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One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open]

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One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:05 pm

Aegis was dressed as normal, but made sure to clean up for this event. He found himself sitting down at one of the tables further away from the center of the room. Something about the look of the statue, or artifact as people were calling it, seemed to give him a bad feeling. It was possible that it was do to the physical appearance of it, but even then he couldn't quite place it. His feeling had served him well in the past, but as of the nature of this event, he tried to make it seem as non-bothersome as possible in order to not worry or distract the guests.

Trying do distract himself from this feeling, he started to scan the crowd of people around him. Most of the faces he did not know, other then the king himself.

Many people were here, mingling, getting new introductions, and expanding their influence. Aegis honestly didn't care much for that, his goal were mostly the betterment of the people. He had aspirations in his mind that of starting his own group, considering how needed they were in this day and age. While this party was a success, there was still much to be done, Buildings to be repaired, and many lives to be rebuilt.

From what He understood, this was supposed to be a celebration of defeating the Holy knights and Saving the world. But his mind fell on the Seraphim that wanted to purge and destroy his home, and thought the celebration was a bit too premature. There were a few oddities as well at the party that he had noticed, such as few ex-holy knights, a Lich, and a few others of questionable persuasion. This made his astuteness for this situation rise further. Not to a level which was apparent, but enough to that he wanted to be prepared.

#2Natsumi Duranndal 

One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:12 pm

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi moved away from the corner of the room she was tucked in, taking a look around as she took in the different kinds of people, the building architecture and among other things.
She soon looks upon the so called "artifact", it giving her chills.
She soon advert her eyes of it as it just gave her a bad feeling as she soon stands in place deep in thought.

Thinking of her ambitions, to travel as she thinks She clenched her fists as she got some new motivation, which soon died out when she saw all the people.

Surveying around, soon coming into view was a rather tall male, with a look of being a scholar.
She gulped as she begun to walk up to him, sitting down at the same table as him.
Thinking once more as she has her hands folded together down on her dress.

She gives a soft smile, hearing that to start a good relationship, a smile is important, soon speaking up.

"So....w....what do you think....of the statue....I mean Artifact" she says openly, blushing abit.

"My name is Natsumi......By the way" she has her hands shaking abit, trying to hide that fact.


One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:23 pm

Aegis looked over towards the new person sitting at the same table as him. He had sat down with the prospect of being alone to think, but he was also relieved that he might now have someone to talk with. Someone who he had yet to meet in person, but had heard of someone that seemed to match her description that had joined Fairy Tail. A small human girl now sat in the chair near him, with silver hair. She seemed to be a bit off put, or shy, but it was a bit difficult whether it was due to the conversation or the people around him. Just from looking at her. he was not sure.

He gave a soft smile, "Well hello there, it's nice to make your acquaintance Natsumi." As he talked, he still could see a glimpse of a hand shake from under the other hand. "Is there something wrong? Are you alright?" he said, with genuine but subtle concern. While not avoiding losing eye contact as to not appear rude, Aegis was also using his peripheral vision to keep an eye on what was happening around him. Him back was to the wall, so he didn't feel as drawn to looking around anyway.

#4Leonardo Reign 

One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty on Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:27 am

Leonardo Reign
Roaming about the ball room with a small plate from the buffet, careful not to spill any of it as he made his way around the area, Leonardo’s eyes scanned the guests around to see if everyone was enjoying themselves, after all this was an occasion to celebrate and he made a point to ensure the other guests experienced a good evening. Spotting two people as they arrived at a table, he witnessed them walk in, they seemed to converse for a few moments as he made his way towards them.

“Good evening Sir” he would nod his head and then turn towards younger female, “Madame” he acknowledged her with a bow” how are you two enjoying the scene so far? I understand you just got here, but I’m curious, do you feel well received?” He asked, a little more forward then usual but he knew this night was important and wanted to ensure things went well for his cousin.   Leonardo eagerly and excitedly awaited their response, his gaze moving from the young woman back to the gentleman seated at the table.  

Listening to their response he took a small portion of what looked like a piece of cheese and popped it into his mouth, a warm and pleasant smile lingered on his cheerful expression, he seemed in good spirts and was overall thrilled to be conversing with the many guests of the party.

After they acknowledged his questions he would brush his hands off  placing the plate of  appetizers on the table with the two, and brushed his hand of with a silk cloth he fished from his breast pocket, after which he replaced it there and offer his hand out towards the aegis and said “ I am Leonardo Reign, it’s wonderful pleasure to meet you.”   After which he would offer out his hand to Nastumi being extremely gentle he would shake her hand delicately” and you of course, it’s a delight to meet so many interesting people.”

#5Natsumi Duranndal 

One heck of a party [Grand Ball] [Open] Empty Yesterday at 6:48 pm

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi looked upon the rather tall male, once being questioned about her hands, she moved them and spoke up.

"Umm, I apologize, I am not good at social interactions, I am most comfortable with a book in hand and being alone."

She gave a small smile at him as he reminded her of some protagonist in a book she once read.
Unsure of the name she then proceeded to think deeply for the moment.

[I hope I made a good first impression, he looks kinda nice but my mother always told me to not judge a book by a cover, that can be the same for people......can't it?]

She then looked at the other male that happen to come upon the conversation, seeing as he had a buffet plate she got distracted by food but then looked up at him.
Being asked if how she feels is well received she assumes he is someone of importance, probably someone of high social status.
Believing so she gave a small bow as she then said.

"Well this is my very first social gathering, so I don't have anything to base it off of but, I do think the ball is well receiving, It is quite nice decor, history behind the building as well.
I would have to say it is a honor to be even allowed to attend.She says in a polite and neat manner, her hands shaking abit but soon normal."

She smiled softly and as she could see him wanting to shake her hand and introducing himself, she couldn't refuse. Reaching out her small hand as she pulled her hand out of her sleave, she softly grasped his hands and said clearly.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Leonardo, My name is Natsumi......... Natsumi Duranndal, I am a lover of all books and Ancient history, I always been a sucker for that."
She smiled softly as she laughed abit too, having a truly good time.

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