He slides back into the comfort of his chair with a slight sigh. "I mean no disrespect to those who have done great thing in order to help people, but I worry about complatence." Aegis' face narrows a bit as he studies the prince's reaction. "One question for you leans to that Artifact. Doesn't it seem, off to you? I'm not sure if its just this feeling I get, but I can't seem to shake it. I guess the old, Don't judge a book by its cover, saying applies."

He glanced over to the middle of the room, where the item in question is still being surrounded by people. "I guess it's nothing to do with the party itself, but..."

#7Leonardo Reign 

One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:40 am

Leonardo Reign
Oh splendid” he said excitedly “ then we are very fortunate to be hosting your first ball, may it be the first of many” he boasted as he tilted his plate towards Natsumi, having noticed that she eyed up his selection of appetizers he would happily share, it wasn’t often he got out and had to pleasure of talking to the people of the land.  “ Natsumi, Duranndal “ he repeated for memory letting go of her hand before commenting “ books are a magic of their very own, transporting us to the land of dreams and education,  why without books we surely would be set back to the dark ages and it is a pleasure to be one of the first people you got to meet tonight.” he exaggerated clearly enjoying himself as he chuckled lightly. He seemed excited talked to them, it wasn’t often he could relate with the common folk.  If there something this royal had done a lot of it was certainly read book, and he was ecstatic to have a shared interest.

The first encounter with the other didn’t seem as pleasant, it wasn’t that Leonardo wasn’t happy to meet him, but his handshake seemed to be ignored entirely and he didn’t introduce himself as social norms would dictate. A little stumped and caught off guard by this his hand retracted slowly. Brushing it on the side of his pants. “ I’m glad you are enjoying the mood and spread, and though i understand your skepticisms  i assure you this is perfectly safe, precautions have been taken into consideration and even now there are forces tasked with the peoples protection, we couldn’t rightfully invite a multitude of people from all walks of life if it wasn’t thought through.”.   He paused to hear his next skepticisms as Leonardo watched him slump into his chair.  They met eye contact for a moment before the he would glance towards the artifact he was clearly upset by as he spoke of it, asking his question.

The royal waved his hand dismissively “don’t judge a book by its cover indeed," he repeated to aegis as to further the point. “ I don’t share your misguided qualms,  the artifact means a great deal to the king, and he would show the world the artifact if he could, after all its something people sacrificed so much for, and it wouldn’t be right to keep it hidden from the people who suffered so it could be retrieved.” He paused as he looked back at Natsumi and making sure she was still enjoying this seeing as things took a little more of a dark disposition.  He would place the plate down on the table for Natsumi and then look back to aegis, “so I guess in short, I don’t feel its presence off, though you wouldn’t be the first I talked to who had drawn to a similar confusion, after all it was examined by the royal magic advisers  and deemed safe. “


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Aegis quickly slid his chair back as bowed his head down upon realization of how rude he was being for the situation. The top of his head slightly impacting the table. Tis tis tis He strained, putting one hand to his forehead. "Forgive me for the lack of an introduction or manners, It seems I lost myself in thought. My name is Aegis, it is really a pleasure to meet you." After holding himself down for what he thought was enough time, he raised his head back up, still lightly feeling his head. "Again, I meant no disrespect to the meaning and thought of the party as a whole, but I have had much success with my gut in the past so I have come to trust it in the forefront of my actions until proven otherwise."

Aegis lets out a small sigh before continuing, seeming not out of frustration, but genuine concern. "Although my ability to keep it under wraps in order to not let other worry or be bothered seems to have been a bit lacking. Again, I do apologize. I tend to worry for others and it takes over a bit sometimes."

Looking back over into the party as people intermingle and dance having a great time, he look back at the prince. "I just hope that this happiness isn't too preemptive, and that they can keep this as they rebuild the things that were lost so horrendously. I'm doing what I can to help them, but its taking some time to get prepared."

#9Leonardo Reign 

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Leonardo Reign
Leonardo winced slightly hearing the impact on the table “are you alright?” He asked, a kind expression shining through his soft features.  He took the time to listen to aegis as he spoke, making to not ignore Natsumi while listening. “don’t think twice about it Aegis, we all make mistakes, its learning from them which gives us power over them” he smiled a kind and gentle smile, using his newly learned name to try and form a lasting bond.

“Pre-emptive? Perhaps, but one must celebrate when able, if you don’t cherish happy times, you have nothing to fight for when they are threatened, try not to get so worked up over it though, time has a way about it that changes all , willing or not” he said  looking back towards Natsumi, her being considerably younger then them, he wanted to ensure she wasn’t bored with the conversation.

His attention bounced back and forth between them for a second “ if you don’t mind my asking, its not often i get out to speak with the people, and i feel somewhat withdrawn, what is your opinion of the royal family’s efforts,  and don’t fret about the answer, we are all friends here.” He said, knowing that full well most people wouldn’t be bold enough to insult a royal family member or try and slander their name, but Leonardo wondered what people actually thought of them, it was something he struggled with, it was hard to get a real answer of how they were doing because most were to scared to answer.

He lifted his arms up, shaking them slightly to shake the sleeves down a bit and then rubbed his jaw line in thought, this was a pretty heavy request, and he almost regretted asking, but the curiosity had gotten the better of him.

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Cecil Aijima

A golden cup sat comfortably between the fingers of the Stellan man. He wore a casual button-up shirt, with his usual jacket over. All his trinkets and jewelry shimmered in the light as they laid on his neck and around his fingers. Cecil had entered the ball with his parents, but the moment they entered was the same moment his parents had vanished. Cee had hard-working parents who were highly favored politicians- especially amongst the less fortunate. To be expected, Cecil was deep into their line of work as well though he wasn't as popular as they were. So, today he was here in hopes of making some good connections. There were nobles, wealthy men and wealthy women all around him.Networking was essential if he wanted to make some real change. Where do I start? he thought.

Even when he wasn't working, he found himself working. He cared so deeply about his current project that he was eager to make it happen. With a deep breath, Cecil placed the golden cup to his mouth, taking a sip of the ruby red liquid within it. His eyes slowly roamed the room. People seemed to be fascinated with some sort of item that was on display, while others crowded around the king and other nobles. However, the Desiertan's eye caught someone he had seen before. "Prince Leonardo?" he asked himself. The prince probably had no clue who he was, but Cee had seen him around before- multiple times really. Though the two never interacted and he doubted that Leonardo ever noticed him.

From the rumors and from what he'd seen, this prince was the kindest of them all. In fact, based on his reputation, the mixed mage favored this prince as well. So with grace, Cee began to make his way over towards the table Leonardo had been at. As the Knight approached, he could see two other people in deep conversation with him about some pretty important things. Cecil put his cup of wine to his mouth and turned his body so that his back was towards the three. He didn't want to be rude and intrude. It was best to wait for the right moment. Moments later, Leonardo had asked what the two before him thought about the royal family's effort, and then it seemed right to try to squeeze in.

"Hm." he sipped. Quickly he lowered the cup and licked his lips lightly."That it is an interesting and very important question..." he began loud enough for the three of them to hear him. His voice was warm and gentle as his lips curled for a light smile. He was genuinely interested and hoped that these people didn't mind. "Cecil Aijima, Rune Knight and Public Servant. I run a small organization that represents the underprivileged." he'd introduce himself before bowing to the prince. He'd look the prince directly in the eyes with a smirk as he bowed. Then he'd not at the woman, and the man with the glasses. They seemed to be decent people and they smelled nice too.

"Apologies for interrupting- Is it okay if I join you all?" he'd ask nicely. If they didn't mind, then he'd be standing beside the prince facing the two people in front of him as well. With nod following their approval, he'd wait for the girl and the boy to speak first since it was their conversation while glancing over at the prince. Truth be told, he was a beautiful man, alluring really.


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Aegis nods as he talks "I agree completely that we must learn from our mistakes. While it's true people must celebrate when they have the opportunity to, but I feel that at the same time they still must be cautious. But I understand that the Mages have taken a look at the artifact and I appreciate the beforehand caution, thank you for letting me know."

He was a little surprised however at Leonardo's next question. Reclined into his chair and looked deep in thought. "If you are asking for complete honesty? I don't necessarily think that the Royal Family's efforts are wrong or incorrect, but some people we have reservations when it comes to the things that have been happening. Not to discredit what's been going on in the difficulty of those choices, but it is always easier for people not making the decisions to find flaws with them afterward."
He looks on at the prince with both condolent and honest eyes "I believe the choices were made with good intentions, and I can live with that. No one knows everything that's going to happen and they work with what they have. Whether most people believe it or not, it is hard for good people to make choices that make other people's lives dangle for balance. I do not envy some of the choices that they have been forced to make, and I respect them for being able to do so."

Aegis then looked upon the man who had spoken up from behind the prince. You seem to have a bit of the noble feel to them, but something was a bit off that didn't quite make that placement accurate. After returning a nod to the new guest, he pointed with his hand in an open palm towards one of the chairs next to the prince. "You're more than welcome to in my eyes." he says as he looks towards the prince to make the final decision.

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#12Leonardo Reign 

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Leonardo Reign
Leonardo would nod softly as he was asked if he was asking for complete honesty. Afterwards he would listen carful, as Aegis spoke, it seemed that he understood the difficulties of choosing what’s right, or at least to some degree. After he was done speaking Leonardo would nod again, his intense gaze resting on aegis as he spoke, yet he didn’t seem upset by the response, in fact he smiled a bit afterwards.  “i’m glad you can see that not every choice is easy, people forget that even the king is human, and to error is only human.” he said softly as his attention turned to the gentleman approaching.

The prince moved over, allowing more room for the newcomer, standing a little closer to Aegis as he shifted down. Leaving the plate with Natsumi.  He smiled warmly as the knight introduced himself. The underprivileged could mean a great deal of things, and he held himself in a way that reminded Leonardo of the nobles here tonight’s, though the fact he was a knight spoke volume about true loyalties.  “it is wonderful meeting you all this evening “ he said addressing them all, more so than Cecil specificity.

He apologized for his intrusion but the royal waved his had dismissively, “think nothing of it, after all this is what the festivities are for, meeting new people and enjoying your time.”  aegis didn’t seem to mind, and Natsumi didn’t seem to mind either, so Leonardo motion to a seat “please join us, I am interested to see your prospective on this, having a hand on the innerworkings of the people, surely you have an opinion of how the royal family have been able to handle things” he stopped for a second, and then thought on it “ ill harbor no ill thoughts if you chose to speak openly on the matter”  

He would wait until after Cecil weighted in before asking about the nobles “ with the rise in crime recently, and the disasters with the  inquisition, do you feel the noble council would have been able to handle it better?” he asked, against curious to see where the royal family stood in the mind of the people it aimed to serve.  After all it wasn’t every day that he got to speak to this many people about such a matter, without a ton of suck ups reassuring them everything was done perfectly.

#13Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi, having been lost in thought for most of the conversation, looked at the other participants around the table. Looking at aegis and the prince, trying to follow the conversation but can't. She proceeded to talk to herself within her own head

"If I may, I don't know much of the royal family and such but this is truly my first time ever seeing a member of them, for my whole life" she said as she clasped her hands together tightly on her lap, trying to make a good impression but can't help but to speak what is on her mind about the Royal family.

Shaking abit as she looked around, the artifact still giving her the creeps as she talked to herself within her own mind once more

She looked at the them, quite nervous as the more people gather around, becoming slightly paranoid, time seeming to slow down for her as she looks to aegis and the prince asking.

"So.....if I may ask, what do you, think of the state of the guilds" she asks trying to do some deep breathing exercises slyly.
Trying to voice her opinion less as a mage and more as a citizen of the likes, trying her best not to turn all meekish, silent and nervous.
Trying to maintain eye contact and stay calm as the self help book she read about social interaction instructed.

#14Cecil Aijima 

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Cecil Aijima

Cecil was able to make his way into a very important conversation. This moment right here was one of the biggest moments in Cecil's life. It wasn't everyday that you were able to freely voice your opinions in front of a prince. Leonardo had been kinder than the rumors- and the rumors were almost always positive. The noble moved over, inviting Cecil to sit. Leonardo was humble in the way he spoke. The fact that he was sitting at a table in the corner spoke volumes too. The Desiertian almost couldn't keep his eyes off him. Leonardo waved Cecil off after he apoligized, reminding him what the point of this event was. "Alright then." He smiled at the prince with a nod. As Cee sat, the man with the glasses spoke first. His words seemed genuine, the nature mage thought that was obvious enough. The man was no fool either, he said very important things however, he also didn't seem to care too much. Or maybe he did and didn't have more to say on the matter. Either way, the Rune Knight nodded, agreeing with his new acquiantance.

Cee's jewelry shimmered as he turned to look at Natsumi. His golden links had caught the sun's rays and gripped it tightly for but a moment. As the girl spoke, the politician would drink from his cup of wine. She was a cute girl who seemed to be shy. Vali couldn't help but smile at the way she was reacting. She was like a breath of fresh, whether she had known it or not. This girl was unapologetically being herself even in front of a noble. She was clearly out of her comfort zone and still, she was making an effort to participate. Cee knew potential when he saw it, and he could see that this girl had the potential to grow into something amazing. Finally, it was Cee's turn to speak.  

"I'm also not too familiar with the Royal family..." he began, attempting to make the girl a bit more comfortable with her reply. His attention was primarily on Leonardo as he spoke. "I do agree with my friend here though. Running a small organization is challenging already, I can't even imagine how hard it must be to run an entire country. I think that King Reign and the Royal family are working diligently to get the country through these troubling times..." Cecil began. "Now, I do think there is still a lot to be done. Look at towns like Dahlia, Astera or Marigold... these places definitely need a bit more attention. I have people coming to my center from those towns who are experiencing what most of the country is experiencing- but at a higher rate. Everything there is destroyed. Before all of this, Dahlia was known as the worse place in this country, the problem though, is that it still is." He stated politely.

If one was looking, they could tell that he was an empath and passion was not lacking in his voice. "People are giving up over there because they think the worlds giving up on them." There was more he wanted to say, but he decided against it for the sake of conversation. Soon after his eyes went back to Leonardo who asked if they had believed the noble council could have handled things better. This was a question that would prove if their loyalty really was to the royal family- or so it seemed. "I trust in the royal family enough to believe that things were handled in the best possible way." He replied. It was true and could also serve as reassurance for the prince. Cee paused before lifting his drink. "However, there is still more "handling" to be done." he smiled at the Prince before taking a drink.


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Aegis noticed that Natsumi was shaking and looked quite nervous, so he looked over and gave her a small smile. "Your doing great, don't worry." he said reassuringly. She was doing well for her first public event and wanted to encourage her so that it would not be her last.

After waiting to see if she calm down for a little bit, he turned back to the prince in order to answer his previous question. He put some thought into his answer because it didn't seem like a rash answer was a wise choice.
"If I was to talk about the crime that came after the fighting, I do believe there was more that could have been done. Again I don't necessarily fault them because they had their own complications to their decisions, but I did think there was more that could have been done. Given the situation however I do consider, while it is understandable, it is unacceptable." Taking the time to pause and think over the next statement, he looked over all of the people in the ball.
"I knew quite a few people that took to the streets to help during the fighting and the aftermath, but even then it still wasn't enough because of those who would rather take advantage than help. I have been trying to do what I can, but the resources are not there yet."
During the last portion of the statement, he seem to get a bit more frustrated than most would normally see. It wasn't merely a sound of anger, but more akin to remorse "We are supposed to be here to help them, they need preparation, further desperation."

"Unfortunately, seems that it will take more than one lifetime to fix what has been broken by this event. Well the houses and buildings will be able to be rebuilt within a short time, the effect on the people will most likely be much longer if not permanent..." pausing the more ominous statement, but then taking the time to do a hopeful smile, one that would feel like hope for the future, "But we do what we can."

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#16Leonardo Reign 

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Leonardo Reign
Leonardo looked to Natsumi as she spoke, it was pleasantly tame in comparison to the questions that would be asked. He couldn’t help but smile as she explained that she was new to the whole scene, it was a fair observation a lot of people never got to meet any member of the royal family, most people could recognize some of them but it was to be expected that someone so young was also nervous about their encounter.  Aegis reassured her and Leonardo couldn’t help but smile a little as it warmed his hear to see such support. The prince smiled softer, an expression that slowly shifted into a soft thinking gaze as she asked about the guild situation.  It was a fair question, though he hadn’t expected it from her.

“hmm” he said softly as he touched his white gloves to his chin and scratched it softly in thought. “ the current state of the guilds is a delicate situation, though most guilds have good natured people, there are often people who use them to hide their true intentions, a better screening system would help fix that but we have no way of enforcing it, besides the guilds do far more good, then harm.  There is much i don’t know about the inner workings of a guild, but ill look into it personally” he said reassuringly finishing rubbing his chin he let his hands come down to his sides, and turned as he heard Cecil starting to talk, drawing his attentive gaze towards him.

Seeing as they all were seated, the prince would pull the chair out and sit down placing his elbows on the table his thumbs resting gently under his chin his hands clasped Infront of his mouth as he listened. He nodded as Cecil explained how hard it was to run small organization, a leniency that most people wouldn’t even consider when it came to the royal family’s decisions. “its awful what has happened there, with distasteful people flocking to town out of the reach of our control.  Its not that we are ignorant to the happenstance there, but we currently can’t make a move on such a location.  Dahlia to my understanding isn’t as dense population wise, and if they are moving for a better life it will make it all the easier to help them in the long run. Though we appreciated organizations such as the one you’re talking about, that royal family can only do so much when every change is met with resistance.”

As he Cecil said he believed they did everything possible, the royal would nod, a slight uncertainty to the action, the smallest of hesitation.  Mostly because Leonardo was not as knowledgeable of the world around as he would have likes.  The interests of the commonwealth meant a lot to him, but there was almost always seemed to be a disconnect to the events that transpired and what he could do for them. “ your absolutely right, there is more to be done, and i wish we could do it immediately but this will take some time to sort out” he explained

Aegis was next to speak, and Leonardo shifted in his seat to see him better, replying with a simple “ tough but fair” as he thought on it a little longer.  Aegis then went on to talk a little bit about how heroes banded together. And took to the streets to aid others. “ it is important to help one another, people forget that not all their problems can be solved alone, and unfortunately some people revel in the chaos, exploiting people where they could easily help, the people are  hearty and can make it through almost anything if they banded together, but even now we are divided.    Though i don’t see how this had anything to do with the noble council, it seems we are straying from my original question” he stated  attempting to bring them back around to refined answers.

#17Cecil Aijima 

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Cecil Aijima

Aegis spoke after Cecil, saying what he thought was important to say. While he was thoughtful, Cecil did feel as though he was filtering his words. He was honest, but it was unclear if he was as passionate as Cee was about these types of matters. The nature mage wasn't exactly in tune with his magic, so he hardly fought. His words were his most powerful weapon and so he had to depend on them for the most part. He was good at things that involved speaking or writing, like events like these- where he could really leave his mark and add to the flow of the world. Change was important, and improvement was necessary. He wondered if anybody would agree.

The Prince followed up on the woman's question. The Knight took a mental note of what he said and how he said it. Then Leonardo responded to the Politician. He seemed to disregard everything said, to make an excuse for why the royal family couldn't control their country. The truth was, Dahlia, and these other corrupted towns were having a hard time stabilizing. It was as if the Holy Knights were unable to do their jobs. What was the point of them then? Leonardo didn't seem to understand that these people were fighting for a better life and that the majority had to turn to crime to make a living. However, Cecil held no negative emotion for the Prince because he could still see that he was concerned. The prince even personally thanked Cecil. The royal family truly did have many things to focus on at this time, so the paladin understood.

Cecil nodded to Leonardo's response. "Your highness. I would have no problem being of use to you when the time comes to help these cities." He ensured, with the look of a soldier in his eyes. There would be no greater honor to have the prince or even any other member of the royal family act as an endorser for Cecil's organization. In fact, it would probably be good for their reputation as well. Imagine the people of Dahlia seeing that the royal family finally has come to help them. Finally, the Prince mentioned that they had fallen off tangent and quickly brought them back to the main question. His Highness hadn't noticed that Cecil answered, or perhaps his answer wasn't good enough.

"No, I don't believe the noble council could have handled this better. There was just too much going on at once. This was a matter that the crown needed to handle but I'm sure that if the Noble council had taken control, the outcome would be the same." The desiertan answered, looking the prince dead in the eyes. "Your highness, if I may ask, what are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that the noble council could have handled this better?" Perhaps it was a bold thing to do, but the politician meant no harm. He was interested in the prince, and was even more interested in his mind. He was curious to see just how open the prince would be. Did he respect them enough to share his own thoughts? Or did his crown restrict him from taking freely?


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Aegis sat back into the chair, as one could visibly see the tension leave his body as he took a more relaxed disposition. "Sorry about the spread of answers, was not my intention to get so far off track. Like a lot of people here i was part of the fighting and helping the people afterward. It was a very hard thing to see, and not something I will soon forget and thus I seem to have gotten a little too passionate about it."
As the night went on, most of the people around had stopped dancing and took to a more relaxed tone of sitting, eating and conversing amongst themselves. Still, most people seem to be of higher spirits then normal, so one could technically consider this evening a success.
"Well, regardless of my stance on it I must say this evening has been success. I'm glad to see people can focus on other things for the time being, it's good to give people a recess of the negativity and focus that's been around them."

After waiving down a waiter that seemed to be free, he asked for himself some tea. After waiting a few moments for the waiter to return, Aegis thanked him kindly, and drank some of the perfectly heated tea. Aegis was now a little more upbeat and focused after taking a smell and large drink of the liquid.

"If you don't mind me asking because it comes up in the topic at hand, are there any more plans for aiding in rebuilding and construction? I don't mean this in accusation or in any precocious way, but I still have noticed a lot of people that are living in broken houses or none at all. Recently other then some volunteers, we have not seen or heard much about that from the council."

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Leonardo Reign
“ I appreciate your offer, and if ever there is a cause I will remember, but as a rune knight you will likely be involved far before we need to call to the people. And as a public servant, you will likely know before it gets that bad, so I trust you will do all you can, much like myself and the rest of the royal family.” He would respond with as Cecil offered his serves, a tone of appreciation mixed with a sense of honor.

As Cecil answered his question Leonardo nodded softly, a hand instinctively reached for his chin as he stroked it and thought about his words, he had offered them a honest question and hoped for an honest answer, and to his knowledge Cecil was providing what he could. “it warms my heart to think we did all we could, and that we did it with the best outcome in mind.”  A brief pause as he was asked if he thought the noble council would have done better. “i would like aegis’s thoughts before i say anything on the matter, it’s best not to sway the truth when i could be pure” he said softly, still very much in thought.

Leonardo watched as aegis sank into the chair again, he seemed to visibly relax upon taking his seat.  “don’t apologizes you did nothing wrong, besides it’s the kind of thing that stick with us all, times of crisis are far and few between, but they are devastating, nonetheless. I ask that you all don’t forget, there were many sacrifices made, it would be a shame to lose the value of them through such a finicky thing like memory.” A wisdom beyond the young royals age, but it seemed honest and sincere.

It seemed that the party was a good step, according to aegis, which was nice to hear, it took a great deal of planning to pull off something of this caliber.  As aegis order his tea Leonardo would take this time to answer the question himself like requested. “ I truly believe we do everything we can to the best of our abilities, but sometimes what we do goes unseen by the general population, and the nobles likes to advertise all of their achievements no matter how small, though i do think they have access to more resources then we do, but I done feel their motives are to help the people as much as make themselves look good.” He said as honestly as possible, before   aegis’s tea came out and he asked about the quality of life for the people of Daliah,  

The young royal nodded softly. “ I wasn’t as aware of their needs as i am now, so i thank you both about broadening my views of there, I will be sure to bring it up with the king himself and see if we can provide aid to the people.” He would answer, feeling it was a little on the political side he would reaffirm “I’ll be looking into it personally”

after a few moments he would stand straight and get ready to say his goodbyes “  it’s been a real pleasure talking to you all, but I have used up enough of your evening, thanks for chatting with me about these things,  it helps to gain insight where I can’t often venture”  he would extend his hand out to each of them starting with aegis, then moving towards Cecil and then lastly he would softly  nod his head towards Natsumi as he raised her hand up slightly treating her like the lady she was.  “farewell and enjoy the festivities” he said casually waving his hand before heading off to disappearing into the crowd.


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Leonardo Reign
After a few minutes a man dressed in a black suit would approach the table,  and place down  3 envelops, each with  each of their names written on it,  inside would read.  

~~  I Enjoyed our talk,  please take this to continue spreading the good you are all doing.~~

Inside each would find 150K Jewels

The man in the suit would walk away immediately after, it being clear he was a Royal Assistant.

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