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Traveling from Dahlia to Crocus {Travel}

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Traveling from Dahlia to Crocus {Travel} Empty on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:43 pm

Yumi craned her neck as she slowly walked out of the Aldenwald woods. SHe had just killed a crazed vampire who had transformed after consuming an elixir containing the blood of a demon, claw of a werewolf and teeth of a vampire. Originally the vampire had aimed to turn human again but seemed to have miscalculated and instead transformed into a vicious beast devoid of all reason. Yumi had killed him and walked off leaving his ashes behind after burning him alive. Humming to herself, Yumi sprouted a pair of demon wings, she was planning to leave Dahlia and head off to crocus. She had spent enough time in Dahlia and it was time to leave. After killing a lich, vampire and werewolf it was time to cause some mischief in Crocus.

Yumi had been away from the central region for too long now and probably missed a few things. With the desire to cause chaos the demoness revealed a sinister smile. Her wings flapped and she took flight. Heading off into the night area Yumi flew towards Crocus. She wanted to see just what this party the king was throwing was all about. Who knows she might be able to have a little fun and spill the blood of a few nobles along the way.

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Traveling from Dahlia to Crocus {Travel} FIXCi2K
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